Play a noun and a verb – engage in activity for enjoyment rather than practical purpose. In a world full of seriousness it’s fun to bring a little joy into our lives, a little playfulness. In this episode I go deep with De’Nicea Hilton, a Holistic PLAY Activator and Doctor of Oriental Medicine to chat about how we can bring playfulness back into our daily lives AND how not to feel guilty doing it! 

We open up and set the intention of today’s episode with this great quote from The Yoga of Breath ~ RIchard Rosen

‘ As opposed to training, true play is revolutionary. While tradition, conserves and preserves play turns over a new leaf, turns things upside down, stands things on their head. We are urged to play around and not follow the rules, to take risks, to be spontaneous. (child’s play) open-ended (free play) experimental (play by ear) inventive. Play is accessible to everyone. If we recognize and revere the world as the play of the Goddess, we can join an imitate, this play and everything we do. Rather than distance ourselves from the world, in play we engage ourselves in the world and integrate into the game. Play recognizes the inherent freedom and unique wisdom of the inner self. There’s no outer authority. And so natural inclinations and the prompting of the inner self, not technique, impel our exertions. Finally, play is process oriented and present oriented. There is no future goal except to keep the play going.’

We go deeper into 

  • Being present in life allows us to actually be playful in life 
  • When you allow for the childlikeness in you to come out you can truly see yourself
  • How De’Nicea brings play into her work with patients
  • How PMS and hormones effect Play and how play can lower symptoms
  • Plus so much more!!

To read my blog post I mention during the podcast “Sometimes We Don’t Take Pictures” – where I feel deeply the importance of being present and not always behind the camera you’ll find it on my blog page. 

To Connect with De’Nicea

Check out more about De’Nicea on her website www.denicehilton.com 

She has a special bonus for you too www.deniceahilton.com/quiz

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