She was a mom, giving it her all and trying to find a way to make a difference in her own little way before Yvonne found meditation. Through evening yoga Nidra meditations, a seed was planted that now has Yvonne following her passion and leading 1 million kids to learn to meditate.

After only a year, she has taught over 1000 children to meditate through her local school system. Yvonne shares with us the difference she is seeing ripple out through her community as families are now meditating together. So whether you start with taking a few slow, deep breathes to calm your nerves, go for a walking meditation, or sit in silence for 30 minutes in a meditative state, you are making a difference in the world’s energy and are supporting Yvonne in her movement.

It’s all about choosing to Decide Balance.

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Take a few to Decide Balance with Yvonne Hernandez by joining today’s meditation. Yvonne does her meditations a little differently! She guides you through your meditation in English and Spanish. This is one you’ll want to download and revisit regularly throughout your day and week.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Yvonne Hernandez is the founder of Decide Balance and host of the Decide Balance Podcast, a bilingual (English and Spanish) 5-minute meditation podcast. She is also a Chopra Center certified meditation teacher and certified Reiki Master who sought out and implemented holistic healing after being diagnosed with vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses its pigmentation.

Decide Balance was founded on your journey to provide tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotions in your children’s classrooms. She can offer this as a means for parents and children to find relief, peace, and comfort in their busy lives without disrupting their day because the goal is to relieve stress, not increase it.

The name “Decide Balance” encompasses what it means to have a busy life and access to holistic techniques to balance your daily life for yourself, your family and those around you without interfering with your daily obligations. As a certified Reiki Master, she helps others push away pain, anxiety, and negative emotions so they can heal and connect with universal energy.

Yvonne stays busy as the COO of Casa Hernandez, comprised of her husband and three future world changers. She is also a Girl Scout Troop leader and an avid dancer who encourages her children to move to her own beat.

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