Do you feel gentle whispers or see spirits and doubt that it’s real? Maybe you think it’s your imagination, or you’re losing your mind. So many of us have experiences like these, especially as a child, and don’t know what to do with them, so we begin to ignore them.

When my guest, Karen Docherty, had the same childhood experiences, she knew it was something more than her imagination. Age taught her that what she saw, felt, and heard was real. Karen takes us through her experience to develop her mediumship skills. A journey which, as she says, was never a straight path that led her home to herself.

Karen believes the spiritual connection that is part of mediumship is available to us all. How deep it goes is up to each of us and our own desires. Karen teaches us the difference between a psychic and a medium during our conversation. Along with how being an empath plays a part in your psychic abilities and how to choose the right medium for your needs.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Since the discovery of her abilities, Karen has worked tirelessly to bring the word of Spirit to those who need it most. From the UK to the USA, from Asia to Australia, clients from all over the world meet with Karen to receive readings, enrol in mentorships and hold a space for discussions on the power of Spirit.

A woman with spirit and a breath of fresh air, Karen offers a contemporary approach to psychic work and mediumship based on traditional principles. Filled with love and compassion, she stands as one of the most reputable and skilled mediums in modern times.

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