The darkness can be more magical than you could imagine. Don’t believe me? Listen in as Michelle Agopsowicz and I chat about the growth, beauty, and connection that happens as you move into, through, and out of the darkness.

The dark night offers you a chance to move from victim to survivor and to emerge as a thriver. The magic comes into play when you realize you are the same person as before, just expanded and in love with your own soul.

The alchemy of conversation that happens in this episode is unmatched. Michelle and I come from different childhoods and a variety of experiences that bruised us along the way. Yet, we share a gratitude and love for the experience that makes it all worthwhile and priceless!

We nerd out on the nervous system to discover that trauma is the story we can’t might make sense of and how releasing trauma, whether it’s a big T or little T from our bodies, is a path to freedom.

Don’t miss the BONUS episode with Michelle Agopsowicz

Looking for a book that could be compared to a fine glass of wine? The kind of book that you read a chapter and then put down to allow your soul to absorb and embody all that you just read? In the Bonus episode this week, Michelle Agopsowicz shares her love for Belonging: Remembering Ourselves Home by Toko-pa Turner. A few of Michelle’s favorite takeaways from the book are the poem that opens the book that sets the tone for the journey of reading the pages. This book shows you that it is more profound than not belonging in your community, but finding the belonging in ourselves and within. After the conversation, I immediately added it to my wishlist of books!

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Want to know a little more about Michelle

She’s a therapist and Reiki Master who is a recovering anxious perfectionist people pleaser who faced an autoimmune condition and through that found a combination of spiritual and therapy techniques that have reversed my diagnosis. Michelle works primarily in tapping, Reiki, emdr and Jungian spiritual approaches.

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