Guided by your Inner Wisdom and the Third Eye


Jihan Marcotullio

This is an unedited Transcript.

“Intuition is the whisper of the soul.”

To me that completely embodies everything about the third eye. It’s the wisdom, it’s listening to our soul. It’s trusting our own inner wisdom and connecting to it, I have had quite a journey of thinking that intuition was something that cops nearby and slowing down that it was foreshadowing it was.

Let’s touch the word psychic ability, where now through my own journey, I’ve really begun to understand that third eye is all about your own inner wisdom, your own guidance. Because it’s right next to your crown chakra. It’s all about the next step is the divine in you and connecting to the Divine above. So you have to trust yourself, and your spirit and your soul and all those whispers, to be able to believe you’re divine. So third eye is going to be a great conversation that we really dig into. One of the things that I love with third eye is that when you open yourself to the third eye, there’s this stillness, there’s a piece that naturally brings balance to your thoughts. That’s where you’re able to kind of look at things as experiences and what to learn from them instead of getting caught in the drama of the experience, the drama of the situation. And seeing it for the lesson that it really is trusting it’s part of your journey. So I truly believe that third eye is so much more about trust, trusting the journey, trusting yourself. And I’m excited to dig into that today as we talk deeper about third eye.

How much do you know about the chakras, you’ve probably heard him talk about as the seven main energy centers in your body. You may have heard of them and yoga class through guided meditation or in Reiki, maybe you know a little bit about the chakras, but aren’t really sure how to use them to guide you. I’m creating a deep dive into the chakras and color therapy for the next eight weeks. Each week, my guests and I will discuss one chakra, how they’ve connected to the energy of that chakra through their journey, and how they feel guided or inspired by the energy. sound interesting. I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation. Let’s get started. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey, we are still digging into the chakra series. And I’m super excited, we are talking about third eye. And that one for me has been a really powerful, powerful shocker to kind of reevaluate over the last year. And so my guest today, I’m super excited to have she Han with me. She is an intuitive channel. She is licensed massage therapist and Reiki master so she makes you feel good inside and out. Her vision is for every woman to get out of her head and into her body. I just want to breed that one in through her holistic wellness practice. She creates this transformational space through one on one therapeutic massage, energy healing and channeling sessions, as well as a variety of meditation workshops. Like reading your bio, I just want to hang out with you. So I’m glad that we get time today together. And you have a five month old and you’re in the middle of moving. So I’m very honored that you spent time with us today. So welcome. Welcome, and thanks for being here.

Thank you. Like I said before we started recording, it’s really it feels so good to be here amidst everything because of this. i It’s been so long since I’ve done anything. Any sort of public speaking, or really being immersed in anything that I would consider my work. So this is an honor for me as well. I actually put on some jewelry and I curl my hair. Hey, I’m me again.

I love it. Well, we’ve done your formal enter introduction, which didn’t feel that formal to me. It felt really just deep breaths sigh But tell us who your friends know you as who are you?

I love this question. Thank you and I really like the way you put it. Who do my friends think I am? I feel like man, what am I putting my friends knowing as well. My clients who I also many I consider my friends like you said would consider me to be this person that provides grounding embodiment. Presence. Outside of that, who I am in my every day, I would say I’m funny. I’m thoughtful. I listen. Well, I’m a mother like you said, I, what else who am I? Huh?

It’s a good question. Yeah.

The one wants to come out and like, stop. It’s a nice dance, right? I want women to get into their body. But I keep feeling myself going up into my head and judging what I’m about to say. Would just Yeah, and I feel a lot of not only women, but a lot of people feel that. That should I say, the right thing. What it what is Chris, what are the listeners going to think when I say this? Does this sound boastful? Think bragging is your actually really important. I think it’s important to brag on yourself. And to honor yourself and your strengths. So my strengths with that being said, my strengths, our

vision, huh, we are going to talk about the third eye. But I, I really, I think that I’m someone who has the ability to see through to I have, I would say I have a really strong filter of what resonates for me on what doesn’t and to make decisions based on what resonates no matter what other people around me are saying, I think that’s really important. Really important. Right? And I’m someone who doesn’t usually go with the grain. And I don’t know if we’re going to end up talking about that today. Or maybe that’s just for my own Facebook Live or something. But it hasn’t always been easy. To go against what what the majority are doing even becoming a massage therapist becoming a Reiki Master, it’s even still uncomfortable for me to say that I’m an intuitive Channeler because they’re already Yeah, like, oh, man, are people gonna think I’m crazy? Or are they gonna think, you know, what, are they gonna think that I’m lying? Or, you know, that’s all right, this, this part of my brain? You know? But yeah, I would say that that’s who I am. And I would say that my friends would say that about me to answer, my friends would say, oh, you know, your hands kind of always doing what? Her own thing? Or but also, I don’t want to be well, I don’t want to be. Some friends might say I’m really serious, too. But I that’s something that who I am is I’m always working on that, like nothing. Everything doesn’t have to be so serious, you know, but I’m very, is what I’m also trying to say. I hope I’m answering your question.

Yeah. Well, you’re given us all a little salt and pepper of who you are. And that’s who we all are, is that salt and pepper. And, you know, it’s funny, I asked this question of every guest. That’s how we start every episode. And I never really thought about where that question came from. But you talking about how we struggled through our brain of how to answer that question. Where that question came from, is, there was a point in my life, I was a single mom. Every Tuesday night, there were four of us who had dinner together with our kids. And all three of the other moms were at home moms, but they were friends. I known for a long time and somebody new came to the group because we’d have other people kind of pepper in and all the at home moms that I was in a group with, I’ll had two three year olds, and my son was 1213 at the age. And I was a single mom working multiple jobs, you know, kind of in my place. And somebody new came to the group to visit to dinner. And she asked what everybody did. And it was such a powerful thing to me, because I wasn’t sales, like so not sexy. And I remember saying to her, it doesn’t matter what I do, but who I am is who I want you to ask about. And so I’ve always made that point of never asking, what do you do? Who are you? That’s what’s important. So we get a feel, you’re humorous. You’re serious, you’re intuitive, you’re passionate. You’re like, all the cool stuff we want to have a conversation with today.

Thank you. Yeah, I love the way you put that. You know who, who I am is way more important than what I do in the world.

Yeah. And you know, who we are, reflects what our soul does, but not necessarily what makes us money.

Totally. What’s so funny what’s coming up for me to point out is you Even before I changed careers to do what I’m currently doing, three years ago, three, four years ago, I was working in public relations in Manhattan and big, you know, handling big, big time clients. And but my office was always the office that people would come to and cry or vent or just want to sit in the chair across from my desk, so they could you know, my office, I had essential oils in my office, people would come and smell them. And then okay, okay, go back to my desk. So, like you said, you know, if someone asked me, oh, who are you? Oh, I’m a public eye. You know, I work in public relations. But that doesn’t describe who you are.

Yeah. But I would have told you,

it was still showing up and not holding space for others. But no one would know that this is done saying I worked in public relations. Sorry, interrupted.

No, that’s a good thing is we’ll just keep kind of going. It is neat to discover who you are. And in relation to you, you said that you were intuitive. But sometimes you were hesitant to say that. I completely relate with that. Because in grounding journeys podcast, I’ve been podcasting for over a year and a half now. And I’m finally getting to where I can say, I’m intuitive. I have heard spirits talk to me for years, but it’s never something I would share before. So it is that getting comfortable with. And I think this all comes back to third eye of getting comfortable with who you are your own inner wisdom, and letting that shine. So I think you know, there’s such a part of each journey, because once you’re connected to that inner wisdom, then you got to kick it back to your throat, where you’re comfortable talking about it. And then you kick it back to your heart. So you know, you start at the bottom, you go up, you come down, you go up, you come down, and you’re constantly moving through the chakras, because every time you open or clear one, you got to do the work around the top and bottom one again. So I think that’s totally so important. Well, let’s jump into third eye because I am so excited about it. So tell me, because when you answered all my questions about chakras, you definitely have a lot of experience in all the chakras, and a lot of healing for them all, which I think if you really dig into them, you do you’re interested in all of them, there may just be one that’s highlighted for you at that moment, because that’s where you’re working on. And then you go into another one and into another one. So by the time you’ve run up and down a few times, they’re all intimate with you. But tell me why third is the one that you because on the form, you said Third Eye Most definitely, what they’re telling me what’s most definitely about third eye for you.

Yeah, thank you. So when I filled out your survey, or the questionnaire I think that was about a month ago, I think a few weeks at least. At that time when I said most definitely it was because I had just transitioned into reopening my office again, my daughter is five months old for the first I think I stopped going into meeting with clients when I was eight months, so it had been several months without doing any work that I do which is one on one you know Sessions met leading meditations channeling for people while I’m working on them with my hands and it had gone away how I would describe that gift. So you said that you can hear spirits Claire audience my gift my clarify if your listeners are we aware of the different Claire’s My gift is Claire cognizance, so I don’t hear the speakers I’ve actually said please don’t scare me in that way. That’s just how I feel. I’ve been hard no to that. So I applaud you my baby yeah, I’m a hard no, like, it can’t come to me that way. So what my clear cognizance is just I know, but in it but I know. I’m aware that it’s not me. It’s outside of myself, but it comes to me as if it’s my own thought. My own. No. Okay. So but that was gone. That disappeared. Yeah, right. Probably at the time. I was taking my maternity leave. But then after right, several weeks after my daughter was born six weeks actually my father passed away. And it was just too thank you and it was so intense that then I really didn’t feel like myself. because I no longer had this knowing I no longer had the vision in my mind of what’s happening for other people, or even what’s happening for myself, my family, it just felt I felt empty. Then I scheduled a healing session for myself with a really amazing healer. And we did it virtually. And I was telling her, I was crying saying, My gift is gone. That’s what it feels like. And she said to me, they’re not gone. There, they are aware that you’re so overburdened, so burned out that the and they love you so much, that they’re letting you be so that you can come back to yourself. So but several weeks after that, of taking her advice of things I needed to do like using different essential oils, and you know, on different places of my body and just allowing myself to rest and taking the pressure off myself to keep showing up for others and keep giving to others. But at the time I filled out your survey, I had just reopened my office and stronger than ever, did I feel this connection, this third eye connection of the reason or even allowing myself like and believing this is happening? No longer question. So that’s why I said third eye because it was just coming back stronger than ever, I had a virtual client, a virtual Reiki client, and she said at the end of the session, that was, that was the strongest session we’ve ever had. I also felt that why third eye is you know, even with my father’s passing, and being a first time mom and finding out that we needed to move within 60 days, I was able to access the knowing that I’m always protected, that everything is happening as it should, that I have this it’s not jahaan me having the strength to get through, it’s me trusting that there is a connection and a source power. And that I am that as we all are. That’s why I said that third eye, it’s been a lot happening here and there’s so much to be grateful for not to minimize, I think that’s something a lot of I’m just gonna say women a lot of women do a lot of people do is we minimize like, well I know this terrible thing is happening but you know, I’m grateful for this and I just need to find the gratitude for that. That’s not experiencing your experience.


And the third and for me connecting with that part of myself that’s also really important that there you know to go within and then to the heart to obviously but to allow myself to experience the highs and lows and then that’s the only way to come back to neutral or to come back because if we’re constantly pushing down okay, what’s happening it’s going to spill out somewhere right? Something’s gonna you’re gonna snap at others you’re going to harm yourself you’re you know, it’s just got to go through and that’s why I was saying the third eye because for me this and the crown but this area is is I’m okay I’m not alone in there are beings spirits, whatever the word God what a universe whatever term to use, but that I know I’m not alone, no matter what’s happening. I’m not alone. So that’s why I was saying the third I

love that. And thank you for sharing so much about it with us. You the word that you kept saying that at least I kept hearing whether it was the word that everybody else heard the most because we’ll all pick out that word with trust. And third eye is so much trust of yourself and trusting you know your within and trusting. As you said, when I get my when I hear my guides and spirits it is almost like it’s my own thoughts. So where you feel it you know, I don’t hear like conversation that I think somebody’s standing beside me. It’s this thoughts in my head and so it took years to develop the trust of is that my opinion? Is that really the guide speaking and I have kind of learned where it feels like it comes in my brain. Instead of coming here it comes kind of back here. And I have a really dear friend my soul sister who I talk about a lot. It was cute. I was talking to her the other day. And she said, I listened to your episodes. And you talked about your soul sister. And I said, Well, that’s you. Oh, okay. I didn’t know that. So anyway, it was funny. So I give her that shout out because she’s gonna hear this one. But when we are having these conversations, she’ll always say, you know, are you hearing that? Or is that you? So define? It is? No, no. And I’ll sometimes start by saying, Okay, this is my opinion, not what I’m hearing. But there’s so much trust that has to develop, to trust in yourself trust in the universe, trust in, everything’s gonna be okay. And that it’s all part of your journey. And whether it’s a struggle or not that it’s in your highest good. And that’s where all that trust to really develop the third, I think comes from.

Absolutely. And try. Perhaps I said, Trust so much, and I’m really glad that that resonated for you. Is that I really, I mean, I’m 30 Oh, my gosh, and listen, I’m 35 I’m 36. And it has taken me just about, yeah, 36 years, 35 years to to lean into trust. Mm hmm. I mean, I was, you know, if you had asked me who do your friends think you are? Five, six years now, maybe like 10 years ago, they probably would have said, Oh, it’s hard for her to make a decision, you know, or she’s indecisive. Or she’s the person that shows up and says, Oh, you you tell me where you want to go to dinner? You know, you pick, Oh, you do this? Because I was like, Am I making the right decision? Are people going to not like what I’m doing? Oh, no, what if I pick something and it was just so hard for me until learning to turn in to get into that third eye space to allow my crown to open to heal what was happening in my heart chakra in my solar plexus, you know, standing in who I am and how I show up, you know? So I love that you got you picked that up. And I’m really glad you pointed it out to me, because that was not trust was not a strength of mine for a very long time. Yeah.

And it’s so you know, we have to trust ourselves to be able to trust anybody else. And so as we’re developing that, it’s so vital. And I think we keep developing it on different levels and different levels and deeper. So share with me a little bit about your journey to opening your third eye and connecting with being an intuitive.

So great question. I don’t think I ever thought about this. I would have to I always so I grew up. My parents separated when I was two years old. So I don’t have any memories of not having two households. That’s how my childhood was. And one household had, well, both households had abuse. They were abusive households. One was more emotional. And then the other was physical, and emotional, and sexual. So lots of abuse. And I always knew when that was going to happen, I can remember vividly being in the car driving home with my mom and telling her please, please, like, Can we go somewhere else, we can’t go back there. He’s going to do it again. Like I would, there was always a knowing. And then But and if my mom listens to this, she might, you know, not want me to say this part. But you know, there was an what I think where we learn as children or where we learn as adolescents or whatever is when there’s constantly people outside of you telling you like, Oh, that’s not gonna happen. Oh, no, you must be imagining that or, you know, when there’s outside telling you like, that’s silly, or that can’t be or that’s not right, or whatever. But I received the message from outside of me even in the other household, my father, you know, it’s not going to happen again, I promise. Or, you know, just telling me that what I felt intuitively inside my soul, inside my deeper knowing was that, you know, these things were going to happen or we shouldn’t go back there or please don’t take me back there. So that happened quite a bit as I was young, but constantly being told that I’m being silly, or you know, just being anxious or things like that. I turned it I started turning it off and not listening. Which I’m I’m sure that many of your listeners and yourself included you know that Oh, that can’t be right or or that’s just my fear talking. So it started always very little And perhaps you might resonate this or your listeners as well, or just knowing when others would, you know, you’re they’re saying they’re fine, I’m fine, but knowing they need a hug, or knowing they’re actually not fine, I can feel that something’s going on. And then I would say my intuition really dimmed down. When I was working in PR. I was so unhappy. This is what I went to school for. Yeah, this is what I went to school for. So I should I should be happy. But at that time, yeah, well, I want to say I was I was drinking quite a bit to numb what was happening. So then I was, so it was, it was like putting a muscle over my intuition. You know, just so unhappy, realizing I need to change. But going out all the time, going to happy hours having drinks at dinner having after dinner drinks, but that’s what everyone was doing around me. So okay, this must be what you do. Everyone hates their job. So everyone, you know, like, you can either be happy, or you can make money. That was my idea. So really a lot of years of just dumbing it down. And then I was introduced to essential oils. And I felt very drawn to take a class called the aroma touch workshop to learn how to do the aroma touch technique, which is a hands on therapeutic treatment. And before we started rolling, you said that you were actually diffusing the aroma touch oil, which is no coincidence, because there aren’t any coincidences. But I was like, You know what, this sounds interesting. I want to learn how to apply oils to the body. And sitting there having, I had a partner who was she was laying on the massage table. And I placed my hands on her and I had this feeling of I, I know what I’m doing. Even though I’d never worked on, I probably had only had one massage my whole life. So my host feels okay, and we go through it. And the person on the table turns and says to me, have you done this before? And so I think that’s when it started to come back. Because I’d never had a feeling like that before of, Oh, I know what I’m doing without anyone actually telling me what to do. And then the more that I dove into using essential oils, and started branching out to study different holistic techniques.

Just it started, like opening finding meditation helped it open and when? Yeah, really? Because I was like, Oh, I can’t meditate. No, no, no, no, no, because I had I had too much going on. But that’s always a sign that you that’s when you need it the most right? I don’t know. I don’t know who said it. But, um, you know, if you feel that you don’t have time to sit for 15 minutes sit for an hour or something like that, you know, you don’t have 10 minutes. We should probably do two hours then. Yeah. So yeah, I would say that. It started when I was very young, but I just silenced it after listening to everyone outside of me telling me, that can’t be Mm hmm. Are you sure you didn’t hear about that before, or things like that. And then, but getting my hands on another person with such powerful tools from nature, I think helped reawaken. The inspiration to receive, to receive the information. But you know, we all can do this. There’s not one person on the planet who I don’t think can can receive what the universe wants to give us. But it is about trust, and settling and being present and still in quiet and not busy, busy, busy all the time or distracting yourself.

Yes. Well, I want to say first off, thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for sharing where you were when you were younger. And I have a two comments I want to say about that. I appreciate you sharing your vulnerability so that listeners who have been through those kinds of experiences can also say, oh, it’s not gone, I can reconnect to that. I can move through this and come back to that inner knowing and intuition. So thank you for that gift of saying it can be here. It doesn’t have to always be roses, which is something else you’ve kind of shared earlier in the podcast of moving through those things. And then another part of it, I think, is acknowledging that we all come to this life open and intuitive. And I know my son, as I discussed in another recent episode was kind of where my Just went open, and everything came back connected for me. And he was so connected. I remember just the free flowing conversations that he would have with me that you knew there was a guide standing there talking to him, or he was remembering. And, and I remember as he got a little bit older, I don’t remember that he was probably getting close to double digits. I was worried about him because I could see it shutting down. And I remember asking him one time if he remembered something and, and he kind of looked at me like I had six heads or something. And it was heartbreaking for me because he was such a channel in such an open spirit that I went into meditation, and I very clearly had God tell me, he’s okay. And I clearly saw, like, Kevin’s light, and God’s hands just kind of wrapped around his light. And God said, It’s okay. He’s not going to make it through his teenage years this open. So don’t worry, my hands are holding that flame. So when he’s ready to come back, it’s not he doesn’t have to relate it he just has to open his hands. And that let me tell you through teen years and late, you know, 1819 have been so graceful for me of knowing God’s hands around us like it is not out is just being held tightly. God’s making sure it’s got some oxygen. And so I think that’s something we all go through because we have to in our teen years, come into our body and come into this life so that we can figure out what choices what conscious choices we want to make later in life because we can’t just as wonderful as they would be we can’t just all be spirit like we didn’t come in this carnation in this life to just stay spirit we have to experience the human things

wow that’s that’s incredible. I love how you just put that Yeah, yeah, I mean in his Yeah, you’re just man thank God I’m not a teenager anymore like you were like well I’d be I’d give anything to be 18 again like not me oh oh my god. Like I wouldn’t go back to 25 No, no, no, no no so yeah. Wow, that’s beautiful. And what I was thinking too is how do I want to say this? I just had like five thoughts come in at the same time just because I think that was so juicy where you said there’s so much gold in there. Yeah, but right you can be I don’t want to say too open right you know if it was like you need to be a little more loving there’s no that that doesn’t exist through their loving or not you know you’re either show up in a loving way or not. So I don’t want to say too open but

if it who you are surrounded

by what you what environment you’re in. I think and if you’re so if you’re this open vessel yet you know that can be exhausting. Letting go much letting in other people’s emotions, other people’s anger other people, you know, yes, let’s hold space for other people. Let’s let’s be there because we’re all one. Right? But it’s just like if you if you’re on the phone, if you’re if a family member who you love with all your heart, everyday calls you and just unloads everything terrible that’s happened, right? Every Okay, oh, today or this person? If you don’t know how, if you’re not aware, if you’re not practiced, and understanding of keeping a boundary, right, or understanding that that’s that person’s it’s not mine. Right? That can be exhausting and detrimental to your soul to your spirit, I should say, you know, of just, man, maybe the world is a terrible place. Or like, Man, I don’t know why I’m so exhausted. After talking to that person. All I was doing was sitting holding the receiver. Right. So. Yeah. So and I think just so hard to be a teenager and adolescent. So So that’s beautiful. And I love the imagery that you gave of just this, his right hand and I’m just holding him until he can step on his own. Right. Oh, that’s beautiful. And it was like, give me I’m getting get through this.

Yes. And it was vital to I can’t tell you how many times I remind myself that it’s there. It’s okay. But I think that’s part of the joy of becoming an adult is getting to explore and figure out who you are and what you are, and where you trust yourself. Yeah, yeah. It’s definitely that that was my, because then intuitive. I remember one time I was on the beach, and it was dark. And there were like 100 people walking, but they were spirits. They weren’t real people. You know. And I remember, it was just it was shortly after I had Kevin. And I didn’t know how to turn it off and on. And at that moment, it scared me. It like startled me not like fear, scared, but startled me, of not knowing how to deal with it and not knowing. Just not knowing, not knowing who I was, what to do with this gift, how to not feel overwhelmed by it. And I had several experiences, where spirits would come to me, Oh, I know, you can help me. And so one of those things was learning how to kind of protect how to turn it off and on. And I remember the day I was on the beach, being like, no, not now. And not using the right words, so that it completely shut down. And it took me a little while to realize that they all went away. And so now I kind of use this. When I feel stuff around me when I feel energies around me, I’ll say if you’re good, you may stage or bad, you Misko kind of as that protective boundary. And so I’m interested to hear because you do so much work hands on with people. So you’re absorbing their energy, you’re connecting with their guides, you’ve got your own guides, what kind of things do you do to protect yourself to kind of keep your own boundaries, but stay open with your third eye?

Thank you for that question. But first, before I even dive into my answer, I really just want to commend you again and applaud you because I’m also I have also the boundary that I’ve said is like, I don’t want to hear you, and I cannot see you. Like do not let me see you. I’m a hard no to those. So and I love how you pointed out that you say if you’re good you can stay and if you’re bad, you can’t stay because I think a lot of I don’t think very many people know that we have the power to set the boundaries. Yes. So yes, we do. So, to part of answering your question is what do I do? I am very clear, always that what how I say it is only the light is welcome. Okay, the times that I saw, I don’t see but I can feel right I feel I know and I feel what’s happening. So when I do feel things, or you know, after I had my daughter, sometimes her mobile and you know the thing that hangs over the crib, you have to turn it in order for music to play. You have to turn it sometimes it would just start playing by itself. Right and I was like listen walking around the room you know in in near her crib. Thank you but do not move things do just very direct and very clear with my words. So like you said you said not now and then it all stopped. Yes instead of you know right now I’m with on the beach with my family like let’s reconvene another time perhaps I would have been more clear right in hindsight, right? So I am like, do not touch things do not move things. Do not show me yourself. Do not do this you know so I’m always saying before every session only the light is welcome in throughout my house to only the light is welcome. I use lots of Palo Santo sage and Palo Santo cleanse Yeah. And to school. When I have a client on my table I’m trying after our session is over I’m resealing up any cracks with the palo santo I use essential oils like crazy. I mean, just all over myself all day long. I use them on anyone who will let me put them on them. But in my sessions, whether it’s a virtual session or you’re, we’re we’re together physically, I’m applying essential oils as well. And of course, there’s a whole science behind that. I only use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils. I’m sure you do. But what else do I do? I drink a lot of water. And I always tell every client again virtual or in person drink a ton of water and my little tagline that I’ve made up as I say aim to pee and I always do it my How much water do I need? I mean, I want you to be getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Like sorry, yes, I’m an interrupter sleep but I want that because the work that I do is in the end, the way that the oils work and even just massage you know stimulates the circulation system stimulates the lymphatic system. So we’re, you know, we’re moving energy, we’re getting things that don’t belong out. So I always say drink a ton of water to help your body. And so you don’t have an energetic hangover, because those are real. When you’re doing when I’m channeling energy, when the I always have I don’t have a name for the information that comes to me, I always refer to it as, like you said earlier. You tell your friend, your soul sister, this is my opinion. Okay, but I always say they want me to tell you x or they want me to know, I refer to the to the collective, maybe that’s the right word. But the beings, the spirits again, verbiage just I don’t think the words we use are too important other than to acknowledge this powerful force. I say they want me to tell you this. And so yeah, oils, lots of water. Palo Santo sage, and to get outside a huge thing. Personally as I need to be outside, it’s difficult in you know, depending on the season, wherever you are, but getting outside is super important. For me at least and I would guess for every human actually, you know, we are meant to be outside not inside of our homes of fluorescent lighting. What else? Oh, and I always encouraged crying. Hmm.

Relief I find

Yeah, I find and waters. So a lot of people who say that they are psychic or that they are a medium or that they are channel, you know what, whatever. People who are allowing themselves to be a vessel. A lot of those people say that when they’re in their shower is when they receive the most information and perhaps even just anyone who doesn’t identify that way. But oh, you know, I was in the shower. And I thought about this, which I’ve heard plenty of people say but there’s something about water that is a conduit. So we I just totally blanked it. What I’m saying is crying. Because then I just thought, oh, yeah, and I take Epsom salt baths. But yeah, I think I know, I don’t think I know that we are in a society that generally says to, to all people that crying is a sign of weakness, when in fact, it is so powerful. Because you’re allowing what those emotions that you’re, you know, holding in here to release? Yes. Right. It is so powerful. In even, you know, think I don’t always cry when I’m sad, I cry when I’m angry. I cry when I’m, you know, and having my child now has really opened my eyes to finding, you know, crying tears of joy. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced before, like crying tears of joy, okay. But I never experienced it. But when I’m looking at my daughter in her eyes, and she’s or she’s laughing, there’s this feeling of love, like I’ve never felt before. And it makes me cry. But I really I realized, it’s like I said this to my husband, when she was only a couple months old. I feel like the Grinch sometimes like not that I’m the Grinch, but that I don’t know if you ever saw the older animated Grinch, but or maybe they included in the new one. But the Grinch his heart breaks because it grows to sizes more. Or however, you know, his heart has to break so that I can grow and I felt that like wow. And in the braking, I think is when the tears are coming. So it’s just this elevated sense of love like I’ve never experienced before. Yeah. And when my clients when they are informing me of trauma that this you know, the client has experienced or what their or something that’s currently happening in their life situation. And they and I can see that they want to cry. I will say it’s okay. No, let those tears flow and then the floodgates because we’re just all but not all of us, but most of us are walking around holding on. Yes. And whatever those traumas, those heartbreaks, those hurts those resentments the grief, the rage, right all All of that is in our not only our physical body, but the mental emotional bodies, and so on. And it’s like you’re just lugging around all this stuff. And so when you allow the tears to come at, you’re just setting down the baggage. That’s my, that’s my belief. And I take Thank you. And I recommend taking Epsom salt baths. Now, a lot of people say, Well, how much Epsom salt, I recommend two cups, one cup, two, two cups, I always err on the more side, but two full cups of thing. It’s magnesium sulfate. It’s called Epsom salt into a warm bath, and sitting in the bath for at least 20 minutes. And what else I say is, like, don’t bring your phone in there, don’t even bring the book in there, it’s time to just soak and be with what is. And as emotions come up letting them flow. But like, this is not the time to be distracted. And I do that. I would like to say that I take an Epsom salt bath every time I see a client. But that’s not true. Let uh, you know, if I’ve seen two or three people that day, I’m in the bath. As soon as I get back to my house, you know, just make sure that anything that I’ve picked up, that’s not mine goes now if you’re not someone who works on others, or hold space the way that I do, but even you, Chris, like you’re holding space right now and everyone you’re holding space for not only me, but everyone who’s listening. And someone who let’s say your job is you’re a telemarketer. I don’t know what it is. But you’re doing something in the world where you’re interacting with a lot of people

take a bath. Let it all go into the water. And then when you drain the tub. You acknowledge you can do this out loud or in your heart or in your mind. But you could say, you know, I released whatever is not mine. Yeah, and I send it back to the light that I send it back to the light.

Sorry, I thought someone just knocked on the door. The listeners are like, Why is she looking over there?

Yeah, but always, whenever we’re releasing, I send this back to the light. Yeah, that’s important for recycling for cleansing. Because anything we put out in the world. You know, we want to make sure that it’s of the highest good.

I always like to visualize kind of like Mother Earth, composting it and turning it into goodness. I’m a big gardener. So that is the easy visual for me of knowing it’s just being composted by Mother Earth into who needs it next.

Oh, that’s beautiful. Yeah, I love that. I’m not a gardener. I aspire to be a gardener. So when you kind of do your Yeah, well, yeah. I lived in Manhattan. And then I didn’t, New Jersey, which I didn’t have any lamb there either. But we’re, we’re on our way. We’re going to be living somewhere where I can where I will have a front yard in a backyard. So the time is coming.

Yes. i And that’s part of why the podcast is grounding journey, because I’m so into the earth and the dirt and hiking and trees. And if I couldn’t garden, I mean just to see because it is winter right now. I had to bring all my plants inside, and the amount of plants that are in my Zenden. I made the comment to my husband, it looked like a jungle in there. And he laughed and said, Oh, you love it. I’m like, I really have to stop collecting plants. Because I do have an addiction. Okay, so we’ve talked about it before I’m addicted to plants, books and travel, and we’ll add plants to it. I have 14 orchids. Like an insane amount of plants.

Oh my gosh, I would love to see some photos. Yeah, you’ll have to do that on your Instagram or something that’s Wow, 14 orchids. And those are not easy to take care of. Unless that’s just something I unless it’s actually not true. And I’m just imagining that but

they’re not super easy, but I have so many and I have had them for so long that they’re in a particular cycle. So they’re easy the way that I cycle with them and stuff. Or I’ve just been having orchids for so long that it’s easy to me. Got it. But I love them. Yes, for sure. But yeah, I’ll do that I’ll post some pictures so you can see what my I’m looking because my office is across the hall from my friend in the amount of plants that are in there right now. And we have a new kitten who is on screen at the moment. And she’s only been with us three weeks and the amount of plants she’s done. Meeting right of eating on them. And so I’ve had to move them all out of her reach. So it’s quite funny. Well, thank you so much for your time today. I have so enjoyed this conversation and I’m already planning like, what’s the next topic I can have you come on as a guest and talk about so I’m sure that we will have you back. But I know that my followers are gonna want to find you. And we’ll put all of your links on grounding journeys, grinding journey.com so that they can find you with this episode. But tell us where do you hang out? What’s your website? What’s your what social media are you on?

Thank you, I would love to talk to you then this has been a delight really? Okay, so my website is my first name Shi Han. And then essentials. My business is called Johan essentials, not just because my name is Johan, but the meaning of Johan, is depending on where you look it up is the world or the universe. And so universal essentials world essentials. My business is providing love space. Right? Touch. Need touch. Yes. Everyone listening. We need touch. Hug others. Yeah, get a massage from someone who’s licensed, but

very subtle for a foot massage for my husband.

There we go. Perfect. So it was Johan essentials with an S at the end. Johanna Central’s is my website. She Han Essentials is my instagram handle. I am on Facebook, I have a business page. But I’m really not there on my business page. If you want to reach me, you can contact me through my website, the very bottom of the website. Or you can go on to my Instagram, and send me a DM or just start following me if you’d like if you’d like more of me, but yeah, she Han essentially.

Great. Well, thank you. And I’m excited to have our bonus episode that was released a couple of days after this one where we are going to talk about the wisdom of the universe book and I have not read it. So I’m really excited to hear a little bit more about it. So thank you so much for your time today, especially knowing you’ve got a little one and had to carve out some time for that. So thank you for being here with us. Thank you for sharing about the third eye and I can’t wait to talk to you more about the book.

Thank you so much. Thank you

Thanks for being a part of my journey. I would love to be part of yours.

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