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there’s a reason we don’t see the world and black and white celery Kimball.


Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey. I am so excited to have Mara with me. She is the intuition queen. And she’s an intuitive and creative coach healer, and she has her own podcast, intuitive Queens podcast. So you’re gonna want to check that out. What really excited me about Mara when we started talking was that she specializes in color therapy, and uses that in energy and emotional healing. And as much as I love the chakras, I just thought that was a really neat thing. And she’s going to take it to a whole new level for us. One of the things she really works on is teaching women to trust their intuition, so they can build a sexy, free and fulfilling life being unapologetic and their power like,


Yes, we all want that. So Mara, welcome to the episode. I’m so excited to have you here. I almost feel giddy about talking with you today.


Hi, Chris, thank you so much for having me. It’s such a pleasure for me to be here. Absolutely. Thank you for the amazing introduction, by the way.


Very sure. I told Mara, when we got on that I woke up this morning. So excited about this. Just really dive into color therapy, and your journey along the way. So not to give all your secrets away yet, because we want to have the full episode, I’ve given your full introduction. But tell us who Mara really is like, if your friends had to describe you. Who would they say you are? What would they know about you?


Oh, I think there will say that I am a very curious person. Someone then when’s the she decides that she’s going to do something, I’m going to go somewhere she’s going to do it. Very intuitive one. One thing that my best friends always says to me is that I have this ability to see through people to understand people, which is my obviously my intuitive side, which has always been there. But for some people, this seems to be such a big, big power. Because she she she’s unable to feel the energies of people and see through them. Why for me, it takes a moment. And it just very easy. And yeah, and I’m adventurous. I like to do new things, discover new things. And yeah, I guess that’s what my friends will say about me. Because I never stop. I’m never doing the same thing. And if it’s up to me, and we from the other you will hear Korean for stories. So yeah.


Well, I love that, you know, it makes me think of one of my girlfriends says because she’s the friend that I share all my ideas with. And I’m going to do this next week or this is a new house, I want to buy it. And then I feel silly when I come back to her and say Oh, I decided I didn’t like that. And so she always says that she loves that I do that because it’s kicking the tires for all these ideas and finding what resonates for me. And that’s the whole point of this modalities healing modality series is to give people the opportunity to kick the tires. So before we jump fully into your journey, let’s talk about what types of tools you use on your journey. So you do color therapy, meditation, Reiki crystals, human design, journaling, EFT and anything that you feel that makes sense. So you’ve definitely played with it to get a feel for what really resonates for you.


Yeah, so I have a practice for me, which I started in 2018. When I was still in my corporate job in order for me to cope, I started meditating. And I had an I never done that before. And I realized how that will calm me down. And now there are a lot of things that I do. I have rituals. So I use meditation, I journal a lot. That really helps me to really see what’s going through happen, what’s going on, and even witnessed the shifts whenever I come across some breakthrough over things like this. And I also always loved writing so it comes very easy for me to do that. And then I love trying things. I absolutely love trying things and see what sticks and what doesn’t. So EFT is something that I love to practice for myself. I do it sometimes not necessarily all the times. Human Design, it’s something that I got into. I had a session about a year ago and that was mind blowing. And then I had an Akashic Record reading and this lady was like, The guides are telling me you should use Human Design combined with color therapy, and I’m like, Oh, okay. And you know, when things are like are aligned, and you get those messages, a friend of mine that was practicing and doing free reading, she was like, Can I do a reading to you? And I’m like, Yeah, sure. And we started chatting. I’m like, I see why this would make sense. And so I started learning about email design. And so now I offer it. If you sign up for my program, I’m not yet offering just readings, I like the combination of the two. Kind of reading just happened to come my way at some point. And since I realized this was a thing, and I was like, Okay, I need to know what is it how it is? And how do I use it. And it just comes naturally, for me just, I recorded a podcast happy that I think it was the first one of this season. And I said that my soul is color colors on my soul. And it is because I just always felt such resonance with bright colors. And since I started studying, I started practicing, it just opened up a channeling for me that I didn’t knew like I didn’t know I had. But I’m always like, looking for things to learn. And I do a lot of readings with a lot of other psychics, whenever there is a new technique, and I’m just really curious, I really, really love to learn more and, and then I see what I feel. Makes sense for me. And when I feel makes sense for me, and I can see there are shifts and then things change for me, then I practice that more if it’s just something that I like, but maybe it’s too complicated. Or like for example, example I love astrology. But I wouldn’t study I feel like it’s too much going on to to learn and to understand. So I just read the stuff and I really appreciate understanding the energy sometimes I had to have a reading with my astrology astrologer whenever I’m going through a crazy moment of like, okay, I need to know what’s going on in my in my sky. But I do get interested in all of those practices are so many around that. Yeah, it just my curiosity. It takes me everywhere. Yeah,


I love that I actually wrote down curious when you were talking because I try not to make too many notes because it pulls me out of the conversation. But curious was such a great word. And, and a feeling or a sense to really explore because being curious, not believing there’s only one path because as you said, Astrology can be overwhelming. But when some that’s crazy, you want to check it out. Or if human design because you’re struggling with something, and I love that you use so many things. And more importantly, I love that you lean on other readers, because that’s part of the sometimes we can’t see out of our own cells know exactly, we definitely want to trust our own intuition. But sometimes we need that feedback and conversation. And I really think that’s cool that you lean on other people for direction too.


Yeah, well, you know, I can connect to my intuition, I can get the messages. But there are times in life where there’s so much going on where maybe you just don’t really trust yourself in that moment. Because, you know, there’s like I moved back to Italy after 12 years in London this year. And there’s been a decision that was coming from within so was very happy. But when I moved back, because I had to move back with my mom, it was really stressful. It was really stressful to have to adjust to live with her and readjust myself and in I got to a point where it’s like, Okay, I am tired. I need to understand what what’s the zero is going to be for me what, what am I supposed to be doing? Is there anything that I need to know and that’s when I had a an astrology reading with my astrologer and for me that was really important because the messages that came through were really like go with the flow stopwatch because I was trying to push to get things done because I wanted to restart a podcast. I wanted to get moving I was like okay, yeah, I’ll take some time but then come on. I just need to get going. And but I just was exhausted. And so in in the reading she was like, because of the planets in the way there are transiting you really need to go with the flow. Keep doing what Doing but Stop pushing. Because things for you this year is gonna come through towards the end of the year, all the fruits will, you will see all the fruits of your hard work. Right now it’s a lot of work that you’re doing behind the scene. And so yes, you will see you will feel frustrated. But keep going, and just go with the flow and rest and take care of yourself. And that made me realize that what I was doing was to just continuously push. And in the push thing, I wasn’t necessarily listening to myself, not all the time. And so that made me go back and be like, Okay, what is it that I need to learn here? What is it that I need to understand? And I got back into my human design strategy, like Okay, so my generators, I need to respond, okay, relax. Right. And, and that was great for me, because it allowed me to really just take it easy and be like, okay, so assess your situation right now and take the right steps for you to move forward whenever all the things are about are supposed to be moving forward. So I started, you know, to meet new people recreate my network of friendships here. And I can see what she said is actually starting to slowly coming through. But I think that if I had not had that, messages coming through for me, I probably would have pushed a little bit more I would, I would have got way more frustrated. So this is why sometimes I like to get a reading here and there depending on me, I have a podcast where I have guests where they deep psyche reading. So sometimes I just get so so hooked up on what they do, I’m like, Okay, I need to have a read it with you. Just because I love those things so much. Absolutely. I also have this thing that I really want to learn and understand. So I think all those practices help you to understand a bit more of each of your energies. So that’s why I love to go with and ask someone else to tell me what’s going on.


Oh, I think that’s so powerful. And it also builds community, because you’re learning and you’re making new friends, and you’re meeting new people. And you’re listening. So not only are you listening, that you need something else, but you’re listening to building that connection. So let’s talk for a second about listening, because that was the other word that I wrote down while you were talking. You said a few times with listening and listening to your own intuition. Because I think being the intuitive queen, that’s definitely something you’ve worked on. And I know for myself, I feel very intuitive. There are definitely times that there are so many voices sharing with me and spirits guiding me. And then there’s other times that I just am completely not hearing the messages. So let’s talk about when you learned to listen to your own intuition. Was there a an experience in your journey that really opened you up to that? Hmm, it’s a broad question that they’re on you all at once.


Oh, the thing is that, you know, I’ve always been intuitive. And I always made the decision based on the feeling. So on the good feeling. I think that the major moment in which I really, really followed that voice. That for me was a life changing moment. And that’s why I would say this is the moment but it’s not the actual moment. It’s it was such a life changing moment. For me it was when I finally my my intuition has been saying this for years, but then I was younger, too young to actually do it. So when I moved to London, I was just, I got to a point where I had shushed this voice for so many years, because I had a job because I had a boyfriend because of this because of that. And at some point, it was impossible for me to shut it down. And I left and I moved and I went to London and that was the place I had to be. By coincidentally with that a friend of mine told me I’ve been reading this book and it reminds me so much of me. I think you should read it and it will be very helpful for you when you move to London. And that book was the secret. And when I read the secret, I’m like, oh, okay, I completely change my life. First of all, because there were things that I was doing already. I always been very positive and very pro Let’s see the glass half full, rather than half empty. But things like gratitude and the way you’re grateful for things, I always been very grateful. I’ve always been someone that will say thanks for everything. I never really knew there was an impact in doing that there was. So all of the things that we’re talking about in the secret, opened up a complete new path for me. And this is what I then started to go for since I moved to London. And that’s what helped me to understand that my intuition was actually something that I had to trust even more, I was already doing it because I was on my own there, there wasn’t anybody that could help. I had to trust myself. There was no other way. But you know, but even when you make friends, people tend to tell you, why are you doing this? Why are you taking this job? It’s less money, and why don’t you take that. And for me, it was like, because I feel better here. I know, it’s less money, but this feels better. And I don’t want to go in a place where I know, it’s going to be more money, I will feel miserable, and within a week or a month. So I just rather wait and feel better and create a path for myself. So that was something that I helped me through. And then I got into spirituality, which was later on. And intuition has always been something for me it I never really questioned it. I always saw that the way I felt my intuition was the same way as everybody else. Until I met this, this friend of mine that she became a friend. She’s a channeler of psychotherapist. And she was like, no matter your intuition. It’s not like anybody else. Your intuition is really strong as she started to list all the things that I normally do. When you know you’re talking to me if you want maybe to just you have an idea, you just want to run over me the idea and I start to get messages and I start to say okay, and I was like, okay, she was listening or listing all those things. I’m like, Okay, well, don’t you do the same. She’s like, now my intuition doesn’t work that way.


And then that’s when I also got the named intuition queen, because she’s been a channeler. She was like, okay, my guides are telling me that has this has to be your name D intuition quick, because your intuition is really, really strong. So this has to be your name. I was like, Okay. And then I started to pay attention. I simply started to pay attention to how people would talk about their intuition, or how would they see the same things as me like, even my friends, I was just really curious to see, are they feeling what I’m feeling? Do they see what I see? Can they have the same messages coming through for them? And I then realized that there was something within me that was different. I was like, okay, then Monica is right. Then she’s right. My intuition is different. And as I went through the pod, and I started learning a little bit more about I was like, Okay, I know I have this, I know how it works, I know. But let let me understand a little bit more what intuition is. And then I started to learn about all the Clarins how everybody experiences everything. And yeah, and and I think the biggest part for everybody, it’s not much about listening. But it’s about trusting. You can hear the message. Pretty much everybody. Yeah, pretty much everybody hears the messages, then you can decide to push it aside and be like, yeah, not not now. It’s not the moment, right. But if that’s what you’re meant to do, that message will keep coming. And one thing that I realized was that trusting and acting upon that message was the most difficult part. Because even if you don’t want to hear the messages, you will anyway, then you can decide to be more open or more closed off, but everybody receives messages somehow. The problem is getting to the point where you’re like, Okay, I’m going to do this, but I don’t have the money. Or, but what about this and what about that, you know, the self doubt and all the things so, ego starts to Question. And that’s when you need to really tune into yourself and then allow yourself to trust. And so that’s why, when I was trying to figure out how do I want to help women with intuition, I went with the trust, because that’s the most difficult part. Mm hmm. And that’s why I want women and people in general to trust and it’s just, it’s about trusting yourself, really, you trust your intuition, meaning that you’re trusting yourself. And I think that for us women, this is such a big part of what we have been taught that we shouldn’t be doing. And I kind of want to reverse that and be like, no, no, you know it, you know, it’s right. Go for it. And it doesn’t matter what people think that will come around, if they have to, and if not, well, it is what it is. But yeah, so trusting for me. It’s always been something that I also had to learn.


Because, you know, I think we all have to learn that it just doesn’t feel inherent, which is sad. But somehow, it’s not one of those traits that we really have. And I know that that’s something I’m working on myself. I have a little flipbook on the back of my bathroom. Not sure what etiquette word to use toilet commode. But it’s in my bathroom. And right now it’s flipped to I’m trusting. I’m trusting. I’m trusting I’m trusting. So every time I walk into the restroom, I see that and say it and kind of work on that focus for me. I think that’s definitely something we’re all working on. And we’re working on trusting others because we we don’t. But that trust I think definitely comes from trusting yourself before you can trust others.


Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And you know, I do a lot of work with inner child healing. And so the trust, the mistrust comes from there. So why we struggle to trust our self is because we couldn’t trust ourselves back then. Because it wasn’t safe to trust ourself back then. So. And that’s why I really want to help as many people as possible to get to the point where you know, you are, and you know what you’re doing. And that’s okay, whatever happens around you, it’s really meant to be for you. And, and so yeah, and everybody has a different way to hear their intuition and to trust it. And it’s about for me understanding your own personal way. And then take steps from there, because I’m different from you when my feel and talk about stuff and feel it feels like maybe we are similar. But your own way of listening to your intuition is very different from mine, your energy’s different from mine. And so, you know, it’s okay, all the packages aside, to do this, you have to follow the but now for me, it’s like, no, this is how your intuition works. And color therapy helps me with that. Because the colors that come through from the color therapy are mainly at the beginning are your own personal colors based on the date of birth, so they can only be yours. And then if there is anything else will come through, but it comes from your energy. So that’s also why I work a lot with energies and human design is another practice that helps me to understand your personal energy. So you can be a generator like me, but then if we go look at the chart, we’re gonna prove to be quite different. And so what I do doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s something that will work for you. We need to find our own way to respond to our strategy. And so for me, this is important I think, especially women, you know, you become a mother you become wife, you become a title, you become so many different labels. And in this takes off from your own car. And, and I work with a lot of women that between 35 and 45. They tell me more, I just don’t know who I am anymore. I I feel like I don’t feel anything. Or when you are transitioning from maybe a full time job to your own business and you want to move forward and you’re into spirituality. There is a moment in which you feel stuck or you feel and so this is why I want to help them to get back to their core. Because once you know how your energy plays and how your intuition talks to you then yes, of course you’re always gonna want to need help from someone else. But then you can tune into yourself and Okay, so my intuition speaks to me in this way. And my energy is this. And those are my tendencies. Okay, let me get back to center, let me reconnect to myself, I think that gives a little bit more power to each and every one of us. Because you can do it by yourself. And you get more confident.


Yes, do all over the journey, you know, and that’s the point of this podcast is to talk about the journey. And everything you’ve just described is the journey back to ourselves, of trusting, of feeling of listening, of experiencing, and all that begins and being curious. So I feel like you really summed up the journey all in that. And I’m excited to talk to you a little bit about the color journey, because to me, as we kind of mentioned, I use colors with chakras. When I meditate, use the red at my route. And so that’s what I’ve done with color therapy. And, you know, air quotes. That’s what I thought color therapy was, but when you and I started talking about it, and you mentioned just a moment ago, that it’s almost like astrology color therapy, or is based on your birth date, and that that completely piques my interest. So let’s talk a little bit about that. Because I know that astrology sounds so interesting, and you know, I’m in the throes of stuff and it feels wrong. And I call my friend you know, is my chart my heart and tells me everything and and I breathe and I, I kind of stopped getting frustrated and irritated because oh, there’s a reason it’s happening. I just need to move through this. And I love it was so cute. The other day, my husband was working on a project and we weren’t in the house together, but he texted me is Mercury in Retrograde. And having my husband as Mercury Retrograde was like a high five. I did great. But like you said, you know, astrology, there’s so much to it. And we I did an episode. It’s actually really since the week that we’re recording this on astrology. And it sounds so neat and so interesting. But it’s so in depth that it feels overwhelming, other than just to call my friend and say, Hey, what’s happening in my chart? Yeah. So I love when you told me that color therapy is based on your birth date. And we’re going to do the bonus episode on that. But But talk a little bit about that for me of color therapy and your birth date. I know that you had mentioned your colors or your brand. Like let’s dig into that a little bit.


Yeah. So I came across a career therapy when I went to do an order reading. So when she started to read my order and told me that my order was green, I was like what you see colors. Tell me about this. And in investigating and being curious about this thing. I then also saw that in there was also a different kind of using colors. I had already done the first level of Reiki, so I also need that kind of color. Practice. And then I did the aura reading I’m like, okay, there is there is a word here that I don’t know about and I need to learn. And I and as I was investigating, you’re reading things, then I came across color therapy. So the way it works is based on your date of birth, there are four topics that come through the the first one is based so every color as an energy. The color that I use are the rainbow colors plus gold. So those are the colors in the color therapy. And each and every every color as a positive and a negative energy. And so depending on which color you have in your reading in your chart, then I can tell you Okay, so maybe I don’t know, maybe you let’s say you have yellow. And yellow is a color that is very bright. And you know, when you have when you see people that have charisma might, they might have that color, but they also tend to have a lot of self doubt. So you might see that and so it yellow is the color of charisma and being someone that just drones people and at the same time and someone that doesn’t believe in in herself. And so when I do a reading, I kind of give a map to the person of how the energies are playing out. Obviously depending on what they want to work on. There is always a topic that they want to work on. But the color reading is there for them. You could possibly have four different colors two colors because they they can repeat The first quarter is related to the energy that you you have since you were born to your, I call them your core energy because you always had them. And it’s kind of, it’s an evolution for me, as you move through life and you grow up, then you start to understand what what is the color that will, the energy of the color you need to use in your life, because there is a lesson there that you need to learn. And so you, if you tune into that color, you’ll be able to learn that lesson better. And it’s kind of like, gives you the direction to your path. And then there is the third color, which is the one that then will help you to get to the life mission. And the life mission is the last color. So this is a for me a map, you don’t necessarily have to follow that. But the majority all the times when I do a reading, it’s a confirmation for people, they normally tell me oh my god, yes, this is how I am. Especially the life mission. It’s like kind of like the energy of your life purpose. And so when people hear about that, like oh my god, yes, I’ve been thinking of doing this for, or I just started learning about this. So it’s already it’s kind of like already there, it doesn’t tell you what job you’re going to be doing. But it does tell you that your energy is very much for, I don’t know, Indigo is if you’re a teacher or something like that. And so with branding, what happened is that you can use those color with your brand. And I do a lot of kind of brand color sessions, where a client might want to understand their color, so then they can also use it in their, in their branding. That’s what I did for me. When I realized it just happened. Casually To be honest, I was studying and I came across this graph from like, okay, let’s, let’s figure out what are my color, let’s do a reading for me. And I started to do the reading for me and I started laughing. Because the colors that came through for me were


magenta, purple, orange, and magenta dn at the end again. And it was like, of course, purple and pink. always been my favorite color. Since I was a child. I like orange as well. And I was like, of course, but then what blew me off was that the meaning of the colors was exactly what I was doing. I had become a coach few months prior to that, maybe almost a year, maybe know what anyway, a few months before that. So I had already decided, say eight months, 10 months before that I was going to be an intuitive and creative coach. Because at the beginning when I really really started I wanted to work with artists, then I switched to women and spiritual intrapreneur because it just made more sense. But I gave myself the title intuitive and creative coach. And I stuck with that I just when I was doing the exercises, I was like, of course to sum this. And so when I then did my color reading, can you


hear me? Yeah, okay, you faded out for a moment. But you’re good,


cuz I got a message here. So when I was doing my color reading, and I and I saw that purple is the color of intuition. Orange is the color of creativity. And magenta is the color that kind of helps you to put together the spiritual with the material in the most loving way. And this is how I always felt I was I always look at those spiritual people, the super, super spiritual. And I was like, I don’t want to be that kind of person that just, you know, is super spiritual. I just I know I’m going to be a material material person, but I don’t want to be materialistic in a bad way. I kind of want to bridge this gap because I don’t think that if you’re spiritual, you just have to be penniless. I think you can money and you know, be spiritual and really, really help other people. I never really wanted to be that person that helps and then struggles with money all day long. So when I read the description, I’m like, oh my god, this is me. And the confirmation I was also when I had the the Human Design reading last year, I had never read one before. This was the first one. And I was coaching with my coach. And I was in a moment where I was feeling a little bit like, Am I doing things? Right? Should I change something? Maybe I should change my title? Maybe I’m not an intuitive credit coach, maybe that’s not clear. You know, I was going through all of those questions.


You were yourself.


Yeah. And the guy was like, okay, so you are super creative and super intuitive. Your title, it’s not a fancy title, he this is your energy, you are like this, I was like, and, you know, my colors, my humans design all tell the same thing. And so this is what I do when I when I do a color reading. And what also happens is that, as I tune in to the depending on the person, there are some people that have a pretty clear energy field. So you might come to me for reading same or I want a, I need to understand my brand colors, or I have this issue, I want to figure out how to release this problem, I have this pain in my leg. And I want to understand if this is something that not some energy stock or something like this. And I’ll tune into your energy. And before we do the reading, and as I tune into the energy, I come up with your colors. But if there is anything else in your energy field, then I will feel messages, then I will see colors. And then I just started to write down what I feel it’s going on, and what colors I think you should be using all together with your own personal colors. And this is what happens most of the times and my clients are like, Oh, I had a client where she came for a branding session, because she needed to do her website. So and I was like, Yeah, I feel you need to use orange through some sort of like, sexual energy, and have stuck stuff here. I feel so I started to tell her what I was feeling. And she was like, again, oh, my God, she’s like, this is a past life thing. And I I’ve done work before, and I don’t understand why it’s coming back. And as I will probably, you know, there is something that you still need to release. And maybe now there is something happening. And it was in the middle of the lockdown. Her boyfriend was in the US. She was a Europe. So there was a lot of things going on. And she’s like, okay, okay, I do this. So this is what what is what happens, but some people don’t have anything that pops up. And at that point is just I will talk to you through what what is it that you want to work on? help you to understand how to use your colors. And and that’s it. And that’s the session. So it really depends on the person.


Well, one of the things you mentioned, and you just kind of glazed over. But I know we talked about it in our pre conversation is that using color and issues that are related to physical issues?


And I’m a big fan of Louise Hays, where sometimes stuff is stuck in our body so our shoulder may hurt because we’re carrying the burden of the world. So how does color relate some way like that? Cuz I’m sure people have heard about Louise Hayes’s, heal your life. And that’s kind of a more common mainstream thing. But I would love to hear how color may reflect some physical stuff.


Yeah, well, it really depends. I had a session with a coach in her 60s. And she was kind of releasing the old business to move forward in the new. And she came to me because she had pain in her legs. And she was like, I’m going to do the reading. But then I’m going to go to the doctor, I was like, Okay, let me know how it goes. When we did the reading, what came through was that she used to have a very overly protective mother. And when she was younger, she used to avoid to do what she really wanted to do. To either not upset the mother or not to make her worry, because she had this kind of mother that was always be careful. Don’t do this. Otherwise this was is going to happen. So she never really felt free to be herself and do our own things. And because we were she was in this situation where she had to take steps forward for the new business. But she couldn’t do it. She was dragging all the stuff that she had to do. And as I tuned into her energy, and then we did the meditation together, what came through was that she still felt the energy of the mother telling her be careful with this new business. Be careful with this new venture. Why did you leave the previous one that was going? Well, you know, and so she had this thing where she felt like she couldn’t move. And that resulted in the pain in the legs, which is part of our body that makes us walk and go forward. Yeah. So after we did the session, then she went to the doctor anyway. But as we continue to continue to check in on her, she was like, I think that your session really pointed at the problem, because then I started journaling, she came to mind to me in dreams and stuff. And at some point, I just decided that I was going to release her. And I started doing the things for my business, even if some some, I was feeling uncomfortable for certain things. And I didn’t really trust myself, I was feeling fearful. But I pushed myself and the pain stopped. And in all the old exams came back clear. So I think that’s that was was related to it. So it really depends, sometimes, it’s something like that. It could be something like that, or sometimes there is something else. And then at that point, it depends if it doesn’t stop, when we can do maybe a bit more sessions. But if it doesn’t stop, then I always say, you know, go to the doctor and check because you never know. But I do believe that our body stores, emotions, repressed emotions, and then it comes out somehow. I study a lot of those things because I personally think that most of the banquet our therapy also isn’t that like, I don’t do color therapy one to one with I’m, I haven’t gone into that part. Because we were in lockdown. Everything’s online. But in whenever was decided to move forward with that. You can use blankets, that you can use color food jars, you can use color for light, but I don’t have the space here yet. So that would be another way to do it to fit your body in, you know, on a bed and see what color that comes through. Where in your body they come through and what do they mean, because in car therapy, there are three different meanings. There is the mental aspect, the emotional aspect and the physical aspect. So it depends on what colors come through from where then you know what’s going on. But yeah, I do use that as well.


Oh my gosh, can you guys hear that? Well, sorry, I just have to button on my ear pod because it fell out of my ear and then something started playing on my computer. So I wasn’t sure you could hear that or not. No making sure that it’s cut out. I’m sorry.


That’s right. Did you hear everything because sometimes I get the messages, that connection is not great. So


you got a little like wonky for a second here they are but you weren’t wonky enough that you couldn’t hear what you were saying. So it was good. So we’ll start over. But I heard everything you were saying but I was like oh my gosh, there’s voices in my head other than it was a little crazy. Okay.


Yeah, so I guess you heard this about D. Yeah.


Yeah, I think it’s interesting. You know, we do want to put definitely put out this disclaimer, this disclaimer for years and my safety that there are physical ailments that are physical ailments. But there are also physical ailments that are hidden behind the spiritual stuff. And it brought to mind for me my family was in Peru in May of this year. And I fell, I physically felt my pagan pole got stuck. I hit a rock really hard. I cried for two more days. My knee was so swollen, it wouldn’t move like there was something physical that happened with that. Absolutely. Got home works, use some oils, use some other stuff wasn’t getting better went to the doctor, because I knew I had physically hurt myself. He said, Oh, it’s just a soft tissue, blah, blah, blah. It’s gonna take time to heal. I was frustrated. I was irritated. I was upset and oh Over the 1214 weeks that it took it to heal, I also dug into a lot of my knee with actual spiritual because I had to get carried down the mountain by five men that I could not speak English with, I had to trust them. I had to surrender my hardshell because my hardshell was what kept me walking, which is what did the damage. So there are also physical things that show up to get our attention. It’s, it makes me kind of think about your intuition. When you moved that you kept feeling it, you kept feeling it, you kept feeling it with my knee, even though I know there was that physical moment, actually, it happened. There was also that it happened because I wasn’t listening to where I needed to be and what I needed to work on. So it stopped me in my tracks. Yeah. So you know, just listening to you talk about that. Like one as I said, the disclaimer, don’t not go to the doctor if you think you need to go to the doctor, but to once you know, it’s okay. Like your client did dig into what other meaning is behind it. What other thing is it showing with me, because I think that’s important. And I know, it’s been very powerful in my life. And I’ll tell you, when I went through those 12 weeks, the first three weeks was like, fine, it’s just ice and anti inflammatories and those didn’t help. And then I had to come back to me, come back to the spiritual self inside of me my center and say, Okay, what is the mean, I can’t walk? Where am I? And I’ll tell you, that was hard as you know what to do. Yeah. made me angry. It made me so angry.


But but that kind of managing? Yeah, yeah. And, you know, unfortunately, we do have a lot of repressed emotions, we do have a lot of things we might not even know about. We might not even want to deal with or we might think, yeah, but this was in the past, it’s gone. But I always say to my clients in do you know, when your iPhone stops working, because you have to delete the pictures. Exactly what your body does, that’s a great, no more storage. Yeah, to me is exactly the same. Like when your body keeps giving you, when you when your intuition keeps giving you messages, you don’t listen, or you should away, then you know, it becomes a an annoying pain, or you know, something that comes comes up every once a week. And then if you keep on listening, it’s going to become something different. And at that point, when we are hit on the body, that’s when we start to be like, Oh my God, wait, why do I have this? That means I need to stop. That means I cannot walk that means I need to rest more. Why? Oh, no, I need so and that’s exactly when you need to be like Okay, so why do I need to rest more? Right? And to me, this is like Bayes I trust and and believe this is the thing. And working with women, there is a lot of work to be done on the womb. And in fact, with women, I often get a lot of orange energy which is related to the sexual and creative energy so you know, creation, and we all have pretty much all of us has some problems is smaller or big, and you know, Windows things come through then. Okay, so you have assist, you had this you had that, okay, let’s talk about it. Because like for example, I, when I was about to move to London, I was ready, I was set, and then I just had to do the last thing like a week or two before I actually moved, which was go and have a check with my gynecologist just because you know, and she found a cyst that was so big on my ovary, she was like, you cannot move because you need to be operated and like now, I’m going to go why she’s like No, you’re saying so she did that and she found also fibroids and when they operated me, they remove the cyst. But this this was so big and so attached to my ovaries that I stayed on there for too long, I lost too much blood and so the doctor was like, Okay, we’re now going to remove the fibroids now because there’s more and we kept her down for too long. We better stop this and and I did a few psychic readings about it. And and the reason why I have those is is because of the way I always always perceive love. And this always goes back to the you know, parents in their childhood, and all of that, it always goes back to our parents. Right? Exactly. And for us women that we either can create physically or we are extremely creative and intuitive, that part of ourself is really, really important. So when those kinds of things come through in the reading, I always tried to get the client to put to work a little bit more, because there is a lot that needs to be released. And then it’s okay, you want to go to the doctor and you want to do the normal stuff, that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean that the repressed emotions will be removed, right? I can go to the doctor and remove my fibroids. But that doesn’t mean my way, my perception of love and how I receive love will change. If I don’t do the work within myself, they will remove it, and physically, I will look fine, by the motion emotionally, that repressed emotion and that way, your thinking is still gonna be there. And so if it doesn’t pop there, it’s going to pop up somewhere, somehow, differently. And that’s why I always kind of tell my clients consider doing a bit more work of this, because if you release it, it’s not going to show up again. But if you don’t, it will, somehow some way there I


think our body and our guides are really, really powerful. For sure. They stopped you in track in the track, I had my astrologer being on my podcast, and she, and she told her story of how she got ill, because she was thinking of changing completely her life. And, and the message was, we’re going to make you feel heal for a while. So you stop, and you start showing your gifts of astrology and tarot reading to the world, because you’re not supposed to just be an architect, you’re supposed to be all of those. And I think you know, there are so many stories of people that talk about this. And I just, I just think that if we listen to our body more, we will be so much better, we will feel so much better. But I do understand that it’s a bit scary to dig deeper and figure out what’s going on what emotions have not been dealt with, because people don’t really want to really leave or go back. In. That’s why with color therapy. For me it’s a it’s a, it’s a lighter way to do inner inner work and shadow work. Because with the help of colors, somehow it takes off the heaviness, not for everything. Because if you’re dealing with something heavy, you have to go through the heaviness. But for other stuff, they’re a little bit lighter. Maybe you’re just cared about it. Using color therapy. This is I’m telling you this because this is what my clients tell me that because they had fun playing with what color they feel what color they need, to need to their own personal colors, wearing the colors, because what I do is like I tell them, where the colors, eat the colors, surround yourself with the colors, either your own or the one that you feel more attuned to, and see what coming through, see, see if you feel better see? Right. And, and this is what they tell me. Because then if you weren’t that if you tuned into the color, then you will receive messages. And if you ask a question, you will receive messages. But then because you’re thinking about oh, I’m going to wear a red dress, because I like that red dress, you know, thinking that the question that you asked, maybe it was about I don’t know, money or something else. And yeah, so this is what they told me they just have a little bit more fun that doing more deep shadow work.


I love that. And I’m so excited to do a reading with you. I think it’s gonna be really interesting. I have to admit, though, while we’re talking, you told me originally that I needed to come up with a topic and I keep changing my topic. So it’ll be interesting to see what we decide in the bonus episode. Yeah, so yeah, so thanks so much, Mara, for having this conversation with me not just for the followers, but really hearing about color therapy, getting a moment to talk about physical ailments like these are the kind of conversations that I personally love. And then I can just share them with other people and hope that they’re a resource and an education for people. So thank you, as a gift to me for Having done that, but also thank you for sharing the knowledge so


much for having me. I absolutely love talking about this, those topics and I love helping people and getting them insights. If that helps the to get them to do something that betters themselves. I’m just happy.


Absolutely. Well, I know that my followers are gonna want to find you. So what’s the best pace? Are you your website, Instagram, like, where are you hanging out that people can check you out.


So you can find me on Instagram as the intuition queen. Or you can find me on my website as the intuition queen.com. And that’s where you can find all my offers, I have a corner reading, I read cards. And I have a program that is called discover your true colors. And that’s a program that I was mentioning earlier, where we do a color reading Human Design reading and as for the length of the program, then we will work on what’s come through and I will help you to help you and guide you to release all the emotional blocks and mental blocks we might have around something to help you to just tune into yourself and know yourself more.


And then your podcast is intuitive queen. And that is available on Spotify, Amazon, all those good places,


all of the podcast, podcast platforms, and also my YouTube channel, which is also the intuition queen. Creed.


Well, I’m so grateful for your time today. And I’m so excited. So we’ll release this episode. And then two days later, we’ll release a bonus episode where we actually do a session. So make sure if you’ve loved this that you come back in two days and check it out. So thank you so much more for being here.


Thank you, Chris, for having me. It’s been so much fun talking to you. Okay, seriously, like


I was making notes of what else can we talk about and do another episode sometime on my. Like, I, sometimes you get those guests that you’re just kind of working through and you’re like, hey, this is interesting, but I’m not fully engaged. And you I could that I normally take notes and I couldn’t take notes because I wanted to hear what you were saying and talking. I was so much fun. So thank you so much for that conversation.


Thank you, I thank you, I love I love sharing all of this, I wish we could reach more people and have more people. This is the aim. For me. I think it’s such a all of those practices are so empowering and so powerful that I think everybody should be doing I’m I had a guest last week with us inner child healing for moms. And we’re still gonna, like, this is something that everybody should be doing, you know, like all of those work. And yeah, I just see how my life is different, how my life is better how I get triggered less how I can find peace quicker. How learning to surrender really puts you in a complete different state and on a completely different planet. And yeah, so the world will be so much better if everybody could do this.


Oh my gosh, wouldn’t it though? It would be hard, but it’d be better.


Yeah, exactly. Yeah.


Yeah. The mail check is driving by for moments and my dog may or may not start barking. She’s been in here the whole day with us. And she’s been quiet and I’m so shocked.


She’s having a good time.


Yeah, she loves to be in here. When I do podcast episode. She’s normally sitting here behind me. But today she’s on the floor next to me for some reason. So


she might like the energy then. Yeah, well, and I have a


cat who every time I have a room across the hall, that’s where I meditate and do all my kind of spiritual stuff. And the minute like, I swear he has a sensor on the couch that the minute I sit down, he’s in my lap and I can’t tell you, I’ve meditated and, and come out of meditation. And he’s sitting in my lap. Oh, cute. I did an episode a couple episodes back. That was an animal communicator. And that one was really fun, too.


Oh, you know, I never had that. Yeah, I think that will be great.


She’s a neat guest. I think we probably need to like look at each other’s podcasts and share because I had a couple of notes against you mentioned I’m like, Oh, I’d like to add them. But she’s actually based in France. She’s American but France. And she did a podcast, you know the episode with us. And then she did a reading. And she was spot on things. She said like she she referenced we call our son the boy. That’s just the nickname My husband gave him and she said something well, your cat keeps talking about the boy I’m assuming that’s your son. And to me I was just like, okay, and then I realized No, I’m like, that’s his nickname. That’s what the cat calls him to, you know. So it was really, it was really neat to talk to her. So if you’re interested, I’d be happy to give you her information. But I mean, I


didn’t have any pets, but I’m just so in all of those practices and how, you know, the many janitors there are so everywhere every time, that’s why every time I hear about something, I’m like, Okay, what is that? What does that do? And how does that can help me? And can I suggest that to my clients? I think it’s so fascinating. This fact and also sometimes, but very fascinating that there are so many people doing things differently. Yeah.


I think distracting is perfect. Because there it’s like shiny objects, and you have to find what resonates. But you have to try them all on, you know, you have to


very distracting for me when I first started because, okay, I now I am a coach, okay. And then you read all of those books, and you studied all of the things that they talk about all of those other things, you know, oh, wait, so you go like you’re doing a research or something, and then you see something else. And then I spent like, the first week and then I said to myself, Okay, now I need to find a better system. Because this is not working. I was getting distracted by all of those practices and what they were talking about sometimes, you know, I’m researching a topic for the podcasts. And I find myself then really notice are like, No, right wasting my time I need this is the topic that I said I was going to talk about. So this is it. Because there’s so much that you can talk about and so many different practices, and a lot of them intertwine to the other. And so yeah, but yeah, I just love doing this this job and meeting so many amazing people.


Yeah, it is definitely. It’s fun. And that’s what it should be. It should be fun what you’re doing. It shouldn’t suck.


No, exactly. No more.


Right? We all have to do that. So that we appreciate the fun. Yeah, so you definitely have to pay that time in. But it’s not that you have to pay a dues. It’s just you have to experience it so that you can experience the fun too. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you want to do the bareness of us.


Okay, when you want to be me, your dad? So


our question, here are my two things that I was struggling over talking about. I’m funny enough, one of my limiting beliefs that I really struggle with. Do you want me to tell you all this and then start the episode? Or do you want to start the episode and talk about it first?


Let me first to briefly into your energy. So then I just gonna write down a couple of things. And then yeah,


okay. So with grounding journey, there’s a couple things I’m struggling with, like I love doing the podcast, but it’s the actual being seen. As me as myself, as you know, I feel like nobody wants to hear my voice of what I have to share. So that’s one of my struggles that I’m really working on and feel like I’ve been working on for a year and a half, which is funny that I have a podcast and I’m trying to hear that


because people have told you something or your own thinking.


So my grandmother once told me that people weren’t really interested in what I had to say. But I also like I just don’t, I don’t know if it’s just that or if it’s, you know, I post something on Facebook just with friends and nobody comments or when I’m in conversation with people, nobody asked me a question and I’ve worked really hard on being a good listener. And I don’t think everybody else is a good listener. So it kind of reflects back but like with my Instagram and things like that I just always use quotes I rarely ever use photos of me because I think that people don’t really care about my voice and what I have to share


Hmm Now I think you know, because you’re all like people cannot really see you I think that seeing you sometimes will put a picture on you know a face to the picture that I have mentally and kind of connect with you more and you know, maybe just to respond to you more I can tell you that. I don’t know if you see my Instagram but it’s a lot of color four squares depending on which topic I’m talking about. But I decided to go not because I wanted to and not because I love taking selfies because I really don’t. But I kind of now got to a point where I just do it and because I need it. But my Instagram is picture of me color picture Have a color. And every time I put a picture of me there, there’s more and more people commenting, I chose not to because the people that. So now I started to do with Canva, the videos because my posts are both in English and Italian. So with the colorful part, I write a sentence in English with the color, say I’m using red, because I’m talking about red and the energy of red. And then there is the term translation in Italian. And I used to have the two graphics. But now with Canva, I’m just doing the video. So I can see how many people actually see it. I’m, it’s never the amount of likes I actually receive, right, way more. So if you look at your insights, you will see how many people I think that because the podcasts for you is mainly audio to connect with you really should do. But you have a three so so you have a yellow, which is what I was talking to you about in the you have a yellow, so your energy?


Do you want to start the official episodes that you’re talking?


No, no, I’m telling you and do it again. But your energy is normally about em. It’s that kind of person that people would just like,


people just said that, that makes me like shy. He’s saying that


people are just like you, you have this really nice and calming aura and very curious, but you’re very subtle, you’re not in your face. That’s totally right. So you have the same probably, if you get to know a person, then your light starts to shine a little bit more, you maybe take a little bit more space. But you’re you’re there, you’re a little start, you just don’t know you’re a little star and you don’t take up the space that you should, but people are attracted to you people like you. So, but as I was saying to you, this Carter has has a negative energy, self doubt, which I see here. This fear that people don’t want to hear your voice, it’s just in your head, because I don’t know how many episodes you’ve been going on with and how many downloads you have and how many people have been listening to you. But if you keep going, I’m pretty sure people are listening. So I think this is more like it could be your grandmother, it could be other ways you’ve been raised. And maybe you’ve been told, you know, you’re too loud, you’re too much. You’re too talkative. You’re too whatever. So you felt the need to kind of push yourself and stay in the little box and, and shine but not too much. So you’re doing something that makes you shine a little bit not too much. Because you know, you never know, let’s not take too much space. Yes,


that’s exactly everything you just said. And it made me remember something else that had been said to me when I was younger about that probably added to it. So absolutely.


Yeah, it’s your energy. But this energy, it’s really powerful. Because the fact that you have the same where people are drawn to you means that you have power. And yellow is the color of the sun. Yellow is the core chakra. You know, so you have within you you were born with a color that is really, really strong is really really powerful. It’s a mental colors. So I see why you tend to say in your head. Um


That’s totally Me too. I’m still here. I’m just letting the cat in because he’s


Yeah, didn’t do what you need to do. Yeah.


No, that that makes total sense. Because, I mean, you’re spot on with everything you’re saying.


Yeah. So I would say to investigate why you feel the need to stay small. Because I think you have the power if you want to do the reading because at this point, I think we should okay.


Yeah, let’s do it. Okay. Yeah.


So just asked me the same question and I love tunity you’re and I just repeat what I just said. I never told you this. Surprise,


right so welcome back to today’s bonus episode, a color therapy raining with Barbara. And I’m so excited about this because we’ve had just enough little conversations for me to be like, Hold on, I want to learn about this. And in in one of the while we were kind of in between episodes talking, you’re talking about the distractions and how you always are exploring more and color therapy now has me so engaged and so excited that I want to learn more just about color therapy. So, Mara, thanks for being here again, if you haven’t listened. Yeah, okay, let me start over because I’m so excited. It’s also blind, so he’s like walking around the room, and I’m scared he’s gonna walk into the dog. Okay, sorry about that. No problem.


Ever. Welcome to today’s episode, our bonus episode of grounding journey. I’m excited to be joined by Mara, who does color therapy. And we did a full length episode on your intuition and color. And now we’re gonna do an actual color therapy session.


Yes, insert. Yes. Mr. Thanks for being here with me again. Thanks for your extra time to do this episode.


I thank you for having me.


Yeah, so we are digging into an actual color therapy session. And so just to give a quick synopsis for people who may not have listened to the full episode, but we want them to definitely go back and get the full gist of everything. So in color therapy, it’s based on your birth sign, or you not Versailles keys, or your birth date. And we have four colors that are based on us. So you’re going to share that with me. Color therapy can be used for branding, it can be used for direction, it’s almost like a simpler form of astrology, right?


Yeah, well, nobody has ever said that. But yeah, maybe that could be possibly a way to explain it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, it’s based on your date of birth. And you could have four different colors or colors, my be repeating, like I have magenta twice in my chart, for example. But yeah, there are four different topics. And so depending on like, I can see you have four different colors, for example. But yeah, and it tells you a little bit, the map of your energies from when you were born to towards your life mission. So it gives you a map of your view, your characteristics, your energy, and the tendencies that you might have positive and negative.


Well, I’m excited. So let’s dig in. I’m going to pass the mic basically over to you to kind of lead us and show us what clients would expect when they do a session. And this is just definitely a mini little nugget session so people can get a feel for it. It’s not the full length somebody would experience with you, but lead us into where we need to go today.


Okay, you need to ask me a question and tell me what is it that you want to work on today?


Okay, perfect. So the irony of the fact that I have a podcast is I started the podcast for my creative agency to gain the experience of doing a podcast so that when we had clients wanting to do a podcast, we could show them what to go through. What it has opened up for me is my own fear of being seen being heard sharing my voice. And in my full time job, my creative agency, I always like proudly tote the fact that I’m the girl behind the scenes that allows my client to really shine and be all they’re meant to be. But I like hanging out behind the scenes. So starting grounding journey, starting the podcast, starting all the stuff that I’m doing air quotes intention was to experience it again for my clients. Reality what it was, is my own part of my journey of being comfortable being seen being comfortable sharing my voice, but man, it is scary. It is uncomfortable, and I keep hitting roadblocks and fears about it. And I’ve been working on it for a year and a half and still struggle so much with being seen. I don’t post many pictures of myself on Instagram. I don’t share a lot about it. So I don’t know that like that’s my backstory of where I am. I’m really struggling with being comfortable being seen and believing people want to hear what I have to say.


Hmm, okay, no, no, that’s absolutely perfect. Why I would ask is, why do you think people don’t want to hear your voice? Because I don’t think you started this podcast yesterday, you’ve been going on for a while. So people are coming, I’m sure you have a number of downloads a number of listeners. So I’m kind of interested in understanding a little bit more, if you are able to explain it or to feel it. Where is this fear coming from?


Absolutely. So my podcast is done way better. I do have a sizable amount of downloads a good following. Where I think it struggles a lot is my followers on Instagram, because I guess when I have the podcast, I’m bringing other guests to it. It’s more easy, and it’s flowing. It’s not just me sharing my voice, with Instagram, and I just use that as an example. I definitely struggle in posting and sharing. So I know that years ago, my grandmother one time we were in a crowd talking to some people, and somebody asked me a question. And I answered them, and I answered them in depth. And she tapped me on the leg because we were sitting at dinner and said, Stop talking too much. Nobody really wants to hear the answer or what you have to say. So I’ve done a lot of work on that, because she passed away a year ago. And that’s been part of what I’ve been working on. And like you said, in our main episode, people say I’ve worked on it, but it’s still there. Like I’m working on it, but it’s still there.


Yeah, well, I don’t think that your grandma’s comment is really the problem here. I think there is a an underlying issue here. So let’s go into your reading. And then we’ll dive deeper. So you have as the first color that comes through in your in your chart, which is the color you’re born with, it’s yellow. And as I mentioned, in the opposite, the color yellow is a color where you have this charismatic energy, and people are just naturally drawn and attracted to you. But this is also very mental color. And the side effect, let’s say, this quarter is that you have a lot of self doubt. Yes, I do. See the polarity here, where you might be someone that people just like you like instantly, like when you messaged me, because you wanted to have me on your podcast, we had first quick chat, I really had a good feeling about you. I really like the your energy, you’re very enthusiastic. I loved having the kind of conversation today for the opposite. What I see and feel from you is like you have this desire to, to share and show. But at the same time, you’re very subtle. It’s kind of like you’re a little star that doesn’t really want to shine too bright.


I could see that. Yes, that just triggered me back to childhood. Yes, that’s exactly.


And you know, since you said that it’s your management, your grandmother, I would say that probably as a child, you heard many times don’t be too much this and don’t be too much that. And so in order for you to feel safe within yourself, we kind of shrinked because yellow is a really powerful color. And if we want to also link that to the chakras is the color of you know, self esteem and inner power. I don’t believe you don’t have that I believe you do. But you tend to stay more into your mind and therefore your self doubt, which is the energy of yellow, which I understand there is this polarity with yellow, which is really bright. If you think about yellow, the sun, power, warmth, and all that you do have this warm energy. But obviously, it’s your mind that your ego takes over. And the first thing that you said to me is your grandmother. So there is something there about Shut up. Don’t talk too much. Don’t say too much people don’t want to hear and probably something else that is still lingering a lot in you. And the fact that this is your core energy because it’s the energy the of you as soon as you were born. It’s an energy that you’ve been carrying on for a long time. So I think that in a year. The work to do is to release self doubt in relation to you are your own voice because you have a voice. You have a podcast, you have a business. I mean, there is a lot going on there and I do see like someone that just stays there. and waits for things to happen. I feel like you’re quite energetic and do stuff. But there is this kind of energy where the moment you see that you’re seen too much, then you kind of draw in. You mentioned Facebook. And I think that pictures are what make the connection for people, especially for the podcast. I can see live from my Instagram, when I put color pictures related to the meaning of a color or something, there is a certain response. And when I put my pictures, there is a different response. People want to see your face, especially when it’s the podcast that it’s mainly audio, they hear your voice, I think personally, you have a very nice and calming and, and fun voice. And it’s nice to hear you. But then people don’t know who you are. So just maybe play out with that and see what else is coming through. Because I think there is a little bit of healing to do, going back a little. Now, the next color is the color that you need to the energy of the color that you need to work with in this lifetime. And you have magenta here. So magenta is the color that wants you to assess your life, and kind of look around and be like, Okay, what it’s working, what it’s not working, because as I was saying earlier, it’s a color the likes to have. It’s a color related to love, but not the unconditional love that might be the green, which is more for the right, it’s more like on a general universal scale. But in order for you to provide and share this love, you have to find a balance within yourself. And so as I think what is it that in your life, it’s going well, and even what it needs to kind of be removed, because this is a very evolutionary color. So if you have this color, you have a tendency to evolve a lot, I have a choice. I cannot even tell you. What does that mean. But with the with the fact that you have yellow and and magenta, you can use this color to help you to release the self doubt that you have, because it’s a little bit more empowered as a color. And it’s more, it’s a very feminine energy. So it doesn’t say much in in your head, and teens anymore more into your body into your feelings into your intuition to be more like, Okay, what’s going around, I need our money around here. So in order for me to do what I’m supposed to do,


so this color can help you. And then the color that you need to use in order to move towards your life mission is blue. And is the color of communication. And I see you have a blue room.


Well, it’s funny, every room in the house, that is my room is a shade of blue, and both of my company logos are blue. So I wondered where blue would show up in communication. I mean,


yeah, exactly. So it’s the color of communication. But it’s also colored that it is extremely intuitive. It’s a color that you know it. It’s that kind of color that in your intuition. It’s kind of something that you have. But if you’re not working on your self doubt, before you actually get to your blue, there is a little step that you need to do there. There is there is a little bit more work on your trust. Because I I feel like this is where you are right now. Because the way I see the four color and the four topics, it’s kind of like phases of our lives. Because we start with the color first color, we are born with this color and then as we move forward, we add on another color another color. So I feel this is where you’re at right now, in order for you to come in and communicate on a wider spectrum and more globally and share your voice and your message more. There is this part of your initial energy that needs to be sorted out. So this fear that you have the people won’t listen to you, one want to hear what you You have to say, which really is ego based because otherwise your podcast will have zero downloads, and you probably would have closed it before having a session recording with me, right? So it’s really about tuning into yourself and asking your your intuition how to help you communicate this better and release this self doubt. Because I think it’s a very nice progression your your color have a really nice progression, you could be more powerful if you’re if you allow this little star to be come, the big star that has that wants to be and shine as bright as she wants to shine, instead of trying to control the ending the light, depending on who you’re with. Or depending on what fear comes through, I feel that you can be can reach many people, this is what I wanted to say, yeah, you can reach many people. So it just matter of doing a little bit work on self esteem and empowering yourself more, and maybe some inner child in work. And the last color is purple on our intuition. So this is your life’s mission. And therefore, you’re meant to get to a point where you will feel extremely connected to your source to your intuition. And everything is going to feel and be easy. To me having this clarity and have a chart like yours really is saying to me, the moment you work on the first color, and you release that, it’s kind of like it’s all a girl, like it’s all up, there is nothing like everything is bringing you up your colors, if you if you picture the chakras, your colors are bringing you up. Because the yellow is down and then you can find the pink in the group in the heart chakra area. So if you go up, it’s like, and then throat and then it’s like the crown chakra. So if you want to match Reiki with color therapy, I think you can reach a lot of people without having to do crazy things. Right? Like I mean, when when no it when you become an intrapreneur in this word in the spiritual world, there are so many things you need to learn and you need to be on video, you need to be doing this and you need to be doing that you have a communication agency. So it’s not necessarily for you to get crazy on being everywhere all over the place. But it just about working on yourself is seen and that your confidence that first of all, what you’re doing is reaching a lot of people is reaching the right people. And believing that your voice is what people want to hear. And, and working on this fear is that I feel have quite a few layers. I don’t think it just I feel like you have this fear that has quite a few layers. And once you get to the bottom layer, then you’re done. And I think at that moment, your


blue and your purple will kind of like be like brah. Like, it’s kind of like I’m late. I think it’s the Oracle of the moon card reader deck that has I’m not sure if that’s what I’m picturing in my head. But it’s kind of like there is like flowers coming out of the crown. So I feel like that the moment you unblock yourself at the bottom, there is like light and flowers coming out. Because that’s where everything the opportunities will come through. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, to reach with this podcast will eventually arrive. But you need to trust yourself because I think that people don’t really have a problem with you. With your voice with your presence. I told you I feel like you have a really nice and fun. Energy, not your face. So you don’t trigger people because you’re too much. But at the same time, it tells me that you’re also trying really hard not to shine. So I would do some work on that.


Yes. Oh, and I want to just share a couple things based on like feedback because I want my listeners to really understand how accurate your reading was. One of the things when you said the little star not wanting to shine instantly, and I think about this, but I haven’t done work on this, I’ve done work on my grandmother because she passed. And that was what I thought I needed to. But my brother is two years older than me. And he was a really troubled teen, he gave my parents a lot of problems. And my dad was really sick with cancer when I was in middle school in high school. And I consciously like nobody told me to do it. But I consciously became the really quiet, good kid, because I didn’t want to cause any more problems for my parents, and I watched my brother be really troubled and watch my dad’s help and can be so overloaded that I chose to be quiet and small. So you you saying, you know, being a small star and not shining? Completely resonated on that for me? And I share that too, because sometimes, yes, it’s things my grandmother said, but it’s also choices we made. So listening to that, and like, oh, the choice I have to make now because that was a choice. And now I have to make the choice that I want to be heard and seen. And just you talking about it. I’m like, oh, that’s where that work is still to be done of making that conscious choice.


Yeah, yeah. And look, when we are children, and we decide that we need to behave in a certain way, because that’s safer. That is going to kind of create a lot of fears within AWS. And yes, you will go through life, you will do your own things, you might work on some fears rather than others. But there’s always that big fear that only comes through when you’re about to level up in a big way. So I feel that you have all those little fears. And and you just have to go to the bottom one, like you clearly are afraid not to feel to be safe. If you show yourself off, if you show your face on Instagram, or if you talk a little bit more, or whatever it is that you want to do with your message in this podcast. So it’s about removing all the layers. Because when we’re children, we need to find coping mechanism to feel safe when we grew up in an environment that it’s either it’s not safe in case you have abusive parents or narcissistic parents, or simply because you’ve realized that there is already too much kale is a you don’t want to kind of become that kind of third party that. So you have to do work on that and go to the bottom. And I tell you this also, from my personal experience I’ve done so much in the last years, you have absolutely no idea. But since this year, I moved back to Italy, and I am currently temporarily staying with my mom. And she’s a narcissist. When I came back, I realized we had an argument after a few weeks I was back obviously, I realized that one of my biggest fears was that she would always try to sabotage my life. But because I had been away for 12 years, and I was always coming here for maybe a week or something. I forgot about this. I did a lot of work on other stuff. We always had a troubled relationship. And so for me, moving back here, I knew one of the reasons why my intuition told me Okay, now you move back to me, it certainly was because I needed to release this and I needed to work on this, which I’m doing and it’s way better. I feel I inside of me. I feel I trust myself, I feel I’m not afraid of her anymore. But I spent that first few months, really thinking what the hell I was thinking. But now I see why. And the reason for me to release this really, really big fear is always because doing the job that I do. This will help me to level up. This will help me to help my clients better. So I see why everything is happening. And everything that I had to go through. And whenever we had fights where I wasn’t triggered much as I used to but then there was this fear. I was like, oh my god, how am I going to do deal with this? So now, all of this with all the work that I’ve been doing since I’m here


As dissipated, and there is obviously a little bit more to finish, but it’s not as huge as when I moved back, right? So, I feel for you, this is exactly what you need to do. And it doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to work on this all in one go and be like, Okay, let’s go. Where does the button fear? Let’s give me that? No, it doesn’t work that way. So, work on this fear that you have to be seen and to know that people don’t want to listen to your voice, do some German stuff, and really tune into your colors, because they’re really powerful. And they can help you to really believe more in yourself, you know, picture yourself becoming a brighter star. Picture yourself, you know, being out there, if you weren’t afraid to have what your ego is saying to you, what would you do? What, how many pictures would you put on Instagram? What else would you do with your podcast? How else would you change this, and I think you will be fine. You have some great callers to help you here.


I love everything you said. And it makes me so happy. Oh. I’m making notes of things that you said, you know, and it just, I’ll go back and look at the transcript. Definitely. When you keep talking about ego, it makes me cringe. And part of that is because and some people have heard this part of my story before, but I was married to my high school sweetheart had a kid together, he became a huge drug and alcohol addict. So I spend a lot of time in 12 Step programs working on healing myself. And in all those programs, they talk about releasing the ego and how the ego leads you. And so like I think I’ve taken my ego and done the opposite with it, like flipped it upside down. Because I so cringe about ego. So you saying that I was like, oh, yeah, my ego is telling me to be quiet and be small. And yeah, that’s what it was not saying


our ego is there to protect us, then it goes a little bit further and becomes overly protective. And that’s where you need to be like, Okay, now you’re crossing the line, go back. I mean, yeah, we have. And it’s there to help us and to keep us safe. But then at the same time, it’s a self doubt that you have in the yellow. So it really is about me seeing your ego for what it is, you know, it’s nothing, but a tool that can help you understand when you need to shrink, because maybe you know, you’re surrounded by people that, you know, don’t really want to hear your voice. You know? Yes. For example, right? So for example, I just moved back to to the after 20 years, and I meet a lot of new people because I want to recreate this network, and I have an amazing network online, where everybody does what I see. So there is a beautiful bubble, right? Where I can have conversation about this, like I’m doing with you. And we get excited about all of those topics, and everything is okay. But then when you go out in the real world, you don’t always meet this kind of people. So when I introduce myself, and people ask me, So what do you do? And I explained it to them. I just know when I can go a little bit further and explain properly. What I do. And when instead I’m like, oh, yeah, I just help people feel better. That’s all like it. Yeah, like cup psychologists. Yeah, yeah. Okay. And I don’t need to go any further. Because I know there will be comments, I know there will be skepticism. And I don’t actually need to have a conversation with you about this. So it really is about discerning when you can shine bright and knowing that sometimes it’s okay to, you know, not shine so much. Because the environment you’re in doesn’t allow and it’s better for you just because you don’t want to be annoyed by people or judged by people. But that comes with knowing yourself and not feeling triggered because you’re shrinking or maybe you’re kind of like okay, now let me just not talk much about this topic because I know those people are going to get pissed off and you change the room and you’re there happy shining, talking about whatever, you know, is this kind of moment where you’re like, I know where when I can be fully me and And I know where I can be me with, you know, a black dress on instead of, you know. Great. So, yeah, so your energies will help you to, to move forward. But yeah, just do a little bit work there.


Yes. So that’s a great lead in and I appreciate it so much of your time. Let’s talk about color therapy for just a second because you say do a little bit more work there. And in our full length episode, you talked about how wearing a red dress does the work. And when I talk about chakras, if you need heart opening work, I tell you to eat green veggies. Or if you need to do a little more root work, I tell you to be outside in the dirt, because that’s rooting. So one of the things you also mentioned was the color therapy can be fun when it’s not the really deep heart heavy stuff. But what are ways that you can use color therapy? Like wearing yellow? Eating citrus fruit? Like what do you recommend? Those kind of things? So


I always tell my clients like for example, you now I think you need to really tune into the energy of yellow because you have you have it two ways and in feel into it. What does it feel for you? Do you feel empowered? Do you feel shining bright? Or do you feel like too much it’s you feel too self? What’s the word? I’m looking for lunches? You’re right. conscious. Yes. Thank you.


Thank you for having this conversation in English. Is your native language. I No, no, no, look, I try not to speak Italian, I don’t want to speak Italian i Everything I do is in English. I


don’t I don’t care. Honestly, my business is only in English. So I’m happy. But this is for me, of course, tune into all the other colors because those are yours. But I feel that those those three other colors will make you feel pretty comfortable. I think that for you, it’s literally wearing a yellow dress if you have it, or something dress, eating yellow, and be intentional when you do. So when you when you dress up. Really ask yourself okay, I want to tune into this energy of maybe you know, the star shining bright. And just stay with it was for a moment. How does that feel for you? If you go out with a bright yellow dress? Does that make you feel uncomfortable? Because you feel people are looking at you? Or does that make you feel like hey, oh, yeah, I did nice today. So it really is about fitting into the energy if you eat something yellow? How do you feel so set an intention before you eat to connect to the energy that you want to connect to? You know, but I think that wearing it’s probably the most powerful because it brings up so many things and see how you feel with it? And how does it feel to have yellow around yellow flowers? Just connect to that energy and see where your soul takes you? Does she take you more on the happy side? Or does she take you more on the thinking side and in the form of self doubt. And then I would just journal about it.


I have this so funny. So I did a photoshoot two weeks ago, when I was at a retreat, and the dress I wore was yellow. And when I got dressed and I was in the restroom by myself do my hair I felt great excited. And I didn’t pick a yellow dress intentionally. Honestly, it just it was a cute dress that goodwill and I really liked it and it was $4. So I bought it. But as soon as I came out, and the other girls at the retreat were like, Oh my gosh, she looked great, how wonderful. I got so self conscious, I completely froze up in front of the camera. So I love that you said yellow and address because that’s exactly what I just did. So I’m going to have to lean into that a little bit more. That’s interesting.


Yeah, go back to that experience. Remember how you felt when you felt weird, then we felt uncomfortable. And yeah, just tuned into that. There’s surely going to be more coming through. But I think that’s the best way for you to do it.


Well, I have had so much enlightenment, I loved our full length conversation and I just listened in to you now I’m like, I want to be your friend can we meet?


We can be friends. I’m always looking for new people to connect with. So yes.


And your what you’ve shared with me today about color therapy takes what I feel about the chakras and when I know about the chakras into such a deeper level and I’m really excited to learn more from you. And so I know that my guests are gonna want I mean not You’re my guest and my followers are gonna want to check you out more and and learn more from you so they can check out your podcast. Yeah,


so for the color therapy, the best way, the best place is Instagram because I post pretty much every day. And I do actually post about colors what they mean. And if you feel this way, this is the color. So there is more information about colors, colors there. But then, of course, they can check my podcasts I have, I do my solo episodes. And I also have guests, where they tell their story about how they connected to their intuition, and how they got to do what they do. So there is a lot of stories of tragedies and overcoming obstacles and a lot of beautiful stories that I I wanted this podcast to be with guests the beginning because I wanted to share as many different stories as possible. So that could people could relate and not feel like you’re a weirdo or you’re alone, if you’re going through maybe you know, an awakening or just a a struggle, you know, we will go through different kinds of struggles in different kinds of parts of our lives, and everybody was copes differently. But for me, it was like, see, this person has gone through this major, you know, struggle in their life, they overcame it. And also they managed to change their life. And now they’re doing something that they feel it’s meaningful, it’s joyful, and they’re also helping others. So it’s, it was for me the, that’s how I started it. And now I also do a solo episode where I talk about different kinds of topics. And obviously, I link it linked that with energies, emotional eating, and all that. So into at Queen’s Park because they can check that out. And, and my website, the intuitional queen.com.


Well, I am so grateful for your time today. I’m so grateful for the knowledge you shared with us. And just your experience in your journey. Thanks for sharing it all, because it’s definitely really neat to hear about it and, and to see, as you said, there are other people who are struggling and they’re on the same path as us. They may be farther along or a little farther behind us. But we’re all in this together. And we can grow and do so much more by being together. So thank you again, Mara, so much for


your time. So much grace. It was so much fun being on the podcast. Thank you.


Oh, my gosh, that was so great. I love talking with you. And, you know, as I said, I wanted to give a little validation to things you were saying because it was so spot on. And I’m going to go back and listen to this because I’m sure there will be more stuff that triggers Oh, yeah. Pick up.


Yeah. Now you were in the moment. So yeah, you probably heard half of the things that I said, yeah.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, I’m planning on releasing this episode, October 26. I guess my plan right now. And so I would love to that week, and I’ll touch base with you sooner, you know, when it comes and I’ll send you some graphics, and I’ll tag you on Instagram. But I would love to if we can jump on Instagram and just do a 10 minute live that week. Because as you find that kind of helps promote it and get people aware that that episode. Is there. See


what’s going on that week for me at the moment? I don’t think but yeah, absolutely. Just let me know. And we can organize that. Absolutely. Yeah.


I’ll send you a calendar link to my calendar. Oh, great. Yes. So that you can pick it because I tried to you know, the I’ve released the episodes on Tuesdays. So I tried to do them on Thursdays when the bonus episodes released. But we can do Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, that week, whatever works for your schedule, especially No sweat for us. Yeah, well, that’s great. Yeah, yeah. Well, I really look forward to keeping in touch with you because yeah, so interested. Yeah, so it’ll be


Yeah, Chris. As I said, I absolutely love to connect with people and I connect with so many people one of my now I can call her best friend we never met. She was a guest on my podcast. She’s a numerologist we like each other so much that we talk to each other every two weeks. Nice. So you know, I absolutely love this kind of connection where there’s this instant click Yes. And and Yeah, and so I met so many people like this. So I’m happy to stay in touch and continue those kinds of conversations.


Absolutely. Well and I love you said that because I have two guests from my podcast I’ve done about 40 Pop podcast episode and I have two that we talk every month because one’s in Guatemala and when somewhere else and and we definitely do and it actually it reminded me I’m like okra, I’m known he canceled on a one last time I need to call her. So I love that and that’s what’s fun about the podcast is you make those connections. Yeah.


And you know, and you meet those people that are like minded and you know, they have a good spirit. And I just really love that. And I have a passion for us. And so, so my guests are pretty much from there because I also tried to find people that are there. So and then we’ve become friends come over. Yes, I’m coming over.


Nice. Well, you guys got to play here too. And we actually, Italy is on our list in the next two years. So we’ll stay to each other. Let me


know if you want to come here world. I’ll tell you where to go.


Yeah, absolutely. And by then


you will have my own place. So you need space.


We just needed to or guide and so my point is all the good restaurants and go have a glass of wine with us. You know, that is perfect. I’d be there. Yeah. So much fun. And thank you so much for your time.


Thank you. Thank you so much. This was really a good podcast. I’m looking forward to see when it comes out.


Yeah, absolutely. Well, I’ll be in touch soon.


All right. Thank you. Have a good day.


You too. See you soon.