Feminine Genius is a state of being

Have you been feeling stuck, not the usual kind of stagnant it’s a new stuck where what you were doing before isn’t working anymore, and you’re frustrated that you aren’t progressing.

What if the good news is that what you’ve done before isn’t working anymore because you’ve changed? You’re in a new place where it’s time to redefine yourself and what works for you.

LiYana Silver, the author of Feminine Genius, sat down with me to chat about just that. It was authentic, rich, and inspiring.

I’ve known Liyana for many years and have heard her drop amazing wisdom so many times. In this episode of the Grounding Journey Podcast, she continues to offer profound insight that left me thinking and reflecting for days.

As a professional dancer for the early part of her life, LiYana constantly struggled to fit in the mold. Until one day, she heard a mentor say – if you’re always at war with yourself, who wins?


LiYana is breaking the norm of women’s life cycles of the maiden, the mother, and the crone and redefining the phases of womanhood to be the maiden, the mother, the queen, and the wise elder.

Whether you believe it or not — We’re all whole and a whole beings with the potential to have a good relationship with each part of ourselves. A key to living this truth is to find gratitude for past tools that no longer serve you and allow for the death and rebirth cycle of ourselves. Spring is unfurling itself before us now, just like our journey.

I hope you’ll enjoy the conversation and gain as much insight as I did!

Liyana Silver

LiYana Silver, Transformational Coach for Women, teacher, and author of ‘Feminine Genius.

She helps women move through the hardest times of their lives and become who they are meant to be.

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