I still have that. You know, second grade, I probably need to one day do some work on it about trying to read a name or something right off of a list where I panic and misspelled or mispronounced everything. And I’m pretty sure it comes back from second grade reading out loud in class. But oh, yeah, I

remember when we used to make it even do like the popcorn reading and you’re like, oh, gosh, oh, gosh, I don’t mess it up.

Yeah, exactly. Okay, we’ll start over again.

Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of rounding journey, where we’re going to talk all about the Root Chakra, and that is the base where we It all starts with a great conversation to really start digging in. And today I’m joined by my guests, Amanda. She is a holistic healer and new Earth visionary. She is here to assist with the anchoring in the New Earth and unity consciousness. She feels the veil is thin, and the old way simply does not work any longer. Amanda has a passion for supporting people and meeting them where they are in their journey. And that makes you a perfect conversation to talk about the Root Chakra. So welcome, Amanda. I’m so glad you’re here.

I love it. Thank you so much for having me, Chris. I’m so grateful. Honored, happy to be here with you today.

Yeah, well, thank you. And, you know, our first question is always the same. So we know a little bit about the formal version of you tell us who you are, what are your friends know, as Amanda.

So I definitely am very bubbly, and Goofy. And my favorite dance moves the sprinkler. So I love to do. I like to just have a good time with life and just have that balance of you know, going deep and, and really being able to, like, be vulnerable, but also like laugh my way through life. Like I think it’s sometimes like we can get so caught up and doing the work and all these things. And it’s like, no, it’s a good time to. So I would I would say my friends would probably say I’m a balance of the two like I you know, I’m very, I’m all about like what we’re doing here on this planet. And what I’ve come to understand in this moment, which constantly shifts is kind of something I’m here to help bring in. And then also being able to have some fun along the way and and like revel in the little things, even if it’s just like, you know, a food dish, and I’m so excited about it. So I love to just bring excitement to like those seemingly little things that are actually like can be the big things because it can just shift everything in an instant. So

I love that. And I can definitely see that about your personality that you’re very bubbly and cheerful. And when we did our interview call, I just felt so happy after talking to you. And we only talked for a couple minutes. So I think it’s a great to have this route conversation with somebody who’s bubbly and uplifting because the route is our ancestor healing our safety where it all starts. And I know for some people, they start their journey through the chakras at the crown. For me, I’m just a route girl. That’s where I’ve already started it. And so I think it’s fun to have this conversation with you because you do work with healing for ancestral patterns, conditioning imprints and beliefs. But when I asked you what chakra you feel the biggest connection to you said heart. And when asked why do you feel most connected right now? You also said sacral. So it’ll be a neat conversation. And I think it will also be something where we can talk about the fact that it’s not just root, they all blend and intermingle and intertwined together.

Yeah, and I think it’s even like, time of day, right? Because when I wrote that, it’s like, it’s like, okay, I was like, yeah, no, that actually makes sense. Why? Why I would, I would say that and, and one thing I’m even learning about the Root Chakra, that’s so beautiful. It’s like sometimes we get so into like, doing all the spiritual work in ascending, but at the end of the day, we have a physical body, we’re wearing this meatsuit, if you will. And so I’m just really learning the beauty and the availability of us to really ground into our physical body and, and I feel like this is so tied to the root chakra because I feel that when we have these bouts of trauma, or we feel unsafe parts of us, like don’t want to fully be in the body. So we leave the body so to speak in certain situations, and parts of us, you know can be kind of left elsewhere or, you know, they’re just not fully connected to the root chakra, and also kind of adding on our connection to the planet into Earth that we live on is also like grounded into the root chakra in the earth star chakra, which is even below our feet. So it’s this beautiful. Again, I’m all about balance. It’s this beautiful balance of, you know, when we are doing this, you know, spiritual higher dimensional work, and we’re connecting to source and our higher self, and then also connecting to the earth, and being able to experience like all of what we are.

I think that’s such a great point that you brought in. And to kind of take my take on that one of the books that you and I discussed discussing to the bonus episode that we’re not going to talk about is the Untethered Soul. And so to bring something in from that, because I just finished reading that this weekend. And I think you mentioned how we are so focused on enlightenment and ascending and moving up through the crown chakras. And so many books in conversation at this point, talk about well, we’re not our physical self, we’re not our identity, we’re the spirit being we’re the light being. And that’s one of the things he talks about an Untethered Soul. And I think we get so caught up in that, that we forget that our mission on earth this time around, and this body, is to be here to be present to not just be ascending to awakening, there is an element because if that’s all we were supposed to be, we would just be light bodies, we wouldn’t be humans. And so I think that’s a great point that you bring up and in starting the conversation about root, giving other people the permission to not feel awakened and ascended in this conversation to feel, you know, one of the things he talks about is, well, who are you? And somebody? The answer was, I’m a wife, a mother, I’m a this some of that. No, you weren’t. Because in 20 years, that’s not who you were 20 years ago, that’s not what you were. But I take great pride in being a wife, a mother, myself, and a light being. So having that conversation about, it’s okay, that you feel just grounded in your body, and sometimes not, like you’re moving up or becoming awakened.

Yeah, right. Because it’s like, it’s kind of a combination of all of these things. And when we’re disconnected from a part of us in that sense, then it’s going to cause discord in other areas. Like if we don’t have a properly functioning root chakra, then because to me, like the Root Chakra is is a lot around like this, this aspects of safety and presence and stability, and even like provision on like a physical reality. So do you mind if I kind of share a little story about my life, please? Okay, perfect. So I, when I was growing up, my parents got a divorce, I was about six, six years old. And I disconnected from my physical body, in many way, shape, and form, and I just didn’t feel I didn’t feel safe at all, like, I didn’t feel safe to be who I was. Yeah, and it was even to the point where I’ve, you know, as I’ve been kind of peeling back the layers, it, it became, I brought had this awareness to, like, my light is too bright, and it’s not safe to be here. And it’s not safe for me to fully be me. And so there were all kinds of issues, from my nervous system to my breathing, I wasn’t breathing properly, I was just all outside of myself. And it was because it at the time, it was too painful for me to actually be present and to feel the emotions, and to be able to like, because children cannot digest these, like traumatic situations. And a lot of situations that come up. You know, in the younger years, it’s very hard for children to digest these very charged experiences. And so it’s just, you know, some ways are we disconnecting them when it foundationally if we don’t feel safe to be here, and our nervous system isn’t functioning properly, we’re going to be in like that fight, flight or even freeze mode. And so we’re going to continue to kind of experience life in this way. And a lot of times I hear people talk about the nervous system, and they’re, you know, there are a lot of ways to really get the circuitry and really get those, you know, kind of those divine templates, I like to call them back online properly. And one of the most simple ways is just even connecting to God source universe, whatever you want to call it, and really just allowing the energy and frequency of love to come through, because it’s just so much bigger than us. And yeah, and it’s it’s a it’s a way that we can really start to unravel and unwind and reset this system. So we actually feel safe to be human and to be here because that’s foundational.

Well, and I appreciate you sharing when it started and where it started for you because so many of us. Most of us have something in our childhood that threatened our safety. My parents were still married but my dad was diagnosed with cancer when I was in eighth grade and in ninth grade, we didn’t think he was going to live. So mine was a little bit later, but feeling that my dad was going to die, that rocked all levels of safety for me and watching how sick he was. So we all have some level, in our childhood of that safety being shaken, I think part of it is, because then we have to consciously choose to create our own safety, because that’s part of us. And our responsibility. And our experience is to consciously choose that. So share with me a little bit what your journey has looked like, as an adult, to build that safety, to explore the unsafe feelings and release them for you. So that you really worked through that.

It’s been a combination of messy and beautiful, and I wouldn’t change Yeah, I wouldn’t change anything other. But I think that’s another like kind of misconception in the spiritual community that I like to point out is, it’s not always just love in light. Because when we have these, these, and I also want to mention to like this can, because we’ve mentioned ancestry, and even in the womb, this can start in the womb, if you don’t even feel safe in the womb. Like it’s already like, that’s the foundation that’s already starting at that very, you know, it’s like you don’t know what you don’t consciously know. And then it’s the unconscious kind of running the show. So just, yeah, it has been a very humbling journey, because kind of going back to what I mentioned about the like love and light culture, if you will, it’s like we can, and I think it’s very powerful. We are conscious creators, we’re like little human transmitters, magnets, whatever you want to kind of call it. But at the same time, if we have these different identities, the patterns that programming, the imprints and all the things running in the background, it creates this kind of inner battle. Because if we don’t want to see those aspects, it’s like goes back to polarity, we got light and dark, you know, we got the feminine and the masculine, like, there’s just polarity and things. And if we’re so far on the one side where it’s like, you know, I don’t want to choose to see these things that I’m just going to almost be like, love and light only talks to positivity, sometimes it would be referred to, then we’re kind of sidestepping the opportunity to release the density that is in that we’ve held inside our body. And it can really be so simple is just bringing that presence to the here. And now for what showing up. And I’ve noticed, because I’ve gone through my own process for it’s been probably about seven, eight years, since I kind of had my initial awakening. And I’ve noticed in my own process, it’s like, sometimes it’s not even necessarily feeling the emotion and going through the healing, that’s the most challenging part. It’s releasing like that resistance to the ego and the unconscious blocking of us being able to go there. Because when we go there, a part of us, like dissolves and, and I even kind of speak of it as a death. And so sometimes it feels like death. Because the identity or the old belief, or the old structure, or the old way of staying safer, or doing the thing, it’s it’s being like it’s dying, so to speak, it’s not coming with. And so, for me, it’s been a very interesting experience to kind of navigate. And I’ve learned to just come to more of this place of flow and surrender with it. It’s like, okay, what showing up in this moment, and then bringing that awareness back to the physical body. Because the thing is with, when we do that, we allow the space to one, dissolve the attachment to whatever that thing is, and bring that conscious perspective. And even if we don’t know exactly what it is deep down, we do. But it allows us to neutralize that charge. So we don’t have to keep recreating it and taking it with us.

Mm hmm. I think that’s really powerful of the last thing you said is we had to release it, we have to keep bringing it with us. And that’s something from our childhood, our inner child. And then there’s a whole lot from our ancestral stuff that we are also working through, I always make the jokes and I’m doing as much ancestral work as I can. So that Kevin, My son doesn’t have to because he’s got a whole slew of it on his dad’s side. So I’m trying to add as little as possible on my side. And I think this goes hand in hand of the safety for our inner child. And as you mentioned, the womb and the things that we bring in, that we agreed to bring in and to work on in this life. So share a little bit with us about how you kind of work through ancestral healing, what you’ve experienced in that because that for me, even though I’ve had that issue of my safety, it was interesting listening to you. I’m like, you know, I don’t know that I’ve worked through that. I don’t know that I’ve worked through my dad’s illness to create my safety because his illness created so much more for me of being present and not being at work all the time. And, and it taught me a different lesson. But then when I look for me at the root, it really resonates about ancestral patterns. So that’s the neat thing about chakras is there’s multi facets to it. So for people who are listening, who say, Oh, safety is not really my thing, let’s dig into ancestral stuff, and how that works with the root also.

Yeah, I love that. And the first thing I would point out, is one thing that I found very helpful is asking myself when something does come up, Is this mine? Did I create this? Mm hmm. Because it just helps me with a, you know, if there is something there for me to see. It just kind of peels back a whole layer, and I can see it through a different lens. Because I also want to say that I don’t feel because I hear some people say, Oh, well, it’s my job to clear all of this stuff. I truly believe by us healing, and going within ourselves and like, and really acknowledging these things that we’re carrying, offers that to the ancestors and offers it to the children, like you mentioned. But sometimes I hear people like, Oh, I got to do all this digging, and I got like, it’s like they are like carrying this burden. And if you choose to do that, no judgement at all, but I just don’t feel that it’s necessary. And sometimes I don’t feel like these things are actually like, we think they’re helpful. But if we are lowering our vibration and our frequency to go in and to do someone else’s work, like maybe there’s a lesson for them, maybe there’s some sort of responsibility or thing they wanted to learn. And so not only are we like lowering our vibration, but we’re also taking the opportunity from someone else by taking responsibility for something that maybe wasn’t necessarily ours to take responsibility for. So just kind of wanted to mention that.

Well, let’s talk about that for a second before we get into ancestor because that’s a great point of it, the whole process. Like for me, right now, the two words I have written on my computer are harmony and reverence. Because for me the whole thing about the work and as I said, I make the joke about doing that for my son, because biological dad, that’s a whole nother story.

And I truly believe that that is like by you doing the work it offers like that to like all the work we’re doing right now. And you know, for future baby, you know it? Yeah, it helps because it’s we’re raising the frequency of the collective consciousness as well.

Well, and I think it’s having the reverence and the gratitude for the fact that it is our choice to do the work, it is our honor to get to do the work. And, you know, in past episodes, I’ve talked, because all of my ancestral stuff comes from my grandmother, she passed a year and a half ago at 98. And she lingered for a really long time. And when I was talking to one of my good friends, she said, You know, it’s because her soul doesn’t know where to go, it has no next step. And so, through letting her go and healing of that, I saw all the generations of mine in the past, really. And as you said, like I’m choosing to see it, I’m choosing to do the work, because I’ve reverence for it. And I have an honor for it, and extreme gratitude that I was chosen to do the work out of all the generations, but I almost hear them crying out for me to do it, to heal it to give them that peace, and to make sure that it doesn’t continue on. Because there’s other stuff that’s gonna continue on. And so that I’m grateful that you brought up the fact that we don’t have to do the work, that it’s our choice to do the work. And when we lower our vibration by saying, Oh, I’ve got to do this, it defeats the purpose of doing it. So holding that work, for our own selves for our ancestors for our future generations and reverence. That’s the beauty. And to go back to something else you said that doing the healing isn’t all love and light. Like let’s be real, most of the time, the actual work, there is no love and light, it’s down and dirty. It’s like digging in the dirt gardening, your fingernails get dirty, your toes get dirty. But while you’re feeling that cool dirt under your fingers, you’re like, oh my gosh, this feels so good. So I think that reverence is what brings the love and light to doing the work.

I love both of those words. I can feel that, like my whole body feels it. So I appreciate you saying that because it is so true. And I always mentioned it’s like, you know, there are days where I’m like, What did I sign up for? There’s like a meme I saw and it was like, I don’t know if you’ve seen stepbrothers, but like it was like their third eyes were lit up and they’re like, like Lightworkers coming to earth to like, you know, to like mess up the matrix. I don’t remember exactly what it said. But I was just like, it made me chuckle because we got to bring you know, humor to these things sometimes. But yeah, it’s it’s just one of those things where it’s like, what I want to have to experience it all again, all the layers and all the emotional pain and all the tears cried out, not really. But like for where I’m at right now and, and being able to, like feel this sense of peace and freedom and being able to like be in my authenticity and because the thing is, is the way I explained it is like as we do this work, it’s like we’re just releasing, releasing the lies, the distortions, all the things that actually aren’t us the characters that we play, because we play characters all the time. But if the character is not in alignment with our authentic essence, our soul’s essence, that that is part of what will cause discord in all of the bodies, the physical body, the emotional body meant I could go on and on. Because if it’s not in alignment, then it’s like, there. It’s kind of like this, like, well, it’s not fully truth. And then, and then we have these things that that come up as a result of, you know, whether it be like the emotion, something feels a little off, and we just don’t really know why it can be things can be kind of subtle. But I just circle back. Like, it’s like, I wouldn’t have it any other way now,

right? If you could relate. Yeah, I don’t want to do it again. But if I had a choice of not doing it and not being here, or doing it and being here, I would do it to be Yeah,

exactly. I gotcha. Yes. And so yeah, so kind of with, like, the ancestral stuff, it is I do, because it’s like, almost like I see, like, the vision I’m getting is like throwing like a pebble. And it sends out a ripple effect, like by us. And sometimes when I’m doing this work, I’ll just anchor in the intention, like I’m just, you know, acknowledging my ancestors, like my future children, like any of their higher selves that would love to accept this work that I’m doing, rather than it coming from a place of force, allowing, like the divine and God, whatever word again, that you resonates with people to move through me rather than me doing it from this mental human construct. Because I’ve noticed, like I’ve done both I’ve had experiences where I’ve done the work more from like, you know, kind of this mental kind of angle, if you will. And it it feels so different than and more constricted versus when it’s like this, I’m in this place of surrender, and this energy is working through me, because we all are unique expression of God. And it’s like a different energy rather than, rather than trying to control it and trying to force it.

Well, and that’s part of the flow of energy. Because with any of our chakras, when we stop something, when we hold her in us, it stops our energy flow it, you know, if you’re holding her in your heart, then everything comes to your heart up or down and stops, but being open and allow that full energy flow. So doing the work, because we’re forcing, it stops the energy flow, instead of allowing it to actually move through us. And most of the things that I feel I’m working on were either they are old stuff, or the current stuff is being caused by old stuff. So really, breathing into that feeling that so that it can move through you and move out of you. I think it’s really important. It’s easier said than done.

Yeah, and, and, and I love that you pointed out the breath, because I, I come to just really understand how powerful our breath is in helping with these sorts of things. So I had a lot of stuck energy in my hips. And in my like, hamstring area, in my personal Root Chakra. And it was a lot of it was tied to these like identities and characters that I played and not feeling safe. And, like this fear of judgment of like, even showing up as who I am, and, and just not really kind of understanding my place in the world. Like, it’s like I did, but I did it. And so, my, I’ve even as I’ve moved through some of these things, I found it to be a very powerful practice to actually talk to those specific body parts. Like, okay, right hip, like, I’m feeling this, like, what do you have something to say, because our body parts, like if all of us are consciousness, then it carries this consciousness. And if there’s stuck energy there, then sometimes it’s like very helpful to kind of be able to hold space for these different things and then we can move through it. So it’s like, you know, I had a lot of it was just kind of, it was like a combination of like, lots of guilt and shame and just sometimes we don’t even need to know it’s just like, is there anything that you want to share? Is there anything you want to say and even just sending breath and just like placing a hand on it like I you know, I love you I’m sorry. Like, you know, body whenever you’re ready, like you can you can release this, I support you if you aren’t ready, I support you. It’s like developing this relationship with our physical body so that we’re connected to our body rather than disconnected from our body. And again, if you No, we’re, we’re speaking of this groundedness in the earth and just even being here, like having that presence and that consciousness to just simply pause and check in with your body, and to ground into your body and to like, feel into those, like stuck places. Because in the physical body, like if you have pain, it’s it’s trying to get your attention. There’s no, there’s no, like, there’s no, you know, crazy reasons why it’s all tied together.

Mm hmm. Well, and there are books and books and books and books written about that. And, and I like that you talked about your hips and feeling that discomfort, because that’s one of the reasons I always resort to yoga, because, and I’ve talked about it in other episodes where yoga is like therapy for the body, because you don’t suddenly go deep into pigeon pose and open your hip flexors. It takes time, just like therapy takes time to release it. It may be less emotionally painless, to do the work through yoga, versus it may be more physical when you’re doing it work in yoga, but feeling into our bodies and seeing where the tightness is and releasing it because a lot of those are energy blocks.

Yeah, yeah. And it’s even, I’ve learned to just like to welcome the emotions, like if emotion comes up, rather than trying to, because I hear I hear often like, it’s like, oh, we’ll just do something to take your mind off it distract yourself. But it’s almost like we’re doing a disservice to ourselves. Because if it’s showing up in this moment, and it’s what is right here for me right now to acknowledge, then it’s like, how I always go back to how would we in this kind of ties back into everything we’re talking about. If we have like a little child that is going through something painful, I think most of us, if we’re doing this work, you’re you’re aware of a lot of things as far as like consciousness, and you know, if you’re doing chakra work and things, so it would be like if we had a child who was crying, and we were like, oh, sorry, I’m busy, I’ll deal with you tomorrow. Like, right, I can’t be bothered right now by this. Whereas I don’t think that would be the response for most of us. But we tend to treat ourselves this way. Yes, it’s like such a beautiful awareness to start really being mindful about the way that we treat our own inner child, because I’ve learned to have a relationship with my inner child. And to really like it, that part. It’s a part of me. And that’s oftentimes when a lot of these things, get, you know, the programming and all the things we’re speaking of become part of like the density of the body in the early years. And if it was, in the early years, and you and it’s still there, it’s actually in the now it’s not in the earliest, it’s in the now if everything’s happening right now, it’s in the now. Right, we can learn how to have more of this presence and love for our inner child, and allowing that safe space and how we would talk to our own child or like a nephew or niece or just any child who’s in pain and crying and sad. We would hold space in this very loving, compassionate way. Most of us I believe, but it’s, it’s like, we don’t do the same for ourselves, or we get physically sick. And we take two weeks off of work, but we are emotionally sad. And it’s like, suck it up, buttercup, right? It’s like suck it up, like deal with it. And it just doesn’t really make sense. Like we I feel like a shift in, in that in that mindset is treating treating emotions the same as a physical sickness, because most times when you have the physical sicknesses, because we’ve been avoiding the other things, the emotions, it’s all tied.

Well, and I think one of the things to address when you’re talking about an inner child, and we’re talking about safety, and our stability is, if you’re new to this work, if you’re hearing us talk about inner child, or you’re talking about safety, and it feels overwhelming, and it feels scary, that’s okay, but you’re at the beginning. This is a process that takes a lifetime. It’s not something that you just suddenly get because you read one book or you hear one podcast, the amount of books that I have read, and I’m still gleaming new things and experiencing new things. So it as you said, it’s in the here and now. Also know that as you’re healing each step is the here and now for you take it step by step don’t feel overwhelmed that it took me years to even be able to connect with my inner child and meditation the first time. It’s only been since my grandmother got ill, and I’ve been on this journey for 20 years. But it wasn’t the right time for me to work through my inner child because there was other stuff I was working with. And now it is time and so you know everything is brought to us in the here and now when it’s time.

Yeah, I completely agree with With everything you just said, because I’ve had the same experience, and I would even say like, if it does feel scary, just even being putting putting a hand on a heart or just bringing awareness to your breath, and just acknowledging, I feel scared right now this feels really scary. Body, I feel, I feel like this feels scary, because it can feel scary, especially if, if this is something that’s new, and maybe you were taught that it wasn’t safe to feel your emotions, or, you know, it’s not okay to cry, or it’s not okay to acknowledge these things. And it’s, I have found that it is it will show up in perfect timing, because maybe, like it did serve its purpose. And that’s perfect. Like these, you know, when we do put these walls in use these different like things, it’s like, actually our unconscious like doing what it can to protect us because maybe you were, maybe you were in some sort of trauma situation growing up, and it was like, You were surrounded by unconscious adults and, and you did what you had to do to stay safe. And when we transition, and when we get older, we can actually shift that pain to wisdom. We don’t have to keep recreating it. But I completely get it, it can feel very scary. And it can feel, you know, those things that that have been suppressed? It’s like when they want to come up, the body’s like, Well, what do you mean? Like we’ve had this thing the whole the whole time? Like, what are we going to do without this thing?

Right? That became our identity instead. And you said in the very beginning, and I’m gonna butcher it, so I’m just gonna kind of lead into it let you recreate the wording. But when you’re reading books, when you’re hearing things, the one of the questions to ask yourself is, Is this mine? Or is it showing up? I forget how you said it in the very beginning.

Yeah, there’s a couple of things. Yeah, I can point out here. Yes. So if you are, like, even noticing energies in your body, or maybe out of nowhere, you just like, kind of feel sad, like learning how to work with your own intuition. And asking, like, Is this something I created? Is this even mine, because maybe it’s the person down the way and you bumped, you know, cross paths, and like, everything is energy. And so you know, maybe you’re picking up on their emotional stuff that they have going on. And then you can say, Okay, thank you, like, I’m just gonna let go of this and choose not to connect with this anymore. And so it can be so simple as that. Because it’s not something that you need to continue feeling. You don’t have to, you know, continue stuff. And so, it just even learning to work with your own intuition. And to really just trust yourself and trust your body, you know, is it’s a muscle, it’s a process. Mm hmm.

Well, and all of that learning and awareness that starts in your room, then leads to your sacral, where it becomes your identity, and it becomes your individuality. So it’s part of that journey to then move up to the next step. And as I say, chakra work is not a one and done, oh, I worked through my route. Now I’m up, you know, through, you circle back, you started the crown, and you come back to the root, or you go back down through the third eye. But there is definitely that connection between the root and the crown, your safety, your awakening your enlightenment.

Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s it. It can be such a beautiful process when we’re not trying to force it. Because like you mentioned, it’s like, what’s showing up today? And, and I’ve learned to, it’s like, I hear a lot of times, and I’ve used this term before as well, but people are like, Oh, the core wounds and oh, you know, I got to do the work and all these things. But it’s like, well, can we just be present for what showing up? Like, do we have to, like try to, because I think if we’re going at it with with a, I’m broken, I need to be fixed, then it’s like, we’re digging for stuff. And, and then we can fall into the trap of, oh, I got to do all this healing work, I’m broken, which is simply not true. You’re not working, you don’t need to be fixed. It’s these layers. And sometimes for me, like, I had a lot of wounding around being unworthy and abandonment, and it continued to show up in my dating relationships. And it was like another layer every time it showed up. And instead of looking at it as Oh, this darn abandonment wound like is here again, it’s like, well, I’ve actually had the opportunity to go deeper on what I’m ready for now. And maybe it would have been too much for my body and my system where it was at to handle. And so I love what you said about you know, it just it’ll show up when it’s time for you know, the acknowledgement, the releasing, and the letting go of the thing that you’re being called and guided to let go

of when it really is that allowing, allowing the flow of energy and allowing the flow of things being presented to you. Because we try to you know, this goes back to trying to get the work done. We try to make all these deadlines at work, because that’s our mindset. We’ve got to get this ready presentation. We’ve got to do for that client. And so we take that into our own personal work of push, push, instead of stepping sideways. And one of the things that I’ve started doing, because I’ve noticed after working with clients all day, that as soon as I turn off my computer, I’m ready to hit the couch, I want a glass of wine, you know, I was so checked out. But I start my morning each morning, lighting a candle on my desk, smudging myself from anything that no longer serves me from the day before. But I was never calling my energy back at the end of the day, so that I could be present with my family, and myself. And I’ve started doing that. And I’m only like 10 days, and maybe seven of those 10 days remember to do it. But it is made such a huge difference. In not pushing anymore, like getting out of that work mode so that I allow the flow of energy and presence in my house and my family. And I don’t know how that has to do with root work. But it was something I felt present and needed to be said at this moment. So, you know, calling that energy of yourself back to yourself, I think is really part of

part of it. Yeah, yeah. And I love that because I think it does speak to presidents what we’ve been talking about. Because if, you know, we’re having this conversation, but yeah, I’m like, you know, elsewhere on my phone, it’s like, I can’t fully be here for what wants to come through us. Because I learned to look at it as like, it’s like, it’s when we’re in like kind of human 3d mode. It’s like the human avatar, like the mind doing the thing, the ego, the unconscious. But when we’re in this place of more surrender, and presence and expansion, it’s like, the thing that wants to like, come through us, it’s so different. It feels so different than when we’re trying to force it. And I think that, you know, we get into because this kind of speaks to even like the societal conditioning and programming that’s very prevalent on this planet is like the you got to be busy. If you’re not doing something right, then you’re not you’re not cutting it right. And we hear that word busy. But to me busy. I’ve it just feels feels very low vibrational to me. Because it’s like, well, if I have a list of 10 things I need to do. And I’m like being called to actually pause and breathe. And I’m like, No, I got to do these things. Well, maybe there was something that something beautiful that wanted to come through for me, that would have saved me the fact of maybe even having to do five of those things. Maybe there was like something, some guidance or wisdom. And if I had just taken a moment to pause and really ground into my body, and bring my awareness into this moment that I’m not in other places.

Mm hmm. Well, and I find that when I have those moments of that list, I just write it all down, and then put it on my desk. And that clears my mind. To see what direction I was actually thinking about it. This past week, my son just got diagnosed with COVID. So our house is he’s 21 Our house is isolating, you know, keep it keep it away from everybody, which isn’t super hard right now. But looking at that of okay, that’s a pause, it’s time for me to take a break and step back because I was ready to push through all this stuff and get things done. And instead now I’m okay, this is a void. This is a pause. This is the universe telling me slow down. Look at what it is for you next, don’t just think you know what’s next.

Yeah, I’m learning how beautiful the pauses are and how tied they are to our ability to actually receive and to be again grounded in this like presence like we’re talking about, because I do feel like this is still applicable to the root because we’re more grounded in our body, like and we’re grounded in in our breath. Like, it’s it all. It’s also tied to our ability to pause and our ability to receive in our ability to listen because that’s a way that we receive. And it is less of us again in this like very cyclical, like hamster wheel type energy to wear. Like, it’s like that has all been ingrained in us since birth before birth. It’s been the way we’ve done stuff on this planet for 1000s of years. And I feel that there are many of us now that are like, Hmm, that doesn’t really feel good, like anymore, and we don’t really subscribe to that. I just don’t. I went through that when I left law enforcement. I was in a career in law enforcement for six years and I just there was just something about it. This just didn’t sit with me anymore. And so when I left it was like if I got done early for the day, I felt all this like guilt about like, but like I was done with what I needed to do. And so it’s just very interesting how these things like the conditioning translates into how we move about day but in these pauses, we can actually acknowledge these things which takes the charge and how it is like, you know, like sucking the life out of us. It’s like, once it’s conscious, you can’t like unknow. What you know? Well,

and I think one of the things that I took from what he said is, you know, I like to call the sacred pause, or the void, because the void to me is just the darkness, it’s the quiet, the sacred pause is that moment where we have reverence for the pause. Reverence is obviously my favorite word. I don’t know where I heard it, but it’s been my favorite word for two weeks. But finding that sacred pause is available to us when we are grounded when our root is clear when we feel safe, because otherwise, we can’t take that sacred pause, we can’t be comfortable in the void if we don’t feel safe, because there’s that whole unknown for us. And for me recently, my listeners all know that I’ve just launched this product line on Etsy, and I’ve spent two years working on it, but basically non stop for the last six weeks. And I was completely comfortable with not knowing where our income was coming from not knowing where our business was going to be not knowing what our income was going to be. But I realized the other day, both my husband and son had plans last weekend, and I can’t when are you going, what are you coming back? What are you doing, and so I needed to know those definites. And because that’s where I was putting my unknown and my safety was because I was okay, feeling unknown, unsafe here, because I can find it somewhere else. So really leaning into, you know, I spent the weekend with surrounded by crystals and doing yoga and feeling that groundedness planted seeds for the spring garden. Because being comfortable in that sacred pause, and in that void, and the unknown comes from that clear root.

Yeah, and I think we’re coming here, like, we’re seeing it in the collective stage. And then we’re seeing it as like it on an individual level. Because it’s this opportunity for us to identify all the ways in which we have not been true to ourselves. Because this is what I’ve learned, it just always all circled that circles back to it’s like, you know, intuitively what’s best for you, even if it feels clouded by the chatter of the mind. Like and when we can give our power away in the most subtle of ways. But, and I think there’s something to be said absolutely, about guidance and assistance and all these things. But I always like to, like bring people back to what do you think, what do you feel what’s coming up for you, because I can say all the things all day long, but when someone is coming to that clarity, and those acknowledgments on their own, it’s just so powerful. And I think that it’s just so important for people to acknowledge anyways, any ways in which they’re feeling depleted, or anything that’s like a nine out of 10, six out of 10 versus their highest attended, attended feels expensive, because these are all ways that are kind of can be sneaky ways that we stay stuck. If we’re saying yes, when or Yes, is really a no, because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings. And it’s like, well, we’re doing it to the detriment of ourselves. And then we’re still reinforcing all these patterns and programmings of you know, maybe it’s people pleasing, or, you know, we just want to, like, don’t want to fully express ourselves, because we’re afraid of what people would think. And again, like, kind of circling back to some of the ancestral stuff, like these can, these can be these templates that get passed down, I had a lot on my mom’s side of the family a lot, there was like a lot of poverty, energy. Because if you think about it, like, let’s say you had a great grandfather, someone in your lineage that went through the Great Depression, and it was so profound in their field, in their cellular memory, like it these things the way that I think of like the the human being, like how programmable we are, it’s also like extremely powerful, because we can, once we learn it, we could actually, like be like, Okay, I’m going to download this, I’m going to program this, but when we have like these, it’s when someone has, like, such a profound experience to where it’s almost like, it’s like the identity, it’s like the way that they run their life and it’s around, like, I’m using the poverty scarcity example. Then when they have children, it’s like, not only is that getting passed down in the environment, but it’s also encoded in the cells and in the DNA and in the memory, and all the the physical body. And so, if you’re born into that, and like let’s say, this is just running in the background, it’s like all you know, even and you have this in, like in the lineage, and it’s like, because you know, all the money stuff that’s also routed to safety, security, because it’s how we’re able to, to purchase things and survive, so to speak on this planet in that way. But when when that gets It’s passed down, and it’s running as like an energetic software program, you might be like, I don’t like, understand why I keep manifesting this or why, you know, like, my money goes out fast, and then it comes in, or I’m in a lot of debt or whatever it might be. But, you know, there can be so many different things that are that are tied to it. And it can go back to the, like, things that were passed on in the ancestors, and then it gets reinforced by, you know, maybe spending habits in the family, or oh, sorry, we don’t have the money for that. That was something I heard a lot growing up was, Oh, we don’t have the money. We don’t have the money. And it’s like, well, if you continue to ingrain, that in an anchor that in it’s like, well, yeah, that’s, that’s your reality. That’s the truth. That’s the lens you’re, you’re you’re living from. And we can change these things pretty easily. And it’s, it’s sometimes it takes a little bit to uncover what it is. And one thing that’s also important is, I found that almost, it’s like this conscious creation piece of actually getting the body in the mind in the whole being into the frequency of what it is you choose to experience it I always say this, there’s something greater like allowing the space for maybe what I don’t know that I want, because the mind and the body doesn’t know the difference between what’s happening in the physical reality versus when we go into this creation mode or meditation. And we’re feeling it. Dr. Joe Dispenza has a lot of his work is around this stuff. Yeah. So it’s just so it’s so powerful, because we have the ability to really navigate this in a way that it’s like, okay, this doesn’t feel good, this doesn’t feel good. And we can acknowledge these things into something else. And it’s learning how to work with that.

It absolutely is. And I, I hope that one of the things people will take away from this conversation is that it’s not just to cut and dry, there’s so many levels, there’s, you know, and to use the overused onion layers of there’s no true though. I mean, I hate using that. But it’s Yeah, so profound. There’s definitely all those layers, or maybe we could talk about a lotus flower because they slowly open and bloom and there’s all the layers of a flower or something. But it is, there’s layers to the work, there’s layers to each chakra, there’s layers to every story, we’re telling ourselves, there’s so much to get to dig into. And the cool thing is, you don’t have to dig into it all at once, you can work on your root for a little bit, and then move up to your sacral because that’s the next level of individuality. And then go through and come back to root and find another layer and another level of it. And that’s part of the beauty of this journey is that we get to keep cycling through and and we have the honor of being able to do the work and to continue the work.

And what I found to like when I’m been in meditation and just in surrender, and just allowing what God the divine has in store, this was I think to a couple of weeks ago, Mike I just like I was in like that oneness energy, and the my crown, I could feel like this massive activation, I massive releases, like it was like, I didn’t even have to do anything because I was in such a place of surrender, that it was doing it for me. And so it’s kind of a cool thing, when we really begin to understand, like, what works for us in our own process. And, you know, maybe you take four things out of this conversation that resonate. And, and, and, you know, that work for you. And I feel like that’s important too. Because it’s, it’s using like, it’s like a little piece of the puzzle, right? It’s a little piece of your puzzle. And but yeah, just the illustration, it’s like sometimes it’s like, yeah, we’ll do the conscious work. And then sometimes just being in surrender, being willing to, you know, allow whatever it is that life wants to show you. And that might be showing up like in, in your physical reality in the form of people showing up that are triggering some sort of thing and you’re, you’re feeling it inside your body and you’re you’re feeling like this, you know, you want to react maybe or it feels like a pattern or very uncomfortable or emotionally charged. I’ve come to look at these like characters or people that show up as like, it’s a gift. Like I’ve reframed in sometimes even though it doesn’t always feel that way. Because sometimes I’m like, Oh my gosh, this person like is really showing up in this way I can but like when I when I get past like kind of the ego side of it, and and I’m willing to like see, okay, what what is the gift here for me? Is there a lesson it might just be to, to just let it go and be neutral. But it also might be something deeper that it’s reflecting To me that is maybe sometimes when we do get triggered it’s like an aspect of ourselves or something that’s inside of us and it’s not a judgement but it’s just, you know, it’s an opportunity to choose to see to see you can really We sit and not be continuing in that way anymore. Because we’re not like, we don’t have to be victims. And we don’t have to, like have life happen to us or come at us, like we really do have the ability to consciously manifest and create with God. And it’s just, it’s a beautiful thing.

It really is. And I think that’s one of the things you mentioned about tying back to the taking a moment and saying, Is this for me? Is this showing up for me? Also, when somebody is triggering you looking? Are they showing up to teach me something? Or are they showing up to reflect a characteristic of my own that I want to change? And I’ll tell you what, my husband will be my mirror every day. And it’s taken years, for me to realize he’s not actually irritating me. He’s showing me something. And it’s normally something for myself, that I would never acknowledge, but it will drive me crazy about him. And it’s only been in the last few months, maybe not even a full year that I’ve been able to stop getting irritated with him. And okay, what is it about me that that’s triggering? So that’s another aspect of it is using that mirror to see is it a character defect of my own that I want to work on?

Yeah, and it’s so much more empowering to when we, when we look at it from this lens, because I from the beginning, when I started kind of, you know, diving into all this stuff, I heard of the term Mir and I didn’t fully understand it. But once I once I got, like, once I understood it, it was so profound, and it it cellularly hit to where I’m like, Okay, wow, this is this is this makes a lot of sense. And if it’s showing up again, to you know, give that opportunity, and for me to continue to grow and evolve and expand, it doesn’t have to be something that’s like coming at me or whatever, whatever is showing up, if it’s eliciting some type of negative response in my body, then I have the power to choose to how I want to show up for that I can react or I can I can pause and I can I can kind of like take a step back for a minute. And that’s been really helpful for me. Because in the past, it’s like, kind of want to respond and say your piece. It doesn’t really necessarily help the situation. If both parties are showing up in their unconscious, then it’s just a battle of the egos. So what does that it doesn’t really do anything?

Well, and that’s the again, I’ll keep bringing it back to root of feeling safe enough, in your own self, to then look at yourself and to look at the situation to know, why is it showing up for me, and that’s part of the work is getting to that place. And I don’t know about you, I’ve been doing this work for 20 years on myself, and I’m still not there most of the time. But those times that I am there. I like want to break my arm trying to pat myself on the back. Because I’m so proud that that one time I got it that that one time I didn’t react. I looked at it. And that, that tells me that all of this has been worth it because I’m getting there. Yeah.

And I love that reminder too, because sometimes we’re so hard on ourselves with this work. But if we take a look back for me, it’s been like seven, eight years since I started really diving into this stuff. If we take a look back at where we were when we started our journey, right? It’s like wow, like how much we’ve like, grown and chosen to dive into these painful places. And also, like experience these expensive places. And it’s just very special to have that the willingness I always say like, I’m so willing to see the truth, I choose to see the truth. And it’s, it’s continued to show me things that I’m like, okay, maybe I don’t want to feel that or see that. But it’s like, okay, see, this is because I’ve, I’ve chosen that and I’ve said it, it keeps showing up. And I just feel like this journey is just this journey back home to ourselves. It’s all the ways where, you know, we’ve subscribed to the things that aren’t for us are not in alignment or don’t feel good. And it’s this coming home to the innate pitiful truth and essence of who you are as a soul and what you want to experience and what you chose to experience in this lifetime. And it’s not, it doesn’t I think it gets to a point where it doesn’t have to be so painful and we don’t have to continue to choose to learn through all this pain and all this trauma and all these things that show up and it continues to get I do feel it continues to get easier because you are able to identify these things and you’re like, Okay, I feel this coming up, and it’s it’s conscious versus unconscious, being able to move through it in that way.

Absolutely. And it’s, uh, oh, it only took me two days of being irritated at my husband instead of the normal seven days. So you got to give yourself every win along the way.

Yeah, for sure. Absolutely. Well, Amanda,

thank you so much for being here with this conversation. I know, we had the conversation about root, but there was so much more and so much added to the conversation that I really appreciate you sharing your vulnerability, sharing your thoughts and sharing the conversation. I know my followers are gonna want to find you. Where are you hanging out these days? What’s the best place for people to connect with you?

Well, first off, thank you so much for having me. It’s been a pleasure, love conversations like this. And just so grateful. So thank you. And I do have an Instagram account. It’s just my name. My website also is my name. So those are, I would say the main places to find me as far as Yeah, if you want to kind of see where I’m at, and what I’m up to, and all that good stuff.

Great. Well, and we’ll have the links to everything on our Instagram. I mean, excuse me on our grinding Journey podcast blog about it. So anybody who wants to check you out, can find you at grounding journey.com Click on the podcast and then under that blog, we’ll have links to everything for you. And we’re going to have our bonus episode where we’re going to talk about the gene keys by Richard Rudd. I have not read that. But it sounds really interesting from what you shared with me. So I’m looking forward to the bonus episode with you.

Yeah, me too. It’s been absolutely game changing. So I’m excited.

Thank you again, so much for being here. And I appreciate your time.

Yeah, thank you so much.

It’s funny every time I’m like, Oh, this will be a short episode, honey out. I’ll be ready for lunch. Soon. It goes, you know, we just chatted for 56 minutes.

That was what as far as like, root chakra, I was trying to make sure we can root chakra stuff so

well, and it felt like there was enough to the conversation, there was enough to make people ponder and to think and, and that’s the thing is really just giving the conversation that overall for people who are new, and people who are in the journey of Oh, that makes sense. I can connect with on every level. And I feel like the conversation really did that it would engage everybody wherever they are in their journey. Yeah, so yeah, I loved it. Okay, so let’s talk about the gene keys. I’m just gonna pause for a minute to give it a place to start. Cool. Hi, and welcome back to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey. I sounded kinda like a circus leader. I’m excited. Like bonus. Episode,

extra. Yes.

So Amanda’s here with me, we had a great conversation about the root chakra. It went all over the place all about Safety Mirrors, coming home to yourself. So if you haven’t listened to that episode, make sure you go back because that’s the episode before this one. But now Amanda, we are going to talk about the gene keys embracing your higher purpose by Richard Rudd. Now, I have not read the book. So tell me what your favorite thing about the book What drew you to list, this is one of your top three spiritual books.

So the jinkies is I’m still in the process of Richard read calls it contemplation. So it’s like a mixture of kind of this analytical piece and meditation, if you will, and the jinkies. So there are a variety of books with the gene keys, and you would actually have your own profile. And so the you would put all your information like it’s not it’s not astrology, but it is takes into account where the planets were at your time of birth, your date of birth and where you were born. And so it’ll produce a profile. And I think I mentioned before, it’s been absolutely game changing in my life. So it’ll produce a profile, and it has 11 spheres, if you will. So there’s like an area of like your life’s purpose and your genius, an area around love, and then an area around prosperity. And so these are all specific to your own DNA and your own genes. And it’s just so cool and so powerful. Because it helps you it’s kind of just like the way the metaphor I’ve been shared. It’s like getting like a compass put in your hand, because you can really like take what resonates and leave the rest and I suggest doing that with everything but it’s just As I’ve navigated my own, because it’ll give, it’ll give you information. And basically there is different spheres for the different areas of your life. So like, I’ll use an example of like the life’s work sphere, you’ll have a there’s like a shadow aspect, a gift aspect, and then a city. So, the, for my, for my life’s work, it was all around this gift energy of it of anticipation. And I kept feeling in this past year very stuck in my business, I was in a place to where I had hired a business coach and all the things that this person was suggesting that I implement and integrate into my business. It’s kind of like all the things that you’re told to do like the the marketing, and there’s only two spots available and act now, it like did not resonate with my system at all, like my body would kind of like it would constrict. And I didn’t fully understand why. And this helped me understand why because like this gift of anticipation is all about around bringing in new paradigms and new way of doing things the way that we’re anchoring in this kind of New Earth, as I like to call it. So it really just reinforced what I already knew, and allowed me to see it in a different perspective. And there are there’s actually, so there’s the main book, it contains the 64. They’re like archetypes, so to speak. And it contains the 64 archetypes. And Richard read channeled this compilation of archetypes. And so it’s not something where, like, there’s no hierarchy involved in any of this. So it’s not like something where there’s some authority figure teaching you how it’s all around your own process. There are different like kind of structures, or mechanisms in place to help you navigate it. But there’s no set way on navigating it. So this, this book has all of the information on the 64 different gene keys, archetypes that are available, and that you could potentially have in your chart. So you have 11. And like some of mine, I have two of the same ones for one of my my love section. But this just circling back to this experience has really allowed me to see this beautiful perspective and why things were not working in my business because it wasn’t, it just wasn’t resonating at a cellular level. And then if this is all tied to our DNA, it just allows us to open up these, these pieces of us kind of bit by bit as we’re ready. And it just offers this beautiful level of expansion. So that’s kind of like in a very condensed version of how I would kind of preliminarily illustrate that.

So what what I’m hearing and please help me understand, I love to meditate. And some of the meditations I do are very spiritual, very, what my husband would consider out there were, you know, farther out than his spectrum allows at the moment. But we started doing Dr. Joe Dispenza meditations because he brings a lot of that science into it. So my husband’s been able to latch to the intellectual science side of meditation. And now he meditates every morning to one of Joe Dispenza is because he’s able to set his intention and kind of clear stuff. And so it makes it accessible to him. And so to me, what I’m hearing is, there’s lots of things like astrology, human design, some of these other modalities that help you decode who you are. But for some people, it may feel a little farther out there. So it sounds like this may bring the science to it like Dr. Joe does, to something that maybe you weren’t able to connect with. So it gives you another place to resonate. Am I understanding that correctly? Just because I haven’t read it? Yeah, for

me, I would say that it does. And I think it’s like all a personal experience and what resonates because for some people like they may I kind of feel like I’ve heard people say this, like the gene keys find you when you’re ready for when it’s something that can really be helpful to you, as I’ve noticed with a lot of different things, you know, different books or teachers or even things just I’m getting information on. So I think that it could be both and I think that it’s something to where there is definitely a scientific component because it’s all tied to the to the DNA. And it really is it does go back to it’s like this personal process. And there are different things that are suggested as far as you know, if you’re working through for me, it’s like I will have been kind of reading through a different like the gene key chapters and reflecting on a gene key and then I go into meditation. And I’ll just get like these downloads and receive information on it. And so there’s both components because there’s a component of like reading through it. And this this book, like the frequency of this book, like is absolutely insane. Like, it’s just, it’s like such a high vibrational channeled work of, because if words, words carry frequency, if everything is frequency vibration, it’s just because sometimes I think when we get into these higher levels of consciousness, like our human mind can’t fully understand what we’re reading, but it’s like, it is a download for ourselves in our body. And so it’s something that can’t be forced, like, this is a process and a practice that if someone goes into this whole thing, trying to like force it and decode their genes and analyze it, like it’s gonna be really not probably not gonna be very easy, easy for you.

Yeah, well, it sounds like it definitely gives, as you said, it shows up when people are ready for it, it gives you that other avenue. If other things haven’t resonated, this may be the one that resonates. And that’s what’s so beautiful about all these different modalities is we get them all because we don’t all wear the same shoes. We don’t all like the same style tank tops. So what resonates for you may not resonate for somebody else. And this sounds like another great avenue for people to explore if they haven’t found what resonates for them yet.

Yeah, and I love that you point that out, because it just, it is so true that one modality might work for me one might not like I’m it’s perfect, like it’s perfect. It’s whatever works for someone else might not work for me, maybe a book finds its way to you. And you know, I would have no desire to read that. It’s like, I often feel like what is kind of for our next level of growth and expansion does find us when it when the time is right, and it does show up. And then we can choose if we if we want to participate or not. But it’s just it just very cool to have, you know, these little extra tidbits that that are like, Oh, wow, okay, I get that. Like, that makes complete sense. And I feel that, and it just allows us to go a little deeper into understanding ourselves at a deeper level.

I love it. And that’s something we’re all looking for is just a little more understanding, a little more guidance along the way to give us that connection to ourselves. And so it sounds like this definitely helped you.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, it definitely does. And there’s like, there are some meditations and things like there are there’s an audio book, there’s like the regular book and then there’s all the different sequences so like I mentioned the all around like the life’s work, the the love, and, and the prosperity like kind of money type stuff.

I love it. Well, thank you so much for introducing us to a book I’ve never even heard of I will add it to my wish list. Last I checked, I think my wish list has 48 books in it. Not to mention the 15 on the bookshelf I haven’t read, because I bet you know, just keep adding. So thank you again. I mean, there’s so much for your time.

Thank you for the beautiful conversation about RWD I encourage people to check that out if they haven’t. And Amanda will put all the links to your Instagram and your website. That’s your name on granting journey. podcast.com. And then people are gonna want to find you. And so thank you again, so much, Amanda, for being here and being a part of the conversation.

Well, thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. Appreciate it.

Okay, thank you. That was fun. I am interested in the book. I’ve got it pulled up on Amazon so I can add it to my I’d love to use thrift books. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of them. But they’re used book spot. Oh, cool. Yeah, that’s really good. And so that’s where I can keep a wish list. And whenever it comes up at a certain price or under you know on sale, then I can buy it. So excellently add it to my wish list. Now,

I love it. That’s so many books, you have 48 books on your wish list.

Yes. And we already have, yeah, we have an amazing use bookstore in the next town over. And so that’s my husband and I is like once a month date night as we go over there. And I print out my wish list. And then we go through the use bookstore, trying to find everything that I want to see if there’s anything there. And sometimes we do really well and get it for two or $3. And, you know, there’s other books that have just been on my list for a long time.

Oh, that’s so fun. So awesome. Yeah, absolutely.

Well, I really do appreciate your time today. This is gonna air next week, you know, we had a quick turnaround on it. So I’ll once I get, as I mentioned, my son is COVID now and he’s my producer, so it’s probably going to be Friday or Monday before I get the graphics and everything to be able to send you but I’m going to send you an email. If you have time. Next week, Wednesday, Thursday, I would love for us to do an Instagram Live to kind of it’s like a 510 15 minute conversation, whatever fits where we just kind of revisit the podcast, anything that we didn’t talk about, but it’s really a great way to get my followers to see you to get your followers to hear about the podcast, that kind of thing. So I would love to do that if you are good with that. Okay, yeah, I’ll send you. I’ll go on and send you the link today so that you can get that on your schedule. And then probably Friday or Monday more realistic, more realistic Monday, I’ll get all the graphics to you. And I’ll start posting about it and tagging you in it. And Instagram.

Cool. Yeah. And

what did you say you were thinking for that? Um, next Wednesday or Thursday.

Okay, yeah,

if that works for you, Thursday, I’m wide open Wednesday, it’s a little more tight with my schedule. But since we’re a couple hours off, it may make it easier for you. But I’ll send you just the Calendly link when we get done and you can check the schedule and see what works for you. Okay, perfect. Awesome. Well, thank you for being a lifesaver. This conversation was so much better than when I was gonna launch. So I’m so grateful that your assistant reached out and it was perfect divine timing that we connected. So

I love it. I’m glad it fit what you were looking for. Yeah, it really did. I’m so grateful. So awesome. Thank you, Chris. Appreciate it. Absolutely. We’ll see you soon. Bye. Bye.