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. I’ve got 99 problems and essential oils saw like 87 of them. Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of grounding journey. I’m super excited to be joined by my new friend Dorwin quest. She is a modern Alchemist who is a visionary in the field of quantum alchemy, an evolutionary transformational path for self mastery, which facilitates healing at the DNA level using an obligation. I’m not sure if I said that word right, and vibrational modalities. So I’m super excited to have this conversation with you. Today we’re going to talk about the journey to essential oils and herbs and natural products. So welcome, adore I’m so happy to have you.

Thank you so much, Chris, it’s an honor to be here with you today was really looking forward to our conversation.

Well, absolutely. And we had kind of an intro call before because you were going to be a guest to talk about chakras. And we realized how much we have in common in our interests of essential oils. And we both use different brands and we’ve had different lives. So I want to throw out there for the listeners that this is not to promote a specific brand of essential oils, it’s really to talk about the journey to finding those things that resonate with your body and resonate with your help and how we can then use those oils to support our lifestyle and our emotional healing. And so I think it’s going to be a really great conversation today.

Thank you so much. I think so too. I love that we have this synergistic connection.

Absolutely. And we’re in the same state and not far away from each I know at some point, we’ll get to have like face to face conversation, and it excites me at that opportunity. Me too. So I’ve read your formal bio, tell us like who’s adura? Who do your friends who do your family know you as?

Hmm. Well? That’s a great question. So I would say that, at my very core, I am a lover of nature. As a child, I spent so much time either in the woods or in the water, catching crayfish collecting worms. I know that might seem relatively odd, but I did at one point I had 150 worms that I used to carry around in these construction pails. But wow. Yeah, collecting stones and spending time with the plants. You know, for me, it’s where I felt most connected, most at home most safe. And it was truly a place of respite and sanctuary for me. And so I think I carried that, that connection all the way through to my adulthood. But another little funny tidbit when I was young, and it was time to do the dishes after dinner, I would excuse myself to go to the restroom, where I would sit for about an hour and mix all of my mother’s expensive perfumes and lotions and creams and powders until everything was cleaned up. And I avoided Eddie any chores, especially during the dishes. And that, too is a portent of my work now and spending over 20 years, professionally, creating products for not just myself, my family, my loved ones, my clients, but also in large scale with the companies that I’ve created. And, you know, it’s kind of humbling to think that the core formulas that I’ve created through the years have sold hundreds and hundreds of 1000s of units worldwide. So It just a to me, it’s a wonderful reminder of what we can do with our lives once our passion and purpose is awakened.

Absolutely, that’s a beautiful way to say it of what we can. And I enjoy that you shared one about the worms, because there’s all I mean, like that’s just a fun visualization, I have a view. But it’s been fun to talk lately to most of my guests, we all have this connection to being outside being in nature being grounded in that and, and that’s where that connection to essential oils to herbs comes from, because they’re all gifts from the earth, and crystals. And those things that we’re able to bring into our home and into our body is a deeper connection with that. So I know that you had it. I love the story also that you were playing with your perfumes and lotions and stuff early creating tinctures and n elements. Because that definitely played a part in your adult life, I can see that knowing the products and knowing the stuff you’ve created that tell us where you really found that connection, that healing through essential oils and through using herbs. And where was that for you. I think when we spoke it was more about your teen years. It was

it was interestingly, when I was 18. I moved away from home, I went to California, intentionally I was going to go to school. And it wasn’t a great fit for me at that point. But I had a really profound experience there at the time of the equinox. And in experience, the first ever experience I had with a shamanic healer, a local to Northern California. And so in the process of this ceremony he created I felt something inside of me really wake up. And so I started pulling out books and studying things like herbs like energy like esoteric philosophy. And also for someone who had experienced chronic depression and anxiety. Since my adolescence, I was really curious about how these aspects of the natural world could have an effect on my own health and happiness. And so it was kind of a peripheral study for a period of time. And then, when I was about 19, I moved to Cape Cod. And, and I was really on my own for the first time. And I didn’t have a lot of money. And I didn’t have health insurance. And every year I would get bronchitis brought about from allergies. And so I couldn’t afford to go to the doctor. And I was really, really quite sick. And you know, as a child, I used to stay home from school for a few weeks, twice a year from these bouts of bronchitis. Wow. But somewhere I heard something about herbs and I went out bought a book and five different herbs. Eucalyptus has a licorice root, fresh ginger, and I made a tea and there was some time in there too. And I was amazed by how quickly I healed. In fact, to this date, I still have not had bronchitis which to me is a revelation. And so I started making teas and tinctures and anyone in my inner circle that was feeling unwell. You know, I would offer that as a way to heal. And so working with the herbs, of course led me to essential oils. I thought, wow, I’m really at home like this is incredible. Because I’ve always been very much someone who is focused on olfaction. And the sense of sweat smell has always been very acute for me. So I started exploring essential oils. And in truth, I started exploring what I thought were essential oils, but they were actually fragrance oils. And this became such a wonderful journey of education, and developing my own lexicon of quality of purity through building the muscle of my organoleptic sentence right sense of smell, sight, touch, and often taste and so, you know, then it became

a real wealth of learning about the aromatics learning about the plants and learning that not every essential oil is created equally. And oils that say that they’re pure and natural, often are not essential oils that say that they’re therapeutic. And as a qualifying term for quality, actually, it’s a marketing term that we’ve adopted from a consumer perspective through the years. So, um, you know, it’s been a, just such a awakening and passion for me. And of course, and I started doing some travel study to places like Egypt, understanding not only how aromatics are part of the ancient culture, but how esoteric philosophy is, of course, entrenched in their culture as well. And then travel to India, and which was one of the most profound experiences of my life, we was a very small group and intimate group of essential oil educators and formulators and business owners and leaders in the field, that we traveled to all of these small villages in Southern India on the first trip in northern India, on the second to visit the farms, where the plants are grown, to be able to go to the fields and pick the flowers with the women, right, and just as the flowers are opening, for example, jasmine flower, right, the Jasmine has to be picked at a certain time very early in the morning, because the time that it is picked, of course, is directly affects the essential oil, chemical constituents that are in it. And of course, you want the highest yield and range of chemical compounds. So each plant has to be picked at a certain time for optimization. And then of course, distilled within the within a specific time period, as well. So that trip was such a journey. And I say that I laughed more on that trip, and I cried more on that trip than I had in my life today, because it was a real heart opening experience, to be able to connect with the people with the culture in such a unique and authentic way and to see what it takes from seed to harvest to distillation. Right and to know that if you know the journey that an aromatic takes from that seed distillation is quite extensive before it becomes a product that’s either at your health food store or your local boutique or wherever you purchase your essential oils or essential oil based products are. And because the you know, adulteration is its own business, multimillion dollar business, right? And adulterating oil. So if you think of what happens from point A, where it’s grown and distilled to point Z, where it becomes a product, it traverses quite a journey. And along that way, cutting and stretching and adulterating is very commonplace, because in this framework, working with the most potent form of plant medicine on the planet, right, that’s the most volatile, concentrated aspect of the plant, which is what an essential oil is, there’s only so much essential oils that are produced every year. Right? This is a harmonious synergy and co creative nature with Mother Earth. And so because of that, there are many aspects like weather, right, like lights that affect the crops and the production and then so many different variables that go into the quality of the oil that’s produced, whether it’s grown organically biodynamically how it’s harvested and processed. And is it you know, fresh or dried material that’s being distilled? So it’s uh, you know, I like to say that it is a lifelong study, the art and science that we can always delve deeper into.

It really is. And that’s one of the cool things to kind of go back to two things you said is you got a book about the herbs. My first experience with essential oils, I shared in another episode was I was 23 and facing my third breast surgery, and they were talking discectomy. And so for me, I didn’t want to go that mainstream route. I was fortunate I did have insurance at the time, but you need to have that to have that many surgeries. And I found a book and I found something that talked about essential oils and talked about evening primrose oil as an herb and and that’s the fun as you say a lifelong journey is discovering what oils work for you. What oils don’t work for you and reading so much resource search about it. Because whatever brand you use or resonate with, it’s finding that education because there’s so much education out there about essential oils about herbs and I, I’ve not really gotten into herbs myself, because oils is what brought me into your natural healing, that that’s where I’ve kind of been my playground. And one of the things I like about essential oils and kind of touching on what you talked about the, how they’re harvested and the plants and the citrus oils, how they are, is I think parts of those resonate with the chakras and where you are spiritually, because you’ve got your earth oils that come from the roots and from the trees, and then you’ve got your citruses, which come from the Ryan’s, and you’ve got your florals, and that kind of moves throughout the chakras. And I know for me personally over the years, I’m drawn to different categories of oils based on different points in my life. Have you experienced that? Also?

I love that. I think that’s so beautiful. Yeah, I mean, for me as a formulator, and entrepreneur, one of my very first sets of blends were based on the chakra system, because as an energy healer, and I guess I didn’t really mention this. But one of the things that brought me even deeper into my study of essential oils, and vibrational medicine was, of course, bronchitis on a periphery, anxiety and depression. Those brought me to find Reiki and when I had my first Reiki, attunement in the mid 90s, I started to want I started to see colors around people. And I thought, well, this is really amazing. I want to experience more and find out why, what do these colors correlate to. And then I started to see how for myself and my loved ones that the energy work shifted emotion, and it shifted energy within the seven main chakras. And so from my own healing journey with endometriosis, which I was diagnosed with in my late teens, early 20s. I was deeply disconnected from my own source. And even though I had studied so much about the oils and the energy to this point, this really brought me to my knees. And so I knew that I had a choice. The, my physician was recommending a hysterectomy at 21. And I do I was to have children. He was continually recommending prescribing pain pills, because the pain was debilitating. And there was one day in particular, you know, I realized I had lost my jaw Devi, I just felt so done. Right. And then 21 At a young age, but yeah, just a sense of depletion. And so I was driving to work one day. And of course, now, you know, I had been taking a lot of these opiates to address the pain. And I was driving to work and I felt like I was in a bit of a pill fugue, right, a fugue state. And I swerved because I almost had a car. And I said, You know what, this is no way to live. I’ve had all of these tests, I have all these recommendations, but I know that this isn’t the right path. So it drew me back into contact with myself and into a deeper longing, of search of study of education with the essential oils with the energy healing, which ultimately brought me to the Barbara Brennan School of healing, which of course, is a four year like the premier International School for vibrational medicine, teaching energy healing, with a focus on the chakra system, and a focus on psychodynamic skills. Because until we can a clear our own subconscious patterns and paints in places where we suffer, how can we be that brightest light, that best version of ourselves that we’re meant to be? Certainly, also with the premise that you know, as healers, we can only take our clients or our community as far as we’ve gone in our own journey of healing. So the school was a really profound journey for me not only as a healer, but as the Healy right as the, you know, individual, deeply seeking healing. So yeah, absolutely. The, the disease process of endometriosis, I think, was perhaps my biggest physiological challenge. And yet the healing from that also brought me right to my path, right right to my purpose, right to a place of my my gifts. And so that’s so often the truth for many of us that find our way it’s through healing our our own health crisis, right? Yeah, our own place of inner calling, right? That’s, that’s calling for the light of not only divine consciousness to come into. But the beautiful alchemy is from the natural world, like the plant medicine, like the minerals, and like so many other beautiful forms and facets of these philosophies.

It is so amazing how much you can bring together. And when you open yourself to that journey, as obviously, sometimes we find it and sometimes we repel from it. So we get these healing crisis, or these emotional crisis. There it is, you know, it’s that whole, if you’re not going to listen, your body is going to get really loud, whether it’s emotional or physical, it’s going to get really loud, so that you can’t continue to ignore it. And that brings us to where we are. And I really liked that you said you were disconnected. Because I think that’s where I was in my 20s I was in my 20s, newly married trying to get pregnant, you know, living on our own, trying to get started in life. And it’s so easy to get distracted. But one of the beautiful things is you get distracted so that you can discover, and that I love some of the beauty is the actual discovering and how it lights you up and feels in your soul as you begin to discover what resonates for you. And if it doesn’t like you up and keep moving, try something else and try something else until you feel it light you up. Because I know when I talked with you the first time, we were talking about something different. And then oils came up and I just watched you light up and how much you smile and your eyes glisten over talking about national products. So tell us a little bit about So now you’ve discovered your health, you’ve discovered how these oils and how natural products and energy vibration can support you. What brought you to use these things to support clients and others with it? Where did you know that was your calling, and your purpose to do of service?

Well, I would say that interestingly, one of my very first products came from my time and working in corporate America. And so this was the mid 90s. And I was blending things on my own for for myself and my family. And I was working in on Cape Cod in frontline customer service for cable TV, which interests me be rough. Wow, I still to this day, because it was so many years ago. Now I kind of chuckle about it. But it was incredibly stressful because people will come in and if their TV didn’t work, they were to have like a quantum meltdown. Like what am I supposed to do with my children? How am I suppose to make it through the day? And they would just lose it, you know, small office, and then they would leave but that energy was tangible. Yes, it affected myself and affected my co workers. And I felt you know, there has to be some way to resolve this. So one of my first aromatic formulas came from that experience, and creating a blend of essential oils to cleanse and refresh the space and the energy to lift that heaviness that was felt. And I think that that’s something that we can relate to whether it’s at home, right, my two children are at school right now I got the cats, the kids. You know, right now my office is in the kitchen. You know it’s humorous, or if you think about a corporate boardroom, right, heated discussions, the consolatory the classroom, there are so many areas that we can use essential oils to transmute heaviness or negativity and create a more harmonious environment that’s conducive to whether it’s study whether it’s communication, whether it’s into introspection, whether for me, you know, it’s writing. So my very first products came from this, and then I would have other friends and then when I started my healing practice in the mid 90s People say well adore Can you make me something that is an aphrodisiac in nature? Can you make me something for my muscular discomfort? Can you make me something to help me sleep? And so all of my products essentially have come through either my own journey of healing to embody my greater light, my greater essence or to do that for my clients or my students. And so it becomes a really beautiful way to co create and say okay, there is a You know, something that this individual or myself is experiencing, because you know, if if one person is experiencing that they are, we are not alone. Yeah, so to create a remedy like this, and it becomes something to really offer to you humanity, for awakening, for healing, for enhancing emotional resilience, for empowering the stress response, right. And so this is why my latest collection, the elixirs for quantum living, there’s only three products and that those three products address the three primary areas that we are all looking to modulate, to balance to either increased right with energy, to lift in terms of our mood, and to enhance in terms of sleep and rest, right. And so I love the opportunity to be able to work with the essential oils to work with the crystals to work with intention and energy, because the oils are so malleable to our intention. They’re so malleable to higher frequencies, higher energies. And so I believe, especially right now at this time of quantum shift on the planet. And as we’re inviting this new earth, and this new experience of holistic empowerment for humanity, that the essential oils are absolutely instrumental and integral in that process.

Well, and I think it’s because of the vibration of the oils. And as we talked in the very beginning, we’re all craving more time in nature. But it’s that song, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot. That line where it’s such an effort some days, and I think with COVID, and I’ll being home, I know me personally, I’m out of the habit of getting outside as much. And now as it’s going into colder weather, we’re not outside as much. So bringing that vibration through crystals through oils into our home and into our body is such a difference. And it’s so vital in supporting us in that. So if we’re in a house that’s got a crawlspace, so our house isn’t touching the ground, or when a tall apartment building and we’re not touching the ground, or we forget to go outside, we’ve got that vibration in our home and innerspace. And in our bodies.

It’s so true. And if you think about one of the very unique aspects of essential oils, especially the terpene Rich is that they are able to pass through the blood brain barrier and offer the full gamut of their phyto nutrients and oxygen to not only our brain, but our bloodstream, our systems of the body, our cellular consciousness. And in that regard, our cells are able to increase their vital life force, our vital life force through this process. And it to me it is a beautiful, not only miracle of potential of a waiting potential as we continue to discover and explore more of the oils, and in doing so to discover and explore and excavate more of ourselves. And that’s really why we’re here. No, right, that inner that inner journey.

When I think that part of that exploring to touch again of how the oils have different frequencies and different elements that relate to our chakras. And then if you didn’t like one oil at some point, it doesn’t mean you won’t always not like it. So play with them research, explore, make sure they’re quality. And as you mentioned, fragrance. My son has grown up with essential oils his entire life. He’s had crystals around his bed on his windows. So like he doesn’t know anything different. His girlfriend is getting more into it. And so we have diffusers going in the house all the time. He’s had a diffuser in his room that he was in charge of since he was in his early teens. And yeah, I mean, I love it. And I love that he he has one in his office, he you know, we just got some new ones in and he’s like, Mom, I want this one. It’s really fun to watch a 20 year old boy, male, a sitcom boy, I apologize, Kevin, because you’ll hear this. Just watching him have that connection himself. And he made the comment the other day to me and it was, you know how you get those mom wins every once in a while that you’re like, Oh, I did a good job. Yeah. So champion. Yeah. So he tells me he was at Walmart with his girlfriend one day and she was like, Oh, look at these essential oils. They’re really inexpensive. I’m going to get some because she’s a poor college student, you know, and she knows how we have oils in our house all the time. And Kevin said Mom, I picked it up in and showed her the bottle and said, This is crap. Like this is not actually any good oils. And that to me was that moment

I was gonna win. Yes. Good job,

Kev. Yeah, me pat myself on the back. Right. I love that, Chris. That’s a high five vote for sure. Thank you. And it literally just happened like two days ago. And it was so much fun to know that he had heard something I said. So I hope that this conversation has really helped people. Because oils are so flooded now that you can find them at Target at Walmart and, and not having that Fragrance Oil. If you bought find a bottle of vanilla for $8, it’s not anything, you know, and you do have to pay for that quality. Because, as you said, They’re from India, they’re from Egypt. They’re from different places. And you’ve got it one pay ethical, that you’re paying for quality, not just run of the mill diluted cut any of that stuff. So one thing I did almost forget to go back to was you mentioned that you had been to Egypt, which is one of our favorite places to travel. And you did a lot of research about the oils and how they use them in the past. Let’s dig into that for just a second. Because there is so much richness in there. And I went to Egypt traveling with my family, but I know a bit about it. But hearing that you’ve done the research. Sounds like you could even teach me something about it.

Huh, thank you. That’s beautiful. I would say this one of the things that really struck me I’ve been twice to Egypt. The second trip that I went on was when I was part of the Rosicrucian organization, which is a very old mystery school that teaches metaphysics esoteric philosophy and how we can build those muscles in our lives, not only for our in power moment, but also to contribute to the greater good of all ultimately as part of our life purpose. And so we had this wonderful opportunity to go into it was the time of the spring equinox. And they close the pyramid down just to our group for ceremony. So we had ceremony and the Queen’s Chamber by candlelight. And we had ceremony in the king’s chamber as well doing toning and so being able to go on a trip like this. And to go to some of these other temples where you can see a lot in the pictorials and the hieroglyphs, the offering of the aromatics. And even one particular formula, you may have heard of this called Chi fi. It was used ceremonially for spiritual activation, but also for sleeping and many other purposes. Because as we know, the essential oils, the aromatics, the plants are so versatile in their medicine. And so there were many aromatics in this formula like Cypress like frankincense. And to me being able to have an appreciation for these aromatics in the places where they’re grown. is such an incredible opportunity. I will say, I will say to that as well, that they’re even in Egypt, even in India, there are places where you go, will they they will say these are essential oils. Yes, they are. Absolutely. Not.

A nice place. Yes, of course. And you can tell the difference,

where you can tell the difference. Yeah, not to say, you know, I did buy a perfume oil from there because I found it so delightful. So there’s nothing wrong with that per se, but it’s about discernment. Right? And really building those. Those muscles. You know, I thinking about what you mentioned about the chakras. And because I’m working on my presentation deck to teach tonight essential oils to the Brennan school. I was looking at a photo I had taken in India. And we had one very early morning probably about 530 in the morning where we went to a lotus pond, because the lotus flowers open very early. And these beautiful souls went out in these small bolts, paddled with their hands to pick the lotus flowers and brought them back to our small group and offered them to us and I remember standing there with the White Lotus in my hand, which is it’s an incredible aromatic absolute it’s very rare it’s most often if you find it, it’s adulterated, but if you have the true aromatic the guitar or the absolute they’re just sort multifaceted, multi dimensional. And so I remember holding that flower in my hand, you could feel the vibration of it as it was opening, and the aromatic quality profile was so ethereal, you could feel it open up the crown and just lift you from that spirit perspective up, out almost of your body and to open this center of connection to divine source in such a remarkable way. So I couldn’t help but share that after you mentioned your chakras.

I felt that I was right there with you in that and how beautiful that felt. We have a lake near us that they’ve planted some flowers. And it’s not at all a serene and beautiful as what you just described, but it sounded you know, I go there looking for them all year waiting for them to get flowers in bloom. And that just sounded so beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us.

Yeah, I actually had brought it with me, I just came back recently from leading a retreat in southern France quest for the divine feminine, following the footsteps of Mary Magdalene, to these very beautiful sacred places where I lead meditation and ceremony and we had a wonderful had a wonderful partner and guide who is from France and really entrenched in the history. And one of the last days we went to this gorgeous Basilica of the Black Madonna in Lima. And I had the White Lotus with me and before everyone went into the chapel, I anointed them with the lotus. And it was such a beautiful expanded way to come into this deep level of communion with the feminine. And in the sacred places where the frequency that energy is palpable is tangible, right you can feel it within yourself and your being

I feel it just you talking about it and, and seeing in my mind’s eye what that felt like. So thank you so much. And I think that’s a beautiful way to kind of wrap this episode and, and thank you for the education the experience that you shared with us the knowledge and the visionary. I know that our followers are going to want to check you out and you do have some really neat elixirs that I’ve been playing with for the last two weeks. So where do you hang out? Tell us where our followers can find

you. Well, you can definitely find everything from the elixirs to our other products like my new formulas forgiveness and gratitude and release. At the Adora, when quiz.com website. There’s also a list there for our events including the free meditation that I lead weekly. There’s also a monthly Mary Magdalene meditation that’s also complimentary. So you can sign up for the newsletter there and find out what I’m doing where I’m going to be I’ll be traveling in a few weeks to New York to do some events for the new my new book, which is I’ll do a little promo here you can buy a signed copy of detox nourish activate plantain vibrational medicine for energy, mood and love. It’s co authored by my ally with a plant Dr. Lulu Shimek. And that can also be purchased on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. In addition to that, we have a couple of new retreats for 2020 to another one to France and then actually one here in North Carolina, which is going to be wonderful. It’ll be led by two of my colleagues a beautiful aspects of the Divine Feminine so we’ll be leading something in the art of living in Boone North Carolina. I love it. Yeah, it’s gonna be it’s gonna be wonderful. And then you can also follow us on social at adore wind Quist on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, our Instagram account is super active because we’re posting every week with inspiration and alchemy from essential oils from crystals, visualization, all sorts of wonderful tips and alchemise. And then let’s see what else did I want to say? I said the meditations the book, I know I’m forgetting something right now our YouTube channel a doorway Quest has a whole library of the meditation so any meditation that you could you want to do you can go and do there for free. And for those that are interested in working with me one on one, you can set up a 15 minute complimentary discovery session.

Well, we will put a link to your website in the grounding journey com post about this so if people aren’t sure how to spell your name or are driving they know they can go to grounding journey and find the link to your social media, your Instagram, Facebook and your website. And I just want to say I haven’t read your book But you held it up. And it looks like a great thick resource manual. Because I know for me when I order books on Amazon or on thrift books, and I think it’s a great Yoga Book, or I think it’s a great book about moons, and you get it, and it’s 20 pages, 30 pages and doesn’t actually give you any information. Your book looks like it’s got a lot of sources in it.

It’s a, what I’ve really one of the things I’ve heard a lot is that it’s a guidebook, like people like keep it by their bedside. And we’ll just open it up to an aspect of wisdom for the day, because there’s 11 Different alchemical interventions, including essential oils and crystals and meditation, and nutrition, that correlate to energy, mood and love through the adrenals through the brain and through the heart and how we can work with this system to detox and nourish and activate at the DNA level to embody our highest and healthiest and most vibrant path in life.

Well, I am adding it to my book list. And we’ll be getting my copy very soon. Thank you so much adore for your time, for your knowledge and for your energy. And we’re so grateful that you were able to be with us today.

It’s such a pleasure. I can’t wait to continue the conversation with you, Chris and meet up for a tea or something one day. So yes,

for sure. We’ll do it. Blessings. Yes. Thanks again. Thanks. That was so much fun. conversation. And I love that, because I always say I have addictions. I have three addictions, travel books. I just came up with my new third addiction recently. And now I just totally blanked on it. But I love that we got to talk some travel and talk about your book too. So that we really because there’s no things I love talking about. So thank you for those. Oh, it’s

such a fun conversation truly a delight. Yeah,

absolutely. Well, I’m gonna air this one sometime in December once I figure out the exact date. I’m cramming all these in right now because we’re going abroad in two weeks. And so I’m getting everything lined up for December. Yeah, I’m super excited. All right, where are you gonna go? Well, we’ll start out in Sweden, we’ll be gone for three weeks. I have a family there. So we go back, you know, try to go back every year and visit and then we’ll hit Portugal, just kind of as we’re moving through, but we’ll hit quite a few different places in Sweden. Wow, that’s

gonna be amazing. Yeah, I’m

ready to go. I was there two months ago just by myself. But this time my husband’s going and our son’s going and his girlfriend’s going. So our son hasn’t been, I think the last time he was there was in 2015. So I’m trying to cram all this stuff. Done. Yeah, it’s gonna be lots of fun. I’m looking forward to it. So once I get it figured out, because I’m recording like six episodes this week, and next week, I’ll figure out kind of where they flow together to complement each other and then give you the date that it’ll release for you. So that will send you some information and everything too. And we’ll talk next week. Yeah, can’t wait. And Wonderful. Thank you so much. Thank you for your time and best of luck tonight. I know that you’re going to do wonderful

things. I’m super excited that

you’re going to do amazing. Well, I’ll see you soon. Thanks. See you soon. Bye bye. Oh,