When I pursue my highest vibration of love, I raise the vibration of all, Marsha Martin. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey, raising your vibration. I wanted to chat for a few minutes and do one more solo episode before we got into our talker journey, I’m really digging into those, because I think it’s so important to be aware of our vibration, aware of our energy blocks, before we start to do the work because we can do the work and have these energy blocks or low vibration, and it just makes it so much harder. It feels like trudging uphill. But when we become aware of our vibration, we become aware of where our energy blocks are and what’s causing our energy blocks. We can address them and make the journey a little bit easier.

So I start with sharing with you. You know I’ve been in this launch, I’ve been working on the grounding journey products for well, really almost two years, but really, really in the last leg of it over the last month prepping for our launch, that is today, February 2.

And last week, I had the best day I was so happy. I felt like I was accomplishing things. I felt like there was a purpose to it, that I was making things accessible to people. And I was really excited to be making that difference for people. And so the next day, I just hit rock bottom, I was exhausted, I was emotional. And it was not my cycle. So it was not hormonal. And by Friday, I couldn’t speak without being in tears, basically. And then our full time gig with a creative agency. I do several launches a year with clients, we’ve launched books, we’ve launched year long programs. And I watch these clients start with this magic sparkle in their eye. And by the time we get to the launch, the hate what they’re creating, they’re not enjoying it, and they don’t get to see it birthed into the world. And so when I realized that’s where I was Friday, I promised myself I wasn’t going to stay there, I didn’t want to bring grinding journeys products into the world. On a low vibration, I wanted to enjoy watching this baby be born. So where I wanted to at the end of my day, crawl on the couch and alternate between sips of wine and scoops of ice cream. Watching some Ben show on Netflix. I knew that wasn’t going to help me. I knew I had a lot to do, I knew I had a lot of wanting to get done before the launch. But after I knew that I wanted to enjoy it more, I wanted to feel my vibration higher. So instead of ice cream and wine, I did plot my backside on the couch. But instead I watched Brene Brown her vulnerability series on Netflix. Now I added it to my list when it first came out in 2019. It’s never been the right moment for me to watch it. The maquis wasn’t home, I was by myself, and I curled up in my favorite blanket and watched it. And just watching and listening to her talk spiritual and talk about vulnerability, raised my vibration. I didn’t need to read, I didn’t have to listen to something. I just sat there and watched it and it felt so good. It also helped me see where my energy was blocking. For me personally, I have a family member who I love very, very dearly who has is at the end of his life, and our family is feeling it. And so instead of holding space for my family, and all that they were going through, I was holding on to their feelings for them. I think subconsciously I thought I could take it away by holding it for them. So just being able to take that few moments to raise my own vibration allowed me to see where my energy was off and what was causing me it wasn’t that I was tired from the launch. It wasn’t that I wasn’t excited about the launch. It was that I was holding somebody else’s energy instead of holding space for them. So the ways that I realize that I’m having energy blocks. Now this is not medical diagnosis. I’m not a doctor. I did not play one on TV. This is just sharing with you My personal experience, I have noticed that when I’m busy, and I’m not actively working on moving energy and keeping my energy flow open, stuff gets blocked in me. If I’m not speaking my truth, if I’m not sharing my words with love, I get really for me and coffee. If I am not got my heart open, if I am closed off, I noticed my shoulders start to hurt because I round in, and I kind of close in my chest. If something doesn’t feel right to me, and I’m the best way to say it is I’m not digesting it, I get stomach issues, I get heartburn, indigestion, because it’s something I can’t stomach. It’s something that I don’t agree with. You know, it’s just not sitting right with me, then it’s, I can’t digest it. If I’m holding on to an experience, something somebody said, if I’m just not letting go, then I get constipated. So there’s really great ways that you can start to pay attention to your body and see if you’re not listening. Because if you’re not listening to your soul, your body will tell you, Louise Hayes has a great book we talk about on the episodes in the past, I feel like everybody should know about this book. If you don’t, Louise Hays heal your life. She’s got the book, the back of it. It has all sorts of stuff going on in your body and affirmations to help clear those energy blocks. It’s amazing if you’ve never seen it, if you haven’t seen it, she also has a workbook along with it that you can play with. That’s another great one. So the thing is to find those energy blocks, once you found them, what are you going to do to release them because there’s lots of resources to help you find them. There’s just as many resources to help you release them to focus on raising your vibration. Again, these are my personal experiences, I find that movement is the best way to get those energy blocks out of my body to move them to get the energy flowing. Again, a quick fix if I’ve just had a call with a client and it feels heavy, and it stopped me somewhere. I’ll turn on one of my favorite dance songs moves my body, I’ll wiggle. I only do that during the day because my windows in my office my neighbors would think I was losing my mind if they saw me dancing the way I dance. And I normally am grateful that Matthew doesn’t come around the corner and see me dance. I will like my smudge stick while I dance and kind of clear my office clear me. I have Selenite all around my computer to absorb the energy from electronics, but it also kind of, I think pulls their energy into it so it doesn’t say stuck with me. So dancing is a really quick, easy fix takes you three to five minutes depending on how long the song is. My favorite to daily keep my energy flow open is yoga. Also love meditation. But when we’re talking about movement, yoga is what I like to do. hip openers, chest openers, because those are where it blocks in me. Speaking of yoga, as of today, my yoga sacred practices yoga chakra deck is available on Etsy. It’s a 52 card deck. There’s six poses for each chakra, where there’s a visualization meditation, there are seven affirmations that you can do one while you’re doing the visualization, one for each pose, you can do it yen style, you can just focus on your root for a day you can go from root to crown, there’s so many ways you can use these cards to help you either just keep open or move a particular block. You can find out more about them on grounding journey.com So those are the ways that I like to move my body to move energy around. I’m a person who likes to be grounded on the the house of our family you know the rock. So hiking getting outside to me is really great because that keeps me grounded. It keeps my feet on the ground. keeps me connected to mama Moon Papa with goddess water, Father, Son, all those things. I know that other friends will tell you taking a bath is amazing. I try that it sounds really good because it it just kind of kills you. But then I get out of the tub and I’m cold. So that has aren’t always my favorite. But there are other ways you can do that with using oils in your bath using oils to diffuse. As I said meditating, I start my morning with meditation before I ever get out of bed. I do have some level of 20 minute to 45 minute meditation. I do chakra meditations, energy center meditations, future visualizations. There’s so many great apps out there to find. I personally love Joe Dispenza, he has the blessing of the energy centers series that even Matthew does now. So meditation is a great way, especially if you’ve had a rough night’s sleep and or you’ve had bad dreams to kind of call your energy back in and to raise your vibration. That That, for me is more raising my vibration than moving energy blocks. But it is just as important to raise your vibration and move the energy so they’re cohesive, but individual. Another thing that I’ve really been, this is more, both raising your vibration and moving energy blocks is wearing colors that relate to the energy that you want to resonate with. And my last episode, I did color therapy with Mara, we did an Instagram Live This Week, where we talked about wearing color can help raise your vibration, it can also release that energy block because you’re feeling a vibration of that color. I love that I was not feeling well, Monday, again, in the middle of the launch, said I’m going to take care of myself. And so I had on my favorite old ratty pink t shirt. I mean, it’s like hold it it stains on it everything but it’s so soft, because it’s so old. And for me the heart chakra is it’s obviously Green is the color that it resonates. But my favorite stone with it is Rose Quartz. And I didn’t really realize because I wasn’t feeling good that I had put on that pink t shirt I put it on, because I just wanted something super snuggie and comfy. But what I realized Tuesday morning is that I had put it on because it was a rose quartz t shirt to me and I was offering myself that compassion and love that I tried to give others. I also when I’m recording a podcast episode with a new guest, I’m talking to a new client, I’ll wear blue because it’s heart chakra vibration. If I’m feeling a little unsteady that day, I’ll either wear black or read for route. So there’s different ways that you can really take your clothes and raise that vibration. So that you’re consciously setting intention when you get dressed. And while you may not remember all day, oh, I’m wearing blue because I want to be able to speak, you set that intention for the day. So that vibration is happening, whether you’re conscious of it or not, because it was an intention, it was a conscious thing that then becomes subconscious. So wearing colors, because of my conversation with Mara has become my favorite thing. And if you’re like me, you have lots of black in your closet. And it’s just easy, slimming. So I challenge you, I encourage you to start looking at your wardrobe a little different. And on days, you need support on days, you intuitively feel something different. consciously think about what you’re putting on and the color and where you’re sharing it with the world. That’s been one of my new favorites. And then I guess the The final thing I want to say about raising your vibration is self care. So my coach would talk about self care, she would talk about a bath, she would talk about girl time, girl conversation, you know, all these different things. And sometimes that resonated for me. And sometimes it didn’t because it felt like oh, I have to line up a call or I have to line up time and that takes some of the fun out of it. Or if I take a bath, the others that felt heavy. So Saturday of this week, I decided that everything that needed had to was a must for the launch was done. And if it didn’t get done that you had noticed something was not done. I would be the only one that noticed. So I decided Saturday to give myself the best self care. I love on Sunday mornings to lay in bed for an hour and read instead of meditate. It’s my quiet time. The boys are downstairs fete snuggles with me and I read for an hour. But I haven’t done that. Probably since early November. It’s been so long. I don’t remember when I did it last. And I’ve been reading Untethered Soul. I listened to the audio book a couple years ago. I was fatter and remit. I couldn’t really remember anything from it, but I know how much it changed me when I read it when I listened to it so I wanted to read it again. And I kind of read it sporadically over September October and never really got anywhere with it. So I decided Saturday morning. I was gonna lay in bed at night. Read all day. I came downstairs, I got a drink. I made a little breakfast. And I told Kevin that I was going to lay in bed and read until I finished the book or my button went down. It was glorious. I laid in my nightgown, in bed until three o’clock on Saturday. Doesn’t that sound so luxurious. I know for some people, it’s just not doable, because there’s littles and you’ve got to interact with them. But Kevin’s 21, Matt was out of town. And as I walked back upstairs, Kevin yelled, good luck with your butt mom. At three o’clock, I got in the shower, and I went and have lunch with my mom and dad. And for me to have time with just my mom and dad. No, Kevin. No, Matthew is a huge rarity. I sat with my parents for two hours, and talked, laughed, giggled, cut up, and just enjoyed being with my mom and dad. And that was so healing for me. Because one, I’m feeling so much about my family member who’s at end of life. But also, I just got to cherish that time with my mom and dad. And I normally come at lunch or dinner with my mom and dad, just logging off my computer. I’m in a hurry. Kevin’s there, they’re going to talk to him Matt fair, he’s going to talk with my dad. And I don’t get that one on one connection with my parents. So my self care to raise my vibration this week was the lie in bed and read 106 pages of my book, and did have lunch with my parents. So raising your vibration doesn’t have to be this hour long yoga, or hour long meditation, it can be something like giving yourself half an hour to read, wearing the color that raises your vibration, doing something that feels good to yourself rubbing some essential oils on your chest, sticking a rose quartz in your bra for the day. Because don’t get me started about where you can put crystals to help raise your vibration to. So raising your vibration is something that you get to feel what resonates with you. And it may resonate this time and next week, it doesn’t resonate with you. So finding and allowing yourself to be intuitively guided to what feels right. I have 10 roller bottles of essential oil blends on my desk, that at any point I’m either using overwhelm piece, I’ve got some blends, Super Soul, I’ve got rose, just listening to what feels good to me. And that’s what I hope that you will get out of the chakra series that I’m leading with our guest is that you’ll learn what each chakra feels like you’ll take some insight and feel what resonates with you by their story, it’ll connect for you, you’ll feel the similarity or it’ll just set that seed inside of you to learn more to dig deeper. So as I’m releasing the chakra series on the podcast, I’m also posting a blog each week that the more in depth dive, it does a little more explaining about the each chakra, what you can use to support it and my personal journey through that chakra, you can check out the blog at grounding journey.com You can subscribe and if you subscribe to my newsletter, you’ll get each week, the link to the podcasts with info about it, you’ll get the link to the blog post. And you’ll also get to know a little bit more about the grounding journey products that we’re releasing. So I want to share a little bit about those with you because that’s been my whole point of raising my vibration is to bring these gifts to the world and to share them with you. I’ve talked about the yoga, sacred practices yoga chakra deck. I’m super excited about that, that started with me. I know 18 months ago, but maybe two years, it’s been a while I started creating them. Because I wanted to make energy work accessible for everybody. I didn’t want yoga to just be a Western exercise. I wanted you to learn more about the spirituality and the depth of moving our bodies of connecting to our souls. Because through my own yoga practice in my yoga journey, it has taken me to a deeper love for my body, a deeper connection with my soul and my journey. So that’s my intention with those cards is to make that accessible to you. Through creating those I’ve also created some other products that are really special to me. I created a sacred altar kit that if you don’t have an altar and you’re wanting to start one is all the components that you need to start them. I have meditation kits that include crystals, mollusk shavings, there’s so many things that will support you and making this accessible. Every product comes with in depth, information and description on the products and how to kind of incorporate them. Even though it’s got that information for you, I encourage you to connect to your own intuition and feel what you’re guided to do with it. My favorite advocates that we released is the love heart chakra set. It is a rose quartz palm stone, a rose quartz pendant. It has a roller bottle, it’s unscented coconut oil infused with Rose Quartz. So you take that you rub it on your heart, you are infusing your heart with the energy of Rose Quartz, you can refill the bottle, because the Rose Quartz is going to continue. That idea came from an episode I did, I think in November, where we talked about crystal dieting. And so using the crystals for your heart, there’s a lot of fun stuff, there’s molars in it, I fully fully with the fact that it’s February encourage you to focus a little bit on loving yourself. And that’s what this kit is for. So you can find all of those available through Etsy. If you visit my website, grounding journey.com, you will see our store you’ll see links to everything you can read a little bit more. There’s lots of pictures on Etsy you can check out. But these are all things that I want to gift to the world and share with you to make the next step in your spiritual journey a little more accessible. You’ve been a part of my journey, and I want to make sure that I’m being a part of yours. And in celebration, I am going to do a live launch party on Friday, February 4 at 4pm on Instagram. And I’ve got some exciting announcements that I’ll be making on that, like we’re going to be doing weekly drawings. Everything in our Etsy shop is 20% off for the month of February. So if you’re on Instagram, I really encourage you check out the live on Friday, February 4 at 4pm. If you can’t get on live, then make sure you go back and watch the recording. You’ll hear about the contest. It’s not contest, the prizes that I’m offering the giveaways all that good stuff that will be available for the month of February. And go to the website. Look at the products see if something resonates for you. As I said it’s 20% off for the month of February. Thank you so much for being a part of my journey. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of yours and I can’t wait to start sharing more with you about the chakra series.