Are you ready for a Sacred Pause? 

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in change, unsure of which direction to take or where to turn next? Perhaps you’ve felt the overwhelming weight of transitions like the empty nest syndrome, relocating to a new place, or coping with the loss of a loved one. If so, you’re not alone.

Nancy Mitchell has dedicated her career to helping women navigate these tumultuous periods with grace and resilience.

But what happens when the coach becomes the client?

When Nancy found herself facing a convergence of major life transitions – from empty nest syndrome to relocation and dealing with grief – she realized that she needed to heed her own advice and embrace what she calls the Sacred Pause.

In this soulful episode, Nancy candidly shares her personal journey of navigating multiple transitions simultaneously and how she discovered the power of the Sacred Pause as a transformative tool for self-discovery and renewal. Through vulnerability and introspection, Nancy invites us to explore the importance of taking intentional breaks amidst life’s chaos to listen to our inner voices and reconnect with our deepest desires.

Join us as my dear friend, Nancy and I chat about the beauty and significance of embracing the Sacred Pause in times of uncertainty and upheaval. Through her own experiences, she offers profound insights and practical wisdom for anyone seeking solace, clarity, and direction during moments of profound change.

Get ready to lean into the stillness, listen to your inner wisdom, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Nancy Mitchell

Nancy Mitchell has been immersed in coaching for as long as she can recall, initially finding her calling during a significant life transition. Formerly an educator for 25 years across various schools and states, Nancy’s personal journey through divorce led her to discover the transformative power of coaching. Completing her master’s degree in coaching in 2019, she founded Bold Beginnings to share her healing insights and practical wisdom with others. 

Nancy specializes in working with women navigating life transitions, guiding them from feelings of overwhelm to purposeful living and self-reclamation. Her approach emphasizes habit change and goal-oriented living, empowering clients to embrace their true purpose and potential.

Check out Nancy’s website – https://boldbeginningscoaching.com/

Follow Nancy on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/bold_beginnings/

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