Unedited Transcript  Creating Self Transformation through the Sacral Chakra with Natalie Bitton Feb 22, 2022

Okay. Oh, the one thing I did forget to say because that’s all my cat. I’m sorry, I got distracted. So you’ll we’ll kick it back to let you tell how people can find you. We’ll do the formal ending of the episode. Okay, well, we’ll pause for a couple seconds so that there’s a clear break. We’ll chat if we want to for a minute, and then I’ll introduce the bonus episode where we talk about the book. Again, at the end of the bonus episode, I’ll kick it back to let you tell me where people can find you and things like that. And then here she comes across the desk. And then we’ll end it again officially, but I’ll just keep the recording going the whole time.

Sounds good. Okay.

Yes, ma’am. Okay, move. Hey, Oscar. And she loves my crystals. I have crystals all over the dust settles down here and play with

Eliska that’s funny. Yeah,

so it’s Swedish for love. Oh, so it’s spelled really funky and it’s funny. My son got her collar for us while we were gone. And it’s completely spelled butchered. He’s like, Mom, I just spelled it the way people would know how to say it. My dog’s name is Faith. Oh. So that’s what faith My dog is 11 and elsket. It’s only been a few months that we found her. So I have faith in love. That’s what Yeah, so cute. Okay, so we’ll give it a moment of pause and we’ll get started. Three. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journeys. We are talking Sacral Chakra, and I have my guest and Natalie with me. And of course Eliska is wandering through the desk. So Natalie, I’m super excited. She is a Columbia bake or excuse me, Columbus, Ohio based yoga and meditation teacher, and owner of Hamsa lounge yoga. amfa lounge combines all of Natalie’s passions for yoga, meditation and art. And you’ve got this amazing artwork behind you. So I love that. Natalie has been teaching yoga for eight years. And as a student of yoga and meditation for almost 25 years. She’s passionate about teaching, sharing, and inspiring others through all the modalities that have made her an impact in her own life. So like we are soul sisters already just reading your bio. But we did have to stop the conversation and start recording because we were having so much fun talking. But Natalie, I’m so glad you’re here. Thanks so much for joining me.

Thank you so much for having me, Chris. I’m just so excited to chat chakra chat with you.

Lately, well, and you know, the way that we got connected is my guest, who is the solar plexus, found me online, reached out she became my solar plexus interview. So that’ll be the next interview. And she recommended to you because you were actually going through a series of chakra classes in your own studio. So you’ve recently gone through that work again, you’ve taken people through it. So I think it’s going to be an amazing conversation. And I’m so glad how the universe works to bring people together. And the synchronicity that we’re experiencing together.

Absolutely. I feel the same way. I’m just Yeah. I feel like you just fell on my lap. And it was just perfect timing. Yeah, I’ve been doing a chakra, a little class at a local studio called Matt, happy yoga here in Columbus. And we’re just breaking down the layers of the chocolate as each week. So it’s just been an amazing experience and process to love that peach those.

Well, so I’ve read your formal bio, and we’ve kind of talked a little bit about what you’re doing. But let’s start with who are you? Who do your friends know Natalie, as when you’re sitting around the table drinking tea?

All right. Um, so I think that they would probably say that I’m down to earth, a non judgmental person and creative and maybe that I’d make them laugh. I think I’m generally a positive person. So perhaps they would say that I you know, try to lift up the energy when I’m around them. And my close friends might say that I’m resilient because I feel like they’ve seen me go through some difficult times in my life so

that it’s definitely part of the the resilience and the experiencing of it. Different things we go through. And I know that you and I have talked about your sacral, and how that’s reflected for you. So I’m looking forward to get into that conversation, where we’re talking about the elements. And that’s going to be part of the conversation we’re going to talk about is the elements associated with each of the chakras. And I think that’s really neat. So let’s just jump in. Let’s talk about first for a second, your yoga training. Because I’m working on my 300 hour, I completed a 200 hour you teach yoga. And that experience has really helped you connect to your energetic body. And that’s what is so interesting about yoga. And the yoga teacher training experience, I think, is because it takes it deeper than just the physical. So share with me a little bit about that experience of becoming a yoga teacher and experiencing connecting to your energetic body.

Definitely. So the, I guess, the pivotal time in my life, where I decided that I would, you know, would want to teach yoga was back in 2010, when I had an injury. It was a ruptured ovarian cyst that damaged my so as muscle and surrounding muscles around it. So the so as runs, crosses through the hip, the pelvis, the low back, and it really is responsible for us being able to walk to stand up straight. So for about a full year, I was in just excruciating pain from this ruptured cyst. And it took about six months, I would say, to figure out what exactly was going on, I had numerous imaging, I had laparoscopic laparoscopy surgery to see going on in there. And no one could really figure it out until I went to a pelvic pain specialist. So this doctor realized that this was all muscle related. And so that was sort of a very eye opening experience, because my prescription for that for all the pain besides some 10s unit therapy, the electro therapy was physical therapy, okay. And they gave me all these different exercises to do and as I was, you know, doing my daily daily stuff, I was realizing, like, wow, I’m doing yoga right now, these are yoga poses I’ve been practicing yoga for at that time, it was about 15 years. So I was very familiar with the poses, of course, they were named, you know, different names. And so for me, it was just this realization that I could really bring more yoga into my life to help heal my body. And there was also this energetic body piece to that as well, because I was really suffering with my, you know, just emotional and energetic body in terms of feeling, you know, just completely uninspired and I was taking care of my toddler at the time. You know, very just feeling guilt that I couldn’t spend time with him. Shame, insecurity, all the things pretty much that are sort of like the opposite of what the sacral chakra is.

So just mentioned, I’m sorry, you just mentioning those couple things. I’m like, Oh, it was time for you to dig into the chakras and do that work?

Yeah, totally. And so it’s, it is interesting how we are talking about the sacral because I feel like there is something there with the sacral. And not to mention, I was wanting to get pregnant again for you know, to try for my second and, you know, I had to put all that on hold. And so just felt complete completely at a super low. And when I started bringing some love and awareness and taking care of myself in that nurturing way, nurturing way and bringing that attention to those parts of the body. Then I really noticed that I was starting to get that abundance of the state Apr and the playfulness and the sensuality back, and all these little qualities that I had lost throughout that difficult year. You know, we’re slowly coming back. And yeah, eventually, I just felt better. I got off any kind of painkillers that I was on. And, you know, really reignited my joy and zest for life again. So it was really a year of just learning. For me and realizing that I have to learn more about yoga and meditation and how do I, you know, then help others deal with, you know, these types of situations.

Well, and I think a couple things, thank you for, for sharing your story with us, because it really helps us. And I think women in their 30s 40s 50s deal with a lot of issues in our reproductive area, not necessarily reproductive organs. And as I always say, I’m not a doctor, I don’t pretend to be one. So I don’t want to like, give medical advice. But just looking at, we deal with hormonal issues, we deal with fertility issues, we deal with that, you know, bowel issues, I was trying to figure out a polite way to say that. And it all comes from that Sacral Chakra area, at least for me, at least for the people I speak to. So there’s always the difference. But that’s what comes up. And one of the things that I really believe and I’ve been reading more and more about as I’ve been digging into my next level of training, is illness tells us it’s time to do the work. Illness tells us it’s time to start the work illness tells us to get off our rear end and stop pretending like there’s not work to do. And if you’re listening to my podcast, then you probably agree with me. So I don’t need to try to tiptoe around that. So you know, having had a child at that point in your life wanting more, the sacral is creativity. It’s self transformation. It’s abundance, there’s so much happening right there, that there’s a lot of stuff that gets stuck. And, you know, to point on another thing that you said, when you talked about getting off the medications and that you were doing all these movements and flows. One of the things that I personally love about yoga, is it’s therapy for the body. Because when we have this blocks in our bodies, doing that movement is what moves that energy instead of having to necessarily dig into what caused it and what was the root and relive that. You know, and it’s not just Yoga, you and I love yoga. So it’s easy to talk yoga. There was a point in my life that I loved Tai Chi, did the same thing. And I was thinking my husband and I, before COVID, were taking swing dance lessons. And we loved that just because it was so fun to do on a Tuesday night, you know, and my husband was a really bad dancer. And we needed lessons. But there was a gentleman there. And so we used to do, you know, you’d have two circles, the outer circle with the men, the inner circle with the women, so you kind of rotate around to work with each other. And there were definitely some stuff he struggled with. And one day the teacher said something to him about, you know, you’re really struggling with this, do you want help or not? And he said, I was in a motorcycle accident and was told I was going to be paralyzed and never walk again. Eight months ago. Wow. And I didn’t accept that answer. So through physical therapy, his doctor said, take dance lessons, get some movement in your body, you know, and that release the trauma of a motorcycle accident. So, you know, while we’re talking yoga, in the type of movement, it’s going to move that energy, it’s going to shift it whether that gentleman was conscious over the fact that he had trauma stored in his body. You know, he had trauma from the accident and trauma from being told he was never gonna walk again. You know, that movement, whether we’re conscious or not move the energy. And that’s so important. And so hearing you say, you were doing that, that’s one of those things that we love about movement is it just moves it without you having to pay $120 an hour for therapists to definitely stuff

that’s I mean, one of my go twos is just, you know, put on some music and move around even if you’re walking around the house or you know, going on a walk just something definitely I noticed my energy shift in a big way. When I move So yes.

Well, and let’s talk a little bit more about sacral. Because I know this is something you and I have discussed as the root, the sacral, the solar plexus. And as we were discussing before, you know, pre call when we were like, Okay, we’ve got to start recording this. Yeah. When you’re exploring the chakras, it’s easy to know, root, it’s easy to know, heart, throat, Third Eye crown, and know what’s associated with those. For me when I started my journey of learning, and I’m 20 plus years into exploring the chakras and doing that work. And I still get confused over sacral and solar plexus, and what do they do? And what do they mean, and what other elements are there. And so what I wanted to just kind of share for a moment, before we really dig into it, is the root is all about community and your ancestors and where you come from. As you move into the sacral. It’s about releasing ego, it’s about discovering ourselves. And it’s coming into our true self. And that true self is our emotions, our creativity, our transformation, which then allows us to go into the solar plexus, which is about letting our light shine. And so I know that you feel strongly about the connection with the root, the sacral and solar plexus. So let’s talk about what that connection is for you.

Yeah. I mean, I feel like whenever I tap into the creative part, that creative energy center of the sacral, I might get inspired and might have, you know, all these ideas and plans to, you know, bring things out into the world. But if I don’t work on my solar plexus, then all those things just swim around. They don’t have a place to go. So it’s really once I start to just bring some awareness to the solar plexus, and think about my motivation, and what drives me, and how can I actually bring these things to life? That’s when you know, I start doing the thing. So and, you know, there there is that the feeling, right? So I feel I’m feeling this, creating this, and then when we reach a solar plexus is doing so it’s really just making it come to life. And as far as the roots, I find that I for me, I really need some grounding. I’m struggled with anxiety for a good chunk of my life. And so the grounding piece is so important for me. In particular, because if I have too many ideas, I get overwhelmed. And it’s I just, it’s like a chaotic mess. So I need grounded, you know, so I can withstand all the the movement that’s happening in my sacral. And, yeah, it’s just a beautiful sort of concept, you know, just the whole system as as I think of it of how it starts with the rootedness, and then it goes up and bubbling up the creativity and continuing up up the energetic column. Yeah, sort of the process I they work hand in hand,

for me so well, and I think you know, that’s one of the things that do and talk our work is, you start at the root for me, I start at the root, maybe there’s people who started the crown, I’m a very grounded person, I want to live more in my crown because I live so deep in my root. So it’s natural for me to start root work, I have a very dear friend, myself sister who is very much in her crown. So she starts there. But it is really important to understand that they do all lead one to another as we’re talking. And one of the other things is, you know, it’s what resonates for you it wasn’t resonates at that moment at that cycle for you, as we started to kind of dig into and this is only really the second episode we’re talking about it. So we’ll dig more into that in other episodes. But where I say that the root is community sacral is our self. Solar Plexus is like letting our light shine. There’s also that element of the root is safety, and you have to feel safe before you can move into sacral because when you look at people who are very boisterous, sometimes it’s insecurities and ego because they don’t feel safe. They from their route. So if you feel safe in your route, you have confidence in your sacral. And you’re able to do the action in your solar plexus. Absolutely. And you know, that’s one of those things of looking at what resonates for you and what each chakra because they have different elements to them. I mean at that moment to you mean and that experience. And so let’s talk about the sacral meaning right now, because I know that elements mean a lot to you. And, yeah, let’s talk about that, because we’ve talked about the energy. And so for people who are not as familiar with elements, there is with the chakras, there’s a color, there’s a moon planet, there’s organs, there’s food, there’s music sounds, there’s also elements. So obviously, root is Earth. So that grounded sacral is water, solar plexus is fire, heart is air, throat is either, and then the third eye and crown are more transcendent. So let’s talk because that’s one of the things with sacral that I find really neat as water and I’ve noticed my attraction to water. And you have a really neat story about that.

Yeah, so I mean, that I have a story about the fire element, and how the water calmed down the fire element, so I can definitely share that. And I’d like to actually share the anodea Judith little quote, yes, okay, so I have right here cmrt

People not looking at the book or the video, you have so many sticky notes and tabs like you are so my heart like I need a picture of that just because of how many you have and that it’s so all about my heart you just put my face

so she writes water is receptive, adopting the shapes of that which it encounters following the path of least resistance yet gaining power and momentum as it flows. So yeah, to me it’s just a beautiful concept to imagine ourselves molding around these jagged edges of life like river water just moving its way around the river stones and boulders and just keeping in mind that we we all have the water element within us and so for me it’s it’s really just remembering that if I can glide and move through these obstacles and just really flow in a fluid and graceful way around life’s obstacles then it’s just the whole idea of eventually finding you know, the calm waters where you can just flow and yeah, just the element of change also just the embracing change in a in a graceful way. And so we’re tapping into the story about the fire element and I know that we we talked about that when when we first met but in the summer of 2019 we had a house fire and we lost everything had to get the entire house and so after this process the the fire element was a big trigger for me have always loved fire bonfires and fireplaces. And after the the house fire i My relationship with it just changed which was really interesting. It was almost like it made me angry. And it was shortly after that. I went to a workshop with Lauren Roche. He is the author of the radiant sutras. And this one activity that he had us do which was really cool and actually really a great thing to do to cultivate more of the the qualities of the sacral but he had us open up a bunch of blankets on the floor. We All got down on the floor. And we started moving to the music to just a very evocative sort of beat. And he invited us to move in any organic way that made sense in our bodies in that moment. And so it felt almost theatrical in a way, as we’re moving, and all these different emotions were coming up. And the emotions were almost guiding the movement. And I remember that during this time, and I want to say it was like a week or two later, after the fire was very, maybe it was a few weeks after, but it was still really fresh in my, in myself. And so I was feeling I got the sense that I was like, a phoenix rising. And I was coming out of the ashes. And it was this, you know, really strong feeling of fire. It’s as though the fight became the fire the fire was with me. And I remember just breaking down in tears, because it was just so overwhelming, but I didn’t feel what’s the word, I guess the softness of it, I It felt very harsh at that moment, probably because I was, you know, almost head to head with the fire element. And so after that, speaking with, with Lauren about it, after we kind of each shared our story, he recommended the that I meditate with water, and adding in the coolness of water to turn down the heat of the fire. So that was really just an really interesting exploration of the elements for me, because then I started really working with the water.

Mostly in the shower, just feeling the water and, you know, allowing for it to release and rinse and being in a body of water. Bath. And yeah, it just there was definitely something so interesting about that, and how it it softened that element of fire within me. So

one, I think it brings that harmony, because what can happen with our chakras is one can be really active and overpower another, which is what was happening to you at that time. And so finding that harmony, and I get so skeptical about using the word balance, because I think that puts so much pressure on us like that word makes us feel like it’s got to be right. So finding that harmony that ying and yang of ebb and flow. Like how many other cliche words can I pick right now?

Yeah, I use all the time.

And that’s, you know, I love that you say the shower because it’s making the chakra work and clearing that energy accessible. And that’s why I like bringing in the elements in this conversation, because it’s not something we talked about in any of the other recordings. When I talk so much about grounding. I talked about, you know, going outside, touching the dirt, gardening, stomping your feet on the ground, holding plants, things like that. But then bringing in that sacral work of water, whether it’s in the shower and feeling water rinse ever you whether it’s drinking a lot of water one day to really feel like it’s flushing things out of your body, whether it’s sticking your finger or your feet in a stream nearby the park, or I one of my things I really like to do is when I meditate, I envision my feet in the ocean. And so that that water is flowing back and forth over my feet and bringing in that moonlight energy and taking away things that are time to let go of. And that’s one of those elements I think is really strong with the sacral is the letting go letting go of ego, letting go of emotions, not letting stuff get dammed up inside of you. So the water element. I think for me, the sacral the water element is the most powerful of the elements, because I can use that water visualization and I haven’t tried it in the shower. I haven’t really thought about that. So I’m glad you mentioned that. But you know, and as a mom, we’re all like, oh my shower time is sacred because we get away. Magazine anyone? Yeah, and I still like he literally is 21 and I still go hide in the bathroom just the other night. Mom Can I come in like Dude, she’s in the bathroom. Like, so that bathroom time is sacred to us as moms with kids.

Yeah, it’s funny because I have on occasion, I’ll kind of go through, you know, like chakra meditation or, or any kind of meditation really in, you know, standing in the shower. And sometimes I’ll get these like epiphanies or just ideas from that. And so I will use my finger and write, write these things on the shower wall. Or on the glass, actually. And I didn’t realize it one time, because I would, you know, thought it would just was just going to disappear. And so my husband, you know, went like to take a shower after one of my chaotic notes that I was writing on the, on the glass, and he was like, what, why did you write you know, blah, blah, blah.

I love that.

So it’s just funny, because now if I do write anything, yeah, make sure to either wipe it out or, or leave it there so he can get inspired to. But I love

that that is so wonderful. And it’s how we get to share it with them. And just make sure what you’re saying better? Well, it’s not like you idiot. Well, I’d love that you brought that element conversation in with us because it’s not something because I don’t think that the other elements resonate as strongly for me, like grounding, and the root does, but I don’t think of them as connected. It’s just this in this that I do. So I’m glad that you could bring that conversation in. Because since we had our initial conversation, it’s made me more aware of it, not in the sense of all the other elements. But in the sense of how much I’ve been drawn to water while I was doing sacral work. Because through the podcast, through the chakra card deck that I’ve been building, there’s been a lot of creation. And we get stuck in that. And it’s talking about creation for a moment, because you mentioned this earlier about creating creation can be childbirth, it can be creating a product, it can be any element of bringing something to life and to fruition. So that’s a neat art.

Definitely, I mean, it even like a you know, cooking can be creating. Yeah, just so so much there that we can create on a day to day. And I feel like that’s one of my go twos is just creating an all forms, whether it’s creative writing, or that unmute and putting on the music, and just the move somehow, those would be my two top sacral, opening activities, affirmations as well, affirmations are always great.

So let’s talk about affirmations for a second, because I haven’t gotten having this conversation with somebody in a while. And you and I haven’t had it yet. So it’ll be interesting to see. So you know, I used to love affirmations, I was the girl with two different colored pads of sticky notes in my bathroom, because it’s, I have my own bathroom, the boys have their bathroom. So my husband and my son share a bathroom. Um, because I just don’t want to clean up their bathroom, just something. And our master bathroom is small, so it was easy to push my husband into the hall bath, it was bigger. Um, so I had all these sticky notes all over my mirror, I would read through him every morning, I had him on my meditation space. And I read Danielle reports stuff one time, about when we’re working on trust issues, which is also sacral work sacral and root, they kind of go together and that one, that when we say affirmations, if we don’t believe them, we’re lying to ourselves. We’re breaking our own trust, and we’re counterproductive. So I’ve gotten really careful about the affirmations that I use. And now I kind of call them more mindful declarations that I’m stating to the universe, instead of affirmations. So definitely look to me, you know, and I think that’s something that’s interesting. It took me a month of reading it, thinking about it. And kind of working through how I really felt about that. So I may be springing it on you last minute to have that conversation. Oh, yeah. Let’s talk about how you do affirmations and how you view it and what it feels like.

And I feel what we’ll talk a little bit more about that too, when we get to the, our book, our little book application, because Gabby Bernstein has morning mantras, which I was going to talk about too, but I do feel like I can totally relate to what you’re saying with having the affirmations fit to what you are needing, and what makes sense. And sometimes all, you know, kind of, if I read affirmations, I might change the words around, so I can really customize it to what I am needing, or what, you know, makes make sense in my own life. And so, I, Gabby Bernstein talks about morning, affirmations, which makes so much sense to me, because in the morning, we wake up and we have sort of a clean slate, and it’s just a great opportunity to manifest, you know, there’s positivity, and the nighttime sort of releases all those negative thoughts from the day, so it makes sense for me, and it just helps to set the tone for the day, when I when I do have, or when I do repeat morning affirmations. And, yeah, I just I noticed. Again, just like putting on the music in the background, I noticed just an immediate change, even like a 2% improvement in you know, food or my energy. Oftentimes, I’ll take my dog on a walk and put on some headphones and do my affirmations in that way. And I noticed, you know, I have a little bit more of a pep in my step when I when I’m walking, you know, so it definitely shifts the energy for me in a big way. And as as far as the chakras go, I feel like it’s helpful to repeat the affirmations that sort of go with that particular chakra. And so for, you know, the the sacral, it might be, you know, saying something like, I am flowing gracefully through life. I am bathing in the waves of nourishing energy or, you know, something that talks about the water elements and, and that movement. I let creativity flow through me, things like that.

I like with sacral of I like go, I’m in flow. Because I know for me, sometimes I’m holding on I just what I expect what I envision what I want it to be. So definitely using those affirmations, and I’m excited we’ll talk a little bit more about mantras in the next episode. Because those are something where I feel when you’re using prayer beads and 108 times, you’re stating it you’re letting the universe really know that’s what you believe that’s what you want. So it’s finding those mindful affirmations that aren’t just willy nilly, but something that you believe something that you connect to. So as you mentioned, you change the words to make it authentic for you. For sure, that’s powerful stuff. That’s how we make shifts by saying the things that connect and doing the movement to to move that stagnant energy out of our bodies. Yes, that’s so fun. Well, I so enjoyed our conversation. I’m so excited that we got to be connected. So dreena is amazing that she got to connect us and she had the conversation. She has a wonderful, I have so enjoyed connecting with her on Instagram since then. So I know that my guests are gonna want to hear more about you and connect with you even if they’re not in the Columbus area. Where are you hanging out that they Yeah, I’m a part of your mailing list so I got a couple of emails. So how can people find you kind of

um, so yeah, then the newsletter off of Hamza lounge.com. And Instagram is Hamza underscore lounge. And same thing for for Facebook. And yeah, I would say that’s the best way I usually post anything local on on my Instagram page and in my newsletters. Yeah I just wanted to thank you so much for the opportunity to hang out with you and chat with you today. It was really great. And I just love it. Love the conversation all around. I can’t wait to continue following through all the chakras and, you know, just see be in all those conversations. Well, thank

you so much family. And thank you, I know that we will stay in touch because we have so much connected. And I was actually looking at doing some different events in the area through different states. And I found one in Columbus, that’s in the fall. And I said to my husband, we have to do this one just so I can go see Natalie Andrina. So hopefully, I’ll be in the Columbus area in the fall. So I look forward. But thank you so much for your time. And thank you so much for the connection and the conversation. And I’m excited because I have not read super attractor. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in our bonus episode. So if you are hearing this episode, super attractor releases on Thursday. So depending on what day of the week you hear this or if you’re hearing the replay later, definitely check out our conversation about superhero chapter by Gabby Bernstein. So thanks again, Natalie so much for being here.

Thank you so much.

Okay, that was so much fun. Yeah. Yeah. And I forgot to bring it up is the painting in the background when it says that you do art? Or you love art? Do you do art?

Yes, I’m not I did not paint this. And I meant to say that when you mentioned it, I was like, Oh, I gotta say that’s my sister in law’s. Um, yeah, she’s a great artist. Um, yeah, I’ve, I feel like I’ve my whole life I’ve done you know, just follow the creative path somehow. And so, yeah, either painting or crafting or something. But, um, but yeah, definitely. Right now I am having this, you know, kind of artists block a little bit. And I think it’s really like time to I need to just set time aside for these things. Because I’ll get inspired. Again, it’s what we talked about, I’ll get inspired. I have all these ideas. And I might even start, like, you know, putting some paint on the canvas, and then I might get pulled away for something. And then I start to, you know, kind of lose the motivation, I guess, to go back to it, you know, so that’s been, I’m definitely working with that. With this month in particular.

Let’s get you recognize it, because then you’re able to address it. So sure it’s happening. Yes. Love it.

Yeah, definitely.

Well, we’ll start the bonus episode, I’ll introduce you again, I want to hear from a bio. I’ll just kind of introduce that we did another episode. I’ll say what book we’re reading. And then I’ll ask you a question and kind of let you run with it. And then we can out you’ll kind of lead it because you’ve read the book, and then I’ll ask you questions along what you’ve read and what you say.

Great. And so I had a quick question. Did you hear the door knock? Oh, I didn’t. Okay, it’s cuz somebody was knocking on my door. I think it was, like UPS or something. But I’m like, Oh my gosh,

I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Yeah, no, I didn’t hear that. I wasn’t sure. Oh, crap.

Okay, what are you messed up on time or something?

Oh, sorry. No, sorry. I thought I thought I turned off my computer.

Okay. Oh, no, that I feel see. Yeah. But,

um, anyway.

Okay. The bonus episode. Good. The bonus episode, your face totally did this thing that I’m like, either something’s wrong with her kid or she forgot it. She’s got it had that total panic look. Sir. Um, I generally try to do the seven to 10 minute 11 minute bonus episode, but they’ve run as long as 30 minutes. So don’t feel you have to drag it out. We’ll just talk however long it the conversation goes. And then whatever feels good for you.

Okay, okay. Can you want me to like show the book?

Yeah, that’d be great. Okay, you know, we do have some people and I’m getting better about promoting YouTube. So there are some people who will watch the YouTube and then some people will just listen to it. So it’s good

either way. All right. Okay.

Hi, and welcome back to grounding journey. This is the follow bonus episode about Sacral Chakra with my guest, Natalie, and we are going to talk about Gabi Bernstein’s super attractor. And so I’m excited about that because I have to admit, I’ve never actually read anything of Gabby’s I’ve been on her mailing list for years. I have two of her books. Last year in January of 2021. We did the universe has your back, I’ve still got it on my bookshelf, I have it on my Kindle, I have may cause miracles. But for some reason, I have just never picked up a book. So I’m super excited. Natalie, that you’re here with me again, that we had an amazing conversation about sacral. And now we’re going to talk about Gabby’s book, super attractor. So welcome back.

Hey, thank you so much. I’m excited to talk about this book. I have it right here. And I think I, we spoke a little bit about that on the sacral episode about the morning the power of morning mantras. And for me, I feel like whenever I practice them, I just immediately feel better. And it’s just, they’re helpful throughout the entire day. But Gabi really speaks about how the morning time is such a sacred time, and how, in the evening, when we’re winding down, we go to sleep, and during the sleep process, the negative thoughts from the day sort of release, and we wake up with this clean slate, and this opportunity really to help align with with the universe and help align with all the things that we want to manifest. And so it’s just been a great experience for me to practice mantras and customize them to what I am needing in that day or, or that week.

Well, and so let’s talk a little bit about the format of the book for a second, because I remember from the universe has your back that it’s kind of a, you keep it by your bedside, you open it up, it’s almost like a daily reader, you open it to where you want to find something. And that may be what gets me stuck with Gaby’s books, because I like to read a book in two weeks, make a whole bunch of notes about what I felt about it, process it, and then go on to another one. So it’s super attractor, a book that you read from cover to cover, you gain some insight and you put it away? Or is it something like a daily reader where you’re gonna keep referencing it? And you don’t have to read it cover to cover?

For me? It’s a daily reader, I would say there’s still a few parts that I haven’t even dug into yet. And, yeah, that’s totally how I would see it. It also comes with we, I guess you have to order it separately, but there’s like a journal with different journal prompts. And she has little, you know, meditation activities writing prompts in the book that kind of go together with the journal. So yeah, it’s really one of those sort of work book books for me. Yeah, it’s just great to let you know, open it up and say like, Okay, I, you know, want to dig a little bit more into this or into that, or you might forget something. But just to add, add to what you were saying about whether it’s also a book that you can read from start to finish, I think it could definitely be that as well. Okay,

I think that’s what gets me stuck with her stuff is that I daily readers put too much pressure on me to stick with. And you know, when I was in 12 Step programs, I did a lot of work and daily readers. And so it just kind of brings that back for me. So I really like to read it and move on. So I know that you have a couple spots that were really powerful for you on your journey that you still referenced that you wanted to share with us. Can you share one with us?

Yeah, another one besides the mantras is focusing on feeling good. And which is one of my favorites. Favorite concepts from the book because it’s so easy for our mind to just go directly to negative thinking and fearful thoughts. And as I mentioned in the sacral episode, I’ve been struggling with anxiety for for quite a bit. And so this practice has really helped me Just pinpoint that anxious or fearful thought, and then shifting the thought of what’s feeling good in that moment, what is working for me in this moment. So it could be as simple as, you know, the soft sweater against my skin, or maybe I’m feeling just this big overwhelm of all the things I need to do. But then, you know, I might look at my sink and say, Oh, but I don’t have any dishes. That’s a plus. Maybe I’m walking the dog and my dog steps on pooper or I step on. And then I’m thinking, you know, the sun is shining. So it’s really just looking at a crappy situation or a feeling that comes up a fearful or anxious or negative thought pattern, and then somehow, you know, finding a good feeling thought. And her recommendation is, once you do find that good feeling thought, then just keep reaching for more, so I might be walking with poop under my shoe, but I might say, you know, the birds are chirping, or, you know, the sun is shining, or, you know, whatever it is. And so, also, the things that have worked for you, in terms of feeling good remembering those things. So she just talks about, you know, almost making a list of all the things that have worked for you, that made you feel good. So we talked a little bit about putting music on, for instance, I know that for our house, when we have music on the energy in the house, is lifted somehow. So I always try to remember, you know, if the energy is low, put on some music, and it usually it usually works. So another thing that she relates to the feeling good is appreciation, and really having that gratitude for all those things that you are appreciating, or that you are, that are making you feeling good. So again, that list of things and acknowledging that you are grateful for them. And it just kind of goes hand in hand for me.

I love that because I find and you’re on a 20 plus year journey, I’m on this spiritual 20 plus year journey. And sometimes we’ve done so much work and we’ve read so much stuff, we forget the basics. We forget where it started from. And so it sounds like Gabby takes you back to those. It’s that simple, silly. I don’t think that’s how the saying actually goes. But that’s how we’ll say it. That, that’s one of the things that I think that’s so fun of connecting with people who are new to the journey, because we have a friend here locally that my sister and I kind of started reading books with her again. And the books we started reading were celsion Prophet, the alchemist, those books that take it back to the basics and to the beginning and give you the insight. And it was so profound to read stuff like that. And remember the basics, the simple part, but also to find that excitement again. And so it sounds like in Super attractor that Gabi brings that element back

to you. Yeah, that’s a good way to put it for sure. It’s just like the basic things. And it’s it’s actually pretty, you know, easy concepts if you think about them. Not so easy when you’re in it, right? So if I’m very anxious, fearful situation, and you know it, sometimes it is harder to say like, Okay, I’m going to, you know, realize that I am having a fearful thought, and I’m choosing to change that. And she does talk about that. It’s the choose again method. And it is and she talks about it in the book, but it’s the idea of noticing the fear and acknowledging the fear and almost saying like I see you, but I’m choosing to feel good instead. And then that the next step to that would be to forgive the thought that you’re having. So, you know, almost like giving yourself props also for wanting to change. And then once you choose again, you reach for that good feeling, thought whatever it may be could be smaller, bigger, and then continue reaching for those thoughts. And then, you know, the hope that it will eventually become this automatic natural thing that just happened.

It definitely sounds like a user friendly book.

Yeah, I would say so for sure. That

yeah, and Gabby such a neat gal. I don’t know if people know who we’re talking about if they’ve heard her story. Gabrielle Bernstein. I’m just calling on Gabby. Like, we’re all good buddies. Yeah. But that’s how she sends her newsletters. So you know, if you read the book of Gabriella, but I just prefer Gabby, because she does have a neat story of addiction and burnout and being at the bottom and the lowest of her lows. And now she’s a very successful published author through Hay House. And that says, you know, to be published by Hay House, you’re on a spiritual journey, and you’ve got some really powerful stuff to say. So it’s, it’s neat to watch her journey over the

years. Yeah, she’s an amazing spiritual leader. And I just love everything that I’ve learned from her. So it’s great to, you know, share this book.

And well, Natalie, I’m grateful you shared it. So like, I’m gonna add it to my list, and it may end up on the bookshelf next to her other two books, but one day, I’m going to get to it.

Yeah, even if it’s just little, you know, highlighting little parts. And maybe that’s all you get from it. But even just the small, you know, little piece of advice of whatever it may be writing a gratitude list or for that good thought is such a to me, it’s been such a, like, life transforming act. And it’s such a small, tiny thing. And just like you said, it’s kind of like a basic thing that we don’t think about, but has been so helpful. So

I love it. Well, thank you so much, Natalie, for bringing that book back to us. For the whole conversation. That was the sacral. So if you’re finding this episode, and you haven’t listened to our conversation about the sacral, it would be the episode before this one, where we really talk about the elements, the creativity, the flow, all the yumminess that happens in our sacred second chakra, the sacral. Chakra. So Natalie, thank you again, for being here. I know people are gonna want to check you out. So where can they find you?

So I’m on Instagram, at hamster underscore lounge. And also, I have a website at hamster lounge calm, I send out newsletters and a Facebook page. So that’s about it. And I really appreciate your time and having me on your podcast. And thank you so much. It’s been so much fun.

No, thank you for your time and for sharing with our listeners. And I look forward to getting to meet you in the fall when I’m up in that. Yeah, so thank you so much for yes. I mean, literally the whole reason I picked Columbus was because I would get it.

It’s a great time to visit Columbus for sure.

Yeah, well, we will definitely stay in touch and stay connected. And thank you again, so much for your insight and for sharing your stories and your life with us today.

Absolutely. My pleasure. Thanks.

Okay, well, that was so much fun. I’m so glad you got to, like you brought so much more that I haven’t, you know, talking about the elements and things like that. That was stuff. I didn’t bring it into it. So thank you so much for your contribution.

Oh, thank you. i Well, I was definitely nervous. But um, no, it was your very easy to, to speak with. And yeah, it was. It felt really good. So

I’m glad now I think our conversation was great. And I know sometimes I have guests who ever share or overpower the conversation and I thought it was a really good harmony of conversation and, and flow. So I’m super pleased and super grateful for your time. Oh, thanks, Chris. Yeah, well, you know, this episode’s gonna air next Tuesday. quick turnaround on it. And if you have time next week, I would love for us to jump on Instagram and do a live. I know you’ve already accommodated, my schedules change once. So if next week is too hectic, I completely understand. But I’ll send you a link to my calendar. I generally open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday up for it because I like it after the episode is aired. If that doesn’t work for your schedule, reach out and just tell me what does work? And we’ll find something because I kind of just have my schedule set generically. Yeah, but you know, if there’s something that doesn’t work, and something that would be better for you, please let me know. So that you’re not rearranging things for me.

Yeah, no, no, I appreciate that. And and for for the life story isn’t just sort of a summary of what we’ve already discussed. Okay.

Yeah. And what I think is really fun about the Live is that I’m sorry, somebody pulled in my driveway. That’s almost like what? It we’ve had enough conversations, that that is just coffee, you know, we’re just talking over tea and whatever comes up, and, and I know that I think about it after the conversation. Oh, we could have talked about this, or Oh, I remember that. You’ll have thoughts that come up for you, too, that your you want to talk about or things you’ve pondered since then, and it’s just kind of a natural flow, like the one that I just did yesterday, I normally scheduled it for 15 minutes. And the yesterday Amanda and I talked for 36 minutes and four people stayed on the whole time. You know, so it because it was just such a natural flow. And I said to her a while we’ve been on here for 36 minutes, and she couldn’t believe we had talked that long. So it just becomes just this natural flow of conversation. Awesome. Okay, well, I’ll send you the link. Okay. Well, thank you again, so much for the conversation. Thank you for the accommodation last week.

Yeah, just it? No, it was actually worked out. So totally good. Yeah. Thank you glad you’re feeling better, but not really. Yeah. It’s kind of what you were. And then it kind of went back to, to the coffee stuff, but hopefully, yeah, not some rest now.

Well, and honestly, just having this conversation with you today has raised my vibration for the day. So you know, so I feel peppy, and I don’t know, in 30 minutes, the adrenaline and the conversation will slow down, but it really did feel good. So thank you for that gift also of just bringing that energy back to me.

Yeah, sure. Yeah. And keep me posted on when you’re coming to Columbus.

Yeah, I would love to. Okay. Okay. Well, it was so much fun and I’ll definitely I look forward to seeing you next week.

Okay, okay. Perfect. Thanks. Bye. Yo.