Do you listen to your soul?

Do you feel your soul?

Does it speak loud and clear to you?

I’m honored to have my dear friend, Angelina Deweese chat with me about how soul leads us and how we

  • know when it’s our soul talking not ego 
  • feel overwhelmed by the chatter in our heads when all we really wanna do is listen to our soul 
  • remember that what path we are on is the right path
  • how to hear and receive messages from our soul
  • can begin to learn to listen to our own intuition

Angelina, a soul path coach, also shares a short exercise with us to help you connect and listen to yourself. 

I know you’ll think Angelina is as awesome as I do. You can find her on Facebook at Angelina Deweese.

To Connect with Angelina you can find her on Facebook or Instagram. 



Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down