Communing With My Ancestors

Healing and self-growth can be challenging, but add to it the healing work our ancestors are calling us to do and it can become confusing. It’s our time in history that we get to make the choice that our ancestors were never given. I had a powerful and soul-shifting road trip recently where I FINALLY understood what was mine to do.

It started with an excellent audiobook, a good cry, and apologizing to my womb. It led me to a profound and deeper understanding of my female lineage and the work I was being called to do to heal for them and for future generations. I hope that this episode will inspire you to commune with your womb!

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I’m Cris, a student of the world, finding my path and helping others along the way. I’ve been using Meditation, Yoga, Crystal Healing, Reiki, and aromatherapy to light my way for over 20 years. ⁣ ⁣

When I’m not cuddled up at home with my dog, a good book, and a glass of wine, I’m often traipsing around foreign lands with Matthew, my husband, and Kevin, our son, exploring and learning from different cultures and beliefs systems. ⁣ ⁣

I started a podcast – Grounding Journey, The deeper conversations you’ve been seeking as a way to connect with other souls on a similar spiritual journey. ⁣Thanks for being a part of my journey. I hope to be a part of yours!

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