Soulful Insights: Navigating the Messiness of Listening Within 

Soul Chats.

That is what I was looking for when I started the Grounding Journey podcast— Deep, Rich and Real Conversations.

So… of course, one of the first episodes I recorded was with my mentor/client/friend – Angelina Deweese, where we talked about the soul.

We chatted about how

  • doing soul work can be messy and confusing.
  • we can listen to our soul so deeply and allow ourselves to be guided by our soul easily, and
  • we can turn off our listening skills and ignore the messages from our soul just as easily.

During our conversation, Angelina Deweese shares several personal stories of listening and not listening to her soul in business, pleasure, and the adventure of life.

My favorite part of the conversation is when we discuss that what your soul shows you as your path at one time in life can change and be completely different when you get to that point on your way. Hearing someone else say that has happened to her and that she has learned to let those moments inspire her and not get stuck on getting to that vision was so supportive for me as I have been evolving and growing what our business and monthly subscription box look like.

It all led to the conversation and change in my mindset that maybe instead of having a soul purpose, we actually have a soul path.

A soul path allows you to go in more than one direction and allows for different turns (yes, I mean taking the right and wrong turns along the way) and always finding your way.

I hope you’ll find this conversation as inspiring and thought-provoking as I did.

To learn more about the mini class I mentioned in the episode-

When Meditation Doesn’t Work.

Originally aired in October 2020, this episode is part of my oldie-but-goodie collection. I’m re-releasing it to ensure it isn’t lost in the Grounding Journey Archives.

Angelina Deweese

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