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The journey to open the heart chakra is never easy. One that is well worth it as Melanie Wood shares her experience of getting curious in the face of fear, surrendering to the opening, and using meditation and the Heartmath process to do the work of opening her heart and time LOTS and Lots of time.

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Want to understand more about your place in the world through the stars? Jan Spiller has two books we love and recommend that help you to understand what you can to this life to do as part of the collective. We chat about them in today’s episode!

Would you like to watch this podcast instead?
Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Want to know a little more about Melanie? 

Melanie is an International Communication and Leadership Speaker, Best-selling Author and Founder/Owner of Speaking Styles, an organisation that works with Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Leaders to step up, step out and lead with speaking and communication.

Melanie has been featured in the World media including FOX, NBC, CBS, The Boston Herald, and NY Headline as the leading speaking coach Empowering women to have a voice in this world.

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