Whether you start early or later, life is a journey to our spirituality and the tools we use to support us. Nikki Ojeda and I chat about weaving different modalities into our lives. I learned new and fun insights to understand how Nikki plays with herbs, tarot, and many of Earth’s magic to support her.

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Have you wondered about a tarot reading? Skeptic or looking for someone you might connect with? Listen in as Nikki Ojeda does a mini tarot reading for me. I find lots of confirmation and support in the cards she pulls during our time together.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

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I am a tarot and past life reader w/ 35 yrs. experience. At 15, I was fortunate to work at a witchy herb shop. The owner became a treasured mentor of mine. She gifted me my first tarot deck, The Herbal Tarot, so I began learning all about herbs, botanicals, essential oils and divination all at the same time.
I now offer readings online via zoom. This has helped me grow my clientele worldwide. My tarot, clairvoyant, and past life readings provide insight, hope, and power, as well as intuitive and archetypal wisdom.
Whether you choose a tarot or a past life reading, I create an optional essential oil blend based on the energetics revealed in your reading. The blend is custom designed to help assist the movement of stuck energies.
My readings offer a look at the current probabilities and trajectories, bringing the awareness needed to correct any unmindful energies. Awareness can empower you to make informed decisions and conscious changes.

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