Meet me in the silence, far from all the noise where hearts can make the most honest choices. Hi, welcome to today’s episode of granting journey. I thought today we talk about quieting the noise. I swore to myself that I was not going to do a New Year’s wrap the New Year start podcast episode. But here we are. I was doing my morning meditation this morning. And just kind of reflecting over the year and thought, Okay, I’m gonna do one. And I just want to share my reflection. And the way that I look at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year, because it is a clean slate, it is an opportunity for us to quiet and connect, connect with ourselves. I’ve been on a real journey to really connect with myself over the last year to listen to my heart to hear what I want instead of what everybody around me wants or what I think everybody around me needs. And a lot of that has really been catapulted through the healing modality series that I’ve done on the podcast. So I started in September, conversing with these amazing healers. We’ve talked to animal communication, we’ve done numerology, we’ve done crystal work, we’ve done Akashic records, astrology, human design, there have been so many amazing healing modalities that I’ve learned more about, and healers that we’ve talked to. So if you haven’t listened to those episodes, I do encourage you to go back and listen to them, whether it’s a modality you’re familiar with, if it’s amount of duality you’ve heard of that you’re interested in, after each episode, there’s a bonus episode where the practitioner walks me through a session, we did a tapping session recently. And they’re just really great ways for you to sample and hear. So when I planned on doing that, and I set the intention, it was really to connect the world with more healing modalities, to introduce you to create practitioners. I never really thought about the fact that I was going to be doing all the work with each healing modality and where it was going to catapult me. And so 2021 has been a real year of healing. For me, it has been a really intense year of stirring stuff up. And I guess it had to get stirred up to get healed. And here I am, at the end of the year, reflecting with lots of gratitude for all my struggles of the year. Because they brought me here, they put me in this moment. And that’s where I wanted to talk about quieting the noise in the silence because we can all be in the middle of the chaos and the struggles. And without that quiet without that silence and reflection. The struggles worthless. There’s no point to it if you can’t look back and see the lessons it was to teach you. So I started 2021 off planning an amazing hiking adventure for myself, my husband, Matthew, our son, Kevin, and one of our very dear friends. We spent three and a half months hiking two to three days a week, really training for this trip in Peru. It’s a hike that only a couple 100 People do a year, maybe even less over the last couple years. And so on day four, I fell. On day five, I the injury got really bad. And I had to get carried down a mountain. And we’re talking 13,000 feet. So it took several hours for our guide and our chef and our horseman to carry me down a mountain. And I didn’t see it as trust and surrender that moment. The fact that I was being carried down a mountain piggyBac style by three men, I don’t only know in four days, I cannot speak English or Spanish we can communicate together but I had to trust them as they ran down a mountain cliffs. 1000 foot drops, like there should have been a movie about this because I can’t give you the visual to fully express what the experience was. So came along with a messed up knee. It took four months for it to heal, which completely took me out of summer camping and a summer hiking out of the woods was mad. I was frustrated. I’d spent all this money. I had lost the opportunity. There was a lot of heartache for me there was a lot of frustration. There was a lot of In a disappointment, and somewhere along the lines, I started letting go of the disappointment and the frustration. And I started looking at what am I supposed to learn in this? Where is the journey because it couldn’t have been pointless, there was a reason it had to happen. And so through that I started to see, it was actually my coach who made the comment when she watched the video of them carrying me down the mountain, that that must have been a lot of trust and surrender. And so then I began trusting and surrendering to the universe, to the experience and to my experience in the world right now. And I started to see I did have to do it alone, I could ask for help. Because I tried to come down the mountain on my own, trust me, I was not going to be carried down the mountain, after climbing the mountain. Through all of that, also, Matthew and I were coming up on 10 years of our relationship, we were hitting some real struggles. We were at the point of deciding, have we had a good run, and it’s time to call it? Or is it time for us to grow and bloom together and what if we want. And so we did take a week apart. And I honestly when we started that week, I did not think that we were coming back together, I thought it was the beginning, I started making preparations to be on my own again. And it was through. Actually, when we did the Akashic Records episode, that it really helped me. See the healing I was experiencing. Remember, I didn’t have to do it alone, that we all have our own journey. And we all have our own part of it. Matthew had his journey, and he had his choices to make. And I had mine. And, you know, fortunately, we both made the same choices. But it was definitely a time of healing, letting go of expectations in life, letting go of expectations, and everything. And that’s where I found my gratitude was reflecting on my struggles. And for the lessons they taught me because it was not easy, was not easy to go through struggles, it was not easy to think I was losing my relationship. But now, my knees great and strong. And I went hiking in the snow in the Arctic Circle two weeks ago in two foot snow and didn’t have any problems and saw the most amazing skies. Matthew and I traveled for 20 days and had an a wonderful time together and are stronger than we’ve been in a long time to take in those struggles. In finding that gratitude and them, so I challenge you to take some time over the next day or two and think about your struggles of the year. And don’t get lost and how hard they were because you’ve had it hard your neighbors have had it hard your families had it hard 2020 2021 has been a chance for us to see those struggles and to come out with a healing on it. And I am grateful for all that, because holding on to it and be resentful is getting me nowhere. So like I said, I encourage you, I challenge you to take some time to reflect on your struggles, and find the gratitude in them. And if you need help with that, this is where all these healing modalities come in. You can experience something new, find a new healer, find a new modality, find a new book, we’ve released some great podcast episodes about spiritual books. The thing is you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here together on this planet in this time together to be collective. And that’s what I want to create with granting journey is this community where we all can learn from each other. And we can all learn and grow on our journeys. And so that was the healing modalities. And I wanted to talk to you a little bit as you’re seeking those healers, as you’re seeking new healing modalities, how to make sure that what you choose and what you find is right for you. Because it’s really easy to get lost in the hype of social media to get lost in the hype of influencers who are doing this or doing that and not actually find what’s right for you. And so that’s where the silence comes in the Getting away from the noise to hear your heart. You know that your mom always told you to listen to your gut instinct. Well, that’s your heart that’s being guided by that. So I love to sit in meditation to end Meditation doesn’t have to be 40 minutes of your eyes closed, chanting ohm, it can just be five minutes with a candle and the intention to find that quiet, telling your family that you need a few minutes. I remember when Kevin was little, I would go sit on the floor in the bathroom and turn the little bathroom heater on because it acted like a sound machine. And I could just be in the bathroom because everybody would give me time. So maybe that’s all you get is five minutes in the bathroom. But find that little bit of time and ask yourself, what do you want? What do you need, and listen to that. I found this other great quote, the quieter you become, the more you’re able to hear me. So take that time to be quiet for yourself. And then when you decide, I want to try Akashic records, I want to try human design. I want to find a coach. Listen to your gut. Don’t get swayed by the stars and the sparkle. Listen to what you think is really a good modality for you. Of course, I’m going to tell you to check out the other podcast episodes because I really enjoy talking to those women and learning about their journey. And while I tell you to listen to yourself and not get overwhelmed by social media and overwhelmed by posts, do check out somebody’s social media, check out their website, check out podcast episodes they’ve been on, listen to them. See, does it feel in alignment? When you put your hand on your heart? And you ask? Do you get a full body? How Yes? Do you get hesitation? Or do you get a weird sense in your stomach? Because those are going to tell you yes or no, that person’s right for you or not that modality is right for you or not. So I really, really empower you to get quiet, to listen to what your body, your heart your soul is asking for. I’ve got one more healing modality that I recorded that’s going to come up in the next week or two that I’m super excited to share with you. Because it’s where I got quiet. And I got the hell yes. And it’s color therapy. I guess Mara and I and I recorded this episode. I think June and I’ve been holding on to it for six months because it wasn’t the right time to release it. But what I am super excited because I’ve heard about the chakras I’ve played with the chakras. I’ve played with crystals. I’ve worked with my energy centers. But having that conversation with Mara and having been working on my chakras, really got me interested in color therapy and I’ve been reading, I’ve been learning more and more and as a graphic designer, I had a level of color therapy knowing how to brand people and what color people interpreted things through. And having studied the chakras for 15 plus years, I knew the basics. I knew that the talking tomorrow really got me deeper into the colors. So I’ve been working I’ve mentioned it a couple episodes here and there. But I’ve been a little timid sharing a lot of it about it. But I’ve been working on a project for almost two years now. That is a chakra yoga card deck, Oracle deck, and it’s contains 52 cards. Each chakra has a visualization, an introduction to that chakra, and then six poses that help you clear open that chakra and the reason why they support that chakra. So I have been working on this deck. As I said almost two years, I think March will be two years, I have created all the copy worked on the graphics designed to the cards. And I’m so excited. I’m in the final leg. I’ve got the test print, we’re fixing color on one card, and then we’re going to be ordering them. We are working on a whole product line of altar kids, chakra stones, all this stuff. That’s the way for you to really dig into your spirituality to dig into learning about the chakras. And so I’m super excited. I’m going to even save in this episode with Mara. And I’m going to use that even though it’s healing modality and we do my color healing session. I’m using that to launch a eight week chakra series where we’re going to dig into each chakra each week, we’re going to dig into the chakra systems. So if you’ve wondered about energy in your body, how it actually works, why you’re feeling are uncomfortable in your belly and you’re constipated and you can’t be creative, what that means about your sacral chakra, how you can find ways to clear it. And I’m really, really excited about sharing more with you about the chakras, launching my products into the world. And I can’t wait to share more with you as it comes along. But that’s what’s coming up in January is all about color therapy, all about your chakras all about how wearing different colors sets the tone for your day, eating different foods, some supports your heart chakra or your root chakra, and just taking it to a whole new level. So I am grateful for the opportunity to share that with you. I’m excited to get to connect deeper with you and hear more about you and your journey. And I really hope that you’ll join me along the way through Instagram, grounding underscore journey, I would love for you to message me and tell me do you know about the chakras? What have you learned through the healing modalities? Who was your favorite modality? Do you have a modality that you really love that we didn’t talk about because I will be starting a new healing modality series in April. I would love to bring Frank sway and I would love to bring Reiki revisit crystals. So please reach out to me, share with me your favorite practitioner, share with me your favorite modality. And let’s really connect. Let’s support each other through this journey. And let’s work on healing together because together is where I want to be. I want to do it with everybody because I’ve learned that it’s not for me to do alone. So I wish you a Happy Happy New Year. I wish you all the peace and love and all the struggles that are yours to find in 2022 Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I hope to be part of yours.