Cris  0:01  

So normally when I do a podcast, I always meet with a guest before I have them on, and I just was really drawn to you. So I’m like, I’ll just have her on. It’s so funny. Because I do like, I would never, like promote that I do animal communication, but I totally hear certain animals. And you can see My little kitty sitting over here. He was in a really bad accident last year on May 4, that left him blind. And he spent five days in the ICU and the first few days we didn’t think he was going to live. So when you scheduled for May 4, absolutely. I’m supposed to talk to her. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah. So I, I’m excited to have you here. I have your, your kind of questions, or your answers to my questions pulled up. And the way when I originally asked you to be a guest, I was gonna just kind of talk to you about animal communication and your journey through it. And what I’ve decided to do is actually, I’m going to do a whole series of basically modalities. So animal, okay, and hypnotherapy, I have a friend who does Human Design, Reiki crystal healing. And so I was gonna, like, just publish for you this week. But I’m going to start the series in June. So I think I want to use you in that series. Because I think it’s going to be really neat. Grounding journey is all about the journey through spirituality. And it’s just the conversations that we have about it. So I’d really love to kind of dig into I liked that you said, you know, you communicated with animals young and kind of shut it down. And I’d like to just talk about your journey through it and through discovery, and then what you do now. So, you know, we’ll kind of talk about it. I’d love to throw a little bit of like I said, I would never like sout tell people I do. I mean, like I share that I do it, but not be like, Oh, that’s what I do. Write funny stories along the way that I’m like, that was really weird to me. And, you know, my little guy, it’s funny, cuz he’s never inherit Darrin podcast. My dog is always in here. But she left and he came in and I was like, okay, you can be here. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  2:15  

Have any there for a reason? Um, no, I think that is, you know, I just assume that you’ll be, you know, guiding the question. So if I if I get stuck, I mean, I don’t think I get stuck. I talk a lot. Oh, by the way, like, okay, we have to wrap up. But, yeah, no, I think it’s fine. I mean, I’m, I’m used to talking about my journey. And what got me here, because it is, I mean, I think it is typical for a lot of communicators, energy healers, energy workers, that you have kind of like, a starting point, and then it kind of gets squished and then you go on another journey. And then there’s a certain path that life path that takes you back to where you you started back when you were young. So I think it’s some, but it’s Yeah, it’s I think I, I think that I don’t really have any questions. I brought a book. I don’t know, if you told me told me to bring a book to us. What did you bring? Right? It’s new, actually. It’s unblocked by Margaret Lynch, renier. And it’s tapping to unblock your lower chakras because we focus so much on our upper chakras and spirituality that we forget our lower chakras. And sometimes, there’s a lot of stuck emotions from our childhood and from our past. And that’s where your safety and security is in everything. And so it’s a program going through visualizations, and tapping scripts to heal, unblock and heal all these things that kind of come up that you think you assume you’re like, Oh, well, I’m spiritual. And I’m, you know, I’ve been doing all this work. So this is an issue and then you realize, Oh, yeah, there’s some stuff down there. And it’s, it’s really good. And it’s, yeah, it’s, uh, and she just, it just got released. She’s done a lot of other books. She’s pretty well known in the tapping and chakra community. But this one was just released like last month, April. Yeah, literally last like just weeks ago. It was released in April of this year, so she just went with her husband.


Cris  4:23  

It’s called unlocked. Okay, and what’s the author’s name?


Unknown Speaker  4:28  

Mark, do you see it Margaret Lynch, right here. It’s backwards. I just realized, sorry.


Unknown Speaker  4:33  

Now you’re good. My


Unknown Speaker  4:35  

my camera’s flipped because I tend to point when I’m talking to people to pictures on my wall or dogs behind me and I always when it was clipped the other way. I was always pointing in the wrong direction and it annoyed me. So my camera’s flipped. Yeah, Margaret Lynch ring yr, r a n, e r e.


Unknown Speaker  4:56  

Usually I’m doing things on zoom with dogs. So I’m always I don’t know. Show things that are written. I was like, I need to flirt with him.


Unknown Speaker  5:05  

Yeah, it makes total sense. Um, I’m super excited that that’s the book he chose. It sounds like, I’m actually pulling Amazon up right now. Like, I know that


Unknown Speaker  5:16  

there’s a lot of classics, and I thought, Oh, you know, there’s so many, like, Good old, like books that I rely on and that I read a lot. But they’ve been around for a while. And I was like, oh, maybe people have already talked about them. So. And this one, I kind of just jumped into it. And I was like, Oh, this is actually really, it’s helpful. And then it’s also relevant, um, you know, Shockers and tapping and spirituality. And so it’s really, it’s a great one. And her scripts are pretty amazing. So so they’re all the scripts are written in there. And, and the visualization, she takes you through the visualizations. And if you get the audio version, she reads them to you, obviously. So obviously, with the visualizations written, you have to like, you know, read it ahead, and then close your eyes and do it. But But yeah, it’s a it’s pretty amazing, because I’ve done hypnotherapy, and I’ve done, you know, releasing childhood trauma and all that stuff. Because there’s so everybody has garbage. It brought up more, which was good. I was like, oh, there’s still some, there’s still some stuff there. Sorry. Good. It’s really, it’s really, it’s a really, I was really impressed with it. I’ve never tried tapping a visualization just through reading. So I was I was really impressed with it.


Cris  6:33  

Well, I love that too. Because one of the one of the modalities I’m going to do is tapping. So this will lead right to her episode. So I mean, like, you are already here with me before I even got here. You know,


Unknown Speaker  6:48  

I’m excited.


Unknown Speaker  6:49  

I do tapping on animals as well. Nice. Okay, we’ll have this one about. Yeah, because I don’t just do communication. I do communication as an entry into energy healing. And energy healing is a mixture of hands on and, and non hands on work. So I do medical intuition and tapping and scalar wave and quantum healing. A lot of energy stuff.


Unknown Speaker  7:18  

Awesome. Tell me how to pronounce her name. Corinne?


Cris  7:23  

Korean. Okay. I was not reading it. I was reading it as Cory and I’m like, that’s not what it is.


Unknown Speaker  7:29  

No, Corinne. Yeah, I’m so excited. I’ve never heard of this book. And as soon as we get off, I’m going to order it because it’s good. It’s good. You’ll enjoy it. Yeah.


Cris  7:42  

Okay. Well, I’m so glad you brought it. Thank you so much. And what we’ll do is record the full episode. And though we’ll like officially end it all talk for a minute or two, kindness, whatever you want to say. And then we’ll record the bonus episode. And then the episode is where we’ll talk about the book and that book. Yeah, I’m not super strict about this timing, because I just kind of feel like it’s however the conversation flows. Most of my full length episodes are 35 to 45 minutes long. I’ve had ones that I cut off at an hour, and I’ve had some that are, you know, 23 minutes, so we just kind of play with the natural part of the conversation. And I try to have the bonus episodes, five to 15 minutes. With me not having read the book. It, it makes it a little bit shorter. But I may ask questions, and it’s a topic that I know a lot about. So we may just talk a lot about the topic too. So I have had some bonus episodes that are 35 minutes long, because there’s a lot to say about the book in the conversation. Are you on any timeframes today?


Unknown Speaker  8:43  

I have two hours with you. And then I have another thing we run over two hours that weren’t my podcast is in trouble.


Cris  8:56  

And so the way I also will do it, is I will pre record the intro after we do the episode, so that I can really give it a good justice cuz I used to record stuff and then the conversation goes somewhere completely different. So right, we’re going to just kind of jump right into I’ve already introduced you, I’m going to start like I’ll read your formal introduction, as in my pre recorded part. So we’re gonna jump into the like, I’m glad you’re here. I’ve read who you are, but now tell me who you are. And that can be whatever you want to tell us about you. That’s, you know, heart stuff, who you are. And then we’ll just kind of start talking about your journey. Okay, okay.


Unknown Speaker  9:37  

So the beginning that is just kind of talking about anything that just comes to mind, like where I started or do you just want to know who I am now.


Cris  9:45  

When I say Who are you like to me? That’s the Like, who do your friends see? Who do you see when you you know, like, are you really here, not just like your formal bio, cuz I’ll introduce you. But then I like it. Like if you’re sitting down for a cup of tea with the first time you’re really sitting with your girlfriend, who are you going to say you are, you know, like, Who do you think you are? Okay. Yeah, because I like it just to be real and like, who we are kind of a thing.


Unknown Speaker  10:12  

Okay. Sounds good.


Cris  10:14  

Any questions? No, I don’t think so. And it’s Korean. Right. Am I saying that? Right? Green? Korean. Okay. I felt like I was like, I forgot already. Korean. Okay, sorry about that. I’ll correct you and you have to edit it out. We, we so my personal business is I in a creative agency. So we do podcast production. And so that’s why I started a podcast was to really learn what our clients were doing and what they were experiencing. And so we had a client recently, she got, she went through the whole introduction and got through like the first five minutes of the episode, and she’s like, Oh, my gosh, I introduced you with the wrong person. And I’ve been calling you the wrong name the whole time. And, like, you do that, like, how do you not stop and go? That’s not me.


Unknown Speaker  11:04  

Yeah, I would think that the guests would be like, yeah, that’s you’re talking about the wrong person, we should send that letter to someone who’s really like, they were very polite. They didn’t want to be rude.


Cris  11:15  

I know. I was just like, wow, okay. So yes, if you’re ready, we’ll get started. Okay, sure. Okay, awesome. So I’m so excited to have you here. I think talking about animals and animal communication and your journey, it’s near and dear to my heart. And I really am so excited. I think our listeners are going to really enjoy that today. So I know I’ve given the formal introduction of what you do who you are, but I’d really love to know like, Who are you really who’s inside of you.


Unknown Speaker  11:47  

So, FAQ. Thank you for having me. I, I guess I would say so I am a multi lingual, multicultural, open minded adventurer. I’ve lived in many countries all over the world. I currently live in France, in southern France. And I have grown up all over the world. And I think it created kind of like a little bit of a of a gypsy personality, and very open minded to, to to all people to all cultures to all genders, sexualities, I’m just a really open person who just enjoys meeting all different types of people. And feel like I’m in a very compassionate, I obviously have a great love for nature and every everything that’s living all animals and want to save them all. And, you know, just love spending time in nature and being around animals and communing with them. And just being on this wonderful big blue ball.


Cris  13:06  

I love that. I love that you use the word Gypsy, cuz I love to think I have a little Gypsy spirit. And me too. And it’s funny, the last couple of people I’ve had on the podcast, have all been travelers, and I’m searching each traveler, actually, like we’re recording. And we’ll release it in June. But my husband and my son and I are all even for Peru for two weeks. And like four days. Oh, so when you said travel lots of countries. I’m like, this is becoming really my circle again of where I’m meeting all these great travelers. So I love that you’re in France, how long have you been in France?


Unknown Speaker  13:41  

We’ve been in France for 17 years now. Okay, so and before then we we came over from California. But I’ve lived all over the world. I’ve lived in Germany, I’ve lived in Turkey. I’ve lived, you know, all over France in the UK. And in all over the US actually probably in at least half the states I’ve lived in. So um, and then always in travelled all over the world as well. But I’ve lived in many, many locations. So yeah. Eternal Oh, crap,


Cris  14:14  

we’ll have to have you back when I do my travel series because they’re, you know, I’m doing the modality series and then I’m doing a travel series. So we’ll have to talk to us about where you traveled and your favorite places. But today we’re here to talk about animal communication. And I love that in my normally on my podcast recently, I should say not normally but recently my dog faith has made appearances on every episode, so we’ll see if we make it through this one without her making her day or her her shared conversation with us. But today I’m joined by Tom Cat. And anybody who follows me on instagram will see I share about my animals periodically. And what I loved about and I shared this with you before we got started but I just want to share the synchronicity because I think Our journeys are all so much filled with synchronicity. Today, it’s a Tom, Tom Cat. He’s 11. He is our son’s cat. He we’ve had him since he was four weeks old. And he was in a really bad incident today, a year ago. And so what I loved when I was interested in talking with you, I just invited you to schedule a call instead of kind of going through the full process because I thought it’d be really nice to chat. And I loved that use did not know and you scheduled for today. And when I look at the clock, it’s about the time we found him. So I think it’s very, like I said, there’s a lot of synchronicity in the universe when we just kind of open to it. And Tom’s never in here, what I’m recording, and if you can see the video, he’s like sacked out on the soul behind me. And I’m just so grateful. He’s still here with us, the incident did leave him blind. And we he that was probably two days that we didn’t know if he was going to make it. And then he rallied like a champ. And I’m so grateful, because I didn’t want his story to end the way it had, it would have you know, and now he’s more lovey and more snuggly and more vocal, and it’s amazing how he’s adapted to being blind. So that’s been, you know, my recent journey with our animals, but you have a neat story about how you were open to animal communication young and it shut down on you. And I think that happens to a lot of us. So let’s dig into what it was like as a kid. Because I’m sure there’s a lot of us who didn’t, you know, we have a lot of abilities as kids because we don’t know we’re not supposed to. And that’s kind of what you’ve expressed with us. So talk to me about what it was like, as a kid you can communicate with animals.


Unknown Speaker  16:41  

Sure, well, actually, it’s nothing special. All of us can communicate with animals. We, you know, animals communicate with words, pictures, and thoughts, and feelings. And we do as well. But the problem is because we develop language, we end up relying on language, and we end up not using our other senses. But we all have this ability, it’s just kind of been hidden and pushed down. But with with practice, everybody can communicate with animals. And so when I was little, I was always surrounded by animals I had, I was an only child. I’m very drawn to animals and bugged my parents constantly, until they just kind of let me have as many as I wanted, as long as I took care of all of them. So my room did turn into a little bit of a petting zoo. And I would spend my time because I was an only child, and I was an introvert as well. So I didn’t have a lot of friends. I spent all my time just having conversations with them and talking to them and finding out what they wanted. And to me, it was completely normal. But then what happened and what is happens to so many young children is the people that are around you, your family and teachers and everything else. start telling you, you know, Oh, that’s cute, but you know, that’s just in your mind, or you’re just making things up. That’s just, you know, it’s just to keep you entertained, and that sort of thing. And I started to realize that, oh, gosh, people think I’m weird. And I was already an introvert and very self conscious. And so on top of that, when people were kind of telling you, no, no, no, you shouldn’t be doing that. That’s really weird. Stop talking to animals, why don’t you go out and make some friends? I did, as so many children do and just said, Well, maybe maybe it is in my head and pushed it aside. But always, with that extreme need to be near animals and so drawn to them. So I did, again, what a lot of children do in that situation is say, Okay, well, maybe I want to be a veterinarian, or maybe I want to do so I kind of went the left brain route. And, you know, just kind of studied animals and went to university to to be a veterinarian and found out I couldn’t do that because I was too much of an Azure. I once I realized that, oh, you have to hurt them, you know, and then sometimes they die. And I was like, Oh yeah, I can’t do this. So I veered off and went more into research, and genetics and nutrition and very left brain. And then for Gosh, around 20 years, always followed this path of being around animals working in and around animals, but always very left brain science related. So you know, dog training, were breeding or working on a farm when I wasn’t vegan. And, and learning behavior and all those things, and every time going well, this is nice, and I love being around animals. But this isn’t it, and then I change and then this went on for at least 20 years and And then at some point, and I think it was just my path to take, I needed to have all these lessons. And I think I also needed to have all the learning that I had to get where I am today. Um, I had one of my dogs at four years old, got lymphoma, after she got her recall vaccine. And the vet confirmed to me that it was directly related to her getting vaccinated. And that was just like a huge shock to my system. And so then I started down the natural path, and I started going, Okay, well, what’s going on? Everything I’ve learned doesn’t make any sense anymore. This strict left brain science is failing me, I have a very young dog who’s dying. This isn’t right, this isn’t normal. And I was following what science says and what the vet say.


Unknown Speaker  20:55  

So I put back on my learning cap, went back to school and learned everything I could about natural wellness, about feeding my animals naturally, about chemicals in the environment, about what pesticides to do about where we lived, and what was going on, you know, in the grass that my dogs were munching on. And, and then learning all about homeopathy and herbs and alternative medicine and things that were much kinder to the body and weren’t constantly assaulting them finding out about titers instead of vaccinations, you know, learning about massage therapy and acupressure and all the alternative modalities, which I had kind of been close to because I was like, Oh, no, you know, I have to be this science left brain person. So that was kind of my intermediate path to really opening up spiritually. And that went on for several years. And so then I was coaching people and telling people how to take care of their pets naturally, and trying to get the word out that over vaccination is dangerous, you know, and, and here’s what you can do, you know, you can titer test and here’s how you can, if your dog needs to go to the vet here are things that you can put in place to help protect the microflora and help protect their system if they’re on antibiotics, and etc. So that went on for a while. And then I got to a point because I was kind of in this intermediate stage between very left brain science and more right brain, spirituality, and really going more into intuitive stuff. So it’s kind of one foot in the door and one foot out. And I got to a point in my life that I’ve never been religious, my family’s not religious, my mother’s actually really anti religious. You know, and she’s, like, all, you know, like, that’s evil. And so that’s kind of how I was indoctrinated, like, Oh, it’s bad, and it only produces bad things. And so up to me, spirituality was just like, you know, one step towards Catholicism. So I was very aware of it, but I got to a point in my life, when I turned 50, about when I turned 50, that something just clicked in my mind. And I said, You know, I need to explore my spirituality and, and what else is out there and I started feeling like, there was more that, that the universe was bigger than, than I imagined it and that there was more out there than then in my little left brain box, or what I could see in front of my face. So I started doing a lot of self development, meditation, a lot of self hypnosis, and a lot of work on on myself, and allowing my intuition to develop and, and just being open to things that couldn’t be proven to me, and just and just seeing where it took me. And it was during this evolution of my life that I was in a self hypnosis. And I was in my, my mind laboratory, I was in you know, and just kind of focusing and, and working on myself and on positivity and things that I wanted law of attraction, that sort of thing. And all of a sudden, I just got this really, really strong, energetic download is all I can call it. I just felt heat come into me, come out my hands. And very strongly, I just felt so hot. And I was uncomfortable. I tried to open my eyes and I couldn’t I was really in it. I was just like, was like no, you need to listen right now. And I very clearly heard you are meant to heal animals with your energy and I woke up Why didn’t wake up, I wasn’t asleep. But I opened my eyes, I was able to open my eyes and I sat there and I thought, I need to follow this, this this means something, I don’t know what it means I had never done a little communication, I’d never hired a communicator, I didn’t believe in it. I was, you know, that was just not in my was not in my wheelhouse. And I thought I miss need to follow this was too strong. I need to listen to what is coming into me and I just need to follow it. But I wasn’t going to force it. I thought, Okay, I think given a sign all Now look, and if something comes to me, then I’ll know. And two days later, I kid you.


Unknown Speaker  25:41  

on my computer, I opened my computer, I had not done any searches for animal communication, energy healing. And this person appeared. I don’t know how she appeared. She appeared in my feed on Facebook, I didn’t know her I’d never heard of her. And she had a school for animal communication and energy healing. And I felt drawn to her immediately. And I said, I need to get in touch with this person right now. And I contacted her. And I explained what was going on. And she felt exceptionally drawn to me. And she said, this is where you meant to be this is your dharma. And without even hesitating, and I just jumped in to work with her. And she became my mentor, someone who had been doing this for 30 years. And and she just said, this comes so naturally to you, you have this natural gift, and you need to follow this, this is really important. And I 100% was like yes, this is finally where I was meant to be. It was finally where I thought, you know, this is animal related. And I don’t have that. But I’m not sure if this is right. It just was like, it just sat with me. And to the point where a lot of people who go into communication and healing at first feel uncomfortable telling people, and especially someone like me, who so left brain and has a lot of science related friends. I didn’t have that. I just went out and said, This is what I’m doing now. And I felt so comfortable in it. And it was like, No, this is who I’ve always it was I’ve always been this person, this person was just hidden, and pushed aside. And, and I had recently had a talk with my aunt. And she said, Don’t you know, you’ve always been able to communicate with animals? And I said no. And she said, Well, I knew it. And she said, You’ve done things. And she brought up situations where and I don’t remember them that as an adult, I went and talked to a friend of hers. Animals, that they were having a difficult situation and not getting along. And then afterwards, they got along and I said I don’t remember these, these situations you’re talking about. And she remembered them because they really were she said I was so struck by what you were doing that they it’s always stayed with me. But I apparently at that point in time in my life wasn’t ready to see through my own eyes what I was doing, and so I have no recollection of what I did. And so now I you know, because I love learning I know and continuing education and I continue to hone my skills but now I do communication not only with living animals but with animals who have passed with lost animals. I do medical intuition for people who are the vet is stumped and or there’s something they can’t figure out what’s wrong with their animal I can do medical scans now and and and do energy healing with many different modalities tapping and enhance on energy work using universal energy and different acupressure and all different types of of energetic and healing modalities that really is what I meant to do. And communication is essential to do that because you need to talk to the animal to find out where to start and and what is bothering them and where to look and and what’s going on emotionally and physically in their life. To help you on the path instead of just going in blindly and hoping that your energy goes where it needs to go. So that is my that’s my journey.


Cris  29:48  

Well, I love that you and thank you for sharing it with us. It was there were so many elements of it, that I think were just interesting to kind of dig into about how you were so left brain And we hold on to that. And you said, you needed to open to things that couldn’t be proven to you. And I thought that was great, because that’s such a leap of faith, to let go of everything you’ve been taught everything that everybody around you is agreeing with, and just being open to something you can’t prove. And that that was really neat to me that like, that was one of the comments, you said that I wrote down, and that you, then you knew you were being called to something with animals, and digging into that searching for it, because I think that’s a huge part of every journey is being okay, and that fate of it doesn’t have to be proven to me, but I feel that calling. And I think that’s really neat that you’ve experienced that. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  30:51  

and I think everybody has a soul contract, and everybody is put on this planet to to do certain things. But some people find out very young, and start on their path very young, and others, like, like myself, have to take a very windy road. And, you know, I guess I’m a Beatles fan, you know, Long and Winding Road. And, and follow, and I think that for me, um, I needed to do all the other things, because they now actually help, I can now help my clients even more, because depending on what I find, I then have those other tools in my toolbox. If needed, to say, well, maybe you should look into this, or maybe you should try this. So I think that for my particular path, that’s what I needed to do. And I mean, it took a long time, I’m in my 50 153 now. So it took me, you know, 50 years to get to where I was supposed to go. But I don’t have any regrets. Because I feel like this is the journey that I was supposed to take. And I’ve now landed in the in the exact spot that I needed to land in to be able to do the work that I was put on this planet to do. And I wouldn’t have been prepared 10 or 15 years ago to do that.


Cris  32:20  

Well, and I think that using the analogy of the long and windy road, because now remember if I had a conversation, or if this was a podcast that we released, but there’s that, you get stuck, and you’re like, Oh, I’m not on my path. And I’m not doing I’m supposed to do. But you’re a perfect example of sometimes our path isn’t a straight line, you know, every element that you go is part of your path, even though it doesn’t always feel like it’s getting you somewhere, it’s that experience. It’s that tool for your toolbox. It’s whatever it you’re gathering from that as long as you’re not numb to seeing what you’re learning, like, yeah, you can be off because you didn’t pay attention. And you were just nose down, too worried about that you weren’t on your path that you didn’t learn the lesson. But even that part of the experience is part of your path, because you eventually come around to it. So I think that and I also Oh, sorry, go ahead. No, go ahead.


Unknown Speaker  33:18  

No, and I was just gonna say, I also think that sometimes if we’re searching too hard, we want the doors won’t open. Because we want it too badly. And I found that for me, when I let go of that need when I let go have that need to know what am I supposed to do that at that point when I was just accepting, okay, if something comes, it will come and it will come when it’s meant to be. And that’s really at the point in my life, where things did start to appear and start to change because I I let go of that of that need about it even though you know you call it a need it’s actually resistance in a way because you want it so badly that you’re holding on too tight. Um, and and it’s almost like you know, you’re pushing a door that has a doorstop or on the other side and you can’t get it open because you want it so badly. And in reality all you need to do is pull the door into the push, you know? Yeah, and I think that


Cris  34:23  

yeah, I think we I did I did do an episode recently that we talked about surrender, and it was a great conversation because we say so often let go let go. And that just feels to like the more you say let go the more you hold on tight and you constrict but that surrender of just like, okay, I don’t know what this is leading me to and it sounds a lot like what you did is you knew you were supposed to be in some platform with animals. So you just kept exploring and digging in, but feeling that call and not holding on to one I’m supposed to be a veterinarian, or I’m supposed to do this, or I’m supposed to do that with animals. And you are really in flow. And maybe sometimes when we’re in flow, it doesn’t feel like we’re flowing. But very rocky flow sometimes. Yeah, you’re in the rapids. But there’s definitely that flow and surrender is how the long and winding road becomes


Unknown Speaker  35:23  

an interesting song, you know? Exactly, exactly. And I think a lot of the different side paths that I took some of them that really didn’t add anything to my toolbox. Many did, but some didn’t. And I think those were moments where I was like, I need to work with animals. Let me see. Let me look at the list of animal related jobs. Oh, I’ll try this. And those were always the worst ones. Because I was then just, you know, hunting and pecking and trying so hard to find what I was supposed to be doing that those were actually ended up being the the worst side journeys in the sense that I didn’t really get anything out of them. And I couldn’t, I can’t even say that those really advanced me on my path. And it was definitely more when I just kind of went with it and said, Oh, I’ll try this. But the flow definitely happened at the moment the most and opened up this journey, this current iteration of my life, when I really completely surrendered and said, Okay, I don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing. If I’m meant to be doing something with animals, it will appear when it’s supposed to appear, and I just completely let go. And that that’s that day, is when the door just flew open.


Cris  36:47  

And I think that that’s something we all have to get to that point where we’re ready to surrender, where we’re ready to say, Okay, I don’t know, what’s best for me, God, universe, higher power, lead me. And so you say it was that day? And we all I think, I don’t want to say we all but I think there is the opportunity that we have that moment. And sometimes we see it. And we’re like, oh, yeah, that was that moment. And sometimes it just happens. And we miss seeing it, but it still happens. So what do you use to support yourself to stay in that space of surrender to stay in that space of flow? Does that make sense to ask? Yeah, yeah, well, I mean, I have a very


Unknown Speaker  37:33  

strong, large self care routine, that really, I focus on daily and I never miss no matter what, even if I’m sick, or busy. I give myself a certain amount of time every morning, and I will not start my day until I do this certain routine to just ground myself reconnect with Pachamama Mother Earth. And, and feel the roots at the bottom of my feet and clear off any energies that aren’t mine. And let them go back into the earth and transform so I’m not carrying other people’s energies or any negative energy that attached to me the previous day. because that tends to then influence who we are, how we go forward in that day. I clear my chakras and I and I also go into self hypnosis and just ground calm and, and connect with my spirit guides who I have been able to meet. They were gracious enough to, to introduce themselves to me, I have four of them. And so I sit with them every morning as well. And ask if there’s anything I need to know for that day or any guidance or downloads that I need and and I just kind of go through this every morning and I live with city I live with my husband as well, but I live with six dogs, I was gonna say I live with six dogs and I thought that that would be not to mention I am first. Um, but my dogs will come and and they know and they will meditate with me or they will try to get me to put my hands on them if they need energy. And so they partake in this in this ritual that I have every morning and my husband knows the doors close to the bedroom, don’t go in and bother Corrine. She’s in her place. And and I found that that and then I also have a gratefulness journal. Once I’m done with all my rituals, I do write three things every morning that I’m grateful for. And it could be really simple things like I look out the window and I see a beautiful, puffy cloud or I look over the mountains because I’m We live in the Pyrenees, and I see the snow on the mountain. And that brings me joy, or, or bird flies by or, you know, grateful for my dogs or for for having a roof over my head, warm water, you know really simple things, but things that bring me bring me joy. And an IF during the day I find that I’m having because we all do, you know, we try to stay in a good zone, but we have life and things happen, and I get frustrated or whatever. And so to bring me back and lift my positivity, I go on a rampage of appreciation, where I just will sit and look around. And even if I’m in my office, and I’ll just look and go, I love my, my plant is so beautiful. Look at how much she’s growing. She makes me so happy. And oh, look at this beautiful picture that someone drew for me of my beloved pet who’s no longer and I just keep looking around and finding gratitude and appreciation for you know, I’m so grateful that I have a pen here that has ink in it that I can write my notes down. And I do it until I feel my energy and my vibration come back up. And then I continue my day, I never try to stay longer than a few seconds in a low vibrational state. And I find it


Unknown Speaker  41:27  

It helps me with my flow, it helps keep my creativity and my intuitive abilities open. And it also is really great for relationships because we rarely fight anymore. Because I if I feel that I’m annoyed or he’s annoyed with me, I just start appreciating things around me or even him and it passes so quickly. So relationship advice, go on a rampage of appreciation, if you have an argument with your husband, or significant other not necessarily husband, but partner life partner. It works wonders and and I found that the more I really keep myself in this state, the more doors open for me as far as business opportunities arrive at my doorstep that that I can’t even imagine. And, and life just flows easily. And I my creative juices flow. And my intuition is so much stronger my abilities, my communication abilities, my energy, my energy is so much more powerful. As long as I keep you know, I have to keep this ritual. I find it really important. So


Cris  42:42  

Well, I’d love to hear the things. I mean, I loved everything you said. But to the things that really stuck out for me is that you said your animals calm and the room that you’re in that I can see you in right now. Is that where you do your daily practice? No, this is my It’s okay. Well, it’s funny because it’s an unusual blue because obviously audio listeners can’t hear it. But that’s the same color is my Zenden. And so when you got out with me, I’m like, Oh, that’s like I’ve never seen anybody have that pink color. And whenever I’m on a zoom call, people are like, Oh, I love that color.


Unknown Speaker  43:14  

But my No, this is


Unknown Speaker  43:17  

my this is also where I do my healings and my communication. So I needed to create a space that just felt very welcoming and warm. And I look forward to coming into this space. Obviously, this is my office because my computer is here as well. But I have, you know specific types of plants, we have very specific artwork, and things that that just keep me in a in a really Zen place. And this color I was I was drawn to this color, even though it’s not ideal for zoom, because it’s very dark. So I have to use a lot of lighting. But that wasn’t my primary reason for putting this color on the walls. But I think that’s important to you. I think your space is so important. It affects your energy. It does.


Cris  44:17  

Well I know because my office used to be and I’m you when you see me looking, it’s because I’m looking into that other room. My office used to be in that room and this was our dining room. And that we’d lived here like eight years and eaten in here once so I finally told my husband, you know, I need my computer out of my yoga space so that they’re separated. And so now I have my Zen den, which is my yoga, my meditation area and then my office is across the hall from it. But the minute and you know I sometimes do go a day or two without going in and doing yoga meditation. I’ll meditate in bed before I get up instead of coming downstairs. But my cat The minute I walk in there now remember he’s blind. He can’t see me. He has really great hearing though. And I think that he knows the moment that energy starts flowing, because he’ll come in, and he doesn’t sleep in there, because I’ve got a couch in there, and he’ll sleep in there all day, if I’ve been in there doing yoga and meditation, but if I haven’t done it that day, he’ll sleep in my office, or he’ll sleep in my son’s room or something. But he definitely, you know, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come out of meditation, and he’s in my lap, you know, and I didn’t even know, he came in. And, and I love that when you talk about your animals, because he is definitely a cat who loves Reiki and he will come ask for it.


Unknown Speaker  45:34  

Well, there’s so um, animals are so intuitive, naturally, and also have much big, much bigger Auric fields than we do, and feel energy, a lot more than we do. And actually, to the point where any energy modality that requires forcing of energy, which is sometimes required with humans, because we tend to block up, we tend to identify with our problems, like, I am a person who has migraines, or I am a person who has cancer, we become that identity. And because of that, we tend to, even though if consciously want to heal, sometimes, subconsciously, we don’t, because it would change your identity. So we tend to have certain energy modalities for humans are a little bit more forceful in the pushing of energy. And you can’t do that with animals, they will leave the room because their energy is so open, and they’re so accepting of it, that if you try to force it into them, it’s actually a repellent. So they like the the milder, calmer, Kinder energy modalities. And meditation is a form and you’re not necessarily thinking I’m transmitting energy, but it’s just part of the meditation and animals are naturally drawn to that. And I’ve always told people even before I was in communication, meditate with your animals leave the door ajar, and allow them to kind of don’t force them. But leave it open and allow them to come in if they want. certain animals need will actually climb up in your lap and want to be right up against others will just lay in your general area in the room, but they all just relax, and they absorb it and they love it. And I think it’s so good. It really deepens the relationship that you have with pets. And it’s passive. It’s not anything that you have to force or try and train. It’s so natural for them. And I think meditation is one area where we just kind of let our guard down and let our blocks down. Because we’re just in this zone. And because of that, then the energy just flows and they feel it and they just, they love it. And it’s I think it’s beautiful. And it’s it’s it’s like a way of proving that energy exists, and that they can feel it because why would they be drawn to you if you’re just sitting there because you can sit on the couch and watch TV and they’re not necessarily drawn to lay on your come near you. Because that’s not a meditative calm, you know, you have monkey mind going on, you’re watching and you’re thinking, but as soon as you let go of all this, this thought and kind of go into neutral, then then all of a sudden, the animals are drawn to you, even animals in the wild. I’ve had birds come and land on me, you know, when you know, situations that you go, that’s not possible. And and then I think I am Dr. Doolittle, you know, I knew


Unknown Speaker  48:58  

everyone told me I was crazy, but I knew it. The first time my husband saw it, he said, What do you do? I said, I’m not doing it. But I love that.


Cris  49:10  

My first husband cuz I as I mentioned, you know, I kind of dabble just a little bit like it’s never intentional. But I think when you’re talking about gratitude, I often just have this dialogue going on in my head because it’s a better dialogue than the monkey mind. And so I’ll see birds and I’m like, Oh, hello, beautiful bird or Hello, pretty horse. And we were at an event. And it was a historical reenactment. And they were on the field, and the horse was facing away from me. So I was at the backside of the horse. And I was just like, these are such beautiful horses and I’m having this dialogue in my head with myself about the horse. And the horse literally like jumps and flips 180 degrees and looking at me and this crowd of 300 people and my first husband’s like, Are you talking to the horse again? He’s like, stop, somebody is going to get hurt. So I totally relate to you saying that you know what I was just like, okay. But it’s fun. It’s


Unknown Speaker  50:10  

wonderful when you get that it’s wonderful. I think it’s a wonderful confirmation of what you always thought, in your mind. what’s possible. And then when you have an interaction like that, you go. Okay, yeah, I have confirmation. This is, this isn’t in my head. This is real.


Cris  50:31  

Well, and I think that ties in where you said in the very beginning, that everybody has the ability, and it ties in, you’re talking about gratitude, because I’m not trying to communicate with animals. But I’m trying to show gratitude and appreciation for them and not get stuck in the monkey mind. And you’ll get those. And this is where I think you have to be open to like, the the sound that you hear back of like, Hi. isn’t just your mind being crazy? It is.


Unknown Speaker  51:00  

It isn’t. Yeah,


Cris  51:02  

I think it’s a little we


Unknown Speaker  51:04  

always think so we always think, Oh, you know, I’m just making this up. But once you let that go, and you realize, because sometimes you get things that, you know, that don’t make any sense. And like the other day, I spoke to a cat. And the person told me it’s a street cat that is really small, and really frail and has a lot of injuries. And the woman said, you know, he’s so unusual, because he’s really small, he’s really handicapped. But I put him in with the colony of cats, who normally don’t like new cats and will hiss and fight. And he goes up to every one of the cats and puts his nose on their nose and gives them a little kiss. And the cats don’t do anything. So she wants to know more about him. And I talked to him. And he told me that he was there to teach them peace, he was the peacemaker, and that his name was plasma. Now, where am I going to get that from? I looked up online afterwards, I said, What does that even mean? And I couldn’t find anything. And so I thought, I’m just going to tell her. And she said, Oh, that’s so interesting. And as she was talking to me, he came into the room and sat on her. And she said, Padma, and he looked right into her eyes. And I said, that’s his name, I said, and since then she’s told me that he comes when she calls that name. And before he didn’t come to her. So, um, you know, that’s another confirmation. You know, I think that sometimes we’ve had a very deep voice like I saw him, he felt like a little tiny Indian man to me with the could really was so cute and positive. Makes sense. It’s kind of it. I mean, it sounds kind of like it could be Indian. I don’t know what it is. Yeah. But, um, but yeah, and so I think that, you know, at first we we go, so left brain and we hear things and that’s something that when you when you practice, animal communication, that all the teachers that are out there that because there’s many now the teacher will say, is just right, what you hear, because it’s real. And you just because at first you say, Oh, you know, I’m making this up, and then you start getting confirmation that, you know, from owners or other people’s, you know, they will say, Oh, yeah, can you just describe my, my animal so perfectly? Or Oh, that makes so much sense. And, and you and you build your confidence that way? Because we’ve been told for so long that we make things up the things you know, it’s Yeah, it’s your imagination. How many times have we heard that growing up? It’s just your imagination. And in reality, it’s not why would you make something up like that it wouldn’t make you know, that there’s no reason for you to make something up like that. But we’ve been told and indoctrinated into this. It’s just your imagination for so long that we’ve now automatically that’s the first thing that our brain goes to is, you know, you this, this is not real, you’re making it up. And in reality, we need to let that go. And, and just flow with it. And amazing things happen. And the conversations are fantastic. Yeah, absolutely. It sounds great.


Cris  54:24  

I definitely have a dog, I need you to talk to you. Because you know, it’s funny. We have two dogs and a cat and the cat and my dog I chat with all the time and my husband says that my dogs so easy, even he can hear her. But we have another dog who we love. Oh my gosh, we love Rex so much. But we’re pretty sure Rex isn’t his name and he doesn’t speak English.


Unknown Speaker  54:49  

You call him he doesn’t come and we actually make the joke that it’s kind of like in the movie. Men in Black how there’s that little alien but he’s got a whole body. And so yeah, save it. Rex is there’s an alien and Rex’s head and he’s just here observing and a dog body.


Unknown Speaker  55:06  

Who knows, you know? Who knows? Well, I have one that’s actually she’s a funny story I saw I have six Australian shepherds. And I love Aussies. And one of them, her name is hexy. And she’s nine now. And I’ve always felt she’s kind of a loner, she doesn’t really get along, and she gets along with two of the other dogs. She’s very particular. And now that I can communicate, well, I’ve always been able to communicate now that I know that I can talk to her. Every day, she comes to me, and she says, So when are we getting rid of the other dogs? And I tell her hexy I love you. And there’s plenty of things that I can modify in your life if you want, but that is not one of them. And so in, in my classes, we meet once a week, and we exchanged we have we exchange dogs, and every single person that has talked to hexy, the very first day, they always tell me, well, I’m really confused, because you have a lot of dogs. But the very first thing hexie told me was I want to be alone. And I was like, yeah, that’s hexy every single person. So if that’s not confirmation of how important that is to her, and I feel terrible, because I’m like, this will never happen in your life. She gets an E for effort, because she tells me at least once a day. So when is it going to be and I’m like, never. Sorry. Are you nervous? Sorry. But on top of it, she’s one of the older ones. So it’s like, she literally will be never because, um, you know, the younger ones are gonna outlive This is Yeah. I feel bad. But I mean, but at the same time, she doesn’t want to leave us because they did ask her that. Do you want another home? And she’s like, No, I want you but I only want you. It’s like, well,


Unknown Speaker  57:06  

it’s not Yeah, sweetheart.


Unknown Speaker  57:08  

So it’s fun. Because sometimes you get these really, you know, you end up learning, even though you know your own animals. There’s certain things about them, that little quirks or personality points that are just so much more fun when you can actually have a conversation with them. And you really get to it, it helps also when you have issues if you have compatibility issues or behavioral problems or even physical problems I had one of my girls last week went into renal failure, acute renal failure. After a tick bite, we have a tick borne disease over here that think it’s babesia. In the states in France, it’s called Pyro plasmosis. And it goes in the parasite goes into the red blood cells and multiplies and then they burst. And so they end up in renal failure and anemia, and a lot of them can die. And as you I was taking him to the vet. First I did a medical scan on her and I felt stickiness in her blood. So I knew that there was something going on with her blood. And I told me that, you know, take a blood sample and look because there’s something go it’s in her blood, something all I have, all I knew was that she had a high fever. And she was really out of it. I hadn’t found a checkmark. So I didn’t know it was that. But on the way to the vet, I communicate with her. And I said, Izzy, is this your time? And she said no. She said, I’m courageous. And I’m strong. And I’ll make it through this. And that is so reassuring as a pet owner, to have that confirmation when you truly believe it. Because I would have not slept that night. I had to leave her on IV fluids in the in the emergency room. And in the past that just meant sleepless nights and panic and worry and wondering what’s going on. And here I was like, I can sleep. I know she’s fine. And I ran energy to her and I knew she was going to be fine. And it was because I was able to talk to her. And so I think it’s you know, I think it’s it’s so important because it really helps reassure us and if she told me it was time, I think I would have been able then to also process it that okay, her soul contract is done and she’s done on this. on this planet, she has other work to do, but it wasn’t her time, which I’m so grateful for. And she’s back home and doing wonderfully. But things like that, to me. Just reinforce that I meant to be doing this because and even if even if I never had any clients just to be able, you know, it’s not even it’s not even to say oh, I wanted to do this as a job. This is like I need to do As I need to talk to these animals, I it just is who I am. And, and I’m so grateful that I’m I finally arrived.


Cris  1:00:11  

That’s what it’s a beautiful story. And so I know our listeners are going to want to check you out. where’s the best place that they can find you? Are you on a website, Facebook, Instagram? Where can they find you?


Unknown Speaker  1:00:22  

I am on all three. My website is enlightened, animal calm. And my Facebook page is also enlightened animal. And so is my Instagram. So if you type in either enlightened animal on Facebook, or Instagram, or enlightened animal calm for the website, you can find me. I post regularly tips and information on Facebook and Instagram. And then you can read about all my services and the different things that I offer on my website. And, and because it’s energy and communication, I work worldwide. I’m in France, but I work locally as well as with people all over the world. That’s the that’s the beauty of energy working communication is you don’t have to have the animal right in front of you. So it’s especially in this in these times. It’s quite practical.


Cris  1:01:20  

Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, we’ll have all the links to that on the show notes. Or if you didn’t catch that, you can check out grounding journey.com. And you’ll see the episode where we’ll have all the links to you will have your bio and the photo and stuff like that so people can find more about you. Well, thank you so much for being here with me today. And thank you, I you know, we love our animals so much. And they hold such a big heart part of our heart for such a short time. That it’s it’s always good to know there’s people out there who can really talk with them and communicate with us and, and help because I’ve had that experience myself personally, after losing one of being able to chat with her. And now she’s okay. And then that brings us peace. And I just had a friend recently he was telling me he was really struggling because he’d lost his dog. So it’s great that you can help people with that. So I know that people will be reaching out to you. And we’re going to record a bonus episode for everybody listening if you’re not done. Here in our conversation, we’ll have another episode released in a couple of days where we’re doing our bonus episode. So thank you so much for being here with me today. It was a great conversation.


Unknown Speaker  1:02:22  

Thank you so much for having this really  Okay, um, I love that. Like, I wanted to be a little more playful towards the end. Glad that we got to talk about your puppies. And yeah,


Unknown Speaker  1:02:37  

I’ve got so many stories. So I like i said i talking is not is definitely not I tried doing blog, I actually just recently started a podcast because I realized that I have a lot to say, but I suck at on blogs. I write like, a lot. But yeah, talking is so easy for me. Yeah, 


Cris  1:03:00  

that’s awesome. Well, you know, one of the things that I didn’t think about, so totally, may put you on the spot. But when I decided to do the modalities series, what I’m going to do with the bonus episodes for modalities is let each person kind of do a session because like, I have a girl who doesn’t know therapy, a girl who does tapping. So I don’t know if he’s want to talk about the book, or do you want to do a session so that you can kind of show what you do. And again, don’t let me put you on the spot. No a session with with who I mean. An example, I read I have three, or you can share, like doing something with one of yours or we can talk about the book. I don’t


Unknown Speaker  1:03:42  

know. It’s usually because with this session, usually I have a picture ahead of time, so I can see the animal and then I go into meditation, and it usually takes like, like 15 minutes or so to get the communication. So it’s up to you. It can take a little while. Okay, yeah. And I know you’re


Cris  1:04:04  

I cut you off. I’m sorry. Go ahead. No, go ahead. I mean, we can talk about the book. It’s just like I said, it was just if you wanted to do a sample session so that people could see how to do it. And if that’s something you’re interested in, we can always re record later since I’m not going to release this till June. But I’m happy to talk about that book because it sounds like a great book to you. It’s just whatever it’s up to you. I mean, I could


Unknown Speaker  1:04:26  

I could do a session on you know your cat. He’s there. I just need to you know, I can’t all I see is his back I need to see his face. But if that’s what you want, I usually turn off my camera for a little bit while I’m doing the meditation and taking notes because I don’t like people staring. But, um, but I mean, there’s a lot of I mean, I don’t know how it would recreate I mean, I guess you would just because obviously you’re not going to recording someone listening to nothing because I’m not I don’t say anything while I’m doing the actual session. And it’s only afterwards that I talk and tell you, or what I could do is, if you wanted is you could send me a picture of your cat. Okay, I could do the communication. And then we could record like 15 minutes of me just telling you what he said. So then I could do the communication separately, and then we could record it another time, just like, it only take like 10 or 15 minutes just for me. Yeah. And that tightly. And then I could just kind of tell you, what I, what I got. That’s what you want, then you can send me a picture of him, and I can do the communication. And then you’re not just sitting here, waiting for 1520 minutes while I do the actual communication. It’s up to you because he likes to do it with clients. Obviously, with clients. They’re here, but I turn the we don’t have cameras on. I do they meditate and they wait, but because they’re paying for, you know, to be with me for 30 minutes or an hour, some of it is quiet. And then afterwards, if they have questions that they want to ask their animal, then we continue on the session, it can go on longer when I go back in and ask more questions. But if you just want to do a sample, I could then just do it. On my own time. Yeah, do the communication, which would just be just an you know, I can just ask him like, like, get his essence ask him about his favorite things, if he has any messages, things like that, whatever. Um, I just need to know, have his picture of his name, his age, how long he’s been with you, which I think you said since he was four weeks old, and everyone he lives with human and animal. And they’re not not ages of the humans, but all other animals and their ages. And all the humans that are in the household. I just know that I don’t need to know anything else. I don’t need to know about relationships or anything. I just need to know names ages, for the names and ages for the animals,


Unknown Speaker  1:07:04  

and sex.


Unknown Speaker  1:07:08  

And how long that how long they’ve been in your home, how long they’ve lived together, and then how many humans are in the house and who they are. But I don’t need the human ages. I mean, if you say like my son or my daughter or whatever, I don’t need to know how old they are just, I just need to know that they’re in the house. And that’s all I need. I don’t need anything else. And then and then the picture where I can see his face, not his back. Like he’s gonna stretch now that we fed. And, and then that’s all I need. And then I can do the communication. Okay, that’s just that’s the prep, I need to be able to communicate efficiently. And because then I asked about relationships and things like that. And that’s it. And then I can just give you the only thing I wouldn’t do for you, then it’s just go like, if you had more questions I won’t go in, because then that can drag on a long time. That’s usually what I do with clients. But if you want just like a little mini session, I could do that. No problem. Yeah, I


Cris  1:08:12  

love that idea. Because I really do want to kind of do like the sampling for people because, you know, talking about that we’re gonna do EFT tapping, we’re going to do hypnotherapy. And because I’m moving you into that, that two month kind of modalities that I’m going to do. I think that would really get people more comfortable with you. And you know, me being like, Oh, yeah, that’s totally his personality, or Yeah, that’s Yeah. Yeah, I think that would be really interesting. And it would be that’s fine. No, I


Unknown Speaker  1:08:38  

have no problem. That’s not a problem at all. I can do that. Yeah. And then we can just like schedule, if you just want to send me an appointment for like, 15 minutes or something we can schedule out. You know, pretty quickly, it doesn’t, you know, I can do it within the I can’t do it tomorrow, because my mother’s here all


Unknown Speaker  1:08:55  

day, but


Unknown Speaker  1:08:57  

but I can do it. Like I could probably do it this weekend. And and then that way I can you know, you just send me an appointment. And we’ll block out like 20 minutes or so. Or if you want to just do like a minute block or whatever of your time that way. In case you have questions. You want to ask me anything. Yeah,


Cris  1:09:13  

that sounds like I’m going offline Friday, and I’ll be offline till May 24. Okay, that’s fine. But this is going to air June in July. So I’ll just send you all the stuff and then when you get time, you can do it and we can record when I get back.


Unknown Speaker  1:09:29  

Sure. That’s fine. We can do that. Unless you want me to redo record it before you leave. Because I can do that too. You said you’re leaving Friday night or Friday? Yeah, I go offline Friday. Okay, so Friday, end of day for you. Right But the show aired till June so I don’t want you to push your time or anything.


Unknown Speaker  1:09:47  

Oh, no, it’s fine. I


Unknown Speaker  1:09:48  

mean, like it doesn’t take me that long to do as long as I have all the information that I need. So let me know if you want if you want to do it Friday. I could. I could. We could do it on Friday. If you want. I don’t


Unknown Speaker  1:09:59  

I’m not sure.


Unknown Speaker  1:10:01  

Let me just check before I go ahead and just like say that I’m available. Let me just look at my calendar real fast. Friday is what the seventh? Yeah, there’s nothing on that calendar. So let me check. sauna Do I have on the seventh?


Unknown Speaker  1:10:28  

I have anything on the seventh.


Unknown Speaker  1:10:32  

I have my social I have a workshop. But what time is that? Well, that’s not until nine o’clock at night. So yeah, that’s why I do have a workshop. But it’s at nine o’clock at night, my time. So as long as we do it, like right now it’s seven o’clock my time. So as long as we do it before 9pm my time, it’s fine. Okay,


Cris  1:10:48  

awesome. We are, let me send you all this stuff over, I’m gonna go grab lunch, and then I’ll send everything to you with a link to my calendar, and then you just grab what works for you. And I think that’ll be fun. I think it’ll give us some good exposure, and my listeners will really enjoy listening to it.


Unknown Speaker  1:11:03  

Sure, not a problem. So yeah, we’ll just do that. I’ll just put it in my calendar to do his communication before Friday at our point, my time and then that way, and actually, it’ll be good. Because if I do it, if I did the communication now, and I didn’t, we didn’t record till the end, if there was extra stuff that he told me that I didn’t write down or that I still feel I’ll forget it by then. So it will be good to do fresh. So maybe what I’ll do is I’ll do the communication like right before we record. And that way, it’ll be really fresh. And if I need to go back in, I’ll be able to because already have that connection with him. So yeah, we’ll do that.


Cris  1:11:36  

Okay, well, that’ll be fun. I think that’ll be really neat. And I think our listeners will really enjoy that too. I’m trying to just really give them stuff that they would have never not necessarily asked about, you know, because it sounds Yeah, kind of off odd or something. So I really want to do a lot of different things that people, I have a friend who was talking about Reiki and she’s like, Can you believe in God if you do that? So that’s what I really want to be


Unknown Speaker  1:12:01  

hearing was interesting, because I mean, one of my classmates in my communication class is a priest. So you can believe in God and do animal communication and energy healing? Yeah, yeah. I mean, it’s there. It’s, there’s, I think people think that think the people that are new to it think that anything that’s like, energy or spiritual or communication is is kind of like sacrilege, and if you are an in if you are indoctrinated into a religious, if you believe in God, if you go to church, Catholic Baptist, whatever, that that this is, like the work of the devil or something in it, right? You know, they start thinking witches and potions, and it’s like, well, no, there’s plenty of people. Um, you know, I had when, when my dog is he went in to renal failure. We have a community, we have a Facebook group, where all of us who were students in the same school, congregate, and I, you know, when we have an issue with one of our own pets, because sometimes we’re too emotionally attached to work on our own animals. And I told him what was going on with Izzy and I had people sending energy, but I also had people that went to churches and lit candles for her, you know, and I had people that pray to God for her and so it doesn’t matter. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s all faiths, no faith, and everything in between. So I think that it’s something that I think people who are I think people that who are religious, are more worried that it will betray that religion if they get interested in it, or as opposed to people who are, you know, atheist or, or don’t have a religion or whatever. It’s easier for those people, but people who have followed like, who have always going to church or or who believes in God who have follow a certain faith, I think they get a little worried that, you know, is this the devil’s work? What is this sounds really weird, and it’s kind of nice when you hear like, you know, oh, I can say, Oh, no, you know, one of my colleagues is,


Unknown Speaker  1:14:09  

she’s a,


Unknown Speaker  1:14:10  

I think she’s a Baptist priest, I think, oh, that’s even more impressive. Yeah. Yeah. And she’s, you know, she is she’s got a congregation, and she, you know, and, and she tells them, you know, I also communicate with animals and she kind of explains like this link between being a pastor and in communication and how it’s, it’s not, you know, the devil’s work and there’s not everybody can do it, and it’s just tapping into something that every one of us has. So, so it’s kind of cool to see, you know, all these different people coming together and it’s becoming more mainstream. I mean, it you know, 10 years ago, no, was very, like, people would look at you crooked. Like, what do you do, but nowadays, it’s, you know, there’s committee caters on every street corner and, and people are starting to realize, you know, this isn’t strange and this actually can be really helpful and you know that all it takes is you helping them find a lost pet or you helping them with an animal that’s L and then they just, you know, they convert really quickly like, okay, yeah. So So, you know, it’s definitely but like I said, I didn’t have any issue as soon as I knew I was just like, yeah, I’m telling you all I’m just gonna scream it from the rooftops.


Unknown Speaker  1:15:32  

I don’t care.


Unknown Speaker  1:15:33  

I mean, I told my that I walked in, I walked in and I said, you okay? Did a medical intuition on her on the way over here? And she goes, she goes, What? I said, Yeah, I didn’t medical intuition, and she has sticky blood. So you need to look there. And she was like, okay, and she checked her blood. And she’s like, Oh, yeah. But she didn’t ask me any more about it. Cuz I think she was like, okay, that’s really weird. The only thing is, she knows. She knows I have a science background. She knows I was a researcher. So she’s probably thinking, was she smoking something?


Unknown Speaker  1:16:02  

What? Why’d she say that? But I thought, you know, I’m


Unknown Speaker  1:16:06  

just gonna slip it in there and, and see how she reacts. But right


Unknown Speaker  1:16:12  

now, I did find it.


Unknown Speaker  1:16:14  

Yeah, yeah. And that’s the thing. I mean, um, you know, my, my mentor, she said, You know, one time, something was wrong with her horses leg, and she saw an energetic arrow pointing like, right above his roof. And she called in the vet. And he’s like, well, we need to X ray the whole leg. And she’s like, no, don’t waste my money. And don’t waste your time X ray right here. And he’s like, well, that’s


Unknown Speaker  1:16:37  

not enough. And she’s like, No, no,


Unknown Speaker  1:16:38  

I see an arrow. It’s right there. And he’s like, see an arrow? What the heck are you talking about any x ray unit, and sure enough, it was right there. And then she made a convert out of him because he was like, oh, ashy. She knew exactly where it was. But she’s like, I see an energetic arrow pointing right here. This is the only place Don’t waste my money and my topic. Right, do it here. Um, and so yeah. And you know, so that’s we’re coming around other there’s a couple vets that are in our school that work on energy healing and communication. And so yeah, I mean, I think it’s definitely becoming more mainstream, which is wonderful. Because it all it can do is benefit the animals and benefit the relationships that they have with their with their owners. So


Unknown Speaker  1:17:24  

it’s when we love. Yeah, awesome.


Unknown Speaker  1:17:27  

I mean, I’ve been talking to him for years, and I’m just kind of, like, what I talk to my babies was just like, I talked to Kevin, you know? Exactly. Yeah,


Unknown Speaker  1:17:37  

it’s natural. It’s natural. It’s just that, you know, we’ve been told it’s not. And so now we people think, oh, that’s weird. It’s like no, not doing it. It’s weird, you know? So yeah, it’s not weird. It’s normal. You’re weird because you don’t do it. I’m the normal one. What’s your problem? Yeah. I wouldn’t say Right, well just wink and say, yeah, I


Unknown Speaker  1:18:09  

think it but I won’t verbalize.


Cris  1:18:12  

Yeah. That’s hysterical. Well, I so thank you for your time today. It was a great conversation. I love laughing when we record episodes. It’s so much fun. Yeah.


Unknown Speaker  1:18:24  

Well, it’s tough for me not to I mean, I always have a little I’ve got quite a comedic, funny bone. Sometimes inappropriately. I mean, whatever. Such good medicine, you know, and it’s good. When you get older, it helps. You know, it helps keep the you know, you have gravity push, pulling everything down. So laughing and smiling is good. You know, it’s good face yoga. I like that face yoga. I’m gonna write that one down. Honey.


Cris  1:18:59  

Okay, well, I will get all that stuff over to you. And I’m so grateful for your time. And I think it’ll be a really fun episode to kind of release for you doing enough. You know, and just like I said, just have any just kind of give an example what it’s like for people. I mean, yeah, so do you want to but I don’t want you to feel like, you know,


Unknown Speaker  1:19:19  

no, I’ll just do a normal, I’ll just do a normal communication like I normally do. And then, and then I’ll just give you you know, I’ll do it as if, like, sometimes I’ll do one where the person isn’t there because they’re busy, or it’s an emergency and they just they need to talk and so to talk to their animal. And so I just get everything that you know, some animals are really talkative, some aren’t. So it just, you know, it is what it is. Um, sometimes I get medical stuff sometimes I don’t it really depends on the animal. Cats tend to be pretty chatty and sometimes quite comical. They tend to be kind of pushy, too, and they’ll put like try to interrupt when I’m meditating which is kind of fun. Um, I had one that his name was Henry and his siblings are Queen Latifah and Buster Keaton. And he kept interrupting me while I was meditating and getting into neutral state and saying, Why don’t I have a fancy name like my siblings? And I said, you stop interrupting me. And then you can say, Why don’t have a fancy name and I’m like, oh my god. So like, Okay, I’m gonna write this down, because he’s obviously really important. Yeah. Um, so it was cute. But then his owner told me, she said, Henry is my favorite name of all time. So tell him he has the fancy. It’s funny. It’s so funny, because I was like, he’s like, really intent on ask, like telling me that. It’s like it was really? Yeah, it bothered him. Yeah, Queen Latifah was. But I mean, it is funny because his siblings do have the kind of fancy you know, famous people names and he’s just good. Oh, Henry. Oh, it was cute. But yeah, so he just thought, I think he thought their names were fancy, because they have, you know, two names, and he only has one and you know, there’s Queen and, you know, just they just sound a lot fancier than. Yeah. So yeah, it was cute. But, yeah, so I’ll just, I’ll just do a normal communication. And, and kind of, and then we’ll we’ll do is, we’ll just, I’ll just talk to you about what I got and his personality and things. And, and it should be like a little, like, 1015 minutes, which is okay, about right. What you want, right? Five to 15. Yeah, perfect. Yeah. Instead of making you sit here, and I don’t have all the info on that. Anyway. So yeah.


Cris  1:21:45  

Well, I’m gonna go eat lunch, and I’ll send you everything over today. And then I’ll send you my calendar link so we can get something scheduled. Okay.


Unknown Speaker  1:21:50  

Yeah. And I’ll book something. Friday about this time ish. Okay. Perfect. Well, thanks so much. It was so much fun to talk to you. I look forward to hearing from you again. You’re welcome. So I’ll talk to you on Friday. Okay, I’ll see you then. Thanks. So bye.


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