Surrender can be a beautiful dance. 

When it comes to surrender are you stricken with fear over the thought of giving up control? Or does the thought of surrender cause you to break out in hives? 

I’m sitting on my couch writing to you with hives covering my face. I’ve been feeling the fear, asking what lesson I’m supposed to learn from the fear and experience, yet I’ve been dancing with surrendering for months. Some days I think I’ve got it and am in full surrender and other days I feel like I don’t really remember what surrender is or how to do it.


Beats me. 

I know better. 

I know how. 

I know why.

I really do.

My heart and soul keep telling me I’ve been through way worse times of surrender before. There was that whole dark night of my soul I went through in 2010-2012. I’ve had challenges of all shapes and sizes that I was more than happy to surrender to over the last decade. I should be an old hat at this and yet, here I sit avoiding seeing others because my resistance has now manifested on the outside of my body and is covering my face. 


One of my main focuses lately has been working on connecting with my intuition and letting that be more of a guiding force in my life, like it was when I was younger. That of course requires a level of surrender too. Surrender to the fact that I don’t know better and that the Universe really does actually see the big picture that I can’t. 

Again, I know that. I believe that. I teach people that in our monthly programs. Yet, I sometimes forget just how to do that. 

For me it’s not really a question of if I want to, if I should… It’s more a moment of remembering to, remembering how to.

Leaning in my intuition kept showing me an episode of the Grounding Journey podcast that I released in April of 2021 with Phoenix Ghould on Surrender. 

I remember shortly after releasing the episode my BFF called and told me it was a deeply moving and powerful episode for her. She was in the early stages of deciding it was time for some major changes and shifts in her own life that she had not been wanting to face for some time. 

I listened to the episode this week to allow future me to receive messages from younger me and let me tell you I was not disappointed.

What I heard when I listened is that while surrender by definition means verb. relinquish possession or control over · verb. give up; agree to stop fighting or resisting

On a spiritual level it encompasses fear, trust, faith, grounding, grace for yourself, acting instead of reacting and freedom!

The first step to surrender is to offer yourself grace, especially when you’re not fully ready to surrender, you will be ready when the time is right and not a moment before.

When I heard that in the recording I breathed a deep breath of release.

Magic how the universe works in giving us exactly what we need to hear when we are ready to hear it.

If you’re ready to surrender or not ready to surrender, but are shaming yourself for not surrendering yet, then I invite you to listen to this episode.

You’ll find gems like

  • We’re meant to shatter into 1000 pieces multiple times in our lives to allow ourselves to be redesigned into the next version of ourselves. 
  • Because I surrender and fear go hand in hand, I’ve learned how to use fear as a compass to guide me.
  • Part of surrender is being grounded.
  • Surrender is like dancing.

Whether you have danced the tango with surrender before or if you’re still watching the dance floor from the bleachers, I hope that you will find beautiful gems and insight in this episode of the Grounding Journey Podcast.

Want to know a little more about Phoenix? 

Phoenix is a certified professional personal life coach. She creates learning from everything. Phoenix and I discussed how she is equally terrified and fascinated with those challenges which stretch her out of her comfort zone. Phoenix is passionate about helping people create a core that can’t be shaken by circumstances.

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