Join me as my friend Yvonne Hernandez and I discuss life’s journey and growth through meditation and yoga training. The shifts internally and in our surroundings surprised us both when we look back at where we started and where we are now.


Yvonne is a mom who turned to meditation to help her children with stress at school. She found a love for meditation, a connection with lowering everyday stress for her children and their classmates, all in 5 minutes.

Answers to your questions about meditation will be explained after listening to Peace from Within with Yvonne Hernandez

  • Yes, you can believe in God even if you meditate.
  • Even just one-minute of conscious breathing as a reset button.
  • You can use the breath to control your nervous system.
  • Meditation isn’t complicated.
Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

My favorite takeaways from Peace from within.

  1. we don’t breathe full capacity
  2. Prayer is the simplest form of meditation “the quieter do you become the more you can hear”
  3. Oxygen in the lower lungs is toxic because many of us never fully exhale.
  4. Exhaling deeply like you’re blowing out the birthday candles is an easy way to remove toxins and open up for fresh oxygen.


Other resources mentioned in this epsiode:

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Ahava Collection kids yoga with Nichol Walters (previous guest on Grounding Journey Episode Finding Balance

Anatomy of the Spirit – By Carolynn Myss

You Can Heal Your Life – Louise Hay

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Deepak Chopra and David Simon bring spiritual principles of yoga and meditation together to share the powerful connection between the two modalities in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. Yvonne thought she would be exploring meditation in her program. What she found reading The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga went beyond the physical benefits of meditation and deep into yoga and meditation’s spiritual benefits. Listen in as she shares her favorite takeaways from Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga.


Grab your copy and start reading today! –The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga: A Practical Guide to Healing Body, Mind, and Spirit

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