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Being Knee deep in essential oils sounds lovely, but how do you get there? This week my guest Adora Winquest and I talk about how we found our favorite oils, ways we implement them to improve our day-to-day life, the influence nature has had on us, and how this can all apply to you! If you’re looking for a brand-free no BS essential oil chat, this episode is for you!

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down
Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Want to know a little more about Adora? 

Adora Winquist, Modern Alchemist is a visionary in the nascent field of Quantum Alchemy, an evolutionary transformative path for self-mastery which facilitates healing at the DNA level using an amalgamation of plant and vibrational modalities.

To Connect with Adora

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