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Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey. We are talking all about the solar plexus chakra today. And I am excited to talk about this, which is what I say about every one of them. But this is definitely one that as I’ve been launching grounding journey and the SE products has been a challenge for me. So dreena My guest here with me today is a wife, mother to two adult children. She’s a passionate essential oil educator and certified yoga practitioner. So like my mirror image, her, except I only have one kid. So I’ll take that back. Her passion is helping others find balance through all seasons of life. So dreena I’m so excited to have you here. Thank you so much for being with me today.

Thank you for having me, Chris. I’m excited to be here to and have this conversation with you.

Yeah, and so you feel very drawn to and inspired by the solar plexus. And I’m excited to chat about that. But before we get started, let’s talk a little bit more about who you are, who do your friends know you as in your journey in life?

Well, because I’m practicing that third chakra and stepping into my personal power, I really just want to say I am briefly that feels very awkward. But it just feels powerful to me some practicing that, and I’m a daughter of Christ. And yes, I’m a wife and a mother to two. But I’m I’m a real woman just like the rest of us. I have sensitivities and struggles just like everybody else. I love nature. I love anything that is empowering with the body and the mind. So all the holistic solutions I enjoy reading. However, I’m more of a self help junkie. So I can’t help myself, I want to learn more about like, How can I help myself? How can I help others and be a better person. I love the simple things in life like food, good nutrition. I love music and dancing and all kinds of music. And I love hikes. My husband and I are doing national park hikes every year, which has been fantastic. And I love chocolate and coffee. I really just a real normal person.

I love that. And it is you are just a normal person like we all are. And so we’ve all had our own challenges and our own struggles through life, and finding your spirituality. And I for the point of this because I love that you said you’re a daughter of Christ, because that’s one of the things I want to talk about with you is there’s faith and their spirituality. And I don’t know If faith is the right word we want to use. Because I don’t want to use religion. You know, I don’t want to say that you’re religious. But I want to differentiate those two, because I know that that is something that so many people on the journey of self help and spirituality come up against that friction, that struggle of how do I believe in my faith and the Bible and God and believe in spirituality and chakras and energy work and meditation. So I would love to hear you share just a little bit about that journey for you. And then we’ll really dig into the solar plexus. But I think that will really help people relate that are on the fence. Yes, I’m

glad you brought that up, Chris, because it’s honestly it’s something I’m still working through being a believer, not everybody’s going to believe in yoga and chakras and all those things and meditation. But that is also where that third chakra comes into play and your personal power. And, you know, look, I look at it as this is a good practice and just stepping into who I am. And if I have the spirit in me, which I do, and I feel led very strongly to teach yoga to help people, I’ll say people, not just women, because I believe that men and teens and young adults can do yoga too. With all of those different modalities to help draw closer, I feel that it draws me closer to God in my relationship and my faith. It helps me to see myself more as how I was created and who he made me to be. And so I would just encourage people who are quick to say, Oh, that is for lack of better terms wrong or not right? I would say hold on, tap into where you’re receiving that information. If it’s a book or whatever, just research, do your own homework, because that’s how I was honestly when it came to the chakras at first Chris, I was like, Oh, wait, I don’t know. Like, you know, I have I have a faith like I don’t know if that’s like, I was like witchcraft stuff and all the things and it was only because I didn’t know First of all, what is it? Where did it come from? How does it work? And so, and I wasn’t allowing myself to really follow my passions and my heart and my dreams. And if I am a believer, and I have Christ in me, where are those ideas and passions coming from? So I know it was called to teach about Wales. I know without a doubt, I was called to teach yoga because I’m not a young teacher. And I was also called in lead to learning more about the chakras, and I am no expert by any means. I am just learning, I feel like the journey is just beginning for me. But I love where I’m at, and I embrace where I’m at. And I’m going to continue to learn and share. So I just encourage your listeners to have a little bit of an open mind not to drop what is important to you, or take away from anybody’s morals and values. Just check in Where where are those thoughts are coming from first and foremost? So

I think that’s a great answer to just be up in mind and and check in, check in is it? Are you being influenced by outside sources? Are you feeling it in your body, and my favorite word is research, read,


explore. And I know that my spiritual journey because I was raised Catholic, my dad was a Jesuit. So you know, he was in the Brotherhood, when he left the Brotherhood to become a volunteer firefighter and marry my mom 10 years younger. So we have kind of an interesting story, but he still raised me Catholic, and then encouraged me and middle school to explore my own faith, to decide what that looks like, for me. And I have read so many books, and, and it’s all, you know, not the book, but so many books are, are people’s opinions. So it’s kind of like one of the things I learned in 12 step, take what you like and leave the rest. And use that so that you are taking what resonates for you being open minded to the fact that other people have things that resonate to them, and then leave the rest. And so I love that you say Be open minded and research? Yeah,

that’s a good question.

Well, let’s dig into your growth. And so have you kind of worked through learning about all the chakras? Are you new to that journey, so that you’re really focusing on solar plexus right now, tell me what it’s looked like a little bit for

you. Um, so in my yoga teacher training, we did talk about all of them, some more than others. So I do have a little bit of an understanding of the basics of them, I would say, and, and I do know where to go to dive in a little bit deeper. And so I, I guess, to say, yes, a basic knowledge of all of them. But I, I do feel very strongly about the solar plexus, just because that’s been the one that probably has had the most blocks, if you will, at any given point in time. And, and I look at the chakras also, like our hormones, which are, they’re not always in balance, and they fluctuate, and the chakras are the same way we go through different things in life and stages. And, you know, sometimes we have one blocked here or there. But for me, the third one being the Solar Plexus has, I can definitely tell that’s where I will tend to get more blocks than any. So I swear, I’m passionate about that one.

Well, and we’ll talk you know, I’m kind of introduced it before we started our podcast. But the solar plexus is about stepping into your power, feeling the fire in your belly, it’s moving from the sacral of starting to become an individual into the full I am an individual and developing your willpower. And that’s where passion becomes fire and ourselves. And so for me right now, the solar plexus is really about that passion and that fire within, because I’ve got willpower down like I can not eat the cake that’s in the house, I can get the job done. So that wasn’t necessarily for me. But for me, it was more that keeping the fire in my belly and letting my light shine. Because that’s also part of the solar plexus is really being comfortable to let your light shine. So that’s what it’s been for me with grounding journey and the podcast and stepping out to be seen. So talk to me. I know you had mentioned yours was more about moving from not enough in comparison into one of self love and living your purpose. Let’s talk a little bit more about what that’s looked like for you. How long have you been a yoga teacher?

I graduated my yoga teacher training in August. Okay. 21. So I’m fairly new. But I put myself right out there, I did not wait and delay. And then I did that to step into my personal power and do what I was called to do. So I’m so glad I did. So I feel like I’ve been teaching a while now, because I’m teaching pretty consistently, at a few different places. So, but yeah, still considered, I guess, a baby yoga teacher at the age of 50.

Well, and I love that because one of the things that I find too, is, because you’re still new, you know, a newbie air quoting is you still got that excitement, you haven’t been doing it so long that you’re just in automatic mode, you’re still learning and discovering and developing and figuring things out and figuring out what that looks like for you. So as I mentioned, let’s talk about what your growth from, not enough in comparison to want to self love and living your purpose was like for you?

Well, it goes back to, I mean, really, my teenage years to always had that comparison, issue pop up for me, comparing myself to the girl next to me, or you know, I’m not smart enough, not pretty enough, not done enough, not funny enough, whatever. Not enough, fill in the blank, right? We all have that. For me, one of the biggest ones was not smart enough. And that still creeps up pretty frequently. But I can kind of reduce that flame pretty quickly as well. But at the so going through high school about ready to graduate, I remember my friends talking about going to college, and they were going here and there. And they’re going to do this and they were going to do that. And I remember feeling like confused, because I really hadn’t thought about it. I met my current husband in high school and we were dating. And really all I wanted to do was be a wife, I wanted to clean a home, I wanted to have kids one day and nurture and bake and cook and clean and and just do all those things. And I never really thought about a career. And so but what I did with the story I told myself was you know, I wasn’t smart enough. couldn’t go to school, it didn’t really know what to wanted to do. So I did end up starting school, but we relocated from Ohio to Texas. And so once I did that, and I started working, I started progressing in a job and I just never went back to school. And truly, if I really wanted to go to school I could have I just clearly didn’t want to. And as the years went on, I just kind of stayed in that place of being the sweet one kind of going with the flow people pleasing, comparison, all those things. And then we had children and I was blessed enough to be able to stay home with the kids. And at the age of 42. So seven years ago, I started not feeling well, emotionally, always had some bit of anxiety, but not to this level. I literally felt crazy. And so I started to do my homework, I started to reach out to my husband and tell him things and try to I basically felt like it was screaming for help.

And I ended up going to the doctor, which I don’t do very readily. And I just explained this is what’s going on. I feel crazy. And I had read a book. And the book talked a lot about hormones, and it talked about natural things. And I got on fire. I was like because I’ve always been into health and wellness. And this book just like lit me up because like I didn’t know all this about hormones. This could be what’s going on with me. And so I went to my doctor and asked for a blood test. And he obliged also wrote me a prescription for anxiety medication, and I do not fault anyone for taking anything for help. Because I think that there’s a time and a place and especially if somebody needs something to get their head above water, by all means, do it. But I did that for a little bit. And I just knew it wasn’t for me long term. I got my blood tests back. And my doctor said that everything was normal. And I’m just sitting there thinking you’re crazy now because I am not going to work. And so I left the doctor’s office and I just knew Okay, I have to keep keep on searching. Meanwhile, listening to health and wellness, podcasts, lots of different things pop up. And one thing that kept popping up was essential oils. And I kind of scoffed at it at first like, really like essential oils for stress and anxiety and for cramps and for my daughter and focus or my son and so, but I’m open to natural things. So I kind of started searching into that. Meanwhile, I also went and saw a natural hormone doctor. So this is all happening at the same time. And the natural hormone doctor also took a blood test. And I also ended up at an education class with essential oils. The natural hormone doctor came back to me and said, Okay, before I give you your results, tell me again, why are you here? And I said, Well, I’m not having to wait game. I’m not having hot flashes. But I feel crazy. I’m anxious all the time, for no reason. Like, it’s just constantly there. And I had these thoughts that are not me. You know, I just wouldn’t even share on this call, like things that I thought like, it’s not me, and the choices that I was making. It was not me. And so he just nodded, and in agreement and said, everything you said, makes complete sense. And he explained that I was really, really low in progesterone. That’s your happy hormone. That’s, that’s what helps keep us grounded. And it does so many other things that I now can look back and say, Wow, that impacted that as well. And so I asked him why he did. This doctor told me I was normal. And he said, because they’re comparing you to other 42 year old women with declining hormones. So So I accepted some help from him for a while. And he also opened my eyes up to in the blood tests. And I was really low in endo curls, three, which is found in leafy greens. And, and that was shocking to me, because I ate very well, organic salads and green smoothies and all the things. But here’s the thing that I learned is when your stress and your you’re stuck in that fight or flight for so long, you’re not able to rest and digest, you’re not absorbing the nutrients from your food. So that time in my life and going there and reading that book really kind of saved me. And I also had started on the essential oils at the same time. And because he said I needed to supplement my diet, I started on some Whole Foods Supplements. And it was like, that was life changing for me at the age of 42. And now at the age of 50. I feel I feel very, very great. I mean, I want to help other people who are struggling with their emotions, to feel this good. Because I didn’t, I felt okay before but at the age of 42 felt terrible. I wasn’t thriving. In fact, I honestly some days didn’t care if I even survived. I really just didn’t. And it’s hard to think back now, because that’s not me at the core. But now drain is coming alive. And this is where the solar plexus comes into play. This is where practicing your passions and your strengths and your purpose. Why are you here? Who are you here to help? Who can you serve? And so yeah, now I’m just in a different space, and it feels great. And I want another 50 years like this?

Well, I love that. And I love that you mentioned the book because that is the book we’re going to talk about in our bonus episode, the sexy years by Suzanne Somers. So I’m excited to chat about that one. And thank you for your vulnerability of sharing with us what your story looks like and what you went through, because so many of us are going through that. And I remember going to my natural health doctor and saying, you’ve got to help me because I hate my husband. And it’s not his fault, because I knew it had to be my hormones, because he wasn’t doing anything different. And I liked him a few months ago. So, you know, we all have that appear for us. And I also appreciate that you shared in the beginning about your journey into you didn’t know if you were going to school, you didn’t know what you were going to do. And you could have done it but you didn’t feel like you were enough or you didn’t feel smart enough. Because I think we all go through some level of that. I completely relate it to the not smart enough because my brother was the high IQ, but didn’t do anything in school and I busted my butt and still made worse grades than him. So I had that experience also. And so I think that that conversation says that we all have that kind of experience on some degree, and we’re all connected somewhere in that level. So let’s talk about now that you’ve got your hormones balanced, working, functioning, harmony, whatever word we want to use because by With a lot of pressure on it, let’s talk about how you started dealing with those feelings of not enough and stepping into living your purpose. When you’re reading your self help, and you’re reading your growth stuff. What was that impactful moment when you and I don’t like to put pressure on? It’s Mary’s asked me what the aha moment is? And you’re like, I don’t know. But what Where did you feel that shift that took a moment, days, weeks months for you?

Well, I wish I can remember a specific time. But I will say it’s times because I still have no have to come back to that sometimes. But I know how to do it. So for me, it is one of the aha moments I had with that whole comparison thing was, you know, when I look back, I’m like, Oh, well, this person went to school, they have that degree. And I don’t judge people don’t have a degree, but I judged myself very harshly. You know, it’s, it’s interesting how we do that. But it hit me, I don’t know, several years ago, when I realized, wait a second, I actually have been living out my dreams, I wanted to be a wife and a homemaker. And, you know, do this and that. And I was able to do that I had a husband who could support me to be able to stay home. I mean, I’ve been living the dream, I just haven’t always fully embraced it and enjoyed it and took it as my own as like a dream. Like, that’s a dream for many people. And so now it’s just recognizing that that was dream, dream, my dream wasn’t to go to school. I love health and wellness. And then when I realized when I started, when I started that educational class, and I’m smelling the oils compared to what I had smelled, that I bought from a health food store, I literally sat there, and I smelled these oils. And I said, I want to do this, because I felt so moved emotionally, myself. I was like, I didn’t even know what this meant. I just told the lady like, I want to do this. And so that was another little moment that I knew, Okay, this is my path. Take this step, I felt very, very called. And it’s actually God thing that happened because I had literally been presented with another company just weeks before. And I felt like the Holy Spirit saying, just listen, don’t take action. And so then another company came along, and well, so I feel like I’ve landed in the right company, when the right mission, the right products to help, not only my health, but now looking how Wait, if I want to help other people feel this good. This is part of my journey. This is one of the modalities that has helped me and so in to empower other moms in their homes all hours of the night, not have to wait to get into the doctor’s office. And so that’s when I can come back to this is my purpose, this is my passion, and the whole self comparison just kind of goes away. So in a nutshell, I would say for me, is I need to do the things that make me come alive. And I will say this to anybody who’s listening. This is how you come back to who you are. Don’t do what makes dream feel good. Don’t do what make Chris feel good. Do what makes you feel good and feel alive. If it’s walking out in nature, do it. If it’s reading a great book, do it. filling up your tank with those things really, really energizes you. And that’s what I have to come back to if I start to fall into the comparison. Most often it’s I’m looking at what somebody else is doing. And it’s taking me away from what am I supposed to be doing right now? I’m supposed to be focusing on dreena, and my health, and how I’m serving my customers and my yoga students and, and so forth. And when I come back to focusing on me, and then how can I serve them. That’s where that passion comes back alive. And that’s where that purpose comes alive. And then it’s like the blinders are on. I don’t care what anybody else is doing. I’m happy for them. But I’m not comparing myself because I’m, I’m happy and fulfilled doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

I think that’s beautiful. I just want everybody to kind of take a moment and take a deep breath in and hear that. Do what makes you feel good. Do what lights you up. And that’s one of the things that I’ve had the blessing of finding with grounding journey, because for a while I was pushing to make it happen and I was pushing for deadlines. And I was trying to bring it to life because the world needed it and it sucked. I wasn’t enjoying it. It wasn’t fun. And I let go of that. I surrender to that deadline and that have to and started listening to that fire. And passion is one of my favorite words, just the word passion sparks something in me. And so finding that passion because so often we’re here on this earth, and we strive to get everything done, and we’re to the grind. And we’ve got to get our kids to achieve this. And we’ve got to achieve that, and we don’t enjoy it. And you know, I look at my friends. Travel is one of my passions. I absolutely everything I own comes either from Goodwill, secondhand stores, one I like to kind of recycle upcycle. But also, I’m saving all my pennies for travel, and go. I look at my friends who take one or two weeks off vacation every year, but they have these great retirement accounts. I don’t have this amazing, I have a retirement account, but it’s not amazing. But in 2019, I spent 53 days abroad, because we don’t know what tomorrow is. And it’s making sure that you’re living that passion in that moment. That keeps you powered and keeps you moving forward for the days that suck so that you’ve got that fire and that passion. And I can definitely hear the passion for what you do in your voice. And anybody who’s watching this on YouTube will see it in the sparkle in your eyes. But there’s definitely living with that the light inside of you. And that’s the solar plexus. It’s where the sun shines. And you so when I do my meditations, I always just visualize the sun in, you know, my navel area as the big bright yellow and the solar plexus is yellow. So it’s really connecting with that fire inside. And I love that you have you definitely have that spark in you. Let’s talk a little bit about when because one of the comments you made when we were chatting is the solar plexus lets you know when you’re not in alignment with who you truly are, how does that show up for you as a reminder that you’re not in alignment.

So the solar plexus is located in that navel area, and that I will get a stomachache, I won’t feel. And I’ve also come to realize that over the years, I’ve had little signs of digestive slower digestion, I would say and now we’re doing tongue scraping. If your listeners don’t know what that is Google it, it’s really fascinating. But that tells you a lot too. And it all comes back to I can tell when I’m you know digesting a little slower. So remember when I mentioned that my blood work showed that I was really low and something and my doctors telling me you’re on a carcinogenic pathway. So again, I It’s in your digestive fire. So stomachache, and sometimes I’ll feel it up in my heart chakra. And even my brain will sometimes just feel foggy. And that can be overwhelm or self doubt. But I mean, just playing paying close attention to all those different areas in your body when you don’t feel good. Like say you get that phone call. And it’s not good news. Like where do you feel that, you know, you’re gonna feel it on your stomach, probably feel it in your heart. And you’re generally or feel it in your head. So I know they talk about the two brains, but really, there’s three. So you have your stomach and your heart and your your brain but that my stomach is a good indicator of and my energy, I have to say the energy is a big one. If so, if you’re not seeing that spark, you know injuring his eyes or the face light up like other people won’t see it either. Those who know me really well can probably tell like Oh dreena is not in alignment with who she really is. And so others can see it and I can feel it. And so just doing the things that go back again to like what lights you up, you know, grabbing the oil that I know I need moving my body, because that moves that stuck energy out. So for the listeners to like, if you haven’t tried going for a walk or just moving your body when you’re not feeling right Emotionally, it helps to move that negative energy out and bring back that positive energy. And so I usually can just tell by my stomach or my mood and energy. And then let’s say you do. Yeah, I

love that you brought up the movement because I definitely like to. That’s one of the things I use yoga for is because it moves that energy out and open space for new energy to come in and it’s one of those, I try to set the intention when I get on my mat of let me move that stagnant stuff. I am a huge, huge I love pigeon because it’s going to open my route. It’s going to move all that stuff that I’ve just been stuffing down there. And it’s definitely one of those. But it’s also, you know, sometimes you’re at your desk, you can’t do yoga. So I also like to dance. You know, everybody has, you know, we talk about having dance breaks. But what that really does for you is it does raise your vibration put on a great song. One of my favorites, and I’ve mentioned this one recently, if you haven’t heard it, you have to check it out. It’s called adventure of me by Robert carto. And I can’t play it because it’ll cut shut down the podcast with me by Robert Cardo. And it’s just got the best words, it’s four minutes long. It’s not like head banging music that you’re going to get embarrassed if somebody walks around the corner. I always think my neighbors must think I’m silly because I’m dancing in my office and if they can see in the windows. But another thing too, is just get outside, as you mentioned, go for a walk, go for a hike. Get back in nature, because we’re so stuck to our computers, especially now that everybody’s working from home. It’s winter, it’s cold, we’re stuck inside. Just go outside for a couple minutes. Take a couple deep breaths be in Earth and nature.

Yes, it’s very grounding brings you back and bringing that clear energy. It just clears your mind. If you feel stuck, like stuck outside, I literally it’s I don’t know about 30 degrees here in Columbus too. And I just last week, stepped outside in the grass barefoot in the morning with my warm lemon water, just to feel invigorated and inspired and awake. And I mean, it just felt amazing. I wasn’t there. But more than a minute, but it just you know, it just felt so good. So yeah,

I love it. Well, dreena, thank you so much for sharing with us about your journey for sharing your vulnerability of where you’ve been, and just for having the conversation because it’s been a fun one. And I really enjoyed talking about the solar plexus with you. And I’m super excited because when we talk I’d never heard of the sexy years. And it it’s a neat book. So I look forward to talking with you about that in the bonus episode that will release two days after this. So dreena Thank you so much for being here. I know my followers are going to want to hear more about your journey and connect more with you as a yoga teacher as an essential oil educator. Where’s the best place they can find you? Where do you hang out these days?

Well, first of all, thank you again, Chris, because I really enjoyed this time. And I was really excited because I knew that your your podcast is drawing the people that were meant to, and that we could connect with and resonate with. So it made it so much more enjoyable. So thanks for having me, and I am on Instagram, I really like Instagram. And they can find me at dreena Meilin. So it’s kind of spelled like Dreama with an M, but it’s with an N. And then I’m on Facebook as dreena Terrell Nealon. And then I do have a Facebook group for anybody who just likes to learn more about maybe essential oils and natural tips are called Wellness inside out. And then I have a Facebook group or a website wellness with dreena. And so those are the places that I’m mostly hanging out.

Well that is great. And we will put all those links on grounding journey comm under the podcast section so that if they’re driving in didn’t know how to spell it or something, they can still catch up with you and find you because I think you’ve got a lot of great information to share. So thank you so much for sharing that with us today.

Thank you, Chris. It’s been a pleasure

so I have to share with you while we were talking and you saw like a big grin turn on my face and we turned sideways. FedEx just delivered five cases of my yoga cards. And my I have French doors at my office standing outside the door jumping up and down. Oh yeah, I did notice. Oh, that’s arm but you’re chomping at the bit. Yeah, well, and I saw because we were like third house from the corner on dead end street and there’s only five houses that way. So I saw the FedEx guy coming and we have a dog so that’s why I hit mute because I was like yeah, they’re here. So so I just share with you we’re proud of that moment

as exciting and so how many cases did you get?

Well it’s five cases so that the 100 decks is what I did in the first order. Yeah. And we went and met three versions before we finally got all the color right and everything so I have one deck that it’s been right that we finally signed off and ordered all 100 of them so so after we do this I’m gonna do an Instagram Live I’ve opened in the boxes or something because I’m Oh my gosh. Yeah, that is so I’m excited for you can’t wait to see it’ll be exciting. Well I’m the conversation was great. It load so well. And I really enjoyed that conversation. Oh, sir, I need to do another healing modalities series, I would love to have you back to talk more about oils and hormones and stuff like that because I think that we could go, you know, even deeper into that conversation because I think once I finished the chakra ones, I’m going to do a sustainability one. Just about recycling gardening, upcycling, glows. That’s kind of my idea, but I haven’t started putting the feelers out for it. And then I’m going to do another healing modalities series again. So I’ll definitely reach back out about that, too. I would love to, that’d be fun. Cool. Thank you. We’ll talk about the sexy years. And these Generally, I like to have like seven to 10 minutes, but I don’t limit the time, I have had them go up to 25 minutes, the one I recorded just last week. She was like, Oh, we won’t talk even seven minutes. And we talked to 25 minutes. So we’ll just see where it goes. But and if we bring up other books or anything like that, that’s fine, too. Because that’s what took so long as we ended up like reviewing like four other books. So the conversation, so Okay, cuz

I mean, I probably would bring up like another author who has a couple books, but I don’t necessarily need to dive too deep into them if you wanted. So,

yeah, we’ll just see how the conversation goes. And if it’s flowing and feels good, then you’re welcome to do that. You know, these are just kind of a little bonus ones. So they get a little bit more of you is when I’m such a book addict, that that’s why I wanted to do books. I actually got four books in the mail today. So

are you like me? And you’re like, into the self help? Or do you do fiction too, or what?

So I mean, I do some fiction, I love self help. And I love fiction, spirituality. So I don’t know if you’ve ever read self esteem prophecy. Oh, you have to read self esteem prophecy. That’s a really good one. And so what we do is, I read a spiritual book, you know, and I will call it spiritual instead of self help, because it’s a piece around spirituality. And then my husband and I read a book together. And then we’ll read a book separate, and then a book together, and then a book separate. So I will read a spiritual book together, and then we’ll read a fiction adventure book together. So we kind of alternate what we read together. So have you ever checked out thrift books? Calm? Yes. I’ve gotten some time there. Oh, yeah. We we order all our books from there. So I had two books that I had. It was funny. I told him the other day, I wanted to read one. And he goes, I think that sounds like a good book. Why don’t you order me one and we’ll read it

together. Oh, that’s so rare that

it’s fun. But I had to wait two weeks for it to get here for three together. I was like, but I want to read it now. So that’s what came in today with a bunch of books that we’re gonna read together so

well, you’re always asking your listeners. So like, Do you have a favorite or a life changing book for yourself that you recommend to people? You

know, I have so many that I love that I can’t say that I have a favorite. I’m reading Untethered Soul for the second time right now. One you may really like I just finished reading it. It was called callings by John Lovejoy. Yeah, I did a whole episode on that one. Talks about the passion and following your purpose and lowering it. And it’s an audio book too, if you prefer to do audio. Oh, well, it’s a thick book. But that one isn’t my most recent favorites. Okay, put it that way.

I like that. And have you read the new one by Brene Brown Atlas at the heart?

I haven’t yet. I’ve seen that she came out with it. But I have not read that one yet.

That one and I’m not too far into it. I probably would have mentioned it more to you. But I can tell it’s it’s really good. And it’s one that you’re like, Oh, you just want to mark in it but then you don’t because it’s a beautiful book and you’re like okay, I’m marking it so I like chose a really pretty gold metallic pin so that I can mark in it but it’s like one of those that you just kind of want to keep and go back to So meet Yeah, okay, um, I wrote years down callings and the other one too.

Yeah, it’s a good one. That’s my most recent favorite, but I definitely have quite a few that love. So thanks. And we’ll talk about this part two about books at the end just because I think that’s fun to talk about too. So yeah. Okay, well let’s give it a pause for a moment and then we’ll get started welcome to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey. My guest Trina and I are going to talk about the sexy here is by Suzanne Somers. And as I tell you, we were chatting so much about books we had to stop so that we could talk about this one and then talk about the other stuff. And so, during the you brought this book up and suggested it, I’d never heard of it. It was written in 2005. And I don’t normally read the summary off of the books that you find on thrift books or Amazon, but I have to read this one because it’s a great introduction to the book. And I think it will really help our readers connect to it, our listeners connect to reading it, and I’m not gonna read the whole thing. I’m just gonna read the part of it. Getting older could be brutal. Women gain weight, lose their sex drive, experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short tempered, find it difficult to sleep, and on and on. It’s not so easy for men either, they start to lose their energy and stamina as they go to, and they have to live with women going through menopause. After years of being thin and fit and full of energy. Suzanne herself encountered the Seven Dwarfs of menopause, itchy, bitchy, sweaty, sleepy, bloated, forgetful, and all dried up. Instead of living out the rest of her life cranky, sleep deprived and libido plus, Suzanne set out to discover how she could get her mind body and life back and banish those pesky dwarfs. I love that like just reading that makes me want to read the book. But knowing what we talked about in the main episode where you shared kind of about your going through hormones in your 40s. Obviously, this book called to you and really educated you and was a life game changer for you.

Yes, it really, really was. And I so thankful I read that book years ago. And hopefully your listeners will be open to maybe checking it out if they’re struggling with any of those things. But yeah, for me at the age of 42, going through major stress and anxiety. And I found this book, and it it, it gave me permission to push forward and question my doctor who told me I’m normal. And just keep pursuing, keep doing the research, keep doing homework. So this book, yes, it talks a lot about hormones. But I personally think that that your hormones are a really, really good foundation to how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. So a lot of people are just not really balanced and don’t even realize I mean, even looking back for me, Chris, I didn’t get pregnant that easily. And I now wish I knew then what I know now, it would have really made things a little bit smoother, but it was part of my journey. So it is what it is. But yes, the sexy years I love the title. And I found like through that book, I, I found help with my hormones. And I found natural solutions. I actually, because of this book, it helped me to find part of my passion and purpose and what I do now to help people. And so I really am very grateful for that book. And I might just go back and read it again just for fun or read her other books. But yeah, I like to tell people about it, because it’s not one I had ever really heard of. And I don’t even remember how I found it. So, but hopefully, it can help somebody else by mentioning it today.

And I love it, it sounds so empowering. That because I can see how much it truly empowered you to take control of your own health, to find out what resonates for you. And that’s what we need and books is not something that tells us exactly what you’re supposed to do but empowers us to discover and learn more and you said it, it taught you to ask more questions to not accept an answer to really keep digging until you found your answer.

Yes. And, and on top of that, like some people might say, oh, you know, because it talks about hormone therapy and replacement. And and some people are very quick to say, Oh, no that causes. I don’t know if you can see this cancer. I don’t know, I can see that on your podcast, but whatever it can cause issues. And but I would question that and I would caution people to once again, slow down, do your research, there is a difference in substituting. And so I learned a lot through the book and continued to learn a lot on my own. So I’m more into the natural, holistic type of anything from hormones to medications, and lifestyle. So with that being said, hopefully that will help some of your listeners to have like an open mind as they read the book. Well, and

one of the things I’ll ask about it, because I’ve read several Mormon books, and some of them you read in it empowers you and it makes sense and it sticks in your brain and other ones you read are so scientific and so above my knowledge that it makes me feel even more overwhelmed and unhappy and uncertain. But this one just reading the description and the description goes on and on. It really is comical. So if nothing else, I encourage people to Google the sexy years and read through the overview of it. But tell me how that book this book was written in the sense of educating you and teaching you.

Well, obviously, it wasn’t too scientific, because I am not about that either. I would have if it would have been way up here. I wouldn’t have finished the book. And I read it so many years ago, but I can tell you that I, I loved the book. So I know that it was in a way that I could relate to Suzanne. I mean, obviously, I haven’t gone through her personal health struggles that she went through, thank goodness. But just I mean, I’m, I’m 50. So I watched Three’s Company I managed Suzanne Somers and Suzanne Somers sent me hockey, not love her. But just the way she wrote the book. So she has humor in there. She has real life, she’s real. And I just know when I read the book, I even told my girlfriend about it. I’m like, you have to read this. You’ll love it. She loved it. But yeah, I don’t read the really hard to understand, especially even with what I do with sharing and educating on essential oils, I can help people find the studies. Oh, my gosh, I read the first few sentences, or I just look for the words I need. And then like I’m out of here, I do not want to read clinical studies and so boring. Just tell me how it’s gonna make me feel like, well, you know, help me sleep will take away stress and anxiety. So yeah, the book is well written for somebody like me, if you want more of the sciency I’m sure it’s in the references. And she can give you that too. But yeah, I love you brought

it Three’s Company because I totally was not making that connection. But I was a huge Three’s Company fan. So that made me just have a big smile. And take me back to that moment of watching her come out of the bedroom in the living room. Thank you. That’s so much fun. Well, it sounds like a great book. And you know, are there other books that you’ve read that have kind of empowered you through your health journey? That are something to mention to for us?

Yeah, so I love anything by Abraham Hicks. And he’s on Do you like her as well?

I’ve just dabbled. I have not dug into it. But I’ve heard many people speak so highly.

Yeah. So she’s one of those people, when people say hey, would you like to have dinner with a famous person? First of all, I’d be Dwayne Johnson, but if it’s a has to be a female would be one of my top picks. But she has a couple of books that I absolutely love, the law of attraction, and the art of allowing, and those, those are going to help more with like the emotions and but when you’ve got your emotions in check, like the physical body comes naturally, you know, it’s all it’s all. One big piece, our body is all connected. And so when you’re reading things that are helping mentally, it’s helping physically when you do the opposite. It’s helping you mentally. So I love her books as well and her podcast. So I would say check them out if you haven’t they really great.

Well, and then all ties back into the solar plexus, which is what we talked about it your main episode is it’s about stepping into your power, feeling the fire in your belly, and finding that willpower and discipline to keep shining, showing up and shining through. And so I can see how all of those things really connect, and I’ve definitely been part of your journey for it.

You’re right. And that is like what I make my business of daily is like, Okay, how do I keep feeling good? What does dreena need today? You know, I really, really love the whole energy talk and like writing those high vibe emotions that like being way up here where people can’t relate, but you know what I’m talking about, like, my favorite emotion is joy. And so when I feel joy, like that’s how I can tell I’m in alignment, everything is well you know, if I’m following like in your podcast, we talked about the comparison and you know, that takes you into the self doubt and it takes you out of like who you really are and who you were created to be and serve and and letting letting your light shine. And so those lower vibe, places of comparison and fear and doubt, it’s like that is no fun. And so just and that’s kind of where Abraham Hicks comes into play also is helping to find those higher vibe emotions and tapping back into them. And so yeah,

I love it. Well, you have given me a couple of new books to add to my wish list. It’s really bad my wish list. I looked at it the other day is 59 bucks. Oh, and I know just keep buying more. It’s awful. Yeah. But yeah, as we said, before we were recording, I got four in the mail today. I don’t know when I’m gonna read them. But I’ve got four new ones today. So Well, thank you again, Gina for your conversation for your sharing all that you have. And I’m sure that our listeners are gonna want to check you out. So tell us where they can find you.

Well, thank you, Chris. It’s been so much fun, I really enjoyed this conversation. I am on Instagram. So at dreena Nealon. And I’m also on Facebook would be dreena Terrell Nealon. And then I have a Facebook group for it’s called Wellness inside out. So your listeners are interested in learning more about how to take care of themselves from the inside out. It’s called Wellness inside out. And then I have a website called Wellness with dreena. So if you can’t tell, I really love wellness.

Well, and that’s a great thing to be involved in and encouraging others to find. So we’ll definitely put all the links on grounding journey.com along with the blog post and this podcast. So if any of our listeners are driving or didn’t know the spelling or didn’t get it written down, you can go to grounding journey.com check out the podcast section and the sacral excuse me solar plexus, you will have all your contact information there. Thank you again dreena. So much for being a part of the station. Thank you for bringing your insight and it was a pleasure to have a conversation with you.

Likewise, pleasures mine Okay, thank you so much.

That was so much fun. And I knew it would only be 10 minutes. I knew we we ended up doing. I was gonna ask you how long was it? Yeah, to do the math to like to back it down like 14? Yeah. I think that was great. That was perfect honey that you’re like,

you never can tell? Like I don’t know, I don’t have a timeframe on it. So yeah, well, you know,

and I, like I say I always I don’t want to put timeframes on things just because it’s constricting it. So I just kind of wait and see how long it goes. And people will either listen, or they’ll listen apart or they won’t, you know, but I try to have kind of a variety of what we offer. So

very fun. I’m excited to it all play out. And yeah. So you’ll just keep us all in the loop, then

I’m assuming. Yeah. And your episode will be February 22. Is when you release? Oh, yeah. So I’m starting next week with color therapy. And then I’m going to do a solo episode. Introducing everything. Oh, actually, you know, what, maybe a week off? No, that’s right. Next week is a we’re introducing color therapy. The first I’m doing a solo episode kind of launch and everything. And then February 8 is route February 15, the sacral. And then your February 22, sir, so we’re right there getting ready to launch it. Okay, very cool.

And then you’ll let me know whenever the links come out to share and help get people on to the podcasts and stuff.

Yeah, so I’ll send you once I have all the images and stuff, I’ll send them to you. I’ll also send you, you know, I’ll tag you on stuff and everything that I post. And then the bonus episode is on the 24th. And I try to either Wednesday or Thursday do the live. So I’ll send you a link to my calendar to schedule the Instagram live for it. We just plan on 15 minutes jump on and talk about the episode. Think about it. There’s anything that you’re like, Oh, I didn’t mention that. Write it down and we’ll talk about it in the live. Or we’ll just see where the conversation goes.

Okay, and your Instagram Live, you’re talking about the grounding journey one, right? And that’s where you’re going to be opening your boxes to, like, okay,

like, I’m gonna move them into the other room where there’s, like, 10 minutes, I’ll be live again. I’m so excited. I can’t say this panic of you know how we let fear sometimes, but I just had this panic of like, what if I’m live and there’s something wrong with them, and it’s recorded? And so I was like, okay, stop on there.

So how well you manage the stressors, right? here and you take a deep breath. Yeah. Oils. Oh, yeah. So it’s gonna be great.

Yeah, well, and it’s one of those that I’ve just been working on that fear. Like, that’s what all of this is, is letting fear be my compass, not my ruler, you know?

Right. And everything always works

out. Yes, it does. If that was to happen, it would be

for a good reason. But I don’t think that’s happened. Thinking open. I’m going to keep this perfect. I’ll be watching.

Okay. Well, thank you so much for your encouragement and thank you for the conversation and your time today.

Thank you as well have a good one. We’ll see you. Okay, bye bye.