Okay, I’m gonna, okay, recording and then and one thing I forgot to tell you is that when we started after I do your formal bio, I’m going to introduce how I know you and then I’m going to be like So tell us about you. Who were you and that’s the kind of stuff that like your friends all know about you. That’s the the you they know. Okay, so I forgot to give

you our witness. The really you and I’m like, oh, Like who? Who am I? Really?

Oh yeah, that’s that’s a deep question, isn’t it?

Oh, so many labels. Oh, see, look. There you go. Now I got the text are going to roll in.

Okay. Okay, well, we’ll give it like five seconds. Pause. So Kevin can start here.

Okay. I see your puppy pop up.

Yeah, we have a puppy, my cat and my dogs, my cats right there. And my dogs behind me.

Please, my I have my companion but she’s off in the front of me on the on the sofa. And then my Chihuahua decided that she just randomly wasn’t going to be in the room. So I close her out,

but too funny. Okay, we’ll go ahead and astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you. Welcome to today’s episode, I’m excited to have my guest, Laura here. For over 20 years, she has been fascinated by the correlation between human personality and celestial bodies. Laura loves teaching others about themselves through the lens of astrology. And using everybody’s birth chart, that’s their own universal fingerprint. She believes that connecting you to this form of psychology and practical astrology terms can bring deep healing and acceptance for your authentic self. And I’m super excited to bring the astrology element into our modalities. astrology for me kind of started I’ve got my soul sister who’s a dear friend, and she knows her chart and my chart. And our charts are very similar. So she’ll always, whenever we’re talking, are you going through this, like, this is what I think we’re going through right now. And so I don’t know anything about astrology other than she tells me what I’m experiencing and just like explains it. And I’m like, Oh, yeah, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. So I met Laura, through a winter solstice program that I did. She’s actually local, and it’s so unusual for me to get to have local people on my podcast. But a friend invited me to a winter solstice, and you were part of the astrology yoga session. And it was just really great. And you did a little bit of my chart afterwards. And I was like, yep, that’s exactly what I’m feeling about. So when we were kind of pre talking, we were talking about how you really find that astrology is a language. And that’s what we want to talk about today is how using that language really helps you. So before we really dig into the conversation, Laura, tell me a little bit more about you. I’ve read the official bio for people but who is the Laura your friends? No.

Well, I’m a Jacqueline of many trades and past trades, but I’m Laura munia as you generously introduced me, as and I wear a lot of hats. I’m a mom, I’m a wife, I i a pet lover, I have two dogs, so they are my main nest if you will. But I also have been trained in yoga, teaching yoga, which ultimately led me to astrology, teaching instead of teaching yoga. So I kind of I’ve been I have always done astrology or have been learning about astrology and have felt connected to astrology but I feel that when I took my yoga ytt training, it started really honing in on the teaching aspect of talking to people publicly, but that also my calling was the stars and it turn turns out that my my passion is talking and teaching astrology. So that is kind of me in a nutshell. So I guess I’ve been doing the professional professional astrology for, I guess three and a half years now. But I’ve done it for since my childhood. Really So I love that.

I love that you feel like you’ve been doing it since your childhood just because that’s definitely something in our callings that it stirs early on. And then it gives us the chance to kind of connect with it. And I’m going to skip all around because you just opened up an avenue that I wanted to talk about is yes. And the questionnaire that you filled out when we were talking about doing it, one of the questions I have is what is your favorite modality and you wrote astrology, numerology, yoga and childhood religion. And I thought that was so interesting. So, tell me what you believe the childhood religion is, is that because that’s when you kind of found astrology.

Um, I think, I think what I meant by that, yeah, in a lot of ways, the way I was cultured or my culture as a child was being raised in a, in a Catholic home. So I would, you know, was baptized Catholic, I went to church regularly. And I think I was introduced to this sort of Catholicism is about rituals. And it’s about there’s just certain things steeped into the Catholic religion that I, once I started, kind of dabbling in astrology, I started making these connections to how ancient the study is, and how anxious the study of religion is, and kind of correlating those together. So by making those comparisons through my childhood, and how I’ve kind of evolved, I’ve evolved personally outside of Catholicism, but it’s still it’s still part of my history, and it’s part of my foundation. So I feel like that was a big you know, that drove me in, in my life journey, right? I think we all have those stories or something to look back on to find the correlations to our spiritual growth in very individual ways. So

I think that’s so like, you so eloquently put it because I, my dad was a Jesuit, which is like, Yes, okay, like, yeah, my Oh, really, now it’s your money, my dad,

um, while I would never have looked at him, in the base level of being like this spiritual man, he was very much steeped in to the Jesuit way of life, he was an altar boy, he lived at a boarding school. So he was basically raised by nuns and priests, which can open up an entire podcast segment on people who are not raised by their actual parents. And, you know, the, that whole that’s a big can of worms. But I noticed that as he raised me, it was a big part of, you know, his moral compass and what he talked, you know,

well, and I love that you have that experience, because like, my dad, left, the Jesuit hood at 2625 26, became a volunteer firefighter, met my mom, and they’ll have their 50th wedding anniversary next year. But I was raised Catholic until I was in middle school, and my dad said, it’s your choice, you pick your religion, I’ve taught you you need to find something to believe in. Yeah, and so and one of the things that I think we deal with along our journey, starting yoga, I’m big into meditation, you know, all these different things. I love crystal work. But one of the questions you get often is, but it’s not religion, like, how do you deal with that, and so I love that you come from that same background, and then we’re able to discuss because I’ve had guests on before, who are yoga teachers, and one of them is still very spiritual in her religion. And people didn’t like that she was doing yoga, they thought that it was by the devil and things like that, and you just get so much judgment from it. So that’s where I love that you started out. Talking about your Catholicism, your rituals, right? That’s what it all is, is it’s that sacred practice. And it it’s showing that you can still believe that and believe this, that it’s not an either or kind of thing. Yes. And so that that’s a really neat journey. Tell me a little bit more about going from Catholic raising to really finding astrology and how you made this to blend together.

Um, so I think at first not really having, you know, the in depth knowledge of, you know, just as anybody starts as a child and starts the education process. I started noticing how I had so much duality in my thoughts and how, you know, you could think it’s just what you said about these stigmas, right? We have these stigmas, but also on the flip side of it on the same coin, we have the other viewpoint and then coexisting together. So it’s really about my blending that idea of astrology into what I’d already known or been taught and balancing those dualities as I’ve been learning more building the education behind the astrology. Um, I think I’m answering the question.

Yeah, absolutely.

I’m just that, I don’t know, when you say, when you when you talk about people, and they have these preconceived notions, there are notions that I believe are in all of us, right, we, we all have preconceived notions, we all, we all start from a place and we build from there. And so I like the idea of people coming together to being introduced to different ideas, to blending those ideas to seeing that they’re also intricately connected, but that we all bring our own individual, you know, a cake, if you will, like we’re, we are one entity, but we are coming together to bring that all to, you know, to combine that, and that’s what, that’s what astrology is, to me, it’s being able to see the individual and the components, but also seeing how it intrinsically works on the entire wheel. And, of course, you know, arguing and debates and all the fun stuff that humans bring to the table, you know, that all coexist together as well. So we can have, we can disagree, well agreeing on certain things and not on others. And that that’s kind of the beauty and the, the light and the dark of it, you know, which, again, is very important to me is combining the, the, the positive, or the things that are looked upon is easy, and the things that just are, like trines, and harmony and coming together. And then the other things that are the challenges that drive us to grow the impetus to change the things that get us through the tragedies. So they’re all together.

I appreciate that you share kind of the light in the dark. And you know, astrology has been something that has always piqued my interest, but it’s so deep and in depth, that it’s not something I’ve explored, to learn and share in the way that you do. Like you read people’s hearts and kind of analyze it for them. And it’s just so overwhelming to me. So what made you decide that this is what you wanted to explore, and you wanted to learn enough that you could work with people with it?

You know, I think it was always you know, being the Aries Gemini that I am it was always kind of the party trick that I pulled out of my one hat, you know, and it was always something where I could always reach I always love a conversation. I love an interpersonal relationship. And to me it was my way of getting to know someone. So I would always pull it out I would always ask questions. That would be something that I can remember doing as a child I would always ask people a lot of questions kind of reporter style. You know, like I can remember people being like, what are what what what is this like, interrogation? Is this an investigation and I was just always investigating because the human psyche for some on you know, for some reason, I’m just fascinated by it. So I would use the astrology to kind of, you know, break the ice, get to know someone, when’s your birthday? Oh, okay. You start making those connections. You start learning the language just as you would learn any language, French, German, Spanish, you start with the basics and the intro Hello, my name is you know, and all these things and then you layer and you get to learn the nuances and the energies and the subtleties that come with the history of astrology with its depth with all the intricacies of it. And yeah, so it can be overwhelming to start But if you exercise it just like you would exercise learning Spanish, you start to slowly become fluent, you start to understand, and then it becomes less of a less of an overwhelming Oh, you know, it’s all you know, you’re not going to start out reading novels in Spanish, you know, you’re going to start off with very basic, basic levels. So that’s exactly how I tried to what I try to help people see for themselves with astrology, because doing it for yourself and researching it for yourself, or learning about yourself is really the gateway into learning more about astrology as a whole, or the history of astrology or, you know, reading your favorite astrologer, you know, various other more in depth studies.

I think that’s a great analogy of learning the language is like learning Spanish. And I’ve never thought of it that way. So that was a great way to put it. And I think that makes it a little more simple. For people who are like, I’d like to learn more, but I don’t know how so it’s definitely that was a great analogy. I really liked that.

Yeah, let the word language and your quote that you read in the intro really resonates resignate because it is exactly that it is a language. You mentioned using tools or accoutrements. This is how I believe humans used astrology, they used it as an accoutrement to learning about their environment, learning about people, learning about the elements, you know, elemental play is a big deal in astrology. It’s broken down into four, four elements, earth, fire, air, and water. And so they all correlate together and they all represent various different functions or modalities of astrology itself.

Well, something that you keep saying, and I want to come back to is talking about the history of astrology, talking about the history of religion, because I think that’s one of the things and you see it all the time where people call this new age, and we’re like, no, this isn’t new. This is been going on way longer than anything. So let’s talk a little bit about the history of astrology. Because we know so much about the history of religion, it’s just out there for us, you you hear the history of essential oils because people talk about you know, Cleopatra using it or herbs and things like that. But let’s talk a little bit about the history of astrology where it’s rooted in its sacred rituals and past

Yeah, um so one of my astrology teachers who I mean I, I look at everyone a bit like a teacher. But this person was specifically an astrologer who I went to for for me, astrologers go to other astrologers to get a different perspective, because it’s about perspective. He was very versed in the history of astrology, so he kind of led me into this. It’s called Hellenistic astrology. And Chris Brennan is is somebody who writes really well about the history of astrology and using Hellenistic astrology and the Time Lord method these are just keywords to kind of described certain types of a straw because there’s so many you know, there’s tropical Ravi Western tropical which is the calculation I use. And then you have Vedic sidereal astrology, which would be based on its history is more steeped in the Indian India, a location or geographic location, you of course, have Chinese astrology, you have many different forms. And so he was showing me teaching me about the Hellenistic way. And again, I dabble in that I find it fascinating to look at different ways or different calculations to see someone’s chart as a whole. But my, what I do more fluidly and what I’m more versed in is a Stephen forest. He’s an astrologer. He’s actually North Carolina based. He’s in Asheville. He wrote the book and I have it right here my morning. Get over the inner sky. And he breaks it down into a very, very much a psychological evolutionary astrology which I would feel I’m more versed in but there’s so much to learn from our past from the different versions of astrology, how they’re just as useful it’s just again, you know, kind of adding it to the pile of how someone analyzes it a chart you know?

Well in because when I think of rituals and I think of ancient modalities I think of my family was in Peru over the spring and seeing how they do summer solstice, winter solstice, how they have the big sundial, the priests that kind of stuff so I think of those kind of rituals are there specific rituals other than summer solstice Winter Solstice that is in your kind of yeah edge.

For for me, I’m me and Kristin, who founded Kindred yoga company, we have put together a yoga astrology workshop where we combine those two together and I teach the astrology and she does the yoga but we focus in on the solstice is so the point where it’s the longest day and the shortest day. There’s there’s equinoxes. You can break it down to celebrating each new Zodiac arrival. So we are now at we’re in Virgo. So you know, at the start of a Virgo season, we can have kind of a I mean, it’s just as how much how it’s how in depth you want to go and breaking down what you know, some astrologers do transit readings, some do daily readings, some do weekly readings, where they’ll give you the week ahead, you know, I’m more of a kind of a bigger chunk. Instead of doing the daily transits, if you will, it’s just so I gravitate more towards the bigger turns or the bigger season changes, but maybe one day, you know, who knows what I’ll decide to do tomorrow. But so far, we’ve just been doing Equinox and the big the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

When I think it can again going back to that it can feel so overwhelming when you talk about New Moon full all the different stuff. I know there’s two astrologers that I follow one of them is so upbeat and cheerful and happy that it makes exciting to kind of follow her monthly report and another one I follow I did some work for him with my creative agency so I followed him just to kind of keep up with what he’s doing for when I need to do more work with him. And one of the things I noticed with him and you kind of touched on this before is that Carrie that I listened to kind of gives you what’s coming What to be prepared for but she puts this positive spin on it so even if it’s intense month you’re like okay, I can make it through this where the other astrologer and I’m not gonna say his name because I don’t want to say anything bad but his it’s very like it’s always stormy and cloudy in the stars and be prepared for what’s happening every month and I think that that’s one of the things that definitely in 2020 and 2021 we’ve all felt so much of I know with my friend I’m the kind of person who there’s another gal I follow who does a weekly but hers is very long it’s Christine and hers is very very long. And I found with hers when I read it and I know what’s coming for the week I started to have a little like okay this is Thursday is going to be an intense day in the stars where for me I kind of like to use astrology a little bit more of I’ve been going through some really heavy stuff why and then I can look at what’s been happening and I’m and it makes sense. So I know when you did just that brief reading for me back in December you gave me some feedback and I was like that’s exactly what I’m feeling so talking about that language you know, there’s definitely the different aspects of as you said the weekly the positive spin the dark spin the light the shadows, yeah, but feeling that finding what resonates for you and not letting it overwhelm

Yeah, um, it’s tough for even I think the most well versed astrologers out there I think, you know, it’s personality based as well. I think some people are more pessimistic, you know, they have a bit of an edge. there’s a there’s a there’s so many, so many Many different interpretations of how to look at an energy. You know, it’s really important for me to spread the quote, you know, the stars don’t. They, the stars impel they don’t compel, you know, they are they’re setting your stage, if you will, but they are not forcing and they are not making they are not. They’re not actually making anybody or anything happen. It’s definitely a setup for things to manifest and to happen. Oftentimes, it can be challenges. I, I feel like I resonate more with your first person that you were talking about the woman who reads more, kind of cheery and positive and it’s not, it’s not this idea of toxic positivity is this idea of kind of laying the groundwork for what’s out there, and how we can anticipate it and setting people up for them to be their own, you know, their own masters, if you will, you know, I, again, I can relate this to planets. So Jupiter comes to mind Jupiter is very expansive, it’s gregarious, its boundless energy, boundless opportunities. So to me when I hear her your take on her week rate or her weekly reads, I think oh, wow, she’s being very moved by the the optimism of the of the universe, whereas the guy, the other astrologer, his take is more said, Saturn, you know, Saturn comes to mind, a little bit repressed, maybe, you know, put some restrictions on yourself, put those boundaries on yourself, and it’s kind of for the person to decide, like, do I need more? Do I need to put more restrictions? Is this an energy I need to? Is this what my gut is telling me what my intuition is telling me or, you know, it’s for the person to kind of play with those, those suggestions, if you will, or the lessons that are being taught?

I think that’s a great way to explain it because it’s kind of looking at finding the person who resonates with you. Yeah, if our listeners have read that newspaper horoscopes and felt like that doesn’t work or you know, we’re going much deeper into that finding the person that resonates with you instead of just checking out one person and not resonating and you can get it’s all a farce. Yeah, definitely. Yeah.

And that’s okay. You know, that’s something to wear, being the Aries that I am this headstrong, like passionate you know, of course, of course, astrology is really you know, be you know, also removing, you know, the idea that I have to be a zealot about anything and what I’m what I’m preaching, if you will, or what I’m teaching what I’m trying to convey is an opportunity for people to make their own judgments and their own you know, feelings and opinions and it’s you know, it’s kind of like the idea it’s your world you know, it’s your your prerogative on what I’m saying or what you’re listening to you know, when I think that so personally I guess and and being open to people being very skeptical because honestly, I love skepticism, I love when people are skeptics like don’t don’t take the spoon that I’m feeding you you know like it’s okay it’s okay to be a skeptic you know

what and I imagined that there’s something in the people that you would be attracted to are going to be similar in your charts or somehow fulfill your charts

i don’t know i think that i i think it all depends on what you know what you’re going through in your own in your own world your own capsule because oftentimes I’m drawn or people are drawn to me or completely opposite you know, have completely different elemental breakdowns you know, our you know, I break I like to break down the Yang Yin and the Yang, the masculine and the feminine, the I do the ratios of water, earth, air fire, and often times, I’ll hit a period where I’m meeting people completely different than than my, you know, astrological makeup. And sometimes that’s the most enriching Is his meme with someone who fills in your gaps or presents you with you know take for instance the guy who does the more kind of skeptical pessimistic readings or oh it’s all you know something something bad could it you know that can open up a different a different perspective for someone who might be all chipper and oh yeah you know yeah it’s all balance you know once again it is boring as it it as it as it seems or can be homeostasis is what biologically we all yearn for, you know. So,

well let’s dig in a little bit about numerology. How do you connect numerology and astrology? You said that was one of your other favorite modalities Do you use this to together

sometimes very lightly, um, there are numerologists who I look upon and study and read their teachings. I wouldn’t say that that’s my specialty, but I definitely can see how the numbers and numerology play into astrology, how they all the zodiac signs, starting from Aries to Pisces all have kind of number representations. There’s going to be patterns within those numbers. Those are some of the things that over the past year and a half I’ve been kind of zoning in on but I wouldn’t say that I like I would never give just a purely numeroff numr so I can’t say the word right now. I wouldn’t just give a numerology reading solely yeah at this point and maybe ever but I always I give it the respect and the presence that it needs because it does take ups It is part of the astrological world I mean Math Math in itself is very much a part of astrology they used to calculate by hand. God bless us for the the non math people because this is my math you know, the calculations and the numbers are how I view math how math enters my life but as far as just pure equations are plotting lines and that would be a language I don’t fully grasp.

I think that there’s so many elements to it all. Yeah, that it’s you know, finding and I decided to start using the word accouterments because I didn’t like the word tools. There’s so many accoutrements out there that it’s kind of trying to figure out what accessories really support you and what other things can support you on your journey. Sure. Do you have lots of little accessories that you

I am awareness accessory Queen i love it i i guess i draw it to me having a Taurus mercury a Taurus Mars but Taurus is are very much about possessions and things and textures being ruled by by Venus and it’s about partnerships and and the luxuries you know, so yes, I love all oils, herbs, sage, soft blankets, you know pillow pillow dens those are all part of my part of me and how I take in the astrology or the astrological world Yeah, I feel like they all very much play into that, but there wouldn’t be just one one that I would say that I gravitate towards more you know, I guess I’m always trying to incorporate nature and earth elements, rocks, you know, crystals. They all help to enrich our studies or just enrich our lives in general.

I love just, you know, it’s like little play things that kind of support us and, and excite us and, and sometimes crystals really worked for me and sometimes oils work. It’s that being able to be in flow and flexible and listen to me What’s calling you at the moment? I think,

yeah, I know that I took a herbal plant medicine. It was like a capsule class Thai. It was like offered. I think there were six classes over six months or something. But every time we met together, she taught us about one particular plant, you know, because when you think when I think of plant medicine, I get very much over, you know, I’m very overwhelmed, like, oh, there’s so much. But by breaking it down, and using the same technique that I tried to teach for astrology, you know, you look at one plant, how can I use this plant? What are you know, what is the essence of this plant? What is the Zodiac equivalent of this plant, you know, playing with those different layers, and how, however, everything, just as in, in Spanish, you know, things are masculine and feminine. Everything plays together. So I like to just kind of explore. I like to explore all those arts, if you will.

It is fun when you get to and it’s overwhelming. But you know, share with the listeners, as you keep kind of your main message I would take from this is pick one thing, pick one aspect of it and slowly learn it and don’t look at the big picture. And that’s kind of what I’m trying to do with this modality series is give little snippets of things that you can look at, you can explore, you can feel what resonates in your body, what’s calling you to play with it, and and play with it until it’s not calling you anymore, and then move to the next thing, which sounds like you’ve taken some time to do a little bit of everything, and play with it all.

I like it all. I’m a Gemini moon. So I’m like, Oh, what’s this? Oh, what’s this? I you know it. I’m a late bloomer. It’s taken me a long time to gather my bearings in this in this life that I am living. I’ve always had an interest in very, you know, lots of different things. But the one stream or a common denominator is that I’ve always gone back to the astrology and that and I like to share that with people. Because if you look back over your timeline, see what has been playing and staying with you. The longest, you know, it doesn’t all have to be figured out. By the time you’re 16 1718 I think that astrology teaches us that the life of the seasons and the spring and you know and going through all the seasons are vital to feeling fulfilled.

I think that’s so true. It’s the way you said coming back to astrology. One of my favorite books is a path of heart by jack kornfield. And I’ve shared this on past episodes he talks about finding your one seat and yoga is my one seat. I love meditation. I love crystals. I love so many different things but he talks about how people will just keep hopping hopping hopping and not listening to what really calls them and he explains that the way you find your one seat it’s it’s that place you cry where you sob your soul clean and I know that there have been days on my yoga mat that I have solved my soul clean not even knowing I needed to cry or not even knowing I needed to experience anything so I appreciate that you share the astrology you know that brings us back to play with all this other stuff feel what feels right but always notice what calls you home.

Yeah, and you are a Pisces moon for the listeners so that crying yourself clean and or reborn just really speak I just wanted to point that out that that sounds so like a Pisces moon. It’s just it’s the essence of a Pisces moon. Of that expression of pure pure feeling you know the water is taking it in and then literally, the symbol of your your water tears are cleansing your spirit. It’s beautiful.

I love that because I definitely you know living with a husband and a son. Sometimes I feel like an emotional girl. But and that’s one of the things we’re going to do in our bonus episodes. So after this we’re going to release this episode will be released on a Tuesday. And then the bonus episode will release on Thursday and you’re actually going to do a mini reading kind of what a session would be like so people can hear and kind of experience and, and hear me go Uh huh, uh huh. Yep, yep, that’s me.

I love that.

Okay, well, I mean, it’s been so great to talk to you today and there anything else you want to share about your journey with astrology before we kind of wrap things up today,

just I appreciate you bringing me in to this clearly heartfelt project that you do for people. And I just appreciate you allowing me to speak with you and speak my passion. So it’s really an honor to be a part of it. So thank you.

Well, thank you so much for taking time out of your schedule to be here. I know people are gonna want to check you out. So where can they find you social media website.

So social media, ah, I am. But my base is Kindred Yoga company.com, which is a collective, it’s a yoga collective, but it’s all storkcraft collective, there’s artisans, there’s different types of yoga, we have a tarot reader on this collective website. So it’s a great place to go. And I have my own personal page, Laura munia. If you click in look at who’s contributing to this collective, and you can click on my bio, and then I have all my offerings that change daily, but I always put everything on that page. And then I met my Instagram, which is Astro Astro Mama. The O is a zero, but I also if you’re called to it, you find your you find your guide when you need it. So no stress to uh, you know, I guess I’ve been pulling away from from social media and some you know, I cycle so

absolutely. That’s been a struggle of mine because to get the podcast to the masses, I have to use social media but personally, I kind of contract when you say social media.

It is what it is, it definitely reached reaches the masses. It’s our technology, it’s our, it’s our window into I mean, it’s, it’s while on one hand, it can tear us down. It’s also saved so many lives as well. So I’m seeing and being having the grace with that to know your place with social media, but I don’t know if I’m ever gonna like, love it.

Right? Absolutely. But um, we’ll put all of your links so that people can find you on our blog page. So if you were driving and listening to this and want to go check out Laura, you can visit grounding journey podcast calm, and we’ll have other links to your social media and to your website so people can check you out. Well, again, Laura, thank you so much for being here. Thank you for your time, and I’m excited to do our bonus episode with you. Awesome. Okay, that was great. Thank you for chatting. It was fun.

Now goes by so fast,

you know, does because we did 43 minutes. So that’s why I always try not to like, stop it. But it’s like, okay, let’s move. You know, I want to make it listable. So,

yeah, that’s fun that a Gemini get a or some of that get a podcast, you’d have like five hours of material.

Well, I had one gal that I did a podcast with. And it was like an hour and 12 minutes. So I had to split it into two you, oh, it could have kept going because I was so enthralled in her conversation that it was just like, Oh my gosh, like we have to do. You know, I it’s funny, I said that. And I’m like, I don’t remember who it was. But I remember doing that I’ve recorded 50 episodes now. So I have to think back for a minute of which one it was. But it’s been fun. And I you know, just a separate kind of conversation for a moment. I follow you guys on the Kindle yoga company. I’m on Yale’s mailing list. But I’ve been working on a project that I want to share with you. And I’ll share it with you at another time. But I’m working on like chakras are a really big thing for me. And I’ve done my yoga. And so I’m working on basically Oracle cards that are yoga chakra cards. Oh, cool. Yeah, they’re gonna be really neat. So I’m going to a women’s retreat this weekend, and we’ll finish all the copy. And so once I get them,

number is your life path number. Oh, I don’t let me see what Hold on. I can do it really fast. It’s Um, so your birthday is on my my mother in law’s birthday. But also my mom’s birthday is August 13. Oh, nice. Yeah. So see Yeah, so you’re a seven life path. Okay. Yeah, very spiritually. Now I lost my zoom. Anyway, seven is a very spiritually based number. It’s a lot about the spiritual path. I forget the chakra. That was why I wanted to look it up because they’re all related to each chakra. So mine is five. So that’s the throat clearing room. And I have challenges with that.

So yeah, let’s just say, Okay, well, we’ll, we’ll kind of pause for a moment. Do you need to go use the restroom or anything? Before we get started? Do you

let me run in? Actually, no, I I’m fine. Are you? Are you going to take a break? Are you ready to jump?

Yeah, I’m good. Either way. It was just to kind of make sure you were ready. You ready? Right space for writing. Okay, well, we will pause for a moment and then we’ll start. And this

is about the book. Well, what was the addition?

Well, this is where we were going to talk about you doing like the mini session.

Okay. For you, huh? Okay.

And it like sometimes these episodes are five to 15 minutes. So you don’t have to get really deeper. You know, you can go as deep as you want to, but it’s basically the bonus episode is for people who are like, I like her, but like, how does it go? You know, they’re interested in working with you, but they’re nervous. And

I’m sure screen. Yeah, absolutely.

Because we’ll also, um, we also share this on YouTube. And then on my blog, it’ll actually be the video so people can check it out that way, too. Let me make sure I have it. Yeah, you can share.

Okay, yeah, you’re good. Okay. Go ahead and do it now.

Yeah. Okay. Welcome back to the bonus episode with Laura, she is setting up our screenshare. And we’re going to do kind of a mini session on my chart. I’m super excited, Laura, we did a full episode about astrology. And if you haven’t listened to that, and you’re finding this episode, then definitely check out the full episode where we really talk about astrology, as language and how learning that language will help you understand the stars and understand some other things. So Laura, I’m going to pass it on to you. And just let’s jump in and get started.

Yeah, so for Chris, so I have you, Chris are wonderful hosts, I just pulled up. I pulled up your chart, and I have it. It’s just I have it on Astro comm I store all my charts there. There’s another program that I can use solar fire, it’s a bit more professional. But basically what this does is allows for me or whoever whomever is doing the astrological reading to calculate the person’s birth chart. And by calculating it, you take the birth time. So Chris, your birth time I have is 2:02am on August 12 1976. So when I take in that information, or I’m doing a mini read, or I’m doing like a full in depth read, usually a full in depth read takes me about a week or two weeks to kind of really get to know the person chart. So I take that time to really absorb it. Because the truth of the matter is every single time you look at a chart, there’s something new to see there’s new transits. There’s new progressions, it’s constantly moving, it is never it’s never stagnant. So, but for the sake of kind of just a walkthrough, I would I would pull up the chart, I would set some certain calculations I would set what’s known as a house system into this particular program. I use a few asteroids I can use different cosmic bodies that add a kind of individually. It adds a different layer on top of just your personal planet. It’s like Sun Moon Rising mercury. So I add those in and then I pull up. The most important of the read is aspects. And the aspects are what you see in this crazy Oh my God, why are there So many lines Why are they red Is that bad? You know, those are those are generally what is looked at and analyzed along with the fact that each of these if you notice my cursor going around all of these are your planets. These are where the planets were at the time that you took your first breath or side and around the edge is trying to I don’t know why I’m having an issue zooming out. There we go. Um, so as you can see there are Zodiac are these are the glyphs. So these are the symbols of each of the zodiac signs. And then each of these represents the planet. So Chris, since this is your chart, your son is in Leo, your moon is in Pisces, and your rising is in Gemini, which is a big indication of podcasting, antennae, leaking, communicating, verbalizing feelings, intellectualizing feelings, and bringing it to the public, which is essentially what your rising sign does is it says this is my mask that I choose and naturally represent to people. So you are that Gemini rising can talk for hours. communicate very well with the spoken word. And another aspect for you So right off the bat, I just look at where everything’s happening in Chris’s life. Because that is essentially what the houses represent. It’s the where, so all of the pie slices are where things are hot, the energy is highlighted. So right, so you have this Chris is a Gemini rising, but you’re also your sun sign is in the third house and the third house rules. Gemini rules the third house that’s where Gemini lives. So essentially your sun sign which is Leo, this is where it gets a little bit confusing because you’re like no, not I’m a Leo son. You are a Leo son. But because of the time that you were born, your son lives in a Gemini house. So now so not only are you a Gemini rising you are also imbibing this, you’re living in the Gemini house, your son is saying my entity my my encapsulation of human form

is influenced by Gemini more and bring a presence to the community through the Gemini because the third house represents community represents elementary school neighborhoods. It represents that kind of neighborhood camaraderie, the the chitchat that brings us brings us together Hey, what’s your favorite animal? What do you like to do? Oh, this is the kind of the basic structure of human communication. If you look directly across the way here, the ninth house is the house of Sagittarius and everything in the Zodiac has a yin and a yang. So every every sign has its opposite sign. So the opposite sign of Gemini is Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents our higher thought, our higher education, our philosophical thoughts are mine. And it’s not that you will your mid Haven is right here on the 29th degree here. So you’re right at that, right at that switch over to the 10th house, but you know, your mid haven being up here and Aquarius in the Sagittarius house anyway, just wanted to I just wanted to show you that representation that while you are situated. In the third house of Gemini, the ninth house of Sagittarius is directly across. Let’s see of course your moon. We talked a little bit about that in the podcast is in Pisces. So your moon is a water moon. It’s the piscean Moon It is a feeling moon, it feels every thing every day needs to express that it needs to release that it needs to escape it needs to have that, especially for you with being a life path seven. It needs that solitude, you know, seven life paths that I know. Even if they’re surrounded by so many friends or they have so much love for their friends, and they have so much passion for the people in their lives. They have this soul yearning for a bit of solitude, to have that quiet, to acknowledge that the only time our souls can be heard is through being by being alone.

Mm hmm. That’s definitely me. Yeah, I need my husband to listen to this part so that he knows it’s not just, it’s in my, it’s my soul code. It’s part of me, it’s ingrained in my cellular.

And without that time, or the Pisces energy without that time when a Pisces is bombarded by earthly realm, or you know, your Pisces, what’s interesting about your Pisces is, is in the 10th house. 10th house is represented by Capricorn. Capricorns are doers. They are workers, they say, we need boundaries, we need regulations, we need restrictions, because that’s how we get our earthly duties done. So by having this kind of piscean energy that kind of yearns to work, you need to heed that the ultimate essence of that piscean world or your inner world will need to make time need to set those boundaries to have the quiet because without me, you will not be able to do the work that you’re and your essence and your soul and spirit needs to do its job, if you will.

That explains a lot to me, because I definitely have that passion that drive. But I also have that solitude in that quiet. So that makes a lot of sense of like, Oh yeah, that’s exactly how I am. And that’s what I think is really neat about astrology is that you can hear it and be like, Oh, yeah, but it just gives an explanation to me.

And each one of these, these lines, these points where they sit, the degree, the element, the feminine, the masculine. It’s all part of the analysis, like it all plays together to make up your, your entire being or your entire self. So you encapsulate all of these signs, you know, every sign has a place in your life, it’s just whether or not it’s highlighted. And then something else I do, which I like to really include and I think it’s really important is what’s known as a north node or a node. Oh yeah, it’s a lunar node it’s um it’s not a body it’s not a it’s not a planet it’s not it asteroid or cosmic body it is a node is a mathematical equation between the moon and your rising just like we get the midheaven that is a calculation between that’s the midpoint between your Ascendant and your I’m pointing as if anybody can see that an Ascendant is across from your descendant and those are mathematical points and the and the lunar the north node is going to be what astrologers deem kind of your soul destiny or where your soul wants to go the direction that it wants to go some place a lot of emphasis on like reincarnation that gets into you know that that gets into the dogma area that gets into different you know, religious beliefs. But essentially it means kind of where your journey is, is pointed towards and because yours is in the sixth house, this is so this is your north node and directly across from it, which is not noted is where the South node is, and the South node for you is in the 12th house because wherever it is, it’s across, okay, right north node, six house, South node 12 house, and these houses are your daily work and routine. So the virgin Virgo house, and then the 12th house is the piscean house and your path and your lessons and the things that are going to be the most rewarding and fulfilling for you are your daily routines are going to be your, the people that you work around the tasks at hand service to others, but it’s never going to feel like you’ve ever true that there’s a double edged sword here because wherever the north node is, it always feels like you’re a little bit of fish out of water, it’s rewarding, and you’re like, this is it, like this is this is what feeds me but you’re never like this guy, you know, and, but where your energy feels like it feels comfortable is kind of in that spiritual realm. It’s kind of in the realm of the heavens and the subconscious area. So look to see where you’re feeling. Believe in your true subconscious and those dreams that you have and thought of what is beyond the ethereal realm because all of that is going if you listen, that’s going to all come very easily for you, the meditation and the the quieting will actually seem like something that you can really grasp and understand which is challenging for a lot of people I would say that that would be a superpower for you is that a lot of people just can’t get there they’re like what is that? What is that wall but for you look for that natural essence of being because it’s such a it’s going to propel you towards being able to really fulfill that six house the house of like your routine of what what you’re bringing to others in like kind of that that work. That work arena, you know, like co workers daily Health Matters things that are Virgo. Virgo related. So I know that’s like a lot of that that’s a lot to take in but just you’ll start seeing the elements or that just see where they play when you have different interactions.

If that makes sense. It it kind of does but I know when I read listen to this later, you know in my file dude and in my quiet space, it will make so much more sense. Yeah, because right you know right now listening, it’s like okay, let me take this all in. I may listen to it a few times.

You’re just so all of these are your placements. So Leo sun Pisces moon, I, if somebody else was getting it done, you know, we would look at all of these placements. You have the Virgo, mercury, Virgo, Venus, so you have a triple or Yeah, you have a triple planet. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all in Virgo. So you’ve got a lot of that earth you have. Virgo is Mercurial again with the mind Gemini and excuse me, Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, Mercurial, thinking, cerebral thoughts come in analyzing analytical, organized things they do not like that energy is not so much Gemini. But the Virgo. The Virgo energy is very much like everything has to have a space. We are going to compartmentalize, we are going to make sure that I am speaking in a way that makes sense. And so to you, this mercury mind, the Venus of how you serve and what you do, and your actions and your Mars which is literally the planet of action conflict, you’re going to have a very strong Virgo energy.

That makes sense. Definitely in my business life. Yeah. It’s interesting because I have that business and the spiritual and they don’t always connect. Nobody sounds like

Yin and Yang. Yes, Yang, always, never touching but always together, going like this and showing that the Virgo needs the Pisces. Pisces is always with that. meticulous get it right. Do it right. You know where Pisces is like, everything’s perfect. Whenever we are all beautiful creatures and Virgos like Yeah, well, you could do that a little bit better, you know?

Yeah. Well, and I appreciate that you brought it to that because you know, 40 years I’ve never understood Why I can be so superficial and so organized. But that totally makes sense of the whole yin and yang thing. And I’ve never, never really thought of it that way. But that definitely makes a lot of sense. Yeah.

And, um, let’s see, do you see anything that you have any questions about or, again, I could, you know, this is just one view of the chart, there’s many different types of views, you can zoom in on things, you can take away the lines, it depends, I mean, astrologers. This is where, you know, astrology is the, the subject, but there are so many different types of teachings, there are so many different types of views, different calculations, different interpretations. But what I will say is, there’s an underlying, like, when you’re studying the energies of like Aries, all the way through to Pisces, you can find, you know, when you’re doing your lessons, you find a generalized truth behind what each of those means, what the elements mean, what the aspects of those planets and what the planets represent. You find a similar, regardless of who’s who the astrologer is, you find that common, that common line. So not to be you know, to pick up like, Robert hand astrology book, or just a fun, you know, learning the signs, all of that you’re gonna find those nuggets of, you know, the teaching is the same, right?

Well, and I like cuz I think that’s like doing your reading today, where we kind of talked in the main episode about, there’s daily, there’s monthly, there’s things like that. And this really gave me kind of an insight into where I am. Because as we talked before, like off recording, I took the summer off from the podcast because I was doing a lot of internal work on myself before coming back to offer the season. And so some of the stuff I’m really contemplate I don’t wanna use the word struggling because that sounds uncomfortable, but contemplating gaining trying to gain understanding is things that you’ve just explained to me about this having my soul clean about my yin yang of business versus spiritual because that all business versus spiritual thing has been an 18 month journey for me. And knowing now that that’s part of my chart kind of gives it a little bit of peace to me.

It does and that’s what I like to show people is that, you know, it’s not it’s the uninvolved version is going, Oh, well, that’s just how I am I’m an Aries, you know, right? Oh, I I’m an Aries. So, you know, when I when I get aggressive and flip a table or throw a shoe at you, just because I’m an Aries, and that that that the No, you know, no, we, we strive to see that natural energy or that natural maybe the Aries has that natural Mars mark, the, that aggression or sometimes it comes out in that anger because anger takes up. People feel angry people feel sad, but but seeing how to, oh, I, I do. Sometimes I do get a little, you know irrationally mad about something more? You see it, you can then apply it to what is this anger going to? How can I use this anger? And that’s, that’s, that’s how we we grow. And we’re like, Okay, well, some of my strengths are, I’ve got a lot of passion behind this. So I’m going to go and I’m going to bring that fire, I’m going to bring that warmth. And I’m going to stir up, you know, I’m gonna stir this room up. And a Virgo goes, Hey, why don’t we just take a minute because I’m a Virgo rising. I have that I have that essence and how I like to be how I like to present myself. And I say, I would actually my Aries son would like to flip this table. But my Virgo rising is saying I I’m not going to do that because that looks insane. And I’m going to take a step back and I’m going to think and then I’m going to present the information in a palatable and tasteful and perhaps a minimal way, you know and and so you it’s kind of like taking what you naturally have and using it to its highest, you know, you know, we all you know, could use that I wanted to pull up your elements just really because I know we’re short on time, but I just wanted you to see Your your ratios broken down because I like to see someone when I’m doing a when I’m making the chart so down here where I’m circling you can see your elements fire earth, air, water, and then your modalities which Cardinal is there’s three modalities. Cardinal, the initiation fixed, which is that steadfastness, our fixed energy is like saying, we’re going to see this through now. And then our mental energy, is that ever changing? Okay, well, we’ve been doing this, maybe we should try it a different way. That’s the mutable energy. So I like to see where things are broken down, Yang is six and Yin is eight for you. So there’s kind of a balance between that masculine and feminine for you, your elements are pretty balanced as well you’re not lacking in, in you know, your earth and water are totally balanced, fire and air are balanced. So so you have that ability to really master that, or, you know, for instance, an example for me, I am a

I have a lot of air and Earth, so I, I lack water, so I find that I find my water and my water, my emotions sometimes is external, like I I’m around people, like my husband, he’s a water sign, some of my friends are water signs. And that nourishes my natural desert, you know, and for you, you kind of encapsulate that balanced and then you’re kind of have a little bit of that, well mutable and fixed are about the same so just as you like to be you know, you can be steadfast and that stability, you also have that ability to be mutable and change sometimes when the modalities are out of balance, you find someone who let’s say they’re heavy in a fixed energy, they’re just like, they never change like they do the same thing day in day out they’re like nothing and maybe they’re satisfied with that they’re like, I just this is what I like to do and this is what I like to eat and you know, immutable gives you that you know, I want and let’s change it up you know I’m sick of doing it this way. So yeah, you’re interesting, balanced individual

that makes me kind of giggle i mean i do think I probably really am and when I think about the people in my life I’m like oh, that’s why because I’m the balance element that draws them to me and it’s interesting listening to you talk about the elements because there’s definitely people I’m like, oh I bet that person’s so and so are you know listening to you say that it’s interesting to think of my relationships how you were mentioning you and your husband that he’s the water for you I’m like,

My daughter is also the water your children are kind of representations of our Jeanette or my you know, my belief is that there’s genetic memory and genetic you know, things kind of get recycled sometimes or no, I see familial trends. And there’s, I have a lot of interest in that those genetic memories and how we combine the actual science behind genetics as it is a science and then combining kind of that metaphysical like, Well, do you really carry on that lineage? Or do you have that maternal lineage are you carrying on these burdens or these gifts and so it’s interesting to see like your son or your hut you know, to see where how you guys mesh together what your son brings, or the bit you know, the challenges or I love doing kid charts because I think that understanding where your kid kids energy is allows you to kind of understand how to communicate with the child. So it’s interesting to notice that and then of course, you being the Leo that you are, you are placed here on the planet. Leo is, its energy and is in all of his essence is to teach everyone to shine, and that they are their own Sun and Leo is ruled by the sun. It is our IT IS Leo’s energy when it’s in you know, a sun sign or wherever it is in the chart. It’s our self confidence it’s the time Hey it’s okay to boost your ego it’s okay to have a strong sense of self you know? Do you want to be an egomaniac no you know but but Leo show us that it’s okay to shine and that it’s okay to be seen so and that’s what I noticed in all Leo beings is that they are here to really be here be seen and let people know that they too even if they’re not a Leo have the ability to show up and show show up big you know so

interesting that’s definitely one that I struggle with because in my you know full time creative agency gig I’m the one who supports all of my clients being seen and showing up and and facilitates it for them but in my personal life with grounding journey it’s a struggle it’s something I have struggled with very long of being seen because I’m so used to being the one who encourages others to be seen that actually showing up so that’s probably part of my life journey of lesson exploring

absolutely and you know when you whether you

I love that as soon as I said that you started moving the screen for people who are watching you were like playing with my chart a little bit

well no just pulling it out so that you can see because I I was pulling it out because you said something that I feel like when people start to really explore their chart whether it be with an astrologer or whether they go online and they do lessons and they look at YouTube or whatever you use if you had had a little bit of that self doubt or you were feeling a little bit insecure in certain ways the chart is just there to say here Here I am and I’m highlighting your gifts for you and I’m saying that what you’re doing whether you know for you personally it’s doing this podcast and it’s being creative and it’s helping other people with their creativity and saying here right like all of those are so in line with what you’ve already been doing you didn’t need to see the chart because you’re existing it exists without you acknowledging it but when you have that kind of backup and that support to go oh shit i my moons in the 10th house like emotionally fulfilled by by a job you know by doing the job by by being by being in the public my emotional cortex is saying I can I can handle being in the public and your Leo son is going oh yeah girl yeah yeah you can because you’re you’re a Leo and you’re there this is your time to be seen you know p all eyes on Chris you know and then that Gemini, Gemini is the natural sales person of the of the zodiac, like they’re there to convince and to be like let’s talk Oh, what’s going on you know sometimes gossipy but also sharing information. Because Gemini wants information doesn’t matter how much doesn’t matter where it’s coming from? It wants it and you need to feed the need of just like oh yeah, it’s so you know, you’re intellectualizing. So all of those things, the podcast, the creative job, I don’t actually don’t quite know what you do. But you know, the yoga and your Pisces you know, your, your feeling of your emotional cortex, all of that is saying, that just makes sense. That is Chris, you know?

Yeah, it definitely feels like explains a lot about me. And it explains a lot about where I am right now of discovering and finding that balance and really exploring that so you’ve definitely given me some insight into Yeah, this is part of my life journey of figuring all this out for sure.

And so with like a mini read, I mean, it depends on what the person wants, because if the person wants like, kind of like what’s going on in my, in my life, I could pull up transits and progressions so that would kind of give you like a what’s exactly happening now but maybe someone just wants to kind of know where some of their highlights are for, you know, for just their their entire entity. So it really depends because I know we didn’t touch on transits excuse me or progressions, but I just wanted to add that in that that would be something to definitely take into consideration for what you’re going through for the next year, six months two year progressions are usually about two to two and a half years of Okay, like your moon is I’ve seen now this is where I start to see the little like, oh we’re coming together your progressed Moon is in Scorpio. I too am going through a Scorpio moon progression. And these two years two and a half years can be very challenging for a person through a Scorpio progression. Yes yo is ruled by Pluto and Pluto don’t play Pluto so I’m going to get to the real essence of you and I don’t know does not care how it gets there. It goes yours, it lifts the rug, it drags the skeletons out of the closet. It looks at everything and when you’re not ready for it, which is anybody really ready for I mean,

nobody wants that to happen.

But man, I am a little bit more I’m about so every degree I’m not exactly sure the mathematical breakdown but like every degree is about like a month or two. Well, okay, and I’m a little bit more progress like I’m probably like right here. He’s been people will tell you during a Scorpio moon progression. They’re like, God What the hell is going on? Like why is it so hard? I mean, like friendships dissolve, like any Pluto says anything that doesn’t serve you anything that isn’t getting to the true essence of who you are. You’re going to know in two and a half years you know yeah, so now that even makes more sense. So I’m sorry,

right? But that also I’m like Okay, so how far into it? Am I because I’m like oh

so if this is the start Okay, your Do you see my cursor? I do. So

I’m like a third of the way and

1/3 and I’m about half okay and when I broke into when I was in 20 personally when I was in 29 degrees Libra moon progression kind of leaving because those the zero degree and the 29 degrees zero is entering 29 is exiting Okay, so anytime you’re entering the earth or exiting it can be an interesting time you know, like um, I mean I you know, not to like open my thing but like I had pretty much like a mental breakdown and it just so happens that it aligned with the pandemic and lockdown like the first week that we didn’t know what was going to happen you know, right. We you know, where we all just going to be annihilated by the this via we did it and I couldn’t have been more of a symbol of the entrance into a scorpion moon progression, you know, and it doesn’t have to necessarily display like that. But Scorpio loves it. It’s about it’s about the dark and the shadow. Yeah, about plutonian Phoenix through the ashes, I’m going to tear you down before you can build back up and it’s very humbling experience Yeah, to say the least. So

when that makes a lot of sense because I think if you know if I’m a third and it’s 30 months and it would be about 10 months ago, which late October early November is really where I felt a lot of shifting and it’s it’s been intense since then, and may was so intense for me. That That makes a lot of sense. So thanks for explaining that. Again. Like we talked about I love astrology and the sense that it it comforts me and like, oh, there’s a there’s a map for this. There’s a plan. It’s part of my soul contract is part of my plan. It’s not just randomly happening and it’s not something I’m creating. It just gives me that comfort of explanation of Okay, you’ll get through this because it’s it’s here. It’s a it’s

a weird realization because even even though I knew I had actually seen my astrologer who I go to, I had seen him and he goes, did you know that that’s going up? And I was like, No, and he was like, oh, okay, well, I’m okay. Well, now you do. So now, now you’ll know why it’s all going to share. But, but I’m just saying like having the realization of, it’s like good and you’re like, Okay, But also it doesn’t mean you don’t do any less work. How about that, right? You mean like, it’s still,

you know, comfort to you along the way that it’s going to end and that you didn’t create it that no part of

the next progression is the next progression is Sagittarius. Bless it. And it’s about Jupiter, and grows and going. Yay. Whoo. You know, like,

now. I’m glad to hear that, that that’s what’s waiting for me.

So yeah, so that’s cool. So we’re both on our we’re both on our same, um, we represent to Scorpio moon progressions in different ways, but that same essence of transformation.

Mm hmm. That makes that’s, it’s like really comforting. It really is. Because it’s been such an intense time and, and to know, there’s somebody else out there with me that I can reach out and be like, Girl, are you feeling it?

Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. Um, and, you know, here’s the funny thing about that, like, we both it’s so funny, Chris. We both literally came in and we’re like, yeah, we’ve been really introverted for the past, like few weeks, it’s really hard to go in. And yes, I mean, me and you were talkers. We are we want to be like, both fire sons. You know, we have that Gemini. I mean, my Gemini is in my mood. But, you know, we want to connect with people. I’m not feeling it right now. Yes. Feeling like, for whatever personal reason? Um, I just feel like just going into my little cave, yes, get the app out. Now. You know, it’s Yeah. It’s kind of dark, you know. So. Yes, anyway,

well, thank you so much for your time today. And thank you for so much for the explanation. And I hope that the listeners will know that when they are feeling things, if they’re struggling through finding balance, that sometimes just knowing where it is in your chart gives you that comfort of so for me today, that comfort of knowing that my spiritual and my work, Dr. RMA, and that that’s why balanced is something I’ve been working on for two years between those two is because that’s part of who I am. That’s my core and then knowing when it’s been so intense, because that’s where, I mean, I as you said, we were both so introverted, I completely shut down. I quit talking to all of my friends that I connect with. And I had a call with one girl recently, and she’s like, yeah, I knew something happened in Peru, and you’d come out of it, and you’d reach back out, but I was giving you space. So it just, it gives that comfort and explanation and, and being spiritual and being on my journey. Sometimes I need that. So I totally encourage anybody who’s listening in to reach out to you and connect about understanding what’s going on in their chart and make a little bit of sense of where they’re feeling at right now. Because we as a collective are all definitely feeling it right now.

Oh, absolutely. I mean, we’re going through Neptune retrograde. People just urine people you know, it I’m like, What are you saying, I don’t understand Jupiter’s retrograde, like, you know, I don’t even keep up with it every day, I kind of just keep it in the back of my mind. So like the dates, I’m not really a date, kind of person. I am kind of, because nothing happened. Like, when a retrograde starts. Nothing happens on that Exactly. It’s like, it’s like, there. It’s how energy moves. It’s not like it is now 1101 and you know, it’s it’s fluid, right? And those universal energies move. And so I don’t like to look at it through a date, time setting, but I do mind like we are going through retrogrades Neptune is I’m trying not to curse. It’s trying to mess with us. It’s trying to make people like Neptune represents the spiritual realm, but it dissolves things and it confuses things. And it’s like, it’s like trying to hear someone through a pool. Like you’re underwater and you’re like, what are you saying I I can’t hear you. And so I feel like that’s happening and I’m hoping that through it, we’ll have some clarity where we can start talking to one another and having conversation and you know, my eighth house on this. I do have that natural like, let let’s really open this up like we need it’s ugly. It’s not it because without that I mean humanity just can’t we cannot continue to work to push stuff under the rug you know what I mean would be like oh well we’ll just ignore it no we’re we’re seeing the results of what ignoring has done you know so yeah I love this podcast and I love what you’re doing and I just I want more now now I’m now I’m like we need more

yes well thank you so much for your time and now tell us again where our guests can find you. I mean where our listeners can find you we’re going to post it on our on granny journey podcast calm but tell me where your sites are and stuff.

So my main my my main site where my just basic information is is Kindred Kindred Yoga company.com and I can just pull I can pull it up and yeah, so it’s I have it right here Kindred yoga company calm and it’s a collective where there’s yoga teachers we have a tarot reader it’s people who have kind of a metaphysical yoga we even have a my good friend Rachel who does ceramics and pottery This is a collective page to offer what we want to bring to the people so it’s a and if you go to who we are, my page is under Laura and all my bio info and you know, things that I offer and I’m going to probably change it up because after kind of doing your mini read I’m like that I think we’ve I should just do do these reads because sometimes I just think people want you know, maybe they’re not they don’t want to do the full two hours of you know, the full Natal read they just want the snapshot like give me the highlights and I’m there for it. I’m I’m there for the highlights, you know.

Awesome. Well, thank you again, so much for your time. Thank you for my own and lightning today. And it was a pleasure to have you and so if people haven’t listened to the main episode, where we really dig into astrology, your journey and learning into astrology, I definitely encourage you to go back. Those are available on grounding journey. podcast comm on Apple, Spotify, any of those places. So if you found this one, first, go back and listen to the first full episode, where we really dig into your journey into astrology. And thank you again, Laura, thank you so much for your time. And I look forward to staying in touch and staying connected with you.

That would be awesome. It’s been great. Thank you.

Absolutely. The bonus episode we’re going to go through my chart, and Laura is actually going to show that to us. So if you’re interested in seeing the visual of my chart, as Laura goes through it, please check this out either on grounding journey, podcast comm or it’ll be on the grounding journey YouTube channel.