Divinely Connected To You Through The Crown Chakra


Cris Greer

This is an unedited Transcript.

The Crown Chakra is where we meet the divine, we learn that we’re divinely connected. And the most beautiful part of it is that through that connection, we’re connected to the Divine of the universe, but also the divine that lives inside each of us. The crown is where we find that peace and openness to guidance. With a open third eye, we’re listening to our own inner wisdom. With that open crown, we’re receiving the messages from the universe, God source, higher power, whatever label you want to put on it, it’s being open to all our inner wisdom and our outer wisdom, our universal wisdom. With the crown, it’s definitely you’re not at the top and done if you choose to start at your root. Once you get to the crown, it’s time to come back to the root. It’s completing the circle because it is a full circle process. So whether you choose to start at the crown, work and work your way down, or start from the root and work your way up. Don’t forget it’s that circle of completion. much do you know about the chakras, you’ve probably heard them talked about as the seven main energy centers in your body. You may have heard of them and yoga class through guided meditation or in Reiki, maybe you know a little bit about the chakras, but aren’t really sure how to use them to guide you.

I’m creating a deep dive into the chakras and color therapy for the next eight weeks. Each week, my guests and I will discuss one chakra, how they’ve connected to the energy of that chakra through their journey, and how they feel guided or inspired by the energy. sound interesting. I hope you all enjoy the conversation. Let’s get started.

Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of counting journey, and we’re wrapping the chakra series. Today we’re talking about the crown chakra. And it’s just me, it’s been an interesting journey for me. And I admit that I’ve resisted doing the crown chakra I tried and tried to find a guest. And then finally realized it was because it was about my journey through the chakras and through opening the crown. And then I’ve resisted and resisted recording it. So thank you for listening. Here we go. My personal journey through the crown was to really connect to the Divine that lives inside of me, it’s easy for me to connect to the Divine of the universe, to God to my source to my higher power. Because of all the other work I’ve done. That’s what I believed that the crown was because it’s the top, when I go into meditation, I, my special place is this giant tree in the middle of the field, it almost makes me feel like that tree, there’s two versions of the tree that I connect with. It’s either the tree from the Berenstain, bears books, or it’s the tree from fried green tomatoes, where they’re laying under it and they’re collected honey. But it’s this big tree with big roots and big bass in the middle of this beautiful, vast, massive field. And so when I am going into a Reiki session receiving Reiki or I’m going into a deeper meditation, my way to count down is to walk that field to get to the tree. And then once I’m in the tree, I either climb into the trunk and go down into my lower chakras and my lower self, where I climb up the branches. Once I reached the top of the tree, I start climbing on clouds. It’s kind of like Mario Brothers, all these clouds come, criss cross that helped me get up there. And so crown work before this huge journey that I’ve been on, was always connecting to my source to my higher power. And because of my dark night of my soul, because of the different journeys I’ve been through, it’s been easy for me to connect to that because I put on my faith. And I always say that I’m glad that God has a better plan for my life than I do because the plan he has is way better than I could have ever imagined. So that’s kind of where I’ve been. And through this last jaunt through my chakras and the deep dive that I’ve been on. I’ve really begun to see the divine in me. And that started with third eye work, when instead of just believing it was my intuition, and sensing things, it was really all about my own inner guidance, my own inner wisdom, and listening to my body. Tell me what I was asking to allow my body to be my barometer.

That’s when I began to see the divine that lies within me. And I’m working on my yoga 300 hour teacher training. I’ve mentioned that a couple of times, and I’m going to keep talking about it, because it’s going to take me six, eight months to go through it. And that’s such an evolution. And I’m not doing I did my 200 hours for my own deeper practice. Now I’m doing my 300 hours for my own deeper spiritual practice. And one of the things that I loved. The gal that I’m taking the classroom is Alana Kabbalah. And she is very deep rooted in the Hindu India culture of where she came from, she spent time in caves, meditating, connecting. And so in that she explains that Hindu and yoga grew up side by side, Hindus are religion, and yoga is a philosophy. So it’s like brother and sister living upstairs growing up together, they’ve got a lot of the same traits, they’ve got a lot of similarities. But there’s just a little bit of difference with them. And so she explains that Hindu, you have all the gods and goddesses, because they’re the essence outside of you. Ganache is the essence to remove obstacles. And that using, you know, praying, calling on them, is to connect with their essence. But in yoga, we chant, and we use these ancient chants, to call in that essence of ourselves. So when we do the Ganesh chant, instead of calling to higher ganache, we are calling that essence in our selves, into activation. And that was a game changer for me. I’ve heard before you’re divinely connected, you are made in the face of your Creator, all of those things. But you know, there’s always that moment that it finally clicks for you, and it snaps into place. And that’s what really helped me with that crown part of I am the divine, it is what lives and resides inside of me, not just outside of me. And we talk about not looking externally for approval, not looking externally for love not looking externally for those things we need, and finding them within ourselves. And I think that’s a lot of the crown stuff, because it’s accepting that I’m divine, it’s accepting that there is something really rock star awesome about me inside. And that map was interesting. So this won’t be a full 45 minute episode, because it’s just me chatting. But I wanted to share those things with you. I wanted to share that the crown is connecting with yourself. And I want you to breathe that in for a minute and just take a deep breath and say I am divine. I am divinely connected. And feel how that resonates in your body, how it rings through your ears. The great ways to open the crown chakra are through meditation, breath, work, sitting quiet in nature, retreating from outside stimulation. But don’t retreat till you finish listen to this episode. It’s finding that peace and that quiet. And as we talked about, all the different chakras are connected. breath work is huge for heart work. breath work is huge for third eye. breath work is huge for crown because all of those are sitting in the peace, feeling connected to yourself to your inner wisdom to your heart. And that’s the beauty of sitting quietly in nature. And when I say retreating from outside stimulation, it’s not outdoors. It’s the noise of the world. It’s turning off social media at bedtime. It’s reading before you go to sleep and reading something that’s enriching for your soul.

I love crystals, I have used crystals as a support from my spiritual journey for a long time, because they really raise my vibration. So I was given a talk last weekend, talking about crystals, essential oils, yoga, the things that have used, I’ve used to support me along the journey. And in honor of the fact that normally we talk about journeys with guest talking about my journey through spirituality and my journey to connect with myself, not knowing it was crown work. I love yoga, as we obviously all talked about on the podcast, because it gets my mind to quiet, try being in tree pose, or halfmoon. And think about what you’re going to wear to work for the day, and you’re going to fall out. And that’s what I love about yoga, is because it quiets my mind, I have to be fully present in here in the moment. Meditation is a big one for me. And that’s something else working on my 300 hours, is knowing that yoga. The Asana is the movements of practice wasn’t what we think of it. Now, that only came into play in the 1800s, late 1700s, if you were in India, so what yoga was before that was a practice of meditation, a practice of ritual, a practice of sitting in the silence and connecting with yourself.

And so when we get to do that, we’re connecting to all of those who have done it before we are connecting to the vibration, that we are all creating past, present and future. And that’s what I love about crystals is they’re part of that ancient, because they weren’t made, you know, essential oils are wonderful, I use them for my health, I use them for my skincare. There are a lot of amazing people out there educating about essential oils. I’ve talked about how I’ve actually used them for some very serious health conditions in my past. So I highly recommend oils. But I don’t want to talk about that, because there’s so many people out there talking about them. What I love to talk about is raising our vibration. And once we get to the crown, that’s the highest vibration we’re going to get to and making sure that it’s of pure love and light. And that’s where I bring crystals in because essential oils were the tree was grown in the last decade. And we’re purifying it into oils, crystals were not made in the last decade, they were made over time, slow and hard pressure formations. And that’s what’s really cool about them is because they have for me the Earth’s vibration. So when I get to the crown, because it is a full circle, I can bring in crystals that are earthy and grounding. And it connects the circle for me, it stimulates that full circle by raising my vibration. And so I don’t use crystals because it’s good for liver or it’s good to detox because you’ll find stuff that says that and I don’t doubt it. It’s just not how I use them. I use them to raise my vibration. I use Selenite all over my desk and in my Zen Den. Because Selenite is the crystal that brings that quiet that calm that peace. I use it through meditation because it connects immediately opening my crown, allowing me to receive messages. I use it on my desk with a candle light in it. Because when I’m working on stuff for clients, it allows me to hear the messages when I’m so busy focused on getting it done and getting it out. I have a huge chunk of Rose Quartz on my desk that is as big as my hand because it’s love and compassion and it raises the vibration of your heart. So I when I’m feeling rough when I’m feeling stressed out, I’ve got that to bring me back and to keep my vibration up. And that’s why I love crystals. That’s what I’ve used them for in my life. Kevin growing up I had a windowsill right next to his bed and it was lined with crystals. There were often crystals I put on the windowsill because he was having issues with bad dreams or this or that. But he just loved the the sparkle of them. Kids love the sparkle of crystals, because nobody has told them that they don’t feel that vibration that they are not supposed to feel bad procreation. So I think that kids do love the sparkles, but they’re also very drawn to the energy of them. And while nobody’s told them not to nobody’s explained it to them either. So they just know they’re drawn to it. Am I just No, I am drawn to crystals and the vibration that they raised for me. So that’s been one of mine that I really love and my meditation, I have them in my bedroom beside my bed because some mornings, I don’t want to get out of bed, I just want to lay there, but I feel lazy. So I’ll meditate. And then it’ll motivate me. That’s the whole sacral solar plexus of desire Trump’s willpower, or willpower, Trump’s desire so you finally get out of bed. So it’s been a fun journey, to learn to trust myself with my own inner wisdom of my third eye, to begin to see the divine and myself, instead of just the divine outside of me. I hope that you have enjoyed the chakra series, I’m sure that we will dig back into this again in the future. It’s been a fun journey for me, to have the guests to talk about it to hear their journeys. We had the sacral with Natalie, where she brought in the elements and talked about how water was really prevalent in her life for a little while. And that brought me closer to the elements of the lower chakras and kind of connecting with those. So I really hope that through the series, you picked up something a little deeper, a little more meaningful, that the next time you go through that chakra, it will really connect for you. It’s been a great journey for me on this. I thank you for being a part of my journey, I hope to be a part of yours. And if you’re just catching this recording and haven’t checked out any of the others, I invite you to go back. If this is wrapping the series for you, please please reach out let me know what it was for you through Instagram or leave

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