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Every time we grow, we release a negative and allow for positive energy to fill the space. Kristen Butler Welcome to grounding journey. I’m Cris Greer, as a 40 something mom is Hizzoner yoga lover, and long time spiritual seeker. I’ve been craving deeper conversations, the kind that arise from connections with other women, you are on a similar journey. My purpose with grani journey is to

provide a space

where we can have real, fulfilling and sacred conversations.

Hi, and welcome

to today’s episode of granting journey. I’m your host Cris Greer. And today we’re going to talk about releasing. And I struggled over what word to talk about today to the point that I was just gonna call the episode untitled. And then I realized that releasing was really what I was feeling, releasing our preconceived notions, releasing that which we may not even know is within us. There’s so much really thing and how beautiful it is. I was doing my morning meditation today to Joe dispenza is the chakra number two. And the last thing he said is surrender to the unknown. And I think that surrender, and releasing, release can have a negative connotation. But for me today, it’s got a really beautiful connotation. Apparently, I’m going to be releasing stuff throughout this episode, and recording because my voice is going in and out and my throat is just feels clogged with stuff. So I guess where it begins with releasing. And where I ended up is kind of a fun journey. I became aware in 2020 that I was really digging into my chakras because I was doing some research and working on a project that I’ve talked about a couple of times. And I kind of finished going through them in January and I was like, okay, cool, February’s here we’re good to go. And February was a really, really rough month for me, I cried a lot. I experienced a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear, a lot of questioning where I was going, what I was doing. And I got stuck in all the things that were coming up and all the emotions and everything I was feeling. And it literally took me a month when I realized I had moved into my fake role that I was feeling open and creative and flow. And that all the stuff I had experienced in February was really my route coming up about my safety and my security. And as I like to say I did not pass that challenge well. So I’m going to repeat that one again, when it comes around. What I have realized, as I’m moving through my shape at fakhrul is how much more fluid I am and inflow because I realized that I was moving through my thank girl again. And instead of getting stuck on those thoughts, and those experiences, I just let them flow through me. And it’s been really neat because the memories and the thoughts that I’ve had in the last week of just stupid things. Somebody said to me 10 years ago, were an experience I had at work somewhere or, you know, these just random things in it. It took me a couple days, like I would have them come through while I was brushing my teeth or I just had a great meditation and I got in the shower. And then these random thoughts of somebody being mean to me at work 15 years ago came through and and I got good at being aware to not hold on to that. And I think it was because I had just come out of meditation or I was really focused on being in a positive space. And my first thought was like, why am I being challenged by these thoughts? What am I being challenged to stay in my place of peace or you know, like what’s going on? And through some more meditation and some more time I realized how much stuff I’m actually releasing how much stuff was stored in the basement. There’s memories that I just crammed away and forgot about, but are still impacting me, subconsciously. So it’s been really neat to watch those memories flow. up and float out and not buy into them as much as i bought into my feelings and my emotions last month

and so i’m not saying i’m a mastering this but i’ve got a little more insight this time around so i encourage you you know there’s definitely times that you’re struggling with something in the present you just had a conversation with somebody at work or in your family and you roll through that in your head a couple of times but i’m talking like memories of people i haven’t seen in 15 years and things that happened that you know just random stuff so when you have those moments pop up just watch him watch him flew by and i’ve heard people say that for so long and say that feelings are just you know emotions that move through and not to buy into them and i think that’s hard it’s really hard not to get stuck on those moments especially if you felt you are wronged in those moments because somebody said something that wasn’t fair to you or this or that it’s a practice and there’s so much that is a practice in our lives that we just get better at and like i said my route didn’t get that one last month i’m going through that one hard again next time it comes back around seven six more months i’ll be a little more focused on that so each time we can experience it and learn from it it gets a little bit better it’s those peeling the onion layers back and that’s been really neat to see they’re releasing and some of the i things i am noticing that i’m wanting to release it my preconceived notions you know when i started this podcast i thought i knew where i was going with it and it’s not where i’m being called anymore so i am you know i’ve taken a step back from podcasting i had a couple of weeks where i didn’t release anything and i’m getting back into the flow and what i realized is that part of my releasing is staying in the flow and knowing that everything is evolving and there’s an evolution and a change and that was one of the words i was going to do for this episode was evolving and change so what i’ve realized with the podcast is that i want it to be more of a guide i want it to be that we all come together and learn from each other’s experiences and in the past i’ve talked about words and what they mean and the deeper feeling of it and i think that i had an inkling this was coming because my early episodes this year the grounding episode i did with lisa and breve i did with yvonne and you know i did some really great episodes felt exactly in alignment and then i got distracted and i started just recording stuff about the words again and that that was really powerful for me but i feel like this this podcast needs to kind of be your sherpa the guide the place that you can come to you and get tiny little nuggets and walk away from so i have a couple episodes i’ve pre recorded that i’ve decided not to release because i want to invite people to really just share their journey share their experiences and how they’ve grown from them so that we can all learn from each other and i always offer this if you’re listening and you want to come have a conversation you want to be a part of it where you have some tiny nugget that you think somebody in the world will benefit from i would love for you to come have a conversation you can email me at connect at grounding journey.com or you can go to instagram at grounding underscore journey and messaged me but i would just love to invite you to come have a conversation with me to share your experience because we’re all learning and growing together and i really want this podcast to be about the journey and how we learn from it we grow from it because i have definitely in the eight nine months that i’ve been doing the podcast that i’ve been on this journey i’ve learned from every interaction that i’ve had with people from every guest i’ve learned stuff that i want to do and stuff that i don’t want to do so that’s part of the beauty in the journey is seeing the good and the bad and knowing that it’s not all bad and it’s not all good but there’s definitely a lesson in each element and that’s been really powerful for me lately i feel like i’m rambling a little bit because i’ve just got lots of thoughts that i want to share but the main theme for today is what can you release what can you not hold on to with attachment me Am I past memories that keep flowing up? Me and what I thought this podcast was going to be?

Where can you be more in flow and open to the beauty and the magic of life. Because I believe that being in flow with the podcast and knowing that it’s time to change, it means I’m going to have some other really spectacular conversations and meet some really neat people. So I encourage you today, and the next week to take the time, when an emotion comes up, ask yourself, do I really need to hold on to this? Or is it just something that’s moving through me and being released. And if it is just something being moved through you move your body in that moment, do a squat, put your hand on your belly and your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths? Do something to make sure that it continues moving out, and that you don’t hold on to it? And if you’re not sure if it’s something you need to process or hold on to you take that moment and breathe through it, and envision it moving and allowing it to release out. And then look up your life and see what thoughts what plans what preconceived notions are you holding on to that maybe have served you and it’s time to evolve and change and grow from them. Because it’s every time we grow, we’ve learned we become better. we evolve. And I would love to hear what you’re thinking and what you’re releasing. You’re welcome to join me in the conversation on Instagram or just send me a private message. I’m so grateful every time one of my listeners reaches out because it makes me feel more connected to you and connection is something I’m deeply seeking in it these days. Thanks for listening, I challenge you to release and I look forward to connecting with you as grinding journey continues to allow. Thanks for your time. I’m grateful you’re a part of my journey, and I hope to be a part of yours. Thanks for listening today. If you’re seeking deeper conversations, I invite you to visit my website at grounding journey.com or subscribe to my podcast

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