How often do you feel connected with your mind and body at the same time? My friend, Dawn Calvinisti, joins me to discuss the trials, beauty, and discoveries of the mind-body connection we’ve experienced through yoga. 

Through my personal experience, I have felt connected to my mind OR my body but rarely felt connected with my mind AND body. One of the beautiful and unexpected elements of my yoga teacher training has been developing a genuine love for my body while remaining connected to my mind. 

Dawn has been a client of my creative agency for some time. I was surprised to see her FB post one day that she was offering a free yoga class as part of completing her yoga teacher training program. I had no idea she was even working on her certification. 

Seeing Dawn’s post was more proof of how disconnected we become from other women, and how similar our journeys are and we don’t even know how similar we are at heart. 

I reached out to Dawn that day and asked to connect to chat. I wanted to get to know her on a different level. The conversation that happened was exactly the connection I have been seeking. I was embarrassed what I was seeking had been under my nose all along. 

During our call, I told Dawn about Grounding Journey and asked if she would be a podcast guest. Our second conversation was even deeper than the first.

    My favorite part of the conversation is when we discuss how we both came at yoga from a different angle but managed to discover the same things

    • the mind-body connection means learning to accept your body
    • becoming good with who you are
    • through it all; we learned how to accept and love ourselves 
    1. Not to mention that by learning about ourselves, we have become better moms to our children.

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