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Creating self-transformation comes from the sacral chakra. Being in the flow and letting go of ego and expectations is an intimidating task but made easier when we clear stagnant energy from our second energy center. Natalie Bitton and I chat about our journey to learn to be in flow with life and all it brings.

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We receive that which we attract. In the Bonus Episode, Natalie Bitton and I chat about Super Attractor by Gabby Berstein. A book that is a great starting point for understanding attracting and manifesting and a take it back to basics kinda book for someone who needs to remember how simple of a concept manifest is.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down
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Columbus-based yoga & meditation teacher and owner of Hamsa Lounge yoga. Hamsa lounge combines all of Natalie’s passions-Yoga, meditation & art. Natalie has been teaching yoga for 8 years & a student of yoga & meditation for almost 25 years. She is passionate about teaching, sharing & inspiring others through all the modalities that have made an impact in her own life.

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