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Welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey, we’re talking about throat and I have got my new friend, Liz Phillips here. And we had so much fun chatting before we had to pause because we needed everything on recording. Right was

That’s right. Yeah. We tend to say too much at the same time. Yes. You know, and then we’re like, No, we need to get this on recording.

Yes, absolutely. Well, Liz, you have a neat story, because a lot of the people who I have on the podcast and that being healers by calling by intention, and you have any story that you have been a school teacher for most of your life, and just realize you weren’t taking care of yourself, and that it was time to take care of yourself. So you’ve been taking a year off of teaching, and really discovering what your passion is, and how to expand your business. So I understand that you have done Reiki master teacher training, you’re a mindfulness meditation teacher, and you dabble with a whole lot of other modalities of healing. And I sure do, that makes you a perfect person to talk about throat because we’re all learning so much about our threads right now and how to express ourselves. And first off, I want to give you a high five for not staying where you were and settling, but exploring and I think that’s what I really want to inspire people to do with this podcast is explore whether you’re exploring healing modalities, you’re exploring your chakras, you’re exploring what you want to do with your life. Explore don’t just sit stagnant. So welcome, Liz. I’m happy to have you here.

Thanks. One of my favorite quotes is and I’m gonna get it wrong. So but you’ll understand it when I start to say if you’re not happy where you are, move, you’re not a tree, something like that. That’s pretty much my life motto. If I’m not happy, then what I’m what what do I need to make me happier? And do I need to stay in this situation and talk about throat chakra ha. It’s really, truly trying to find myself so I can express my authentic self. And that’s what the throat is all about. This is like a year long journey of the throat.

I tell you what, well, as I said to you before, you know I’ve been I’ve got my little blue calcite here with me so that I’ve got some strength with my throat. But throat chakra is definitely one that I am working through right now. With the podcast with getting my comfortable being on social media, with getting ready to launch on my products. You know, it’s one that I really resonate with at the moment. And it’s funny because I’ve had this cough, this Flemmi cough that I sound like I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day for months. I mean, for years, over the last few months, every morning when I wake up, and my husband says to me the other day, I don’t know what energy center you need to work on. But could you get rid of that? And it is. Well, there you go. Yeah, I mean, it bothers me like I totally get it. But I looked at him and laughed and said, What’s right here my throat what

what am I working on? Oh,

I guess That makes sense. Well, cuz you’re just

I know, right? Get it done. You just your body energy center and your physical body’s just releasing some things probably that you need to in order to be able to express. And yeah,

for me, it’s definitely clearing out some stuff, some stuff that’s stuck and covering and, you know, inflam is that kind of like hanging on goo?

My answer is a response to something for sure. Right? Yeah, I find when I eat the wrong kinds of foods, I have that problem as well. So I think that it’s a, it’s some sort of an inflammation response, I could be wrong. I’m not a doctor. But I know that when I eat the wrong foods, I have this buildup of that throat clearing stuff. And I know that that’s not good for me. So if I were to switch it to an energetic, spiritual thought, perhaps the food I’m eating is not the best expression for me. Like, it doesn’t help me to express my authentic self. I don’t know. I’ve never really delved deep into it. I just physically and notice, okay, that doesn’t feel right. So I probably should not eat that anymore. For sure. Well, anyways, I was just gonna, I just went off into my own little world for a second thinking about that. I know, I need to delve deeper into that and figure out spiritually and energetically why foods, I react that way to some foods, which I know aren’t good for me. So I’m gonna that’s but that’ll be my homework after this episode.

I think that brought up a great point. And I love these podcasts because I totally haven’t finished introduce me the right way. We’re sorry, conversation. And we’re already it’s my fault. No, it’s perfect, though, because I’m already like, oh, let’s go over here. Let’s go over there. So talking about for a second where you said that exploring what it is and what resonates for you and what it is spiritually, and what’s being held in there for you. I think that’s one of the really great things about exploring stuff, and about figuring out what resonates for you. Because the chakras like throat, it’s pretty cut and dry. It’s expression, but it’s also authentic expression. And for me to have throat chakra open, your hearts got to be open, because you got to know your authentic, true self to be able to express that. Yeah, if you think about root, root chakra can be your ancestors, your history, your foundation, it can be your safety and security. It can also you know, there’s so many elements that each chakra can have in it, that it’s deciding what resonates for you and what the moment is really appearing for you to dig into. Right. I think that was a great expression for you to talk about the food and, and I encourage everybody who’s listening, if you have a cough, sometimes you just have the flu, and you’ve got post nasal drip. Other times you’re like, Huh, what am I not saying? Wow, I have an upset stomach all the time. What am I not digesting? You know, really using that energy center to see how your body’s talking to yourself? Yep, absolutely. I do that every day. We’ll go ahead.

Okay, we are going to talk all over each other. To use body language to be like No, your

turn your turn. Oh, it is our throat chakra episode. So I feel like you know, our threats are getting ready. And we’re just talking. Sometimes you’re you know, Okay, you go ahead, you finish what you need to do. I’m just gonna sit quietly.

Well, so what I was gonna say is when I asked what chakras you wanted to talk about, you said, you were connected to throat, heart, and solar, if you can have three to talk about. So I’m sure those will all come into play in the conversation today. But I loved when you talked about throat is the whole throat of we’re not speaking up because we don’t feel worthy. Not feeling worthy affects our self compassion and our worthiness. Taking care of ourselves, because we don’t love ourselves, his throat heart. There’s so many elements in that. And so I want to dig, I want to dig into a little bit of your journey of you’re a teacher, you decided it was time to take a break. And you’ve struggled a little bit since you started that. You know, and struggle is where we find the beautiful if we’re open to seeing it. So let’s talk about now how long were you a teacher?

Oh, before I was a teacher, I actually was in the restaurant business too. So I was a bartender and manager for 10 years and then I went back to school in my 30s and I became a teacher and I’ve taught either kindergarten or as a special education teacher for the past 16 years. Okay, so 16 years,

you have definitely dedicated yourself to others and supporting because kindergarten, that’s some serious teaching. You really are created to be like,

yeah, you set the you set the stage for hopefully the rest of their education, public education or education and there’s a lot of There’s a lot of pressure these days to teach kids how to read and write before they’re even out of kindergarten. So talking about unable to express myself, I joke, it’s not funny, but I do joke, a joke a lot, just because it lightens the mood. Yeah. But I always said the last three years that I was in, in that profession, I said, it’s, it’s killing my soul. And I truly meant energetically, it just was difficult. And I kept thinking to myself, you know, I’m, if I stopped doing this, then there’s something like I failed. And I just have to keep thinking like, No, you’re just honoring yourself. And what you understand about yourself now is different than 16 years ago. And choosing not to do that is actually expressing my needs. And opening my heart and strengthening my solar plexus, realizing my worth, and not doing what I think everyone else thinks I should do, which is stay in a profession, because there’s something at the end of it, like a pension. And I’m like, right, not important. Sorry.

So well, and I, I would imagine just from the couple of teachers that I know, who all worked in lower income schools, public schooling, I could just see how that in itself would close your chakra because you’re not able to teach the kids what you want to, you have to be PC, you’re not able to say the things, nobody’s representing you. So that experience of your profession alone, I would imagine really shut things down for you. So there’s all that you’ve got to clear. Plus society, you got to clear like, there’s so much in your throat, it’s amazing that you’re doing that work.

Yeah, you nail on the head. But I went into the profession, because, well, first, I thought it was probably something I could rely on, you know, it wasn’t bartending, you know, or right, which was demanding and an in on itself. And I just wanted something that was, I knew I was helping. And it just felt right, and good. And fun. At the time. I had a lot of fun, I had a lot of fun teaching kids, and mainly because of the kids and mainly because of the parents and really getting to know them and building relationships with them. But there was a time when it just I felt as if I was going there, almost robotic, no feeling, just get through the day, do what I have to do, then go home and do even more hours of that. And it was getting difficult. It didn’t feel right. So I made a shift,

I can see that. And so I have a little advantage of leading the conversation, because we talked ahead of time. So I’ll kind of pick up some points that I found really valuable along your journey that you shared. And I appreciate that you’re sharing your vulnerability with us right now. Because that is part of the throat is being vulnerable with your expression expressing your true self. So thank you so much for that. And for giving us that as a gift, of course. So I know that you were struggling, you were in a downward spiral. You said of not taking care of yourself. And as you just mentioned, you went to work, you did your thing, you came home, you did your thing. So tell us what life looks like in March of 2020. Because may 2020, is when you kind of had your wake up call. So talk to us right before May of where you were when you realized you were in a downward spiral and not taking care of yourself.

Yeah, so it was a it was my 50th birthday. Right before break before right after I had my my daughter through a surprise party for me. And I think it was right after that. I found out that I had a thrombophlebitis in my leg. So what that is is a surface level blood clot right in your leg. I giggle but it’s like, you know, it’s not funny. Again, it’s my little nervous giggle and I tried to lighten the mood. But I thought holy crap what the hell is happening? You know? When I went to see the doctor about it, he was like, you just need to move more and and that was when I sort of realized like, yeah, so for three years I’ve been not moving. I literally have been sitting other than teaching all day. I would come home and sit and drink and eat whatever the hell I wanted because I had was in a downward spiral. And I didn’t realize that until then that the my actions or inactions for the past three years have really affected my body but not only my body obviously energetically, I wasn’t feeling like I even deserve Take, just get up and move my body I was physically and emotionally exhausted and drained just from the teaching alone, that I couldn’t get up and move and do anything. So it really everything came to a head with that diagnosis, but it did take me a few months, even after knowing that I needed to get up and walk and lose some weight, and strengthen my legs, in order for this to dissolve on its own. Didn’t take me until well, February, I started 2020. And then, and then, of course, we had to shut down everything in quarantine, and that feeling of uncertainty. And you know, I’m sure everyone struggled around that time in March. And April, because we just weren’t, weren’t sure what was happening in the world. And going outside was dangerous. So I, I hit another mini downward spiral in those two months, and then may I finally kicked myself in the button said, Alright, let’s go and just started walking. But you know, struck, it was a struggle, my feet hurt, put on sneakers that were nice and snug, and, and, and fitted and it hurt. I couldn’t walk for 20 minutes, it’s crazy to me that I couldn’t put on a pair of sneakers and walk comfortably without pain for 20 minutes. It was shocking to me. But that’s how I started three days a week, I was like, let’s just go 20 minutes, go 10 minutes out away from the house, 10 minutes back, and you’ll be done. And then after the first week or two, I was like, Okay, I’ll do four days. And I actually gave myself a bit of a range. And it wasn’t 20 minutes, it was more like between 15 and 20 minutes, if you do anything between that number, those numbers, then you’re succeeding, because I always was very hard on myself. And, you know, I would have high expectations and be like, Nope, you’re gonna go out for an hour. And that’s it. And then obviously, I would not have achieved that at that point in time unknowingly. So I started very small, and I just started climbing my way out of that hole that I stuck myself in for three years.

Well, and I think that it’s so important that you share that because so many of us whether our bodies are manifesting our spiritual neglect, or if our bodies are being neglected. So many of us at any point of our time pandemic are not like I don’t want to talk about the COVID thing. But we’ve all been in that place of being miserable at our job, being unhappy in a relationship, being overwhelmed just by life, you know, there’s, there’s something that happens for all of us. And I think part of that is because then we get to make the conscious choice, to feel better to do the things our body needs to do the things our spirit needs. And so it’s a journey, and it’s a struggle. I know that I’ve been through it over and over again. Sometimes it’s severe, sometimes it’s less severe. This experience for you is severe because it was your health. So when you started really working on taking care of yourself, how did you connect that, to your spirituality, to your chakras to where you are on your journey,

I started, I’ll go way, way back. If you don’t mind, I started my education in all of these things in 2014, or 15. And even then, with all of those strategies, and all of this information I had about chakras and meditation, mindfulness and all of that, I still struggled, practicing daily still struggled, giving Reiki to myself still struggled, sending Reiki to my classroom still struggled. You know, I was just I was really in a bad place. But these two modalities, these two practices, if you will, really did pull me through because I was I did have these strategies I knew energetically, where I was blocked and what I needed to work on. I constantly do throat, solar plexus and heart work on myself all the time, because I know that I have struggled with self worth, I know that I struggled with self compassion. I know that I have I struggled with either not expressing myself, or expressing way too much of myself. There’s never a balance. So that’s really along with the physical activity and the nutrition. I really did focus on those things energetically, spiritually, and it’s still like you say it’s a work in progress. I’m always working on these things. No matter what, no matter how I feel right now. I’m always working on these things. I don’t know if that answered your question. But those were the those were the tools that I use. To truly bring myself out of it, and you know what, and like you said, not going back to school this year, that threw me for another loop completely threw me, I did not expect to feel the way I felt not returning to school. I thought it would have a big celebration and joy and happiness. And this is amazing. And you know what I’m trying to get to that point. I have glimmers of this is amazing. This is a gift, what you know, having this time off to explore another career is a gift. So I really do have great days where I have to force that mindset shift. Instead of what the heck am I doing?

Is I think that was, yeah, I think that’s a great point. Because I want I want to explore a little bit more in solar plexus, heart and throat, but because you brought up the, you’re taking this time off, and you thought it was going to be this amazing thing. Because I just did an episode before we started the chakra series. That was expectations versus intentions. And I think that’s something that we all set these expectations you have this expectation of I’m gonna have this year off, it’s going to be magnificent. It’s gonna be way better than it was. And here you are going, Oh, what am I doing with my life? Like there’s so much pressure on yourself to figure that out? Yeah. So again, I appreciate your honesty, of not saying it’s all sunshine and roses.

Nothing real about it. Okay, listen, nothing it has in my life. And I’m not saying I’m not in my victim mentality ego mode right now. But nothing has been easy in my life ever. I don’t know I expected.

Like you’re being real with yourself at the moment. Yeah, but

I truly had a bit of an identity crisis, existential existential crisis, I think this is what, okay, when you become really mindful, and you work with energy centers, and you try to work on yourself a lot. There’s a bit of a downside, you become fully aware of what you’re thinking and feeling. And sometimes you just don’t want today that I became fully aware that I am a doer, I’m not a beer, and probably why I got into mindful meditation because I was finally sitting and not doing and my mindset is it shifting it absolutely shifting since I had this minor crisis. In August in September, when all of my colleagues went back to school. That it’s okay to be and not do do doesn’t mean success. Being doesn’t mean failure. There was a time for rest, there’s a time for integration, there’s a time to do. And I just needed to stop. And I what I need to do is continually remind myself that it’s okay, if I’m just sitting watching British baking show for the 20th time. Okay, it’s rest, you know, it’s integration. It’s a rest. That’s what I tell myself.

I love that it’s integration. I use that one all the time. I mean, not all the time, but I definitely am like no. And I call it the void because I read something melody Beatty, who I really love her daily readers. She talks about the void between working really hard. It’s, you know, the valley, and then you go back up the hill to do some more work. So in that valley in that void and that integration, just allow yourself to breathe, just allow yourself to be and as you said, you’re you’re a doer, not a beer. So there’s a definite learning to be even though it’s your integration, it’s your void. It’s your pause. There’s something in it for you to learn at that same time.

Yeah, for so long. I kept my head down and plowed ahead. And I’ve had successes. I was the first person to graduate from college in my family. I’m the youngest of eight. My dad was the youngest of 10. My mom was really intelligent, but didn’t finish high school. There’s just, there’s an only four of us out of eight graduated from high school. So to be the youngest of those eight, to graduate from high school, get an undergrad, my undergrad and then my masters, all being the first person. It was I think, in a way just pushing away on the other crap, excuse my language. I didn’t know this way. I always say I’m a teacher. So when I’m not teaching, I have a foul mouth because I can’t do

that I think comes right out.

It’s just an excuse. But I tend tended to put my head down and achieve and achieve and achieve and those were all great things but it did not solve the internal struggle and trauma that I had, you know, growing up. So I think this settling down and not doing it is just a response to, like the fear, the negative feeling that I get from not doing things. And the failure that I perceive is the case when I’m not doing things, I think really just stems from that, that what I had been doing for my whole life for 50 years, head down, go move ahead. And when you, you know, you accumulate all these certificates and things in your success, and you’re happy, and this is what you’re working toward. But you know, I clearly wasn’t happy. Because I had that little downward spiral issue. And I kinda was going through the motions teaching, I think, because that’s what I did. Everyone thought that that was the right thing to do. You know, it was responsible. I’m not an I don’t know, it. I think I don’t know if I’m being clear here. But I think my my issue with my doing truly is, because it was such a thing that I did my whole life, do do, do do do, achieve, achieve, achieve. And then just pushed away all the stuff that I really needed to work on. And that’s kind of what came up from 2017 to 2020. That was the stuff that came up in 2017, I think, put me on that downward spiral of not caring for myself.

When sometimes I think we have to have that downward spiral. You know, I think back when I was married to my first husband, he was my high school sweetheart, we had been together 15 plus years, half my life. And the way it was I could have kept going. And not knowing there was better out there. But it took the downward spiral for me to say, No, I’m getting out. And now I’m in this great marriage, we have our struggles. Let’s be real. Everyone does. Yeah. But I’m married to a person who listens to me, who tells me to clear my energy centers because I keep coughing, you know, we have to sometimes have that downward spiral, so that we wake up because we weren’t listening. I have on my bulletin board somewhere. I just cleaned it the other day, I may have removed it, but the voice of the Divine is as loud as our willingness to listen.

Yep. And if we’re not aware that there is a voice, then we won’t even hear it.

Okay, when it starts when it starts speaking through our body, it starts speaking in other manners that we don’t have a choice. To not listen.

I always say that this leg thing was scary enough to shift me to move but not, you know, didn’t kill me. But it was scary enough to move. And that’s the and I’m such a quote person, I have to say. And that’s the other thing. There’s two other quotes like that are thoughts. One being the universe makes you really uncomfortable, so that you move. And so when things do get really bad, it’s a great indicator of what’s not right, why am I not in alignment? Where do I need to shift? What do I need to focus on. And then the other one being funny because I just use this quote from one of my intros to my podcast, but um, it is, oh, it’s about when your body whispers it’s important to listen when your body was first so you don’t have to hear it scream. And that is so true when it comes to Reiki and energy and chakras. Because prolonged imbalances can create physical manifestations. And so it’s really important to listen, listen to your body.

Well, and that brings us back to talking about another this episode we were going to talk about throat but I love that you talk about throat heart and solar plexus because it is

the Trinity I call it the Trinity. I call it that that’s

what brings up the whole point of each works together. You can’t just work on your throat. If you haven’t worked on your heart and are going to go to your third eye like they feed each other. I’m personally a girl who starts at my root because I need a strong stable foundation. And up I know my best girlfriend my soul sister starts at our crown and comes down. Yeah, cuz she’s more kind of upper level, etheric. So depending on which way you’re going, but so because I just want to touch on solar plexus for me is letting your light shine the passion the fire inside of you, which also then leads to the heart of knowing your true authentic self and into the throat of expressing your true authentic self so that your fire and your passion can burn. Would you kind of classify your solar throat heart or your heart right?

And I think you you said it very clearly earlier. Solar Plexus really is about is about expressing your true self. So doesn’t that go right in line with your throat? I mean, it’s a question. Solar Plexus is believing your worth solar plexus helps you to achieve goals. And if you don’t feel like you’re worthy of achieving a goal, then you won’t and what if that goal happens to be self care physical, something that you need to do, you won’t. And that affects your heart, because you don’t feel like you’re worthy. And if you don’t feel like you’re worthy, then you may not speak up for yourself and say, I need I need a half an hour to go out, can you take care of the kids, so I can do that? You know, so it clearly does affect everything. If you’re not, if you can’t express yourself, because you don’t feel worthy, then you may not care for yourself, which is all those three, it’s just like this awful cycle that you can be stuck in. And if those three are all blocked and not flowing, then how on earth is your route? Getting any of that? Flow? How on earth is your you know, like, what is happening? So it really can affect everything. I think it all starts in the heart. Really, because, um, you know, self compassion, and empathy, and kindness and gratitude, all start here. And then with that comes, the willingness to be able to speak up for ourselves, the feeling of worth to be able to understand who we are, and to express ourselves. You know, your third eye being the truth and intuition, if you don’t believe you’re worthy, why would you even trust your intuition? You wouldn’t you don’t, there’s no confidence there to do so. And that can cause really bad anxiety and depression and stress. So especially when your routes out of balance, because you don’t feel safe. So you think something awful is gonna happen? And guess what? It probably is not, but you don’t feel safe or secure. So I think I think everything’s affected when these three.

Yeah, well, and, and I think it’s not just when those three aren’t working. But it’s when things aren’t unblocked and open. I don’t like to use the word balance with chakras, because balance to me puts too much pressure on it. I don’t believe that you ever get them all balanced. Because I know sometimes I’m working on my heart, which means it’s a little more open. And if I’ve got it to be balanced, and that means my throat, you know, like, so this balance doesn’t work for me, because you’ll hear a lot of people say, Are your chakras balanced? Are you this, where it like

you said that when I when I practice on clients, I say open, closed, locked, balanced, and I always say, and doesn’t mean close doesn’t mean closed. You know, open doesn’t mean open. And balance is really the goal after a Reiki session. But that’s because I just gave them Reiki, every single breath. So yeah, it’s funny, I use words, but I always say to my clients, and then that’s not what I mean, this is really That’s funny.

Well, and I think it’s really, it’s unblocking about removing that stagnant energy, that stagnant stuff that’s been sitting there for our lifetimes, and, and doing this kind of work isn’t a one and done, oh, I went from route to crown, I’m good. It’s I went from route to crown N, oh, I need to go back here. And then I’m going to go back through and it’s a cycle of going from top to bottom, bottom to top and moving fluidly through them.

It’s a daily practice because we encounter lots of different emotional, physical, spiritual obstacles in our day. So it’s really a daily practice.

So I love to use meditation sometimes to open myself to see where my blockages are. I personally love yoga, to really move that energy. Because I heard somebody say, and I’m so sorry, I can’t accredit the proper person with it. But I read somewhere I heard somebody say that yoga is one of the best forms of therapy, because how many times if you cried on the mat, and you don’t know why you’re doing a hip opener, you start crying.

That’s why because it’s all in the hips.

Well, and you know, but people say, Oh, it was an instant release. And it wasn’t because it took you six months of practicing that hip opener before you finally got there for it to open. So it’s comparable. One of my girlfriend’s would fight me over this, and she’s the one who listens to the podcast. I’m going to get a phone call about this one.

That’s okay. What’s her name? Right.

So, you know, therapy is great, but also just sometimes doing that work in yoga, because it’s going to do the same release that you’re going to get in therapy because it’s that stagnant stuff that you don’t know is there, but it’s

so much more that because you’re moving in, you’re physically you’re, you’re moving physically, but you’re connecting your mind to your body, we are so disconnected. Those two things are so disconnected for the most part because we either live in our head, we live in our head, and then we physically, you know, experience the body, not not in the head. So like, we really need to connect and yeah, doing those hip openers can really help release a lot of past trauma.

Yes, well, so I use meditation, I use yoga and then I love crystals, because they, they’re my play toys. You know, we

can feel you can feel the energy from it. So you wouldn’t be using it if you didn’t really feel the energy from them.

Yeah, so what things do you I know your you love Reiki, but what things do you use to help you stay clear and remove blocks and open?

I do so many things. I’m some that may not be considered, like a mode of healing, but I’ll mention most of them if I can. Definitely meditation and my meditation is different daily, depending on what what I want to achieve for my practice. A lot of times, they’re affirmations attached to my chakras. So I am worthy, I am loved. You know, I’m home and perfect just the way I am. I oftentimes use affirmations. I’ve been dabbling with some visualization lately to open up my crown and third eye a little bit. And So meditation is one of the biggest things what my walks when I walk alone, I’m, I turn it into some kind of like a gratitude walk. And I’ve never said this out loud. But this is what it’s turning into a bit. Noticing the mindful, really mindful, but then really being so thankful for the birds that I just, you know, if I see a heart or or bluejay, or Cardinal, I noticed the trees, the leaves, the temperature, the smells, I just really enjoy doing that. And that helps to ground me and become obviously more present. I do a lot of mindful activities, which I call them mind bless. But they really do open my mind to being able to delve deep. I’d like to journal. I like to do doodling like Zen tangling. I don’t know if you’ve

ever heard of that. Oh, I haven’t heard of that. Oh, really high more.

Um, for sure. I had an example to show you. So Zen tangling. I am not an expert. I have just done a couple of workshops with my art teacher friend. We combine our forces and we do creative intentions workshop. And she teaches watercolor. We all everyone picks a word and they essentially make it in a frame with watercolors and Sharpies. And then tangling untangling is just a mindful way to doodle. So

word, it’s a thing. Yeah. Okay.

Yeah, it’s fun. Especially if you’re someone who likes to doodle and create. I do word searches. I actually word searches for me, calmed me down. And now it’s been great. And I watch the British baking show.

I love the events for the events that nobody’s done.

Dirty little secret. Every time so used to talking about your husband every time my partner I’ve been with him for 20 years. We’re not married yet, but I’m gonna. And everyone always asks him, why aren’t you? And I’m like, just because I don’t want to I made

it a point. You’re not like, seven years old? Maybe. But at this point, you’re not?

No, no. I’m whenever I have that on. He’s like, why are you watching this? Again? I said, I say things like, it’s a trauma response. It just is very comforting. And sometimes, you know, I say that just to make them feel bad. But it it? It is. It does. It’s very soothing. I know what’s going to happen. And they’re creating beautiful things. And it just really, it helps me to relax and calm myself down. Those are the things that I do self Reiki, meditate journal, doodle, word searches British baking show.

I love that it’s a variety and that you give yourself the grace to have this like gamut. Because that way you

can also help other people like that really, truly fills me up. And I know we’re supposed to take care of ourselves first. And I’m a big proponent of and teach women. Anyone really that you have to take care of yourself first. And I don’t just mean physically, I truly mean spiritually and emotionally. You have to do that first so you can be there for others. But in my business, it’s just I’m a heart centered entrepreneur. It’s just what I do. I help people and Doing that really does really, really puts my life in perspective. Because I see what people are going through. And I don’t say things like, oh my god, I’m so better off, I more think like, wow, that’s interesting, like I learned so much from my clients. And really, I my world, the perspective that I have on my world in my life has just broadened, I guess, has become clearer in working with people. And it’s my favorite thing to do.

Well, I love that you bring up your business, because I know that our followers are going to have really enjoyed the conversation with you and giggled along with us, tell us a little bit more about what you do and how people can find you that want to connect with you.

So when I learned meditation, I loved it so much that I wanted to be able to teach it because that’s kind of the work that I do. When I learned about Reiki, I loved it so much that I wanted to teach it, you know, so I think deep down, I’m a teacher. First and foremost, I want to give people stuff information, help them learn and grow and heal. So I had become trained in 2015, as a meditate mindful meditation teacher. And in 2017, I decided to take it on the road. And I had my own little traveling business. And what that means simply is that I would go to a couple of different places, and I’d have a mindful meditation with Reiki class weekly, or I would give Reiki, like, have sessions in different places. And then, in 2019, I found a space where I could do all of that on my own. And I opened it was called mainstream meditation at the time, because I, my mind is like, everyone needs to be doing this, everyone meditation should be just like taking an Advil, like you got an issue. You know, you have pain. I don’t know, I don’t take things like that. So meditation for me was my medicine. And I really thought that everyone should be exposed to it. So that’s why I named it that at the time. And since then, I’ve, I’ve learned other skills and trades and healing modalities, and I shifted to mainstream coaching and wellness, because I do coach and it is overall wellness. So that is I’m in Massachusetts. But I do have a website. I’m on Facebook, and I’m on Instagram, and you can follow me and I have a podcast. Cast because I’m a doer, I’m a doer. Yeah.

You’re diverse. Remember, you’re diverse.

Yes, I’d love to have it or two. So let me tell you once it hit, and I had to close down my in person business, and I had to go online, it was much like teaching kindergarten, I was like, Okay, what am I learning from kindergarten that I can now do with my business. So that was good. But my podcast, my podcast is called heal conversations to guide you toward personal growth, and overall well being. I’ve said that a few times. But heal isn’t just about healing, because I don’t think we’re broken to heal, I really don’t. But he’ll actually stands for different words. So he is honoring your past, healing with humor. amongst some other things. He is educate yourself to different ways of healing, energy. And again, some other ease I have, but these are the main letters and words. A is for awareness, and adapting, amongst other things, and l is love, live in the present and let go. So he’ll actually stands for a number of different things. And as based on my book, which I haven’t finished this, I told you, I avoid, avoid, avoid and do so I’ve started many different projects to avoid finishing that book. But it’ll happen one of these days and love it. Yeah. So that’s my podcast.

Yeah. And then what’s your task? your website and your Instagram or Facebook?

Oh, sure. Oh, thank you so much. It’s, um, www dot main stream, metadata. meditation.com. That’s my website. On Facebook, I’m really active. It’s mainstream coaching, and wellness. And then on Instagram, I’m also active and it’s at mainstream underscore coaching, underscore wellness.

Okay, well, we I know people are gonna want to check you out. So we’ll make sure to put all the links to that on the grounding journey podcast.com And this show notes. So if you’re listening and you’re driving and you want to check more out about Liz, but she didn’t get all that written down, just go to grounding journey.com And you can click on the blog post that’s got all of Liz’s information. Liz, thank you so much for being here. I really enjoy having these conversations and when we have a topic, seeing where it really goes. And so it In our bonus episode, we’re going to talk about the Four Agreements. Never read it heard lots about it. It’s on my bookshelf. So I’m excited that you’re going to join us for the bonus episode. And thank you again so much for being here. Thank you, Melody and your authentic authenticity. Absolutely. Thanks for having me. I love talking with you. Thanks. Well, it always amazes me, and then went the other way.

I have two different sized ear holes, which I’m sure most people do. But I’d like to think that I’m special. This one falls out all the time. So that’s why I wear these headphones. I can’t, I can’t anymore that just pops right out.

Well, you know, I have different things that you can put on them, like the different rubber parts, and I just never remember when I’m using them. I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna change it next time. And then I forget. And I was at the gym one day on the big like stair thing that actually goes up not just the climber, but the big one that’s like actually climbing a flight of stairs. And it fell and bounced down the stair. And they ended up having to take the entire machine apart to find it. And I was just

Oh, no. Oh, that was gonna get stuck in the mechanism or something. Now they were just looking for it for me. Oh, that was nice. What would it be like? I’ll just leave that there. I’m good. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve dropped my phone with the headphones because I now use the wire ones if I am on a bad note on the treadmill. It goes flying back to the wall like Oh, I love it.

Yeah, well, thanks for that conversation. It was really fun. And I really enjoyed that it. You’re so diverse, and you’re so authentic, and you know, having that conversation. So that was

a I also have attentional difficulties. So I tend to go on tangents. So sometimes it’s not great. I hope it is. Okay. I hope everything was okay.

Yeah, no, I think it was great. I normally have notes of where I want cuts. And for years, it’s where it starts and where it ends. And so I and one of the things that I really liked about the conversation is you were so real, you shared about your struggles, you shared about how some days it works. And some days it doesn’t. And that’s my ideal client needs to hear that because that way it gives her the Oh, you’re right. I do that too. It’s okay, I can stop beating myself up. So we’re so

tough on ourselves. Yes, we really are. We have no unrealistic expectations of where we should be mentally, you know, emotionally, physically. And we just need to be a little kinder to ourselves.

Oh, yeah. Oh. Well, I’m excited to do the bonus episode, but I know nothing about the Four Agreements. So okay, well, it’s

not a big book. I can talk. I mean, I just did. I have a, I did I tell you this, I have a weekly Facebook Live on Fridays at 10. And it’s called listen, learn, like live and learn. Nice. And it’s just some of my stuff that I would like to share with other people, whether they

want to get that.

And I just highlighted it. I mean, I don’t mind talking about it. It’s not literally probably be five, five to seven minutes. It’s not a huge book. Yeah, that’s perfect. But we can talk about the four great the actual four agreements. So that’s something to like, you can we can talk about them. But I don’t mind talking all about it. Like you just let me know what you think.

Yeah, I mean, I would love to have the conversation about the book, you know, kind of introduce what drew you to it, what you got out of it. And once you’re one of your favorite Aha, and then converse about those things. So those will tend to be the three questions I’ll ask you and will

converse about and you can you can completely relate most of the agreements to a chakra, I think. So if that’s something you want to bounce toward to I can do that.

Okay, that’s perfect. Now, I feel like his last name is just, Miguel like Don Miguel. Is that right?

Don? Miguel Ruiz? Ruiz. Okay. Do you want me to open it up here? Yeah, it’s backwards. Maybe.

Do I get you there? Yeah. Miguel Ruiz. Okay,

that’s what I needed. Yeah. Okay. We’ll pause for a moment. And again, you need to let your nose or anything.

Like I’m gonna get in a fight with someone. Isn’t that the superstition? Fight? Fighter. Yeah, get in a fight or kiss a fool. I mean, usually it’s the full one but

I mean, I’d rather get the full then get a fight.

Right kissing. Kissing is so much better.

Okay, we’ll give it a moment and then we’ll get started. Hi, and welcome back to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey. I have my guests, my guests. Let me start over Hi, and welcome to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey. My guest Liz and I are going to talk about the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz Ruiz. Sorry if I mispronounced that. It’s so hard when you just see a name on a book and you don’t actually hear somebody say it. So I agree. I’m excited. Liz, we had a great conversation. We started out with the throat chakra, we went all around, swirled around and then came back. So if you’re listening to this episode, and have not heard the full length episode, I encourage you to go back it would be the episode before this one, where Liz Phillips and I chat all about throat, your struggles, your accomplishments, your grace and your success. And I think it’s a really great conversation and we giggled a lot in it. And so I mean, that’s the best part. And I appreciate that you have that nervous giggle too, because I’m the girl who giggles at the most awkward inappropriate moments and growing up with smacked on the backside of the head by my father, my mother more times than I should have, you know, but it was always because it wasn’t like, whack but you know, stuff giggling just because

I’m still that person. I have not gotten it whacked out to me yet.

You were not in the Catholic church like I was apparently.

But usually when I get that giggle, let’s usually it’s an elder families like funeral or wake or something. And me and my cousin and he knows who he is. We sit in the back. And we’re like, because we just are uncomfortable. I think it’s just a fact that we’re uncomfortable with ourselves sitting here and not knowing what to say or do and we just giggle.

Well, it’s part of that release. It’s how our body releases we released by crying, we released by laughing, and it’s more fun, it feels better. Even if you’re awkward to giggle. Think about

it. And if you’re in a situation, like what I mentioned, death is a heavy, heavy situation and emotion of grief. And when you laugh it it raises your vibration. So it pulls you out of that heavy feeling of grief and it lifts you up a little bit. You know no disrespect at all. Yes, I’m a giggler.

Yes, well, let’s dive into the Four Agreements. So I have not read it. It is on my bookshelf, it has been on my bookshelf for about a year and a half. I have other friends who swear by it. It just hasn’t made its way to my bedside table yet. So tell

me it’s not ready yet. Let me tell you once, once I tell you all about it. You may not have to read it.

Well tell me what originally drew you to it.

So we had spoken a little bit earlier about my journey into mindful meditation and becoming a teacher. Right before I took that training, I read this book. And I can’t tell you specifically what drew me to and I think my sister, Kathy may have introduced me to it. She’s actually a huge catalyst in all of the things that I’ve done. And we never spoke about her. But I think it’s good to give her a little shout out, especially since I think she bought me this book so many years ago. And I just read it because she she introduces me to all the things and then I do the things and she just likes, she likes to introduce me to the things she’s the thinker, and I’m the doer a great combo. So I think that she bought this for me years ago, and when I took my teacher meditation teacher training, it was a required reading, which I was grateful, because hey, I already read it. Check, check, did that homework. But look at how little it is, first of all these kinds of books draw me to them because there’s so little I love listening to books. Now I don’t necessarily have hard books, although you can see I have a whole bunch right above me. When I read this the first time, it was such a life changing experience, and I’ll tell you why.

That was gonna be my question. So my

life changing. I usually buy a copy for all of my coaching clients. I recommend it to anyone that I’ve talked to. And I usually have a handful of copies in my business. So people people want it, I’ll just give it to them. Because it’s that life changing for me anyways, it just changed my perspective on life. And I’ll tell you why. We grew up and we’re programmed to think and feel you mentioned the Catholic Church. I never was very religious. So I didn’t go to church regularly. However, we are programmed and not even just religiously, but in our lives, to feel and believe and think things. And when you read The Four Agreements, it talks about adapting for agreements and simply living your life following them, and that’s it. So you want to hear it their


So, you know, like the Seven Dwarfs, you never remember all of them, you always remember six, and you’re like, what’s the other one? Well, maybe it’s just me. But I ever remember all four. There’s always one that I forget. But I think I do know all four. Right now, I think I can do it. One. And this is my life changing one, don’t take anything, personally. Anything people say or do has nothing to do with you at all has to do with their experiences, period. That was life changing for me. And this is the thing about this book, it says the same thing over and over again. And I think it’s really just to pound it into your thought process that things that people do like that just says the same thing over and over again, in different words, and don’t take anything personally is the is the one of the Four Agreements. So if someone’s telling me, yeah,

let’s say let me ask you that, because we’ve all heard that we’ve all said that to our kids. What made it make difference to you this time? What what

again, I think it was repetitive, the repetitive nature of the way that this book is written. Okay? It’s true. Like, I can’t, if you were to come at me with angry words about something, if I was late to sign onto your podcast, you’re like, I can’t believe you didn’t respect me. Being here. You know, if you were that person, which you totally,

you were on time. Would that didn’t happen?

She’s a beast, everybody. If you were like that, it probably more comes from, and I think it probably clicked more because I was going through meditation, teacher training, and I and I, okay, it really, really clicked because if you’re angry, because I was late at probably more has to do with you having an insecurity with being respected, or being heard, or being understood, because I didn’t come on time, and I didn’t, and that was an affront to you, that was a problem for you. It has nothing to do with me, I just happened to had to run to the bathroom before I clicked on your zoom link. And I just took me a minute late and I wasn’t doing it to disrespect to you. But that’s the way that you internalized it based on your experiences, and you’re upset. So you kind of lashed out on me because I was the one being late. I don’t know if that’s a great example. But that’s I had an interaction with a supervisor in 2014 When I started my healing journey, and my you know, understanding meditation and Reiki and I, and I said something to her, and I kind of snapped and she snapped right back. And then I ended up going to her an hour later and apologizing because I realized that I was frustrated with something completely different. And not her leadership. And she, you know, accepted my apology and everything. But that’s truly what I mean. Like, she wasn’t being rude or not forthcoming with me. But that’s how it felt like how could you not respect me enough to tell me that that’s what we were doing? You know, I don’t know if that makes sense. But yes, really like understanding like, what she is saying has nothing to do with me. I truly try to live by that. Because people, especially these days, are on have short fuses. And a lot of it really has to do with whatever they’re going through personally. So I just tried to be kind and understanding

what it sounds like. As you kind of mentioned, it hasn’t been the right time for me to read the book. So it was the right time for you to get

Yes, yes, are we and we will hear what we want to hear. Yeah, we hear what we want to hear when it’s time to hear it. And I could read this again and maybe get another message from it. So I encourage you, if you have it and you haven’t read it, wait until it feels like it’s time. If you’ve read it once and you haven’t read it in a while. Read it again. But I really do think it’s as small as this book is it’s so impactful. So that was my biggest life changing. So there’s others there’s three more, there’s four. One is this is the one that I struggled with the most it’s be impeccable with your word. I can. I can of course be mindful and caring and empathetic and kind with my words. The trick with be impeccable with your word is what about your thoughts? I might think one thing but say something that’s kind I really need to keep more of a close eye on my thoughts, because thoughts become things you know, speaking of Energy, so I’m sending out conflicting energetic messages if I’m trying to be nice to somebody in in my head speaking poorly about them. So be impeccable with your word. Also include your thought, that’s always challenging for me. I’m struggling I struggle a lot with that one. But I know that about myself so I work on it. Don’t make assumptions. That’s also one of my favorites. You can’t assume that you know, let’s go back to my An example of me being late on the podcast recording again, which I wasn’t, and you weren’t angry, because you’re not. You can’t, I can’t assume that I did that, because I don’t honor your time or appreciate your time or respect your time and your energy and all of that. You can’t assume anything, you can’t assume anything at all, you know, like, someone racing down the road speeding, you can’t assume that they’re just an ass, you know, perhaps Perhaps there’s something awful happening, and they had to rush out to go somewhere where they’re late, somewhere, and they really need to be somewhere important. So don’t make assumptions. You can’t assume that. And that also goes along with expectations, in my mind. Don’t assume that anyone would do the same thing you would do in any given situation. So that’s one of my other things that I said all the time.

That’s one that my husband and I really struggled with just professionally, because he is not my ideal client. He’s not even near like, on the spectrum. And he’ll tell me something. I’m like, No, that’s stuff assuming what people will do. So I I

like not only that, there’s a lot of judgment that comes with assuming expectations. You can’t, you can’t, you can’t assume that, you know, so yeah. And the last one is always do your best. I think everyone naturally does try to do their best. And I always would like to assume that people assume that people are doing their best. Because once you realize that people are always doing their best with what they have and the information that they have, then you certainly build up a lot of compassion, and kindness and empathy toward them in their situation, as opposed to judging and assuming. So it’s really a small book that has a big hold a big punch. I love it. It’s a great stocking stuffer. If you do that thing. It’s really a great book. It’s great for for kids, because their perspective is a bit off developmentally. But you know, it’s it’s great for them to understand that not everything revolves around them. And you have to have some compassion and kindness for others. It’s great for people, it’s great for anyone who’s trying to shift their mindset a bit in their perspective.

I love that you said stocking stuffer because Matthew and I, we read a book together then we both read a book of our own interests. And we read a book together then off on off on. And so we’re getting ready to Yeah, it’s neat because it gives us something to talk about. And because we both work together. Yeah, we didn’t dinner conversations are always around work. Or clients because that and

you need we need but you definitely need to have that time when it Yeah, working. Yeah.

Yeah. So it’s either work or the TV show. We’re watching and we don’t watch British baking show. Oh, sure. We’re watching Gilmore Girls right now.

I’ve never watched that people. Oh my gosh, people always say that the mother and daughter in the Gilmore Girls remind them of me and my daughter Britt and like me?

Yeah, where we’re watching it with our niece our nieces 14 and lives in Sweden. And we’re watching it with her right now. Let’s talk about but so Matthew and I are getting ready to do the 10th Insight, which is the second book after self esteem prophecy. Oh, just go have you read that one.

Um, I need to probably get that book because of self esteem prophecy. I I completely forgot that. I loved that book until you said it. And I literally just got chills up and down my body.

What I can tell you, right, the 10th Insight. I’ve had that book because I think there’s four in the series. And I read celsion prophecy a couple years ago, and a girl’s book club that’s three girlfriends and I, we then I bought all of them, because I found them at a used bookstore. And it’s been sitting on my shelf for seriously over two years. And I had a dream last week, because I’m between books and didn’t know what I was going to read next. And I just haven’t started one and I had a dream that I woke up and said it’s time to read 10th Insight, or and so I told Matthew,

I’m dying to hear what you get from it. I’m dying.

I’m, well, I was going to start it. And so I said to him, let’s go read tonight. And he said, Well, what are you going to read? And I said 10th Insight? Wasn’t that part of celsion prophecy? Yeah. Well, why don’t you order a second copy and we’ll read it together. So now I have to wait till the next copy comes in. I was all ready to start it without him start.

But you know, when he finds a book that like it’s a book I picked, I gotta wait on Him because the read was like a novel. And it wasn’t great.

I don’t usually read novels I usually stick to lately I stick to anything that I can learn from and just expand my Yeah, I don’t know, awareness stuff.

Mm hmm. Well, we normally do but I was trying to be nice and Find something that was a he he reads history like factual history. Yeah, I like spiritual stuff. So I picked a historical novel, thinking that that would, you know, be an entertaining thing while we were on vacation. It was awful. We both talk about it we like it was good until the last three chapters and why did we finish it? Why did we just stop when it started?

It’s okay to bail on buckets. Okay, it’s really

I know but when you’re like 400 pages and I actually have a 30 page rule if you don’t have me hooked in the first 30 pages you’re going in the part of the US bookstore so I’m really good at that but I was seriously 400 pages in and just had to finish it was awful sorry.

I’m sorry that this isn’t my kinds of books I love these books helped me expand my awareness helped me grow and then it also I always find something in it that I can bring to my business you know, add to my coaching repertoire or anything like it’s truly all of these books. Have all this always been an aha moment and most of them and there’s always when I read them again, there’s always a new one so I love it we

don’t have we don’t have to go too in depth about them. But tell me two of your other favorite books to read so that people

want Adam to their be Untethered Soul of course is is my other one. The one we debated about. Yeah, in there. Michael singer says that the heart chakra is the most important chakra and when I heard that, I was like He also wrote another book. And I would recommend there’s so many others though. Okay, give me a second. The Untethered Soul. I’m looking behind me. The Alchemist is really good. Be honest.

I did a podcast on that one. Oh, yeah, that one and Matthew and I read that one together. I love it. Right one.

But the I want to I want to say maybe I’ll just say one more. Michael singer wrote the surrender experiment. Which did we talk about this during our chat? I don’t remember. But we talked

about it in our pre chat before we ever recorded because you told me about it. And I’ve got it on my own. No, I haven’t listened to it yet. But I’ve got it.

So it’s pretty much a story of his life up until he wrote the Untethered Soul. Essentially, that’s pretty much what it is. But it shows you how he practice surrendering to whatever was presented to him and just saying yes, to whatever was presented to him and where it took him in his life. Which was really interesting. In my opinion, it’s great, but it could have, it could have ended chapters sooner. Because time after time, he says, Then I was presented with this. And I said, Yes. And I can’t believe how great I’m like why do you not believe this at this point? Like, why are you not believing that of course, it’s going to take you where you’re supposed to be going because you surrendered? And you said yes. And I get the pattern? How come you don’t get the pattern? Literally, that’s my impatience. This is why I take meditation because I am like, okay, I get it. Now, what’s next? Do you like it? You know, it was great, though, because it does remind us to surrender, and not hold so tight to outcomes to happen.

And that is a powerful thing to learn surrender. Well, thank you, Liz, so much for the book recommendations, and you will get me off my butt, I will move the Four Agreements, I have levels on my bookshelf of where they are, and if they’re like, in the bookshelf, like they’re supposed to be Earth are stacked on top that kind of judges where they’re gonna get read next, so I’ll move it to the next stack.

And do you ever use Audible, like when you’re working out or walking or anything? Do you listen to

audio? I do listen to books. And normally when I travel, my problem with books that like I listen to novels, when I travel. My problem with listening to spiritual growth books is I write and highlight and underline. And I actually go back and read it. Yeah. Because you know, so I listened to Untethered Soul the first time, because a friend recommended it, she sent it to me as a book, I checked it out. And a year and a half later, I don’t remember anything I got from it. Other than I know, for a week, I was completely different in how I talked to my husband. So I feel you know, I actually bought the hard copy of Untethered Soul so I could read it again. So when I want to go back and what what had my attention I can see the highlights and stuff. So yeah, I listened to novels on Audible instead of real books. I listened to autobiographies and things like that.

The only reason I asked is because it is a quick book, and it’s quick enough to be able to listen like half an hour a day, even when you’re reading with your husband the 10th Insight, like it’s something you can, it can be part of. I’m not telling you to do this, but if you do meditate, or if you do why If you do something in your routine where you are able to sit and listen and something you can listen to for half an hour and really just take in what what it says and then let it go and go read the 10th Insight, you know, like it’s something you can build into a routine easily enough.

Well, the one that I’m doing on Audible right now is the book of joy with Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Have you seen that? No, no. Oh, my goodness. It is so good. I got, I think, let me see my chapters are in it. So there’s, oh, it doesn’t actually say how many chapters because it’s got long and short chapters. But I got more than three quarters of the way through it. But it took me a month and a half to do it. And I got to the point where I wanted to start over again. So Matthew and I are listening to that at night before we go to bed. So well, that’s a great idea well over a 15 minute chapter. And that one’s really great. Because you don’t have to, like, I don’t feel the need to write notes about it. Yeah, it’s the kind of thing that I want to listen to you and then go to sleep. That’s a great idea to integrate into my body. But it is so funny. And they use different voices. And I think with this book, particularly, I wouldn’t get the value out of it reading because it’s Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, and the narrator who does the interview between the two of them, and so it’s, they come together and Damas Allah for a week or two weeks and just talk about joy and talk about their experiences. And so when you listen to the audible, it’s the narrator. And then they use different voices. It’s not actually the Dalai Lama doesn’t use voice, but they use different voices. So you can hear the conversation like you’re in the room. And I think if I read it, I would lose that because I will just kind of read through it. And with Desmond Tutu having just passed, I said to Matthew, let’s listen to this. We’ve been listening to it in the car, or when we’re getting ready for bed. And that’s a really good one. Look at how many books people are gonna have activity books after this episode is turned into when we started before nerding. Yes, before we started recording, we said, oh, this episode will be five or 10 minutes. We’re at 22 minutes.

Oh, shoot. But we’ve given like eight resources of great books. So yeah, Liz,

thanks so much for being here. Thank you so much. Thank you for your conversation for your authenticity and your for your vulnerability. It’s been a lot of fun. We have the full length episode for people to check out. And they’re definitely going to want to learn more about you said how is your website, your podcast, your Instagram,

I’m a website is www dot mainstream. meditation.com Facebook, mainstream coaching and wellness is the new name of the business, I kept the website so don’t get confused. And then on Instagram, it’s at mainstream underscore coaching, underscore wellness, and my podcast is called heal. If you’re searching for it on Apple, it’s on most of the platforms. I think, if you search heal with Elizabeth and Brittany Phillips, I think you’ll find us faster than just typing in here because I think there might be another I don’t know there might be one or two others that have a similar name. And it’s conversations to guide you toward personal growth and overall well being we highlight we have guests weekly, and talk about their journey, their spiritual, physical, emotional journeys, and they’re so full of information and resources and inspiration and hope. The stories are amazing, lots of great people that we’ve interviewed. So

I love it, check it out. And we’ll definitely put all the links to everything so if you’re driving or headed to bed and didn’t get to write all this down if you check out grounding journey comm you can find the link to the episode that will have your podcasts, your website, your Instagram and your Facebook. Thank you. Yeah, thank you so much for your time and thank you so much for the conversation. It’s been a blast.

Same thing to you

as I’ve pushed my ear pods back in my ear, right

mind haven’t fallen off my ear. It’s just thinking

well, you know I have it’s funny. I have a really big Look at this. I’ve been watching it move

across like

I have a really big head too. As a matter of fact that pile of those are all hats up there and I can’t wear like women’s sized hats. I have all men size that because my head so big.

When I graduated they had to custom make my cap because they didn’t make them and big enough sizes. So I can’t wear like all my hats or stuff I knit myself because I can make it I can’t wear headphones because my head and part of it’s probably my hair.

Well honestly they did hurt because it’s pushing the glasses into my head. I’m not used to wearing glasses either. So I just have had to use them in the past year. Yeah being on the computer and all And also being 52.

Well, it happens to the best of it. And it’s better than the other alternative, right?

Yeah, I’m all good. It’s all good. I have a pair of these in every single room. So I’m good. Those are gonna stay right there can’t bring them downstairs because then I won’t have them here.

Well, thank you so much. It was really a lot of fun to chat. And this episode will actually air in March. So I’ll reach out to you march 8 Is my planned release date. And I think I mentioned to you about doing an Instagram Live, that will get releases. Okay. So I’ll reach out the week before. So I’ll reach out like the week of March 1, and just show you some graphics and schedule a time to do the Instagram Live. And

is that a good time at that point to send you my all of my you want me to the type of my things that I just said like the email and an email, but my website and that stuff? Or did you already right?

Yeah. Well, I’ve got it from when you filled out the application? Oh,

perfect. Hope I’d send it over. No, it’s okay. Perfect.

Well, we will check it before like we make sure the links work and everything. So okay, if anything’s off, Kevin, my son will reach out to you so perfect. Okay, that’s the whole reason I do that application, because then when he’s doing stuff, he’s got everything and we don’t have to reach out and wait for somebody to get back to us.

I just I updated my bio, and I know I sent that to you, but I have a brand new one.

Okay, we’ll send that to you. Because you didn’t have one on there. Oh, good. Yes.

Okay, I’ll do that.

Okay. Yeah, because we do put your bio on the website.

And if you normally get it’s too if it’s too long, then edit it. Tell him

that Matternet at it. Yeah, yeah. Okay. Um, we normally just grab one of your photos off of your social media. So if you have a special photo you want to use since you’re sending me something go on and send that to

okay, it might not look like me. I’m just kidding.

We can use like, some rocks that look then like or something.

Yeah, so just send me that. Whatever you have.

I will. So I’m gonna send my photo and a bio. Do that right now. We’re affecting of it. Thank you, Chris.

No, thank you. It was so wonderful. I appreciate your time. Absolutely Same to you. Thank you. We’ll see. All right. Bye.