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Well, so we’re going to talk about numerology. And I was trying to find a quote, and you know how hard it is to find quotes about numerology?

Oh my gosh, I can’t even write any. I’m like, I’ve never even looked. I don’t know. Because, you know, it is. I was looking at before we got on this call, you know, it’s like, let me just kind of remind myself to where numerology comes from. And basically, it’s like the religion of the stars. It’s not, you know, everything really is based on numbers, even the the alphabet numbers, you know, and astrology is based on numerology and things like that, too. So it’s so ancient and it’s been passed down. It’s like a what’s the word? Oh my gosh, I’m losing my words, but like word of mouth money. Yeah, there’s different types of numerology totally.

So is the quote numerology is the religion of the stars. Is that something you came up with? Or is it something you read somewhere? No,

it was something that I read somewhere and I don’t even know where

Okay, can I loved that?

Yeah, you said I mean, you know, you could just saved anonymous or what you know, that’s you To quote me,

I’m going to search it just to make sure it doesn’t pop up in Google right off the bat. Yeah. And then we’ll just say

no, I’ll Google it to you. I wish I had bookmark that.

Okay, it doesn’t come up on the first page of Google. So I think we’re okay. We’ll just say anonymous, because that’s way better than what I came up with. The one I came up with numerology is so much more than predicting the future or choosing the ideal partner, date or name. It’s the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. Oh, that’s

perfect to you.

Do you like that one?

Yes. Because actually, that is what I’ve done, like predictive kind of things. I can tell you stories once we get going, like saving my client $20,000. I was like, that got to be the best review I’ve ever gotten.

A good review.

What are you talking about? And anyway, she told me the story. I was like, just from her yearly numerology blueprint. Nice. I’ll be paying attention to mine. Especially if I’m going to buy things. Yeah. So

well, then we’ll start with that one. And we’ll throw the other one in there, as we talk. So what we’ll do is we’ll start the podcast, I’ll start with a quote, we’ll do with silence because that’s where Kevin will clip it for me. And then I’ll read your formal bio, and then welcome you to the show and say, Okay, now tell me who you are. Tell me who your friends know us. And that’s where we’ll just start kind of digging into the personal. I’ll ask you about your journey to find numerology. And we’ll just kind of talk I like these episodes to be like 30 to 40 minutes. Okay, so I call them treadmill link for how long and one that’s going to be on the treadmill. And then we’ll wrap it up. That’s my analogy. And then we’ll wrap it up. We will. I’ll kick it back to you and say, you know, now our followers are gonna want to find you, how can they find you? And that’s where you can do your website, Instagram, wherever you like to point them to? Because I always freeze about how to say it. And am I using the right one? And so Okay, get back to you. We’ll wrap the episode. And then we’ll pause for a minute, we can chitchat for a minute, and then we’ll start the bonus episode again. Okay, and then at the end of the bonus, I’ll have you again, share your information. How do you pronounce your last name?

It’s Arlidge. Arlidge. Okay,

looks like it looks. Yeah. I still have that second grade freak out ever reading out loud. Just like, freak out about people’s names. And I’m getting over a cold. So there may be times

and I mean, I’m glad. I’m glad that you’re getting a recall. But right. Earlier, I was like, oh my god, I sound like a man or a sound like this a frog.

What is that sexy Phoebe from friends that we get to be? Okay. It was so funny. I had a client that I was doing some stuff for and I didn’t. I told him I get into him Friday, and I haven’t gotten into yet. And I sent him an email and said, You know, I’m really sorry. I’m getting over cold. And I’ve just been in bed for the weekend. And he’s like, Yeah, I was listening to one of your podcasts and it sounded like you were coming down with something. Like, okay, so we’ll start out with that disclaimer that we’re getting. And while we think we’re sexy, we may not be for listening. Oh my god, me suddenly, like hit mute or drinking that it’s because I’m getting ready to call for something

meaty. I know. I’m almost I know. I don’t want to talk with a cough drop. I don’t know. I’ll be it. It’s gonna be fine.

Yeah, that was like let me just grab mine just in case

by the same boat, we get it.

And I’m glad you’re feeling better because

Yeah, you too. I’m glad cuz I was like, I don’t want to have to cancel like a because I’m playing on air in this episode next week. Oh, it’s gonna be a quick turnaround. So I’ll say when you’re in it, that

does the editing. Right? My son, your son. Okay, that’s awesome.

Yeah, my husband works with us too. So all three of us work together. But my son does the podcast editing my husband does the tech stuff like building your funnels and your all the the programs that we don’t want to deal with and making sure the automation runs properly and payment.

I’ve been doing that myself. It is such a pain in the butt. But the tip the the software that I use has a template that makes a little bit more easy and it’s still as old doesn’t Yeah, he does

all that stuff for us so

Okay, so we’ll pause for a minute and then we’ll get started. Numerology is so much more than predicting the future, or choosing the ideal partner, date or name. It’s the bridge between who you are now and who you have the potential to be. Michelle Buchanan. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey. I am honored to have my guests Andrea Aldridge. And we are going to talk numerology with a little bit of Reiki peppered in some life experience. And we have already had so much fun chatting as we were getting started. So we’re going to try to recreate some of that for you. But Andrea is a nurse turned Reiki master teacher and spiritual life coach, our clients like to call her their soul nurse, she left a 16 year nursing career to do health care differently, which is what we are all so interested in. And that to her is tending to the mind, the body and the spirit. Not forgetting, excuse me not fragmenting ourselves, like she’s witnessed as a nurse and as a patient. And that right now is so relevant for us all. Especially, you know, the day in time going into fall. We’re both coming over cold. So while we joked earlier that we think we found like sexy Phoebe from friends. We know we probably don’t. So we appreciate you listening to this whole episode, even if we don’t sound our best. So Andrea, thank you for being here. I’m so excited to have you with us today.

Thank you. Thank you. I’m excited to be here too. I know the conversations getting great. From the start, you know?

Yes. Well, so tell us I’ve read your formal introduction, and we’ve gotten a feel for you. But tell us who you are. Who do your friends know you as?

I think it’s so funny. I was thinking about this earlier how I used to be so extroverted. And, you know, in high school, of course, that was a very long time ago, but um, you know, was, was this extrovert now, I think people in my friends totally get it. Like, I’m just basically a hermit and like to inner talk, have deep conversations like I can’t. And they know like, I can’t just the shallowness, I don’t know there’s this richness in life. I know that I’ve witnessed and we’ll go more into my story. But yeah, there’s, I think they would see me as the hermit who likes to have great deep conversations about numbers, obviously, an energy and really a lot of the healing things that happen. That’s just been my wife.

So yeah, when I think that’s so you know, it’s always the quality or the quantity. I have three really dear friends in life, and I’m good with three. You know, I don’t need 20 acquaintances. I’m good with those three. And each of them is a different soul in my life and a different purpose. But man to take them away from me I’m gonna fight for, right,

yeah, find those quality. I love how you said that it is totally quality.

Haven’t those deeper conversations, because we’re at the age we were discussing. And we’ll discuss a little more with numerology. But we are both in our mid 40s. And there’s a different level of deepness and not living on the surface. And that’s been a topic of conversation amongst a friend and I, and even my husband and I lately about, we’ve gotten to this point in life where it is deeper, and we’re reviewing what we really want out of the next half of our lives. And you know that that’s interesting, and I like to see where the conversation rolls is already experienced. We promise we will get to numerology. My grandmother passed away at 98. So I’m not even halfway Wow. Her age and looking at the fact that I have as much life as I’ve lived, possibly still ahead of me. And she just passed away last year. So you know, it’s interesting, and there’s a lot of reflection in that. Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. My grandfather passed to last year and he was the last of my grandparents to go and you know, it’s like this. It does like make you think about Wow, wait, where’s life? Where’s it taken me? Where’s it taking me? Now? You have one thing and I’ll just, I’m just gonna dive in and start telling you I’ll go for it. About my I guess he’s kind of made me who I am. So when I was 15, I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. And that was the beginning of of all over the US, you know, when I really looked back because some people have asked me like, What was the pivotal moment when you had like a spiritual awakening or whatever, back then I would not have called that a spiritual awakening that was the worst. I mean time of my life, you know? Well, the doctor told me, You’re not gonna live a long life, you know, you’re gonna, if you have babies don’t well, if you do have them young, that’s what she said. And, you know, because you could potentially die. And so I had that. Right, like, let’s just go right down to the depths. But, you know, I had to unwind a lot of that. And still, I mean, I’ll be quite honest with you with this whole what’s happened during the pandemic, I’ve been like, that was like, Nightmare, you know, the kind of nightmares I had when I was a teenager, and things happening. So I’ve really had talked about stuff self reflection in the last two years. But anyway, so that I do say, that was part of a spiritual awakening, because it really, I knew it was part of my healing path. I knew that the only way I was gonna, quote unquote, heal myself, was to help others. You know, by the time that I got around to go into nursing school, though, I had done the self fulfilling prophecy of having a child when I was a child, when I was 18, I had a daughter, who is the best thing that ever happened to me. So. So it’s funny how everything is a stepping stone, you know, all of the things that she told me, she being the doctor, me believing her, and then in how it really did contribute it probably really, because I would have been at Clemson University partying with my friends. You know, and that just wasn’t that just wasn’t in my cards, it wasn’t the best thing for me. So, um, yeah, in that that really has shaped a lot of who I am today. Not that I identify with that, because I’ve had lots of very spiritual experiences. Where one day I was actually dieting with this with this stone medicine. So I make a little tinctures and things like that. And, you know, I believe so much in energy and energetics things. And one day I it was Rutilated quartz, I remember and I it for like auto immunity and immunity and things like that. And I remember I had this experience, I was on my back porch. And I just went down on my knees. And I heard because I’m very clear audience, like I hear things. And I heard, you don’t have to be cured to be healed, you’ll have to be healed. And it was just a major, like, opening for me to have that understanding in it. It just put a whole new perspective on what it meant to be a Healed person, you know, not a cured person, there’s a yes. Right. But I don’t have to, I don’t know I can, I can just focus on that right now. Forever and just, you know, convey that message to anybody that’s living with, or in a body that they don’t feel safe in, you know, is that you don’t have to be cured to be healed.

I love that, that there’s so much depth to that, that, just taking that in for a moment. And there were several things you said before that that I want to revisit. But I just want to kind of hold space for that for a moment of, you don’t have to be cured to be healed. That’s gonna be three

years, right? It brings tears to my eyes, because it’s so true, you know, and the more you might try to, you know, as a way to cope, like changing the way that you look at things. And it really shifted my perspective on everything. And it came years later, you know, after like being a nurse. That was after my, my nursing career after I’d left.

Well, a couple things I want to revisit that you said, and I’m sure we will revisit that a statement several times because I think it does have so much merit to it, is talking about being on a spiritual journey. Now you had your daughter at 18. I had my son at 24, which isn’t super young, but it’s still young by today’s standards. And I know for myself, having Kevin, open such a spiritual portal in me, but then it took years for me to figure out what to do with that portal. Because I was parenting. I was in a disaster of a marriage. So it opened something you can’t ignore. You can quiet it a little bit for a little while until it’s had enough. And then that portal will say pay attention to me The three year old temper tantrum now. Right. And I think that that is a blessing of children. It was a blessing of having Kevin for me. And I don’t know if that’s, you know, I’ve never really talked about it to somebody else. But hearing you say that at 18 it was a blessing for you.

Yeah, it talks about numbers. So I’ll just throw this in there. Yeah. Okay, so I, my archetypal numbers are like, I’m 11. Two. Well, my daughter thing is Western and westerns. Birthday is 1122. And her archetypal numbers are also an 11. Two, which I know that that’s kind of confusing, but, I mean, we have the same numbers. And I can just see in her, like, healing ancestral patterns, I feel like that happened with her, you know, the, like, with my mom having a child early. And, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It just is, you know, by society standards, you know, right now, it feels very young. Very. So. Anyway, that it was it just is so funny how we get confirmation along the way, you know, even in those numbers, I’m like, and I didn’t realize that until I stumbled on numerology, you know, and that’s just been in the last. I’ve really just been studying that for the last three years. So I’m like, wow, so talk about suffering. Flexion.

Yeah, well, and I think that you said the word confirmation. The universe is so willing to support us and tell us what we need to hear. It’s just a matter of, are we looking for it? And are we paying attention to it? And you mentioned that you hear stuff, and I definitely have had my experiences and their other experiences where I’m like, Dagnabbit, why can’t I hear you? And that’s, I’ve said it before, one of my prayers when I call my guides and angels in is, and I don’t do it every day, because that every day, I want them to yell at me. But when I know I’m really struggling, I say, you know, please enter my space guide me lead me and direct me. And if I’m not listening, talk louder. So I hear you. Oh, yeah, I like that. Yeah. And that’s why I say some days I’m like, Yeah, I’m not really ready for you to yell at me. I mean, baby gloves today. But But the universe is so willing. And obviously, it gave you so much confirmation with your daughter that you didn’t even understand or know at that time. What it meant.

Right? Hi. So interesting. Yeah.

So then the next thing you said with your daughter, Oh, crud. I didn’t write the other thing down it. Oh, dieting with crystals.

Oh, yeah,

so the totally off topic. But some of our listeners may have heard of dieting with plant medicines. So I’m very familiar. I in my other world have a client who is a plant medicine. Actually, I have two clients here plant medicine. So I’m used to hearing dieting. But I’m really interested because I’m a huge crystal fan. I’ve got them all over my desk all over my room. I would love to hear a little bit more about that.

So um, alright, so I taken this, these that study three years with a teacher that taught Taoist stone medicine, and, you know, got really into making these elixirs actually, and they were you can’t I know you can see this in the audience can’t but just literally making energetic elixirs with different stones, you know, and allowing that I don’t ever put stones in water, because you don’t know what then. So it’s a very energetic just imprint of that. Right. So it’s just another way of imbibing that energy infusing yourself with that energy. And so it would be the same as dieting with like a, you know, well with physical different, actually. Absolutely. Right, well, so, you know, it’s, it’s very energetic. Yeah.

And how do you do that? Because like, now I’m gonna have to search this and find out more about it. Oh, yeah. Interesting.

And it’s, I’m actually about to teach a class on this on the different stones but the, let’s say like, I have a little and a headstone built around me.

Yeah, I can see him in the back watching on YouTube will see it but the rest of us will have to go to YouTube to check it out.

So like with this one, it’s called align, become your higher self and I used a puff of light mirror a puff of light and I just literally sat it beside this water and it does have a little bit of holy basil like tolsey medicine in it because that’s feel like you are sacred medicine. And in a powerful light is like for your higher self. And there’s so much more to say about it. But that was my intention when I made it. So I just literally put it by the put the stone by the medicine bottle, let it sit out under the moon every night, you know, full moon or new moon, a full moon. Okay? But it doesn’t in my book, it doesn’t really matter. I mean, you know, there’s different intentions around the room. But it’s it feels like that that full moon like it’s time to release. So if we’re becoming our higher self, it’s like we need to we need to actually shed fat from becoming that higher part of ourselves. And to your point. With that numerology quote, it’s like becoming the we have there’s infinite potential infinite possibilities of who we can be. And we don’t have to be we don’t have to be labeled and identified as well. You’re a type one diabetic Adria. Do you see I’m saying so it in there’s different properties of stones that carry different energies, if you will. So you choose, you know, I love to do it intuitively, to just like, what feels good for me right now. So yeah, it’s, it’s that easy, literally, I mean, there’s different methods of doing it, where you could just do it in a, in a cop and a glass of water, you know, have that there’s like, it’s called the skimming method, where you would just drink some of your water, take that off the top, and then fill it back with whatever amount you drink, and then keep just keep it charged constantly. And then you notice and then you sit in I call it the sacred pause, you know, where you’re, you’re sitting in, you’re doing like some intentional journaling, things like that, that are, you know, what you’re noticing, it’s just like, when I was dieting with that Rutilated quartz, I was like, This is for my immune system. This is for my health, auto immunity. And now I’m just going to witness what wants to come up. And that what I was talking about how it went down on my knees, that was just clearly out of the blue, I wasn’t even thinking about it, you know, and that was I know, as a result of that in like, just show me so of course you could create your own kind of journal questions around, you know, if you’re using like, Amethyst, that’s the sobriety so that that top of mine, I think of, you know, the sobriety and, like the violet flame kind of thing, but it’s if you were somebody who dealt with addictions, that would be great. That would be great. Elixir.

Amethyst, you know? So yeah. Oh, God, I could talk stones all day, too.

I know. Well, and you know, we’re not too far apart from each other. We’ll have to connect because there’s a huge wholesale crystal show that I go to in North Carolina that we definitely have to like, have you been to Franklin? I’ve been to Franklin. Nashville. Yeah, yeah. Were you at Asheville two weeks ago or

last week? No, but I think I may go in January

two. Okay. I was at Asheville last week. We were Yeah. That’s been like, Okay, this is super fun. So we have to be up there. Oh, yeah. Crystal shopping together.

You have to keep grounded because I just want to float right off.

Yeah. Well, I take my husband because he grounds me and that’s sometimes what I need to stay. So yes. So any of our listeners who are in the North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee area who would like to meet us at the Crystal it’s been so fun. Lately, I you know, I’ve talked about Sweden before because I was an exchange student in high school and I’m still really close to the family there and I just spent some time last month there. And I have a niece and she’ll be 14 in December. And like the last time I saw her was four years ago because it was pre COVID And they were in Germany and everything and so I got to meet this super awesome 13 year old girl and I had one of my crystals on and she had her Rose Quartz on and as I’m sitting at breakfast the next morning because I spent the night with them and you know she’s like, do you like crystals and the conversation that has ensued over the last five weeks between this amazing almost 14 year old and myself on WhatsApp has just been and it’s all about crystals and I am going back to see her in a month and it will be I’ll be there on her 14th birthday and I can’t wait like I never check a bag but I’m checking a bag because my bag is gonna be so heavy with all the crystals. I’m taking her and I can’t wait.

So fun.

Kids they just pay I have like my son. He’s 15. And he had all the raw, you know, all the little rock. I have like the shadow box and he my grandson all into raags. My stepdaughter. Yeah, we’re dead wrong people.

Like Kevin’s been the same way Kevin has had his crystal collection. He actually last year was on vacation with his girlfriend’s family. 45 minutes from Franklin. So I couldn’t go because I was taking care of our cats and dogs because he wasn’t home to house it, gave them our resell license and my company credit card and was a little nervous. I know I was really brave i and his girlfriend is 20. And she’s really getting into crystals. And so it was a great joy for me to send to them. And the calls I got all day. What about this mom? Text pictures, you know, it was so much fun. And that’s one of the things is that the energy that they carry the crystals and it’s just so neat and so connected to the earth. Right? So grounding

is fascinating. I got so tickled because my little southern saying so tickled. My mom sent me a picture, it was like a tick tock video of this guy pulling out was huge Amethyst out of the ground. And I was like my mom sent me because I think they think that I’m a little you know,

let’s not even get on.

I’m like what? Well, she sent me that so she’s obviously seen it, just the fact that this thing comes out of the earth, the earth. That is so and I’m totally a Taurus, like everything about me. And so it just, it’s fascinating. It made me so happy to see her send me not like because I knew it was a confirmation that maybe she was picking it up, you know, picking up the phone, it’s a fad, the fascination and the fun. That is so funny that we’re talking about crystals of all, you know, in this conversation because the energy that I really felt like as I in the year, even in my own business is like, you know, we were talking about like, this is a time for going inward and reflecting. And part of me is like and then like I feel this call to like, it’s time to like have some fun because the last two years, you know, everybody knows. It’s been rather intense. And so i don’t know i That’s how I I’m just having that. That feeling and calling of having more fun and crystals.

Yes, they let you breathe

out like curiosity. Yes. Yeah. Yeah,

they are definitely playmates because as you said, when your children were younger, your younger sibling, you know that sibling, I’m sorry, but younger. Family really love that. And Kevin. You know, I remember Kevin and he still makes jokes about it. Every day, I would pick them up in car line, and he’d give me a rock he found on the playground. And they were amateurs. They weren’t pretty. They were basically gravel. Yep. Yep. You know, and, and so I had a little bucket in the car. And everyday he got in and put a new one in it. And, you know, that was his thing because they felt safe to him. They felt playful. They felt grounding. You know, I have to do an episode with him about crystals and things because he’s very. He’s always been fun to play with about that. But

they’re like I’ve written her. You see, do you see like, even the energy that we’re talking about right now, like a way to connect with your children? I mean, there’s how Yeah. Oh, that gave me chills to their connectors. Yeah, I love that. For sure. Yeah.

Like, okay, let’s absorb that in. And, you know, you can’t this is what he got me for my birthday. It’s a heart shaped. That is good. Yeah, it’s and this is what he got me for my birthday this year at Franklin. You know, and I just thought that was so great. It’s hard to say it was not my heart. What? That would know my heart. If my oh my gosh, I hear mama. Yeah. I was so proud of him. It sits right next to the Buddha he gave me on my desk. I’m loving your son. Yes, I think he’s pretty cool too. But you know, it’s kind of like we said about our moms. It’s like they don’t get us my best girlfriend and I always say because she’s got a 11 and a six year old and we both love our moms like we’re grateful for our moms are not horrible, wretched people. But we say, you know, amazing we would be if we had been our own moms. Like if our moms had been as cool as us. How amazing would we have been right? So I just know, it’s gonna be fabulous because he’s got me as his mom, like, and not even being cocky about, oh, I’m his mom, but just the tools that we’re giving them for their toolbox and like, we can all make jokes about it. But I don’t want to sound like Oh, I’m a fabulous mom because I definitely make my mistakes. Oh, no conversation where I apologize about where I’d failed on today. But we give them all these tools, and we let them explore them and figure out what works for them. And that’s what’s really cool. Hmm, love it. So good. So we’re completely off the numerology topic. And I was actually thinking so do we end this episode and use it as a crystal episode later? Or do we? How do we shift into numerology? So I do want to hear more of your journey. I want to hear more about your journey, leaving modern medicine to find your spiritual medicine and into numerology because that’s really what you love. And you’re called Yeah,

it so I was attuned to Reiki about four years before I quit my nursing career and they were something it was actually after I was saved baptized like Old Brother Where Art no Val style in a river.

And like as you are in South Carolina, my friend

Kayla, and it was in the river like, right there in the Blue Ridge Mountains though that’s where my family’s from. Brevard Andersonville kind of area anyway. So I was baptized in the, in the river. And that that was an awakening in and of itself, you know. And then I was like, There’s something more something bigger than this. And of course, I started questioning, like, there’s something there were some deep calling, I don’t even know if I have words to describe it. To be honest with you, it was like this. Deep like craving to understand myself into know, like the bigger purpose and in here I was 2326 ish kind of age. When I was baptized, there was somewhere in there. Anyway, what is time, so um, but whenever I was attuned to Reiki, because I’d went for like four months, a drive up to Asheville, North, go see my Reiki master. And the moment I knew that I needed to know how, like how to do Reiki myself, was when I had an experience of had this place on my ovary. And one of my, I hope this isn’t like TMI, but it is,

like real life story

here. I was a nursing supervisor, and one of my one of my employees, she had just passed from ovarian cancer. And so when they told me how to place on my ovary, I was you know, I’m like nurse brain takes you to the worst case scenario, and so scared out of my wits and went to see my Reiki master, her name is Jennifer. And I remember just lying down on her table, and I was like, my intention is for this to leave my body right now. And it left. And I felt it and it went down like my left leg down through my left hip down my left leg, and I could feel it come out of my left foot. And it was like a Z, Z sound and feeling it’s so weird to describe. But I knew in my grandmother taught me this, like, Adrienne, when you know something, you’re going to know that you know that you know that you and I knew that it was gone. And I still had to have surgery, I had to have a hysterectomy. But I told my doctor about it. And he was like, because we didn’t know if we’re gonna have to take my ovaries. And I came out of surgery and she was like, your, your ovaries are beautiful. Here’s a picture of both of them, you know? And so it was just confirmation like that. That was part of my path too. And so, you know, when I was attuned, I go back into the hospital. I’m like, you just don’t see things the same. You side. Yes, don’t see things the same. And I just started like, every day I would go home after work and watch this show. I don’t I don’t even know the channel. And it was all about holistic healing about holistic nutrition, yoga, meditation, breath, work, all of those things. And I would just sit there and watch it and I would be working out as I watched it. And finally, I went to, you know, continue some Reiki things. And anyway, it was like my learning with Reiki. And then I met my partner. I’ve kind of fast forwarding here. I met my partner and he was so supportive of me leaving my nursing career because I would just go to work crying, I would leave crying because it was so toxic. It was a very toxic environment. But, and so, and I knew that I wanted, like healing was more than like, Here, here’s a pill, here’s a pill, you know. And so I knew that, you know, when I see in the introduction, we were talking about being fragmented. It was like this, almost like the soul retrieval of like, we’re coming back. We’re coming back with our, with our mind, our body and our spirit. And we tend to that relationship with all of that because being in right relationship with yourself is, that’s the medicine, right? So because it really does dictate all the other relationships around you so.

So I knew I didn’t want to feel fragmented anymore. I didn’t want to be part of like, fragmenting anyone anymore. It took a lot of courage to leave there and I and then I, of course, had to grieve that identity as a nurse which hit me like a two by four, I had no idea that I would have to agree that I was just so focused on like, I’m going, I’m doing health care differently. So when I left, I immediately went into a yoga teacher training a nine month yoga, teacher training. And then I did a two year certification in holistic nutrition. And, you know, things have just evolved in numerology came along just three years ago, though, and so I studied with a teacher and she, you know, I’d always see numbers everywhere, like growing up, I’d always see 1016 1134 1111 111 All of the angel numbers, you know, the 333444. And so I knew, like, there’s, you know, I started to pay attention, like, what am I thinking, when I see these numbers? Why am I seeing these numbers? So it just was another fascination, you know, along with the crystals and the stones, all that because I don’t know, once you start learning things, it’s like, the more you know, the more you know that you don’t know. Yes, yeah. And I’m cool with that. I don’t I don’t know everything. I know, there’s a lot of things in this head, but I don’t know at all. But I would love to explore and talk about childlike curiosity. That was another thing that a client had said to me was like, I love that about you Adria you you do have this childlike curiosity. And that meant the world to me, because I had been so serious for so many years, like, because of what that doctor told me, you know, when I was 15. So, yeah, that was a very condensed version of like, how I got here, but it’s, or, you know, with what I’m doing now, but I now mostly work with women. I don’t do the nutrition part anymore. I started feeling like clinical again, to me, I was like, No, I don’t want to go there. And I realized now it was more for me, that nutrition piece,

but there’s probably some of that morning and the transition of where you were to where you’re going to be. Tell us what how you found the numbers and what the numbers mean to you what using numerology is free so

that well you know, that quote that we’re looking like is that which

numerology is the religion of the stone religion of the

stars? Yeah, so that’s numerology is basically where, you know where we get the alphabet where we like that’s what astrology is based on things like that. So you know the the teacher that I learned under Megan on this her name she she is phenomenal with with numbers. And she’s she’s also a strategic like business person to you, sir, is fascinating how numbers can actually increase your intuition. And so I think too, when those numbers present themselves, and it’s like, Hey, look at me Look at me. Like that’s, that’s something to say, Hey, let me pause again. I believe so much in that practice of that sacred pause and going, what was I just thinking? What am I thinking? What am I feeling right now? What is my overall, like, frequency? Like, where am I right now? Because I’m constantly checking in with myself. Again, being in right relationship. So that was I hope I answered your question about how I found numbers, and then just continue to explore like, they’re, oh, actually, Robert Lee camp. He lives in Nashville is a great podcast on numerology numbers. And he has a how, yeah, I can’t remember the name of his website, but I think it’s, it’s, it’s on Spotify. And he has some really fascinating conversation. How do

you use numbers in your daily life to guide you?

So like today, every day I tune into the daily energy. And today we’re in seven energy. When you when you calculate 11 920 21, you put all of those numbers together, get down to one number, and that’s seven, it equals to seven today. And so the seven. So I know what all of those things mean. In there’s always in, you know, there’s duality and all things. Well, there’s duality in numbers. So there’s a high side of numbers, you know, in our experience, and there’s a low side of numbers in our experience. So I use it basically as a navigation tool on the daily, right, and then it helps me navigate like, whenever I wake up, what, okay, what daily energy or I usually know, because I do it every day. So I know like today, in seven energy, it’s like, take brave action. It’s like the Fool in the tarot, right, like, take the leap of action. So today would be like, prioritize your energy, then take that brave action? Because the seven is the chariot in the Major Arcana, you know, and that’s like, the, like, the momentum, the confidence, all those kinds of things, like you’re being pulled by something greater by like this higher. Right. And so, yeah, we can talk more about that too. But that’s how I use it on the daily. I actually have a Numerology calendar, on our website that we can talk about two, but that’s a way that you can go okay, well, am I experiencing the high side of the number? Or am I experiencing the low side of the number, and wherever you are, it is, wherever you are, right? But you can have awareness about where you are mentally, physically, spiritually, whatever, however, you want to look at that and interpret that it can help you navigate.

So you’ve said it twice. And I’d like to dig a little more into the low side and the high side, because I have a friend who does numerology. She’s my life coach. And she had me sit down and do the, you know, I did it for a couple months, and I never get tuned into it. So I would look at okay, this is, you know, I was trying to plan my weeks over, these are the days I’m going to be creative. These are the days I need to go inward. And I just couldn’t connect to that.

Because it felt like a lot of work. Yeah,

it’s simple. Right?

So if you have the the different interpretations, if you look at it as like, I’m going to feel empowered today, how can I use numerology to empower me today? Or am I feeling like really disempowered today. And so I think if you look at it from that kind of duality, of just noticing where you are, then you can reach for a better feeling. I’m not saying bypassing. I’m not, like, Let’s bypass our feelings kind of thing. But if you do connect to it as a way of going, I want to empower myself. So how can I experience the high side of this? Or maybe I’m just on the low side today, and I feel really disempowered? What would empower me you know, and so when you know the different energies the different words that are you know, that go with the the seven or whatever daily energy that you’re in, and you can know that and then when you know your ruling number, your archetypal energy and understand all of the things based around that, then you can put it all together and and just witnessing Okay, well, I know this is one of my weaknesses, as this ruling archetypal energy. And then there’s stuff like in the soul purpose, blueprint, things that I do that definitely named parts that are specific to your personality, but the you know, it’s a way to like understand yourself, you know, in a different medium.

I think for me, I put so much pressure on the fact that I wanted to learn it, because she’s so awesome. And she uses it and rattles that off. And it sounds so interesting. So I had a lot of pressure around it for myself, not from her, right. And so what I would do is at the beginning of the month, I would take a calendar, and I’d figure out all the dates, and I would try to plan my work projects around it. And it just didn’t work. Because my hands don’t let me plan a month in advance what I’m writing and where the deadlines are. And so as you said, empowered and disempowered. So do you in your personal experience? You know what the day because I actually while you were talking before, you mentioned that I pulled your website out and I was like, Oh, she has a calendar like that’s what I need because it was too much pressure to sit down and write it all out. Do you just you know what each day means? So in the morning, you look at it and you’re like cool, how am I going to implement this today because my downs fall for me was I tried to block days off of I’m not going to have client calls these days. And I’m not going to do this that day. And then I would have to do a client call or I would have to do something. Yeah. And I would just feel so disempowered.

Oh, yeah. And you know, what else is coming up right now, like there is, I plan on doing a whole workshop around this to like the, there’s weekly energies, that Mm hmm. And like, the day that you are born on like that, that could be your CEO day, right. So that could be a day that you help plan things, too. So we’re so rhythmic, right? Like, we’re rhythmic beings. And things aren’t going to always like we try to plan and control and things like that, too. But, you know, it is empowering that whenever you can create a schedule for yourself, it’s like, okay, this is my rhythm this. But you know, there’s life. And that’s where we can learn to talk about control, you know, like, where we can be more agile and just kind of go with the flow. But that’s a whole journey in and of itself, right? Isn’t it?

I mean, I’m calling myself out on money to control and my need to have it worked out and all those others.

I kid it we’re human, you know? I just feel like, Oh, you’re suck human. Just like yeah,

some days are easier than others. And as you and I talked about before we started recording, it’s really of the last couple weeks have been really intense. And I mean, like, who are we kidding? The last couple of weeks, longer than that. But I know, I was feeling so connected. Two weeks ago, like I was on fire, my soul was filled with so much passion. And then it’s gone. And you spend all that time going, how do I get that back? I’m so far away from it. What do I do? How do I connect with that again, and, and that’s, I guess, the joy of being human, you get to do that, because we can’t live there all the time.

When I always talk about the zoo, I go live a lot. It’s a funny on tick tock, which we can talk about too. I’ve never imagined that we were there. Like, that’s kids. That’s not cool. But I have so much fun over there. And I talk about how the divinity is really in our humanity, it’s in our emotions, you know, we’re not robots, and the more we can feel our feelings, you know, and not stuff on down and you know, pretend in a lot of this. Hey, we I think we learned one of my great I’ll say that’s one of my greatest spiritual teachers has been being an entrepreneur. And that’s been really top of mind for me lately is how many entrepreneurs and I just relate to this because I am one, right. So just seeing how lonely that journey can be sometimes, and you know, really having a safe space to go to like, what do you reach for for inspiration when you’re feeling disconnected? Because sometimes you can’t just go okay, why choose differently? And it just works? Like, that’s not true. Always. So I think, you know, even podcast, like podcasts are so inspiring. Mm hmm. That can, you know, I know I listen to a lot of different podcasts and music and things like that to try to get me reconnected. And sometimes it doesn’t work.

So my big ones meditation. That’s where I love to go, because it’s the quiet. Yeah, just being with my own thoughts and letting go of what’s not serving me and connecting with my soul center. And meditation has been hard the last couple of weeks, and I normally get drop right in there. But it’s definitely been hard the last couple of weeks.

Yeah. And there’s there’s been so many times where I’m about to record a guided meditation. I’m like, I It’s I’m just not feeling it. Yeah, just not feeling it. So I don’t force I really feel blessed. I don’t have to, like, force myself to do anything at this point. But as I say that, don’t let me fool you this. I will force

check myself there.

I appreciate that. It’s definitely a I don’t have to, but do I sometimes force because we lose when we lose touch. That’s where I find myself in that push of doing it. And then it’s that coming back to? Oh, yeah. This is who I really am not that right.

The act of remembering How do you get there? Is the pause I have to pause so much. Yes, yeah, myself space and you know, not everybody has that opportunity or that, you know. And so Terry, really mindful of who I’m talking to when I when I say these things, but I do believe, you know, we can carve out time, because I think that we can create time in that way in really intentional about, well, I’ve got to put this on my calendar right now to put this or use the numerology calendar know, hey, you know, this is on this day, this is my, this is my daily number. This is my daily, my personal day number. So I know mine is a one always feel always feel that new beginning kind of like stirring like new inspiration. And I don’t know if it’s like I’ve trained myself at this point to just be in rhythm, the one through nine day like energy of numerology, but I think I have at this point. And so I know and that’s why I’m saying it’s like my compass, my navigation tool. And like how these days I know, I’m going to be creative. I know, I’m going to feel that inspiration. And then some days you wake up, you’re like, No, no, I’m going in today.

And giving yourself that grace. giving yourself the grace to say, I don’t have to have it today. I don’t have to be there.

I don’t have to do so I always tell my clients like don’t should on yourself.

I had lunch with my soul sister two weeks ago, and it was a big conversation of some stuff that was really transitioning in my life. And she’s the one who can call me out every time and Oh, days. I’m like, Could you not call me out just once? You know, and we were talking. And I said two specific things. And she just looked at me and she’s She is my soul sister. She is 20 years older than me almost to the day. She’s 20 years older than me to the week. I laugh so much wisdom and so much love that happens between the two of us. And we’ve been friends for 18 years. And she looked at me with her Lovings smiling eyes, and said, sounds like you’re shooting yourself a lot. Just go. You know, have you buddy? I didn’t hear that. But yes, I did. Because we do we so shut ourselves. Yeah. And that’s, to me, that’s just one of the worst things to say is that I’ve been shitting myself. Yeah. And I said you were but I did. I should have done it.

You know what we can say these things and like, but then there really is like this 3d reality kind of thing that it’s like, Hold on maybe. Yeah, to your point. I mean, you should do that. Like, we still need to hold ourselves somewhat accountable. Like, we can’t get away from that. You know, so there’s a very practical thing that we can do for ourselves. And like I already said, it’s the part where we’re like getting stuck and beating ourselves up. And then the inner critic comes out and is like, oh, beating, beating you up within, you know, beating yourself up. What girl? It is like, IRL in real life. These things happen.

Yes, so much, though. And so I have loved our time talking together today.

I can talk like, a million different things.

Okay, well, and that’s the thing is, we’re already at 15 minutes. And so wanting to respect people’s time and your time for recording. I want people to actually listen to the whole episode. And if it says an hour and 25 minutes, nobody’s ever going to listen. But yeah, that’s such a joy of the podcast to me is that I’ve met so many amazing women, all over the country, all over the world. And it’s just so much fun to see. We’re all alike, and we’re all unique. And we’re all going through the same stuff. And we’re all experiencing something different. But we’re all in this together. And that’s what I love about it all. And say thank you for being a part of my community now. Part of my journey because we are so close geographically, we are going to get together very soon.

I can feel it. I’m excited.

And you know, you’ve mentioned a couple of your programs as we were talking and I’ve got your website pulled up. And by the way, your Instagram link on your website is not working to fix that. Yeah, because I want people to find you. So I’m gonna have all of your information on grounding journey comm on our podcast, but where can people find you and how can they connect with you?

So I’m on Facebook. You know, I’m not as active on Facebook or social media besides Tik Tok. That’s all Like my blog my video like you know I every day I’m making a tic tac and I go live there pretty often at least once a week I try to go live and my website of course Andrew or alleged calm but on on Facebook just Andrea arledge Is My Business page there is a there’s links there I hope they work a lot of people you know it’s like that I connect with has been so word of mouth lately you know it’s it’s interesting talk about the universe like just putting people on your path like I don’t even like I haven’t really even marketing myself much and in my focus is kind of shifting again in my business so I’m doing a little bit of business coaching myself too. And it’s so fun with numbers.

Yes, I love it. We’re gonna do our bonus episode where you actually do my numbers and talk to me about how it affects what I’m doing and how to use that as motivation. So anybody who’s interested in numerology doesn’t know where to start, can listen to the bonus episode and really get a feel for what it is. And then of course, they’re gonna think you’re as awesome as I think you are and want to reach out to you. So thank you so much, so much, so much for your time. Thank you for the conversation. You know, it’s been so much fun to talk to you and I am really excited to hear what you have to say on the numerology. And I’m really excited to have you as my friend now and keep in touch.

Excited to thank you. I appreciate it. It’s been awesome.

Yeah, thank you for being here oh my gosh, I could talk to you for another hour and a half. I need to just start our southern girls, Southern spiritual girls podcast, just riff all day long.

Well, I have a podcast. It’s called inner alchemy podcast. Okay. I feel like I haven’t really done anything with it there. So I wanted to take my tic tock videos, my lives because they’re just intuitive. Here’s my story. And we have conversations. And it’s so fun. It’s so organic. Like, we just go where I always start out with energy the day, this is where we are, and then go from

there. This fun. Yeah, I love that. Oh, that’s super great.

Yeah, that was a very organic conversation. That was great.

Yeah. And that’s what I love is because sometimes people come on as a guest, and they’re just here to promote themselves and they have their direction they want to talk. And that’s where the conversation goes. But I’m so into crystals and so into chakra work. Yeah, in the process of creating chakra yoga, oracle cards that are going to be launched in January. It’s a matter of they’re ready now. I’m just not sending them to the printer. And trying to get them out before Christmas. Because it’s not there. There’s that push. Yeah, instead of pushing, I’m like, okay, cool. They’re ready for the printer. I will send them to the printer this week. Next week. I’ll get them back and we’ll launch them calmly and lovingly in January. And so one of the other thing

I in that because this morning, I was thinking about doing a chakra Cleanse like this I love like your

heart chakra. Yeah, I saw that. Oh, the

chakras. But the. But yeah, I was wanting to do like a free little challenge. I was like, hold

on. That could be like a little class like, you know, TJ because people want to know more about the chakras. I have a lot of women who are like, between our age and 65 that follow me. And they don’t know a lot of this stuff and are they’re starting to learn. They’re like, I want to know more. So it’s really, it’s fun. And then seeing them like gravitate towards the crystals and the numbers and plants, the energetic of plants, like essential oils and things like that. But no, I totally taught every year. I’m so excited. And I was here with my audience. Your cards like thanks, that is awesome.

Yeah, I’m also and I think it’ll launch probably I’ve got to get this deck done. And I’ve started the next deck. It’s the this chakra yoga deck is called sacred practices with all yoga stuff, and then I’m going to have another deck that is sacred rituals. And so it’s going to be seven cards for each chakra, but it’s going to be crystal work. It’s going to be meditation, it’s going to be a setting up your altar like it’s, I’m really excited about it. And I’ve got to get this one up. But crystals are a big part of it, of what I’m wanting to do. So having that crystal conversation was really a lot of fun. And I already see like three topics. I would love to have you back as Yes, being able to natural flow conversation wise, I think it’s so important and finding good guests that you really flow with is so hard.

I mean, I’ve been on several podcasts and that’s just, I don’t know how to, like Bulldog a conversation like, that’s what I just don’t.

I think it’s part of the southerner in us. And like, I probably don’t like to promote that I’m a southern girl. Because northern people or Midwest people, like think of that as a negative trait. But I got this massive trade,

I thought, I want to do a little reframe for you. Because I felt that too. And it held me back for so long. I was like, You seem like a stupid, stupid southern girl. And as soon as I said that, I was on like a Facebook live one day, and they were like, We love your accent, and there is no way that you are stupid. So if I needed to experience that, they would just say it out. Wow. And it was a total refrain for me. And I thought about like, when I was 19, and traveling in New York, and I remember saying that the McDonald’s in the LaGuardia Airport and, and they’re like, Oh, my, your southern girl. And I was like, are Southern belle.

And I was like, I’m not a southern but I know Southern belle. Like that’s not what I was.

And they’re like, we keep talking. Keep talking, and so on my tic tock lives, like I’m always joking about my southern accent and people love it. Yeah. I live.

Like, they like the southern accent. But the feedback I get, and it’s got and maybe it’s because I’m from North Carolina, and we had HB two. Like they. Like I think being southern is empowering. Because I’m friendly. I’m outgoing. I’m open, where other people sometimes look at that as a weak trait. You know, that Southern women are weak. And I just like so. So that on the podcast, Southern spirituality, girls or something like

that would be fun

like that. Just like 30 minute conversation. We just pop out.

Yeah. Oh my god, I could see a lot of different topics around that. Like, how did you leave religion? Yes, Ill like, my whole family’s very Christian.

My dad was a Jesuit brother. Left the Brotherhood, became a volunteer firefighter and met my mom who was 11 years younger. And 16. Wow. You want to talk about my grandmother at night? Still not like my mom?

Yeah. So much to talk about. Um, so. Yeah. Oh, there were so many things that were coming through in that conversation. But before ungrounded like I said, I’m getting congested. But um, okay, so when are we doing the

bonus now? Yeah. Well, whenever

you wanted to do it, I hadn’t really put anything together. But okay. Besides like your your archetypal energy, and your date, your day number. So you were, we’re gonna write it down.

Well, and I sent it to you last minute. Yeah. They’re next Thursday, if you need some time to compile, and we can reschedule to record the bonus later, if that’s better for you. Or we can record now what’s best for you?

How long are they usually? I mean, what are we talking about? Cuz I can do it intuitively?

Yeah, I mean, I’ve had some that are 15 minutes, and I’ve had some that are 3540 minutes. It really is just kind of what you’re comfortable with, because I never want to cut you short, but I also don’t want to take advantage of your energy and your efforts.

Yeah, no, I know. I feel good, actually. So we can do it now if you want to. Okay,

yeah. So I’ll just do a quick little intro, reintroducing the last of the full length episode. And then I’ll basically pass it off to you and let you lead it and I’ll just kind of sit here and be the audience until you

and I won’t say your whole birthday. Just FYI.


Um, but yeah, and I want to pee really quickly. Okay,

potty break. I’m gonna go get some more tea. So yeah, we’re right back in like three or four minutes. Okay, cool.

All right. of work. I had to go inside don’t have a bathroom in my office, which is a pain. I’m going to grab a couple of notes.


well never when you claim and then you get really organized and you can’t find anything.

Yes, I am a member putting somewhere where I know somewhere safe so I’ll know where it is. Yeah, and that safe space you never find dangoty Exactly.

So funny. It’s soccer. I mean, I know the numbers well enough but no, I’m like, you feel the pressure like get right. Alright, so have your have your birthday.

Okay okay, are you ready for me to pause? Yeah. Okay welcome back to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey with Andrea Aldridge. I’m super excited we had an amazing conversation that was so all over the place we talked about crystals numbers, children being our spiritual portal if such a good conversation and I have to say in between the full recording and the bonus episode, we’ve already planned so much more that we’re going to share. But so today’s bonus episode, we are going to talk about numerology, you’ve got my birthday numbers, we’re going to talk about how you really implement that what my day number is what my cell number is all the stuff that I understand so I’m super excited and ready for you just to take it away Andrea All right.

I’m excited to talk about this for you so so I use numerology you know as a way to help my clients know themselves to help me know myself I definitely tune into the calendar every day and just notice what daily energy that we’re in. And so how I would do this for you they’re talking about your archetypal energy so you are a ruling number seven and it’s so cool. So today we are in seven energy to see and we are in seven like a seven energy day and I’ll explain more about what that means. So you as an archetypal energy number seven sevens are you’ll have to let me know if you like resonate with this but seven are that like that’s that’s like the the most highly spiritual number that there is. You see sevens all in the Bible we see. seventh chakra and we’re just having to talk about chakras. And so you see the seventh all over the place, and sevens are major teacher energy, like love to learn, teach, learn, teach kind of thing. And then, you know, sevens. Now, I see this in my clients, like, so there’s lots of different energies that sevens can experience. And that is feeling this like, release energy or like the, the, the Fool in the tarot, like I’m standing on the precipice. And I know if I jump, do I trust myself? Number one, is my intuition. Do I trust this pool? Do I trust the pool of this calling of my higher purpose? And leap? I do. I like do I have the courage to leap because the courage is like when you’re falling into the eight, you took the you took the the leap, right? And so that’s how numbers kind of play a story into each other. But with that seven being that teacher energy too, and like being called by that, so a lot of spiritual teachers are seven. A lot of spiritual teachers are sevens. And so then your, well I’m going to stay on the seven for just a minute. So sevens, they love to be in motion. You know, if we think about the arrow, that’s the chariot, right? So that’s the motion, right? A cry, having like the confidence to take the leap. I always remind my clients like prioritize your energy then take that action. Right. And like good. You want to Take any kind of action with intention. And when you prioritize your energy, that just the action comes from that intentional place, right? So the outcome could be so much better. There is a feeling of like, like you’re so tapped in in there is this like assured success that you can see in sevens who are motivated by their higher purpose? who answered that call? Right? So you can def, I see that in my clients that are sevens, again, like I said, so that’s, it’s like confirmation when I work with people. And we’re like working with their numbers. It’s mind blowing, honestly. But there’s a feeling of when I think about seven, I think about sovereignty. Okay, in sovereignty, we could take that back to like, your higher purpose. Do you feel free to to be yourself, you know, without projections from society, or projections from people shitting on you? Well, you shouldn’t. You should.

So it’s like, they let me know, like, I relate to a lot of what you’re saying. And it’s, it’s totally how I feel, but like, where you just said about sovereignty? It’s something I want, and it’s something I’m seeking, but it’s not somewhere I feel like I’m not there.

Right, right. In Oh, okay. So I did, okay, I believe words carry frequency they do. Right? We were talking for sure how even numbered, I want to calculate the number for sovereignty now, like, Okay, I really want to do that. But the where I’m going with this is the I did the dance with this word, sovereign. I heard it in a retreat in 2018. I’ll never forget this. And it was like, you know, when you hear a word, and it’s like a punch in your gut. Yeah. Like, I want to feel that. And so. So we have to figure out what it feels for us. What does sovereignty mean for you? Because first for me, personally, it was just, I want to feel sovereign from societal projections. I want to feel sovereign from religious, you know, this religious upbringing that did not feel in alignment for my belief system. And so and then I did the sovereignty, the dance was sovereignty around, even Reiki, like, how can I feel my own energy without calling in this energy of Reiki, just to feel the difference? This is just me being really curious about Yeah. And so, but you have to find what it means to you. And it will show up, if you call that energy in, because the way that I imagined it is like, I give it a color. And I imagine it about a guided imagery, like coming over my body and infusing cell with like, I’m sovereign, I’m feeling sovereign. And so then we pause and we start to notice in our lives, the the little omens, the signs where, you know, we’re really being guided to go here, see where you can find some sovereignty here. Does that make sense?

Absolutely. And that’s why I wanted to pause for a moment, because it’s easy when you do astrology, or you do something to be like, oh, yeah, I resonate with that. Yeah, I resonate with that. That’s what I’m seeking. But then when you see it’s part of your numbers, or part of your astrology, you’re like, I don’t feel it, but I want to feel it. What does that mean? And so I love that like I wrote it down of giving the word of color and feel it feel every cell of my soul because I meditate so much that that just made it make sense for me.

Yeah, and make it more like tangible and something you can work with and you can figure it out for yourself and start to empower yourself to trust like what you’re feeling and that is sovereignty. Right? Or one way to experience sovereignty so yeah, when I think about sevens like that seven archetypal energy it’s it’s it’s that it’s the the pool that intuition, highly intuitive, right, in being called by spiritual purpose.

Well, as we see, that’s where the podcasts are.

I wouldn’t say you’re walking your

path. Definitely. I’m trying really hard to hear it and to follow it. And that’s been a real struggle for me. Because I have my full time creative agency and my husband and my son work with me. And sometimes I get really stuck in that. Masculine, provide for my family, and lead my family but hearing that sounds like that. I’ll separate the seven the chariot of leading and, and pulling. And I’ve never heard the chariot part for seven before. So that really resonates. But then there’s that other side of me, who was so called the grinding journey. It was my passion project. And now it’s my service project. And how can I don’t consider myself a teacher, I do consider myself a lifetime learner. But in being a lifetime learner, I don’t see myself as a teacher, I see myself as a share, like, which is why I’m doing this whole grounding journey. healing modalities is because I’m making it accessible to everybody and comfortably accessible, right?

People that you’re teaching all these different topics that you’re talking about, it’s you really are teaching and leading actually, by example. Thank you, you really are like,

yeah. And I just, I just don’t see myself as the teacher part of it. But I hear that. Yeah, I appreciate you the confirmation because I really am struggling right now between the responsibility and the creative agency and grinding journey. That’s my passion and my play and my service and what inspires me and makes me feel good. So I think we talked about it earlier that in the main episode about that confirmation. So hearing all this stuff from the numbers is confirmation. And I’ll have to say I’ve done quite a few. You know, I’ve done astrology color therapy, a couple other things, and, and everybody’s saying different words, but the same boat kind of thing. You Yeah, I’m like, Okay, here’s the confirmation. But how,

alright, well, let me share with you then your day, like your day number, your personality number is a three. And I love the three because the three, it makes me think about like where two or more gathered that energy is greater. And if I can just see like, I’m just seeing you inviting your creative self to the table. And as you tap, tap into that three energy, the three is about celebration, it’s about amplification, it is creativity, like on steroids, right? And so whenever you’re not feeling that, that could be that disempowered feeling of the day, which is totally fine. We’re not going to be creative all the time. Right? All the time. Like that’s a big ask, have our bodies in our minds to be like, Okay, be on all the time. So with that three, though, it’s excitement, play, play it a lot of times when I don’t feel connected to my creativity, because you know, I’m a creator. And we’re all creators. And I’ll definitely like get out into nature sometimes because I’m we are big campers and backpackers. And so I’ve literally, like imagined a medicine will and just started walking in circles as a way to like, get out nervous kind of anxious energy that where I’m forcing like, okay, get creative, Andrea, no, this is not working, and walked it out. And as soon as I start, like putting my mind somewhere else, like I’m just focused on walking in this medicine will. And all of that clutter from my brain just leaves. And then that’s where we create space for downloads or creative ideas, inspiration to come through. And so, so if you can remember to try to play or doing something like shift your energy, and getting into that amplification on the days that you’re really feeling that day energy. Like, let me celebrate doing something playful, feels less like, Oh, I’ve got to create this thing, you know. So inviting in those words, again, I really believe in the frequency of words, words matter, is like abracadabra as we speak, we create you know?

I like that.

Yeah. Yeah. But that so you talk about the empowered way, let’s talk about the disempowered way, which is kind of the the way that you may experience your personal day number is having anxiety and being scattered because you know, that amplified energy on those three energy days, then it can get away with us but I’ll have that you have this podcast called The grounding journey, you know how to ground yourself and what works for Erie? Let me let me actually put it to you. Right, but that can help you like even these kinds of conversations. They’re seed conversations three is seed energy, like you’re planting seeds. Okay, yeah.

Yeah, interesting.

And they those two, like the day number again, I Every day, my personal day number is a one, like I said, but in that’s like the newness. So always use the one through nine day energies as either a manifestation cycle or as a way to like climb the consciousness ladder, right? Use it in different ways. And on a Numerology calendar that I have on my website, it has the different words that are tied to the different numbers. So you can start to trust your own intuition and go, Oh, I’m feeling this today. I’m seeing this as showing up for me today, those different words. So it’s like pay attention.

Interesting. I’m gonna definitely have to check out your calendar, cuz I thought it would be really neat to see. Yes, I’m interested about because I feel like you know, we talked about the main episode that I tried doing a number of days, and it felt like so much. And just seeing you say, Emma, day three. That’s my day number. So starting with just that one small step of focusing on day three energy. And I think that’s one of the things with different modalities and finding what resonates is don’t try to learn all the crystals at one time. Go rock shop, find the one that you are just drawn to and learn that one’s energy. So deep inside and out. Yep, that you know it and then move to the next one. So I think that you’ve inspired me to start using the day three, and just start there start somewhere, start ugly, as I say,

start I’d like right. I love that. And know, as a seven you carry a lot of energy and have like intuition. You’re very intuitive. Right? So

on it. Yeah. I like it. And needed to hear this conversation because I’ve had these conversations before with my coach, and they didn’t resonate. But now I’m ready to hear it. And that’s another thing is, don’t just throw everything out with the bathwater. You know, sometimes it’s just not the right time to hear it. So I was excited to have the conversation with you about numerology again.

Yeah, awesome. Yeah, I hope that helps this just one bidet. To your point. That was a great point. Like start where you are? Start with you start with your numbers. Yeah,

I like it. So if I’m a three day number, does seven as a Daenam, or author resonate with my numbers? Or is that just you may

feel it? Yeah, because we’re in seven energy today that 11 920 21 calculates to us seven, then you can definitely feel that pool to have like, I’m feeling that pool of my higher purpose. Today, I’m going to allow myself to to, to go with this intuitively inspired ideas that may be coming through for you. So it’s like the energy is amplified on your day numbers and with whatever day that you’re like I’m an 11 Two so on to energy days, I resonate with the one and the two, you know, is the one is my day number. And then my archetypal energy is a two but it’s an 11 two which is 11 is like a master number. So it just adds a layer of like spirituality and intuition on it to Sarah. I love it. Yeah,

well that is so much information compacted but so much to inspire and interest people. So I think that people are gonna want to check you out and where’s the best way that they can find you? You’re a big tick tock or you said,

Yeah, tick tock, just Andrea Arlidge and then on Facebook, Andrea Arlidge business pages Andrea Arlidge. And then Andrea Arlidge calm which apparently have some links to fix. And I know a lot of people because if you don’t follow everybody on Tik Tok, you can actually find me on Instagram too. It’s heel underscore her underscore with underscore Andrea Hill her with Andrea, author and a lot of people send me DMS over their private DMS. Yeah. And we’ll

definitely link all of your information on the grounding journey podcasts website that’s got the links to this audio and any notes anything people want to find out they can also just go over to grounding journey podcast.com and find you too.

Thank you.

This has been fine crafts Woman Oh my gosh. It has been such a delight to my day. I will tell you that my day started out gray cloudy and cold inside and you have just having the conversation with you has put such a smile on my face that I really hope that the listeners have felt that about you and are really interested in connecting with you and I’m so grateful for your time with me today. salutely It’s fine. Yeah, and we’ll be in touch for sure. I am sure you will have a reoccurring guest appearance we’ve already thanks again Andrea for being here. I appreciate your time.

I’m so lately. Thank you

Okay, that was simple, much fun. I lost my earbud halfway through that when I blew my nose and I have no idea why your ear your ear pod. I was like, I’m so sorry. You have to watch me blow my nose. But I’m tired of sniffling

and I searched the nurse like nothing grosses me out. I don’t know that bothers me. And people are like Adria. Stop talking about that. Oh, yeah, I forget, like, I don’t get grossed out.

So what oracle cards do you have behind you? I saw that stack behind.

And there’s so many. I’m like, hey, there is. So are you in Asheville? Where are you?

I mean, high point in Greensboro, High Point area.

Okay, so oh my gosh, I

only saw one of your stack. That many oh my gosh, that’s awesome.

Talk about plant medicine. I was in a class with the the lady who wrote this book. She’s an it’s called the illustrated herb airy, my atoll. That’s her name. This is a really cool book. Um, when you’re talking about your oracle cards, I was like, because she has oracle cards in the back that go with each and then she tells you that a beautiful book. I know it’s gorgeous. But she has a like a ritual. She tells you about the plant medicine and then she has like a ritual and I can’t remember what she says reflection in a ritual, which is really cool. But I have like cow gray crystal these are funny. These are holy. This is a hilarious

deck. Yeah, like what’s funny about it?

I’ll pull card and you’ll see what I shot. Where did that come from? Oh yeah, here’s motivi which is one of my favorite ones to blast off. What is motivate it motivated is a glassy pill dark green tech type formed by by a meteorite impact around 15 million years ago and what is now Germany is trippy AF. And it’s and it’s yes it is. It’s trippy as fuck and it’s expensive. Who needs it? spiritual seekers extraterrestrials trapped in human bodies. I have WASPA enthusiast and Aquarians I mean it just says the funniest shit I don’t know where to put it in the middle of your forehead during meditation alters alien landing sites when when you feel too grounded or disconnected from spirit motivators about operating at a higher frequency and when you’re looking for more Wow And whoa, wow and whoa. Which is in your life than on the meditation cushion and beyond explode your perceptions with mobile device maybe you need to work with modify right now.

So what’s the name of that deck? Because I’ve got to find that deck. I know.

It’s called crystals. The stone deck and it’s by I don’t even Okay, it says Text copyright by Andrew smart. It just says 78 crystals to energize your life. There’s like hardly any like reference of who it’s from.

Okay, I can find it on Amazon.

It says Chronicle Books is like the name of it. But I can’t remember did it find some? Who knows? It’s a funny, it’s a funny that. So yeah, that’s just when when you were saying that about? You said something. When I just read that card. I was like, oh, yeah, that would be really good for you right now. The disconnected or no? Not feeling connected to your creative self. Yes. Right. Yeah, cuz I’ve definitely noticed where I’m like pushing because there’s a class that I want to teach. And I’ve taught it before, it’s called from shadow to light. And we go is shamanic. So but it’s crystals, I guess are your power animal in the underworld and do this mirror and trigger work from the seven a scene mirrors, it’s pretty okay. And then we go up, you know, we’re down in the underworld, stones that ground, all kinds of things like that. And then we go up to the celestial world and find like our spiritual mentor, and that helps us to like stones in the upper world. And then I’ll bring it back down to the middle world where we create in our mind, like a visual, like our sanctuary, where we go to fall. Yeah, and then I’ve done altar craft in there. And so I’m like, do I learn something that big because I’m also like running Reiki school right now. So yeah, I don’t want to over do things but people are asking some like it as an entrepreneur, they’re like, Okay, what am I gonna price this at? I’m gonna go down, right so Paige, you know, well, yeah, like go into being an entrepreneur, which is it has been really? I don’t know, I’ve been called to so many different places, I’m trying to figure out where I want to land because I have a lot of people going, will you be my business coach know what, let me announce, now my daughter’s but you know, I do have some business clients too. So I’m trying to I just started a program or purchased it. I haven’t, we haven’t started yet. But to get my business like all my offers flowing in, like really foundational, so I’m not just teaching Reiki and teaching stones to this man having it scattered. And at all, it’s time to not be Yeah, you know, and to actually grow, like scale my business.

You know, I wonder if you’re interested because one of the things that, you know, cuz I have all these clients, and I’m basically I call myself a business therapist, choreographer. Because why, yeah, I’m loving. What I do with clients is I help them strategize, figure out the dance, and then dance. And I have a lot of really neat, amazing women. But I’m really seeking because as I’m trying to launch grounding journey, I get so lost in my own business. Yeah, that I’m looking for somebody going through this, that’s not a client of mine, but a friend of mine, that we can do accountability. And we can do a mastermind and brainstorm and feed back and forth and just collaborate together. You know, yeah, I wonder if you’re interested in maybe every other week or something, jumping on a call and talking about where we are and be an accountability for each other.

That’s huge. Yeah, that piece, especially as an entrepreneur, and I’ve had these conversations with so many other women. And I kind of alluded to it in our, I don’t know if it was the podcast, or what we just did, but in our conversations that, you know, we get lost in our own businesses, and we get lost in our heads. I don’t know if you know anything about human design. But so lately, I’ve been like, trying to learn a little bit of human design and some to like later, all of this. Yeah, because in numerology, I do all these different readings, like some of them are for business, like I was saying, in like, how do you what your ideal client had you have a contract with that person? Right. And so getting the verbiage to talk to them, and oh, it’s so interesting, all the things that you can do, but in human design, the reason why I’m telling you that is because I like have these pressure, like here, I’m like a pressure cooker. And they’re in like, overthink things. And I’m not a grounded person naturally. I’m just not in account like that about myself. All Yeah. Do you hear I’m going with it. I’m like, I love to not be grounded. And then you’ve got to be grounded. Sometimes you go. Okay, let me put this puzzle piece together. Yeah. Because you just get lost in your thoughts.

Well see, my problem is I’m too grounded. Oh, yeah, that’s why I think like we would be a great counter for each other because we do have that Opposite. Opposite force, because that’s my problem is I’m too grounded. And I say to my girlfriend, sometimes I’m just stuck in the mud with her and IV Reiki together, because she has to go in and, you know, basically unwrap the vines from my legs that are holding me in the dirt. And she’s totally up here. She’s just in the angel realm. And sometimes I get really jealous because I just be up there sometimes

saying, I’m like, can I just be grounded for a minute? Like, think about how I really want this to go because that’s where I get stuck. Myself is like putting the pieces together. So yeah, I mean, we can definitely do that. I do have a circle, which I’m we’ve been together for about two years. We met in a Business Mastermind. And all of us like the coach that was leading it, we were like, what, this is not good. But I mean, I went through her whole thing. And it was like a six month program. But anyway, we all stayed together. And we’re all all over the country. And so we meet every two weeks, but I’m feeling the feeling of like it’s time to fly that coop. Because I know something is changing in my business and it wants to expand and I’m holding myself back like like oh That worthiness thing comes up and then the safety in the body. Am I like, Will I overdo it because when I, I didn’t talk about was when I quit my nursing career, I went through adrenal fatigue. I never went to that again. Like it took me two years to heal myself from that. Yeah. So that was, and so I’m feeling so good because I have the nutrients like, I know what to do now, for myself. And so yeah, I can feel the feeling of like, it’s time to leave them and then losing that connection to feels like grief at the same time. Yeah, it’s just we get together and we’re like, okay, where are you? It’s not a business accountability thing. And that’s what I’m craving. Like, that’s what I need.

You know, that’s what I need. And I need somebody to bounce it. Because, I mean, I, I am grateful for my husband and my son, but like, I can’t get yoga, they don’t get meditations. They don’t get anything about me. You know, and so it’s just trying to find some like minds and some accountability, that aren’t my clients, because I can’t have conversations with my clients. You know, and I mean, it’s funny, I went to a tree retreat that one of my clients had recently, and that’s where I finished the yoga cards. And you know, and I showed up with a pure intention of finishing the cards while I was there. And she’s like, are you going to stop doing what you do? And she’s been a client of mine for years. So she got a little nervous that I was gonna stop me in the agency, you know, and I was like, Well, I’m curious

about your agency. Like when you say agency, well, I know your husband, he is it like a marketing agency? Yeah,

I mean, so we say we’re an agency non agency. So we’re creative graphics agency, where we do like, I was in marketing and graphics and marketing for 20 plus years. And then I went back to school. So my husband is not my son’s father. I divorced my high school sweetheart. After 17 years, Kevin was 11, I became a single mom, I had to figure out what to do because he was an addict and an alcoholic and still is and is not part of Kevin’s life. So at 1314, I’m going to keep talking about I got my dog in.

Yeah, go ahead.

She’s been patiently pacing the door waiting for me to let her in me, girl. Come on, I’m still here, mom. And so when Kevin was 1314, I went back to school and got my graphic design degree, so that I could afford to put Kevin through college because I had no idea how I was going to do it on my income and sales and marketing. And then 2015 While I was still in school, a friend referred me to a friend of hers who needed some help, who then referred me to another friend who then referred me to another friend. I got married that year, to Matthew and 2017. He quit his job of tenure management position to come work with me because I had so many clients at that point, I think we had 19 at that point. And I just couldn’t do it all and I was either gonna have to hire somebody or he was going to, you know, come home and work with me. So he took his while we were doing that he also tried to start a wood making woodworking business and decided that that was a lot of work. And it was more fun to do location independence. Yeah, who he came to work for me and officially in 2018. He quit his job in 2017 officially came to work for me in late 2018. And then Kevin, in Christmas 2019 was facing graduation and what was he going to do because he was dual enrolled and had done some video audio editing. And so he asked to come work for us. So he does our YouTube marketing, podcast, editing video, editing that stuff. And then I do all the strategic help you write the funnels, create the content, the graphics, the branding, all of that stuff. That

is so awesome. Like that. I just paid somebody $2,400 to do all that. Oh, yeah. Didn’t even

Oh, no.

Yeah, that’s my website. Things aren’t in I don’t even like the black and white like,

I thought I would you know,

I liked the black and white. I actually thought it was good.

Thank you for that feedback. I almost graduated like five classes short from graphic design. Yeah.

Yeah, but I suck. I mean, obviously, but the

creatives fine.

Yeah, but that is so funny that you’re doing it because I was like, Okay, you gotta send me somebody who can do this for me and then but the whole software program, the stuff that she owns, and she was gonna do my funnel, and she still owes me a funnel, I’m not gonna

get that. What software you use them for it,

it’s called is called Soul software. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard a funnel gorgeous. Have you heard of the funnel? They didn’t like spinoff from Click Funnels that. But it’s more feminine. I mean way more feminine. And it’s it’s pretty intuitive actually. But she the lady who I’m talking about their own soul software, I’m the one who told her about funnel gorgeous. I was like, you really need to look at this. It has it beats Kajabi out. I mean, it’s like way better than Kajabi. And I knew like Click Funnels was not gonna, that never resonated with me. But anyway, the it’s so much more affordable than Kajabi. But it’s got like the tech thing and all that kind of stuff. But she does have a template in there. That is a workflow. And so you can you can figure out the funnel, it just takes this gonna take me some, because I’ve done it by myself before but yeah, but the I can’t remember the people that own the company that owns it. But you can actually get that software, because when I introduced her to it, I was like you need Virginie, check this out. I don’t know why I just know that you need to check it out. And she did. And she dug further went straight to the people who created the software, and basically pays them a fee every month, which is probably $500 and now has a huge corporation built around their software. Oh, wow. I’m like I contributed to you possibly being a millionaire. That’s awesome. Yeah. But that she got it from it’s like funnel gorgeous. You can find them on Facebook. It’s it’s pretty cool software. I mean, I can show you the back end what it looks like if you’re ever interested. But I’m an affiliate for her so I can I only pay like $30 a month for that software. Oh, nice. Yeah, it’s really nice. Kajabi was like going to be 150 $160 for what I wanted. Yeah, we

specialize in Ontraport, which is Kajabi. Like competitor. Yeah. So Matthew is a certified consultant. He’s one of, you know, 100 200 in the country or in the world. He’s a certified consultant. So most of our clients are Ontraport people that we do work with Active Campaign. We’re working with Fabio now. We have a client who just brought us Clavia. I kind of goes with Shopify. Okay. Yeah, yeah. So we’ve been doing that, too.

So you get the like, you get to put your hands in a lot of different creative little outlets.

Yeah, it’s a lot of fun, because most of our clients who come to us are people like you, who are individuals who are at that threshold of my business is going to grow, but I’m in the way. So I’ve got to have a team, but I don’t want to hire a team. Right. So that’s, that’s the niche that we feel, because we bring a team. And there’s one contact point. So they don’t have to hire a whole team or that they’re just hiring us. And we, you know, Matthew will get involved in some emails because it’s just easier for him to be involved in on but most of the time, like podcasts and things like that just run through me. So it makes it and that’s actually how we got into podcasting. We had a couple clients who wanted a podcast, Kevin wanted a job. So I was like, Sure. And we went to a huge podcasting convention. It was like a five day seminar. We came home on Tuesday, and they shut the airports down on Thursday for COVID. And so our clients are all moms who suddenly had kids at home and pulled back. So we started grounding journey, really just to experience the process of a podcast. Yeah, so we didn’t lose the the knowledge. And then it was my passion project. It became my play project and now it’s just ballooned into so much more than I ever thought it would with all from yoga cards, the crystal I’m creating like altar kits and creation kits and stuff. But but really working on that and so that’s where having an accountability spiritual friend would really be a plus in my world because that’s something I’ve been asking for. And the

other night I was holding, you know, I was saying like the connectors and also my crystals, like blue chi Knight is like the connector stone. And the other night I was holding it and I was like, Alright, I’m open, like show me because you know, letting go of that circle is amazing. Women, that would be great. Yeah.

That in like, oh, it’s

time to kind of fly that cave, you know, and because it’s been so great to be in relationship with women, it’s really helped me heal some sister wounds, you know, from women just being backstab like coming into like being an online entrepreneur. Like I had one girl that I was I mean we were like together for two years and she Oh my God, I don’t I don’t want to like be the victim here but I mean it was bad. It was bad I didn’t like I’m still it’s been almost two years now and I still in processing now. Yeah,

now I get that. I just realized I’m still recording so I’m going to stop recording and it’s going to go out stop recording