Grounding Journey Podcast

The Grounding Journey podcast was created from the desire to connect with other souls who are on a similar spiritual journey as I am. Often, I find that I want to have deeper conversations but there’s no one around to have them with me.

In each episode of Grounding Journey, we come together to discuss moving through our spiritual journey, finding connection and community within each other’s experiences. Here is the place where we ponder things that come up along the journey… Like how to connect to balance, what it’s like to listen to your soul and how to fully experience life. 

Join me every Tuesday when I release new episodes. Available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon music, and of course right here!

Deep Waters with Leanne Kabat

Deep Waters with Leanne Kabat

Cleansing Deep waters can be scary and beautiful. They change us, they mold us, and once we overcome the fear, life will never be the same. Leanne and I go deep into her journey of facing a terminal illness and overcoming the odds. If you're looking for inspiration,...

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Your Soul’s Vibration with Ali Fitzpatrick

Do you feel the vibration of your soul? My guest Ali Fitzpatrick feels that her vibration is what connects her thoughts and feelings. Similar to tapping into your intuition. Join me as we dive into vibration with Ali and how connecting to her vibration leads her in...

Intuition —seeing with your soul with Victoria Shaw

Have you heard the saying - You are a spiritual being having a human experience? Victoria Shaw and I discuss the many levels of awakening to intuition and trusting our purpose in this life.  I have experienced my own levels of intuition for most of my life. Connecting...

Playin’ Around with De’Nicea Hilton

Play a noun and a verb - engage in activity for enjoyment rather than practical purpose. In a world full of seriousness it’s fun to bring a little joy into our lives, a little playfulness. In this episode I go deep with De’Nicea Hilton, a Holistic PLAY Activator and...

Balance with Nichol Walters

Welcome to the inaugural podcast for Grounding Journey. Where we dive deeper into the conversations that support us along our journey.  In this episode, my dear friend, Nichol and I discuss Balance in our lives. Nichol is the perfect lady to talk about the word...

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