Unedited transcript – February 2021 – walking with Faith and Grace – Solo


I do not understand at all the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us in the Mott. Thanks for listening today to grounding journey. I’ve been absent for two weeks and wanting to kind of share with you where I am and what I’ve been experiencing, because I feel like I’m not the only one. And the whole point of this podcast is for us to connect. And maybe if you’re feeling like you’re the only one today, hearing this episode, we’ll give you a little more grace for yourself. So the theme for today is going to be grace. Because giving ourselves that grace, that space, when we’re struggling, is so important. And I believe that in finding that grace for ourselves, it strengthens our fate. So for my 39th birthday, I got a tattoo on my right foot that says walking with faith and grace. And it’s on my right foot because I’m always taking the right step forward. And it has reminded me so much and the dark times. And I say the dark times because we’re all in dark times right now. You know, we’ve been quarantined, and the normal has been different for

a year.

And I don’t know about you. But the seclusion of COVID has finally hit me. The rain and the bad weather and the cold and the not getting outside to play has really hit me. And I’m wondering how you’re feeling? How have you been feeling this way for a while? Or are you like me that you’ve given yourself that grace through it all, and it’s finally become so much the last few weeks, as I mentioned that I haven’t recorded podcasts because I’ve just been blue. And I think that’s a better word for what I feel than dark. Because I’ve been through some dark times, I’ve definitely had my dark night of the soul. But what I’m feeling right now is just blue. And it reminds me of the first episode I recorded this year about grounding and how being outside stomping your feet on the ground. Being with plants, you know, anything that we can do to stay grounded in the winter when we’re not outside as much. And so yes, two days ago, I started on my seedlings in the house. Because I’m a huge gardener love my garden, it is my therapy. And it was so nice to feel my fingers in the dirt, even though it was in a big plastic bag. And I was putting it in containers feeling that dirt and feeling connection. And so the whole time I was planting the seeds, I kept saying, today is my favorite day of winter. Because I know Spring is coming. Today is my favorite day of winter, because I know I’m doing my part to help spring calm.

And maybe that’s where I found a little grounding. Maybe it’s in the grace I gave myself of not recording a podcast for two weeks, and not pushing myself and not faking it. And that is something that over the years has really made its impact on me of not faking it anymore, and allowing myself to be where I am instead of pretending to be somewhere else. Because I’ll tell you I was really good. Like we used to make the joke that my family was the queen of denial and not just the river in Egypt. Because we always pretend that everything was good and everything was okay. And and through the spiritual journey I’ve been on in the last years. And I just say here’s Pearl, I have no idea when it began and when it peaked and when it’s where it is. But I’ve really learned the the value of being real, being real with yourself, being real with those who care about you about where you are. I’m actually I’m getting a tattoo next week. And I have to give full credit to rose Kevin’s girlfriend. Because it was her idea. I just have the budget to get it and she’s 19 and doesn’t but I’m getting a bee on my arm. And when she told me she wanted to be I was like, really like, why? because it sounded so random. And she said because it’s everything. It’s Be humble. It’s be present. It’s just be it’s be authentic. It’s It’s everything. Do you want to be of being kind being caring, being compassionate. And so I found this beautiful B and instead of doing an illustration, it looks like a real honeybee. And it’s gonna remind me to be real, to be okay with being blue, and giving myself that grace of. So I don’t record a podcast for two weeks. So I don’t post on social media for two weeks. That’s not where I am right now. And if I was recording, and I was posting and being fake, and that’s not what I want to be. So I’m grateful for the grace that I found myself this week. And I hope that this few minutes of me sharing where I am, and that we’re all struggling, will help you give yourself grace. I thought, an image on social media recently, and it was just a black background, and it said, World War Three is spiritual. And that was just so striking to me. Because there is so much spirituality happening right now. And, you know, I have a good friend who’s always well, these planets are here, and this is what’s happening in your chart. And it does give me comfort, when I know that it’s not made up in my mind. I know that we’re all feeling it. And it’s changing ages, and it’s changing the climate. And, you know, some of us are feeling the pandemic, some of us felt the election change. And it’s bringing us all into this new age, and those of us who are stepping outside of just, it’s a pandemic, and it’s political, and really feeling the spirituality of what’s happening. I think, right now, whether we’re spiritual,


aware, or if we’re just somewhat empathic, we’re feeling all that energy and everything around us. And that’s big, and it feels heavy, and it feels like a lot. And that’s where we have to find that grace. And that’s where I loved this quote of, I do not at all understand the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us. And that that’s what I think we’re being called to right now is to feel that grace, to know that we’re not going to stay here, that allowing ourselves that grace in that space to feel and be will get us where we’re going. That’s just so powerful to me. So if you’re listening and you are feeling alone, and you don’t know the grace, I invite you to reach out to me to email me to message me on Instagram. And let’s connect and let’s support each other through this. Reach out to somebody because we’re all here for each other and we’re all a part of this journey and whether it’s spiritual or not, we’re not alone. And I thank you for listening. I thank you for being a place I can share with an A place that brings me home.

So you can find me if you want to email me at grateful at grounding journey.com because I am so grateful for every connection that I make. With everyone listening, or you can email or excuse me, message me at grounding underscore journey on Instagram. I thank you for your grace with my podcast. I thank you for listening today and listening always. And I hope that I am offering you something in your journey. Thank you for being a part of my journey and I hope to be a part of yours.

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