You know, that’s new that they start saying this meeting is being recorded. Like, it’s just since I’ve been back online yesterday that I’ve noticed. I’m like, oh, okay, well, that’s good.

And they actually asked, they asked your counterpart to accept that they are recording. So I got a message that pops up. Are you fine with her recording you? And I have to say yes. Otherwise, I’m going to be kicked out of the meeting.

Oh, I didn’t know I do that interesting. All sorts of stuff happened while I was offline. I tell you, Okay. Well, I’m going to give it just a couple seconds. So my funnel know where to edit it, that there’s a big enough Paul’s forum. And then we’ll get started. There, Isabel, I have given your formal introduction, and I’m super excited to discuss daily practice, and overwhelm and morning routines, all that kind of stuff with you today. But before we jump in, I would love to know a little bit more about you like, who are you? Who is Isabel?

That’s actually not an easy question to answer, but because people tend to and I, I do to tend to tell what their profession is. So I’m gonna say that I am a human being, trying to make the best of my human experience that I possibly can. And I work as a coach for women, that I lead to exactly what I lived through myself. So I work with women that are burned out. And for me, burning out is a spiritual crisis. It’s your soul not being in alignment with your body. And I actually lived through that same thing myself, I was burned out. And I managed to get out of this through the morning routine that we’re going to talk about later. And I go on a show or I show women today how they can do that for themselves as well use a morning routine and use that feminine practice in order to tap into their intuition to attract joy and ease into their life with which I think is missing in our society today.

Absolutely, I think it’s so relevant to talk about and that for me, I call, you know, morning practice. Because it is how I start my day grounded and how I start my day, where I want to, instead of trying to come back to it all day long. And I know that for some people mornings are hard, they prefer evenings, you know, and while morning works for me, and it sounds like morning works for you. It’s just finding that piece in that practice, to really bring us back to that center. And I love that you said it’s hard to answer that. Who am I question? Because it is so many of us are so tied to what we do what our profession what our title is, that we forget who we are. And I know, years and years and years ago, I was there was a group of us moms who had dinner every Tuesday night. And two of them were stay at home moms one was a stay at home mom, he was going through school. And then I was a single mom working multiple jobs and really trying to do things. And so all of them had this great time together and these great experiences. And I identified myself with what I did for a living instead of all of those places that they got to experience. And that was a really eye opening thing for me to come to Who am I is not related to what I do. And I think that has a lot to do with exhaustion and burnout. And it sounds like that’s kind of what you work with clients doing and and how have you experienced that in your own life that brought you to being a coach.

So I started, let’s say with a quite straight with a quite straight profession with a straight, straight, straight career. I went to university and then I got myself my first job in the automotive industry as a controller. And we can talk about feminine and masculine energies as well a lot. And obviously that was a very masculine oriented industry. And two years in the job, I was so tired and I was exhausted. I thought that being busy and being totally stressed out was how a career looked like what a career looked like. And I actually there was one day I couldn’t do anything anymore. I was just sitting in front of my computer and I didn’t know what I was doing and a colleague call and he asked me things and I didn’t know what he wanted for me and that’s when my colleagues when they sent me home and said okay, you do get to see a doctor because you’re obviously not doing great anymore, and I didn’t understand what they were talking about. And actually, I stayed home for three months. Oh, wow. Yeah, I didn’t go back. I had to go to therapy and all of that. And I still would ask myself, what was what was wrong with me? Why Why was I such a weak person? And why was everybody else having that great career except of me, and everyone was so successful, and nobody was bothered working like 60 7080 hours a week. And I was obviously the only one that was not capable of that. And that was, I questioned myself a lot. And in this time, and I actually probably would have taken longer to recover after my burnout. And I went back way too early. Now looking back at it, because I was still in that mindset of, there’s something wrong with me, you know, I got to get my shit together and just, you know, get back to work. And that’s what I did. And actually, a couple of weeks in, I decided, Okay, I just, that’s not for me, I, I just got to change jobs, obviously. I thought it was the company, I thought it was the company, I thought it was the job there. And then I just changed the company, I changed, I still was working as a controller, but I moved to a different city. And it all felt so different. And it all felt so great. But actually a couple of years in that new job, in that new company, I felt the same. And I was so everything held so numb again. And even though I seem to had it all kind of like a great career, good money coming in every month, I had a great car, I had a great apartment and all that. I was not happy I was so I felt so unfulfilled. And that’s why that’s when I Yeah, actually look at myself and ask myself, okay, there’s nothing wrong with you. But there’s obviously something going on in your life. That’s not, you’re probably not living your true life. What’s whatever is there for you, you are not living it, you are not living in alignment. And well, I started with my self development journey. And ever since I haven’t stopped I guess

that definitely is, you know, we find that I love that you said, Are You Living Your true life? Because once we realize that we’re not, it’s a journey. And it’s not that it’s always got to be hard work. But there’s always that growth. It’s, you know, once you see its potential, you keep striving and not settling, I think, and it doesn’t have to be super hard work. Like it isn’t the beginning. But there’s always that edge to keep developing and growing and becoming more I definitely experienced that in my life. And I think everybody else listening is shaking their head going. Uh huh.

Yeah, that’s how I feel. Yes, exactly. Well, and you know, we weren’t really going to talk about the masculine feminine, but I want to touch on what you said a little bit, because I wasn’t a controller. But both of my larger career positions were in the masculine male dominated field. And I think that many of us end up in that position, and we lose touch with the feminine. And that’s something that’s so important to come back to. Yeah. So talk to me for just a moment about that element for you, as you’re moving through these two jobs, realizing that you weren’t in the masculine and stepping more into the feminine.

Yeah, so I mean, masculine energy means that you are in that rational logic, analytic mindset. Whereas the feminine would be the the softness, the flowing, the trusting yourself and trusting your life and trust, whatever happens, it’s happening for you and not happening to you. And I actually love that. And I never understood when while I was in corporate and I really never understood that I was responsible for what what was happening in my life, and that I was also able of trusting myself and trusting that whatever happened to me happened or happened, not happened to me. Whatever happened in my life happened for me and not to me. And I think that, especially nowadays in our society, we we tend to live in that masculine energy because we tend to think that a lifestyle of hustling all the time style of being busy lifestyle of constantly being stressed out and overwhelmed as something that is normal is something that has to be like that. It’s, I guess that so many people tend to live in that masculine energy nowadays, and I feel there is so much need of that feminine way of, of living of that intuitive way of living. And also, what I love a lot as well is that feeling of surrender, like, not give up, but like accept what what’s happening and see the good in what’s happening in your life. And that might not be easy. I mean, now looking back, I understood, where I understand why I was burned out why that happened to me, I totally get it now. Because I would have not seen it any other way. That controlling and the corporate world is not for me, and I’m not saying that there’s anything bad with it, it’s just not my path to follow. And that was actually the universe given me a sign after sign after sign. So I wasn’t burnt out from one day. Of the to the other. You know, it was a process that led me through that one day where I felt totally exhausted, and I couldn’t do anything anymore. So that was a process in my body was given me signs, and I was neglecting them. I was ignoring them. And, actually, now looking back, it was the best thing that could happen to me, because that’s, that was kind of a wake up call for me that I was not, as I said before, not living in my true alignment I was ignoring that there was a different path for me in this life.

Well, and I think that’s so what’s happening in the world right now, if you look at how many women are stepping into being coaches, stepping into online business, you know, we had that generation of all of our moms who were there, who were home with us, and then the the we all became part of the rat race. And then we’re all kind of stepping back into that feminine. And I know, because of what I do in my full time work, watching the women that I facilitate their businesses, it’s really neat to see that so many more women are becoming a touch with that feminine, they’re slowing down, they’re wanting to support other women stepping into their feminine. And that’s really beautiful that we as you know, I don’t want to use the word culture, society. But like as a whole, we’re starting to step into that. And we’re slowing down instead of racing out the door every morning, with 20 minutes to get the kids up and out. We’re spending 40 minutes and doing it a little slower. We’re stepping outside of that normal corporate job and following what feels good to us. And I think that’s really beautiful. And I know, because both of my you know, as I said careers were masculine. My last job was auto industry also. So when you go Yeah, that’s really familiar. But I think it’s it’s neat to, to release that masculine, but it’s also really, really hard to release that masculine, because it’s so ingrained in us. Yeah, and that’s where I think talking about daily practice, and your morning practice, or whatever your practice time is, is a great way to step out of it. Because I definitely know for me, the mornings that I want to sleep late or the mornings that I have an early call, and I don’t do my practice, it’s easy for me to slip into that masculine instead of staying in that feminine. So let’s talk about where like what did you discover your morning practice to be? So first off, tell us what is your morning practice?

There is no practice that looks like like, but there is no one morning practice for me it always looked with different depending on what do I really need today because I for me, it’s important to tune into myself to tune into my body and listen to it. You know, some days I don’t feel like meditating. It’s just I don’t feel like it. And I know, if I sit down and try to meditate, it’s not going to work. I’m going to be thinking and you know, think about all the things that I have to do. And so it’s basically how do I set myself or the mood for or the tone for the day actually, how do I what do I need today and what could I do to tap into a positive energy for myself and that could be meditation, that could be tapping. That could be be dancing some days, it’s just you know, turning up the volume with my favorite song and then just freak out in my living room and just dance around. But it’s that movement is that get that energy moving and sometimes is really a quiet start with reading a book or just listening to a podcast that I get inspired by. So there are various elements that I basically put together in a way that I really enjoy. And that, for me is actually the most important part when it comes to a morning routine. It’s nothing that should feel like another chore is that how you say it. It’s nothing that you put in on a to do list like, Okay, tomorrow, first thing I get up at 530, because then I have to do like 30 minute meditation and then afterwards, I do my tapping. And then afterwards, I read a book about 10 pages, and then afterwards, I listened to it, that’s already exhausting talking about,

like, I love that you are sharing that it doesn’t have to be exactly something because it being exactly something is staying in that masculine push, right, where allowing and listening to your body is more of that softer feminine. So thank you so much for saying that. Saying that, because I think that’s one of the reasons like I couldn’t have prompted you better to say that. I think that’s one of the reasons some people get overwhelmed with their morning practice is because it’s got to be this. And, and really what it needs to be is listening to what your soul needs each day.

Yeah, and I, when I started with coming up with a morning routine, it was because I thought everyone had a morning routine, every every successful person had a morning routine, and it looked the same for all of them, like they would read books, and then they would do some exercise, and then they would do some meditation, and then also, also some journaling involved and all of that. So that’s how I started. And it went well for a couple of days. And then I I noticed that I was so exhausted of that. And isn’t that supposed to serve me, it’s just, I don’t want to get myself out of bed and just feel I have to do this in the morning. You know, if I, if I get up at five in the morning, then I want to do stuff that I truly enjoy. Because I want to, I want to understand why I get up that early. And I want to be in a good mood and not feel bad or beat myself or have to beat myself up because I only meditated and didn’t do the journaling part that I was supposed to be doing. So yeah, the first step, when you start with your morning routine, it’s not check out what kind of meditations there are and what books you can read in the morning and what podcasts you can listen to, but find out what he truly enjoy doing. What is it that you truly enjoy doing. And if it’s only still lay in bed for a couple of more minutes and just let your breath flow, then that’s that, then start with that. And if it’s like a minute or two minutes or five minutes that you want to start with, that’s okay. It doesn’t have to be like two hours and you have to be all on your own and nobody can distract you. And everyone should leave you alone. That’s not like that, you know, it’s an it’s not gonna. I mean, there are people out there that have kids that are young, you just can’t tell your kid, okay, just leave mommy alone for the next couple of hours. Because she I have to do my morning routine. That’s not kind of happened. So find also a a time at the day that works for you. Some people are fine with getting up early. That that was working for me pretty, pretty well, well, while I was in corporate, but now that I’m self employed, it’s not working anymore. I don’t get up in the morning anymore. And it’s not. And it’s not necessary. You know, I don’t have to be in the office at eight anymore, like I used to. So for me, it’s like, okay, what, what I really enjoy, and when do I enjoy it. And I also tell people that 10am still morning and if you want to start your morning routine at 10am, even though you already had breakfast, or you already prepared your kids for school or kindergarten, whatever it is. And that’s the first first time that you can have some some time for yourself. And that’s that, you know, nobody tells you that you have to get up at 5am to have a proper morning routine.

Right? Well, and I love that like through this conversation it’s giving for people who need that permission to release it. It’s just saying it’s whatever it’s supposed to be. And one of the things you said about when you go to meditate and you know it’s not going to work that morning and your mind’s all over the place. Lace, I definitely meditation and yoga are my big morning things. And sometimes it’s both. And some days, it’s one or the other. And some days, it’s nothing, it’s just a shower. And what I appreciate about that meditation because I know that so many people put pressure on themselves to meditate and then struggle through it. Those days that my mind is already racing, I just take a longer slower shower. Because I know that if I tried to meditate, my brains gonna be all over the place. And then I’m going to be frustrated that I spent 30 minutes meditating and didn’t come in a better place. And then that just sends me spinning more. So you know, talking to you, it’s really about listening to what you need. So let’s talk about that a little bit about how do you listen? What does it feel like for you to know what you need a certain time or day? Does that make sense? It made sense in my head, but I know.

Well, it’s actually it’s hard to describe because it’s, it’s a feeling like you wake up and you ask yourself, Okay, do I want to meditate today? Or do I not want to meditate today? How? When I imagine myself sitting there on my meditation pillow, what does it feel like to me right? Now, when I think of that, does it make me feel good? Or does it make me feel feel bad, and then you decide, okay, I do my meditation, or I don’t do my meditation and actually taking a shower, be really conscious in your shower, and be aware of the water flowing on your body. That’s a form of meditation as well. Meditation is not just sitting on a pillow for two hours and not move and not think about anything. But there are so many ways of how you can meditate. It’s, you can even take a pen and look at the pen. What color’s the pen? How does it feel in my hands? When I touch the pen? Is it cold? Is it warm, that’s a form of meditation as well. So you could basically be meditating while you’re preparing lunch for your kids and or breakfast for your kids in the kitchen. Like be just consciously in the moment and be aware of when you take the bread or whatever you preparing the the fruits that you’re cutting, just be aware what you’re doing in the moment. And that’s a kind of meditation as well, you know, be really conscious with Okay, now I’m taking the knife, I’m cutting the apple in half. What does it feel like? Maybe you can even smell the apple. That’s some kind of meditation. And you can implement that pretty easy into your daily life without the overwhelm of, you know, having to meditate.

Right? Well, and I totally dig that. It’s kind of that mindfulness the power of now. Yeah, I’ve been reading Eckhart tolle’s power of now. And that’s really intense. Have you read that book power of nine,

I started it, but then I thought it was really, it’s a good book. But then again, the language is really tough at times. I think it’s, it is what he writes is so true. I not totally get what he writes. But then again, it’s sometimes I have to be in the mood to read it to be honest, like, it’s nothing like okay, I’m going to read Eckhart Tolle, you know,

for sure, cuz, you know, I read like three pages, and then just have to digest it for a few days. Yeah. So it’s definitely it’s not a pleasure read. It’s great to read it, but it’s not, you know, like reading a romance novel or something mindless on. But but it is one that you know, really talking about the moment and the mindfulness of being now a feeling your foot walk in front of the other, it’s kind of like a walking meditation is what we’re talking about. And that’s, you know, as you say, making lunch, it’s just being so present, that that is a way to find peacefulness to, instead of always living five minutes ahead of yourself,

right. And that’s, I guess, what people tend to like they’re thinking about, Okay, what’s my day gonna be like, Oh, my God, and then they’re already stressed, because they’re thinking about all the stressful situation that they probably might have to go through. They don’t even know but they’re totally stressed out already.

Absolutely. It’s definitely one of those things that we kind of push ourselves through. And and then as we were talking a few moments ago, that we pushed ourselves through having a morning practice. So I appreciate that you’ve given us these little tips of different ways that we can have a morning practice without having to add an hour earlier to get up or different things like that, that will really help us with that burnout. So I know we’ve talked about the morning practice, but let’s talk about Like coming with you, we’ve done our morning practice, just mindfulness, we feel peaceful, and then we get out into the world and we get into traffic or we get into our office and the phone’s ringing. And there’s 20 emails. And let’s talk about coming back to that mindful place throughout the day, so that we don’t negate that little bit of time that we spend each day.

And that happens, pretty easy. I think, like, Yeah, I mean, we, we don’t have to talk about how easy we can get stuck in a traffic jam or something like that, or especially like when you work in a stressful office environment, we tend to forget that. What it is to be mindful and what you can do to get yourself back into that mindful state, actually, and this is actually about practice, as well. But there are like these tiny little tips and tricks that you can use to get yourself or to remind yourself. So for example, what also helps you get back into the moment is these tiny things like drinking water or drinking a tea, but really consciously thinking about, okay, take the glass of water now, and I will drink a zip, and you can get back into or you can remind yourself through setting an alarm on your phone, for example, because we constantly have our phones with us. So when we work, for example, we have our laptops. And then we also have the phone right next to us. Make sure you put an alarm in there that says drink your water, drink your water or drink your tea. And also what I found when I was while I was saralyn. Corporate, I used to do that. Because what happened to me when I was stressed a lot I forgot to breathe. I was like, when we are stressed our breath changes. Well, usually, most people tend to not breathe correctly. Like they don’t do the belly breathing, but they breathe into their chest. And that happens quite often when we are stressed or actually that’s, that’s a normal reaction when we’re stressed pretend to have these shorter breath. And that would happen to me a lot of times while I was in corporate like, Oh, my God, okay, they’re so good. And then I couldn’t talk anymore. And then I would not forget, I would forget to breathe. And then it would all make things even worse, you know, I would be even more stressed because I wasn’t concentrating on breathing properly. So what I did, instead of setting an alarm to my phone, I would have a little sticky note right on my computer that says brief. And usually most of the time, I knew it was there, but I wouldn’t really notice. You say

that because I’m like, but I’ve got like five sticky notes on my computer. And some days I read them. And some days I don’t.

Yeah, and you know, it’s, it’s about the, but when you read it, that’s when you do it, and then get used to that. And you probably might see it only when you start with it that you might only recognize it once per week, maybe if you’re good maybe three times, four times a week. But then again, you you build up a routine through looking at it and breathing and thinking about oh, okay, I have this sticky note right there because I forget to to breathe when I’m stressed. And every time you will look at that post it you don’t even have to read what what it says anymore at one point, because you will know oh my gosh, there’s this yellow sticky note I can see. And it reminds you of breathing. And that’s when your that’s actually your brain can take that in. And we’ll get used to only seeing that yellow, little sticky note without even reading what’s on it and remind you that you have to breathe every now and then maybe you just put down four of the five little sticky notes that you have there and just start with one and practice with one what it does to you and try to teach your brain that whenever it sees something yellow on your computer, it will remind you to breathe properly.

You know one of the I have two little tricks that I’ve used myself. When I was in my 20s I had this ankle it ankle bracelet that was kind of is all bells and it’s kind of like what belly dancers would wear around their waist but it was an anklet and so that’s where I really started working with my mindfulness is I always had that anklet on and so when I got it from my desk to walk to the restroom, or I got up from my desk to go to the copier, I would hear the bells ringing and it was super cute and I liked the anklet because I always wore flip flops. I’m in the south of the US so it’s warm here. And that really taught me with that every time I heard the jingle smile. And you know it was funny because we were in a very high stress industry, my boss was also female, she owned the company, I was her right hand. So we were always living in that stressful and all of our customers were stressed. And so I know sometimes I would just walk into her office and like, just stick my ankle in her door and start shaking my ankle. And we would all start laughing. So you know, we do know that set a timer on your phone, set a trigger, but it was something for me that was and I don’t wear the bracelet anymore. Because I work from home, and I sit on my leg all day, because I don’t have shoes. But that was something fun, because it always felt fun. It was always made you giggle and it just kind of helped you smile, to breathe. So there’s so many ways out there, as you mentioned, a sticky note, timer, a noise, something like that, again, it comes back to what feels right for you what doesn’t feel like pressure. But what feels peaceful to help, you know, take that breath, take that moment. And, you know, sometimes as you said, it’s drinking water, it’s breathing, I did tapping for a while. So I had a like 1030 alarm and a three o’clock alarm set. And I would do tapping just to kind of get myself out of my desk chair. So I love that you’re sharing a couple of different ways, and empowering the audience and listeners to find what feels right for you to find what resonates for them. Because if it doesn’t resonate, you’re gonna do it for three days, and then start and it’s gonna be even better. Yeah. And so it’s really finding that what feels good to you and what resonates to them.

And it’s also about, you know, trying things out and see if they are a good match for you. And if you know, as you said, if you’re doing it for three days, and then it feels like oh my gosh, I have to do this, then get rid of it, try something else. And there are actually so many things that you can do. And for for some people drinking worse. For some people, the sticky note works for some people, you know that little bell works, alarm on your phone works, maybe it’s a picture for you that you have on your phone. And every time you look at your phone, you see that picture that reminds you of something. So there are actually so many tiny little things that you can try out and see what works for you and what doesn’t,

when I think it all comes back to mindfulness is I love that idea. Because I have a photo of my family on my screensaver. And it’s when we were out traveling. And so the mindfulness of every time I see that to pause, and remember that moment, so picking a picture, that is a special moment that brings that feeling that you’re seeking, maybe it’s a picture of your family, maybe it’s a quote, maybe it’s a picture of a tree, you know, whatever brings that feeling to you. Because heaven knows that we pick up our phone and see our screensaver so many times a day, that having something like that, that’s another great idea of what to do.

Yeah, or maybe it’s listening to a specific song for you, that could also help get you into an get you into a different mood if you feel like you need that right now. I mean, especially now that we’re working from home, or most of us work from home, there are even more ways that you can implement into your day that you can, yeah, become present and become more aware of where you’re at, and what you might need in that moment. Especially because I feel like breaks are not considered to be productive. Whereas breaks are one of the most productive things that you can do throughout a day. So it’s important to rest and relax and take a break and do breathe in between, you know, get some water in or nourish yourself with with some good food or whatever it is that that you need right now.

Well, and I think one of the things that’s really nourishing is to give yourself grace. But yes, some days it’s just a busy day and you’re not going to remember you’re going to get to the end of the day and be like wow, my shoulders hurt because I’ve been tense all day. And other days, you’re gonna be like wow, I really mastered that. So it’s having that grace for yourself that allows you to have good days and bad days and that’s part of being the softer feminine is really allowing that with yourself. Yeah,

I definitely agree. I always also say that these routines are these exercises that you can do they’re supposed to serve you and they are not supposed to master you. So whenever you feel like this is not working for you or this is really hard for you then this is probably nothing that you should integrate into your into your life just because other people do it just because you saw how many people on Instagram did that and it was working for them doesn’t mean it works for you. We’re all individuals.

Yes, for sure. And that that’s one of those, again, bringing it back to the softening, of listening and not pushing. And that’s what this time this last year and a half has really been, is giving us that chance to soften and connect with who we are and connect with our family and connect with our purpose. And that puts a lot of pressure on everybody. But you know, just kind of allowing it to unfold. And as you said earlier surrendering to it as it happens.

Yeah, yeah. And there’s nothing, there is no right way or wrong way. There’s just one way for you. And that is your way. And it doesn’t really matter if you turn left or turn right, if it feels good to turn right for you. When everyone else is turning left, then do it. You know, who cares? Who really cares about that?

Yes, I absolutely. I love the just the, this whole conversation has been so much about listening. And it’s fun, because you know, when I read all this stuff that we were going to talk about ahead of time, I love having these conversations, because I have this predetermined, oh, this is what we’re going to talk about. And then we start the flow of the conversation and it goes completely where it’s supposed to go and as part of allowing and surrendering to the conversation and and just to the purpose of it. So it’s definitely been fun to talk with you about practice and what it looks like and listening. Is there anything else you’d love to share with the listeners before we give them your information kind of on the topic, and they’re you work so well with people who are exhausted and burned out? And I want to make sure that you’ve shared all of your golden nuggets today?

Well, yeah, the the most important thing when it comes to setting up a morning well, I always say morning routine, but actually it’s about the fun. It’s about you enjoying time with yourself. And that could be in the morning, that could be a new that could be it in the evening mornings work for me. That’s why I talk a lot about a morning routine. But as I said, it’s about you finding something that you truly enjoy doing. And through that, allow that softness into your life, allow more joy into your life, because I feel we all need more joy. And we all need more ease. And life’s supposed to be fun. And life’s supposed to be easy and not hard and not a fight that we have to battle each day. But something that we truly should enjoy every everyday even though it might be raining some days. And it might be even cold and snowy some days. And some days you will wake up and you won’t feel like getting up at all and also accepting these days and also allowing yourself to have bad days as well or have days that you don’t feel like it at all. Just accept accept them and surrender to them. As you said that before. They’re part of you. Your emotions are part of you. And actually you having not a great day is you having emotions that want to be seen whatever these emotions look like so

yep, and being human. And that would be human ourself that grace of being human.

Yeah, be a. I don’t know who said that. But I love it so much. I guess it was Oprah Winfrey. She said, we’re human beings and not human doings. And we should all remember that. And this for me is like, oh my gosh, yeah, we’re just human beings. So just be and you’re, you’re enough with just being?

Absolutely. Well, thank you Isabelle so much for being a part of the conversation today with me, I know that there are going to be lots of people who this really resonates with and they’re going to want to find you. So where are you hanging out? How can our listeners connect with you?

Yeah, so my favorite platform that I hang out the most is on Instagram. You just can’t find me through my name Isabelle have us or you just check out my website. He’s about have us.com

And we’ll have all the links to that on our grounding journey. podcast.com on the show notes so that people if they’re listening and want to find you later without trying to write it all down, they can definitely go to grinding journey podcast.com and find your information. And then we’re gonna do a bonus episode coming up. That will release two days after this about the why cafe and it’s not a book I’ve read, but when you were telling me about it, it definitely sounded super interesting. So thank you again, Isabel for being here with me today. And thank you for listening everyone out there. And definitely check out the bonus episode that will release in two days where we talk about the why cafe. Thank you my son yelled at me that I didn’t give them enough, like breaks to the audit. So I’m like, cut it probably. Yeah, he’s like, Mommy talk to you fast. Break, break, break, break break. Well, and then it seems so long when you like let it go for five seconds. You’re like, this is awkward.

What are we doing?

Yeah, well, you

know what to do now you just breathe. You know, just inhale and exhale.

I am sorry, I just saw. So I started watering the garden this morning, like three hours ago, and I never went out and turned the water off. Oh, so I’m like my son went out. Maybe he turned it off. But let me text my husband to turn the water off. When we were talking about water. I’m like, oh, oh.

Nice to remember now, you know.

Yeah, I mean, and I don’t see too much water running down the driveway. So I think he probably turned it off. But. But that was literally like three hours ago.

Oh, well, you find out I guess.

That’s fine. Like, I just texted him and was like, Can you check garden? Which is all about mindfulness, you know, talking about that kind of thing. So well, I loved that conversation. As I said, I thought it would be morning more daily. But it just I love to talk about the feminine the masculine. And that’s probably what I needed to talk about today. So thank you so much for having that part of the conversation.

Welcome. And actually, for me a morning routine is exactly about that. It’s about the tapping into your femininity and allowing that feminine side of you to show up in your life.

Mm hmm. I love that.

Whatever that morning routine looks like so

yeah, well, and you said a good quote that I’m going to use on the social media post a daily practice should serve you not master you. Like I really liked that. That was a really neat quote. So I’m definitely going to use that as one of the images to link back to the episode. So that was fun. Well, do you have any questions or anything before we start the bonus part?

Nope. It’s ready to go.

Well, we’ll give it a couple of deep breaths. So that there’s a pause Welcome back to today’s bonus episode, my guest is about Hatter’s. We did a full link the episode where we really talked about daily practice morning routines, feminine and masculine. Like there was so much I’m not even sure how to summarize that into just one topic. But now we’re going to talk about the why Cafe which is a book you’ve read, I haven’t read from us talking about it. I’m super excited. So tell me how long ago did you read? Why Cafe the first time?

I guess that’s four years ago already? I think.

Okay, and there is now a return to the why Cafe because I looked them both up and they are available. So let’s let’s just kind of dive into and I you said you kind of read back through it to refresh things. What was the first thing that made you say, these are the books I love? This is what I would love to talk about, like how did it resonate with you?

And actually, they are both about why we are here. And also I guess in English, they are also called the why we are here cafe or the why you are here cafe. And it’s all about the purpose of our existence or the purpose of yeah, my existence. So when when you go through that book and you read that book, there are these questions like why are you here? Are you afraid of death? Are you living a fulfilled life? And actually there? It’s about that guy. And the questions are for that guy by when you read that book. Obviously you’re thinking about these questions as well. And it’s like, huh, so what? Why am I here? What am I doing? And I was still in my corporate job when I read that book and that’s when it really hit me like okay, I’m not happy in my job. I’m I’m not happy with what I’m doing. So what am I doing here and why am I doing what I am doing? Even though I clearly don’t like it, even though it clearly doesn’t fulfill me and what is a fulfilled life anyway, so questions popped up in my mind and that were that was really a game changer for me.

Well, I have to ask this because cuz like one of my favorite series is the Peaceful Warrior. And then it It’s peaceful warrior, the sacred warrior. And so often you read one book, and then you read the second book, and it’s not as good. So are the first and the second books as good as it worth reading return to the Y cafe,

I actually found that the second book is even better. The the the guy that that was the guy that it’s all about in the first book, he appears in the second book as well. But then there’s also a woman showing up, and she struggles with life as well. So that guy, he is also clearly stressed, and he is all about his job. And life is so hard for him and everything is so stressful. And the and then the second book, that lady comes up, and he already went through all this, he already went through the process of asking himself all these questions, so he can already show her what life can be like, and she is really resistant to it. But maybe I like the second book better because she’s a woman and I can relate more to her than I could.


yeah. Yeah, I guess. But I guess the one picture that stuck with me. And I can’t really remember everything for from the second book, I but I can remember that. And I’m gonna spoil a little bit here, because she is sitting on that swing. And she is because she’s that adult woman, you know, to totally serious, and life is not fun, and she’s not enjoying it. And it’s all she is responsible for everything and everyone. And then at the end of the book, she’s sitting on that swing, and she is laughing, and she feels that inner child again. And she gives herself permission to enjoy and to have fun in her life. And I still remember when I read that, but I was crying because I couldn’t relate to that so so much because I felt like I needed my inner child to go on that swing again and enjoy life and have have more fun.

Absolutely. Now you said there was a story when you kind of flipped back through the book that you wanted to share. And so before we like I love the inner child part because there’s so much inner child that we’ve forgotten about. And I’ve done a lot of that work myself that that’s in the second book, correct? Yeah, returning the second book. Okay, so can you start with the second one? Or do you need to start with the first one?

I guess you should start with the first one because then you understand his story. And because he will show up in the second book as well. Okay, you don’t necessarily have to read the first book, but actually, they’re both only like 50 pages or something. So you okay, you’re, you’ll be able to read them both in a day. Once he gets there, I just can’t stop.

Yeah, cuz that inner child really resonated with me. And I think it’s something that we’re all kind of shifting towards is feeling that inner child and reconnecting with it so that we can, as you said, feel more fun and feel more fulfillment. And so what other parts of the books really resonated for you or that you want to share about?

So there was this one story in the book, and I could relate to that one, or actually, I could see our society in that story. And actually, so that guy who who is the protagonist of that book, he is he comes into that cafe, and then there are two people serving him food and they are telling him stories about life and ask him questions and all of that. And then one of the employees of the cafe he tells the story about the fisherman and the businessman, and the fisherman. He lives in that beautiful town and the businessman is having a vacation over there. And they talk about things and then the businessman would ask the fisherman so what do you do all day long. And the fishermen’s has, well I get up in the morning, I have breakfast with my family, I get the kids to school, and I come home and I go out and fish and I fish as much fish that I need to nourish my family and then I go back home, I prepare dinner for my family and after dinner, I always go for a walk with my with my wife and enjoy the sunset. And then the businessman is like Okay, so what if you went out there and fish more fish than you would need for your family, then you could sell that fish. And the fisherman says, Yeah, I could probably do that. But why would I do that? Well, if you sell enough fish and make more money with that, you could actually build your own company and really grow an international company and sell fish worldwide make huge amount of money with that. And the fisherman says, Well, yeah, I could clearly do that by Why would I do that? Well, then you would have enough money, so that you could do whatever you want to do in your life. The fisherman says, okay, so I could wake up and have breakfast with my family. And I could bring the kids to school. Is that what you mean? Yes, clearly, I mean that. And then after I got the kids to school, I could go out and fish for some fish, that will mean, yes, you could do that when that’d be fun. And then the fisherman also says, well, and then from fishing, I could come back home and have dinner with my family, and then go for a walk with my wife and enjoy the sunset. Is that what you’re talking about? And then the story stops? And it’s like, oh, my gosh, are we all kind of doing

that? Oh, my goodness. I love that story. So much. Like I needed to hear that personally today, because I got an email about, like, how much money you should have in retirement? And are you saving and that Telly had me panicked? That story? Hmm. That’s a deep story.

Yeah, and the book is full of that.

And that’s in the first book, that’s in the first book. Okay, so I’m ordering both of those today. And just not opening the emails for my investment company anymore. Because I am living that what I want to live instead of worrying about how big we can grow, you know, and I think that so much like, this is why you picked that book, because it totally relates back to our full length episode, where we just talk about softening and your daily what feels good to your soul and, and just being connected with that mindfulness of enjoying life and feeling connected to it.

Yeah, and also, it’s not about the growing bigger and farther and further and, you know, earning more money, and well, I see that there are good things about having money in your life. That’s not about that, but it’s not, we shouldn’t lose sight of what’s really important in our life. And that’s more fishing the fish and spending time with our families than earning money with fishing the fish.

Yes, I love that. I just and I hear myself saying I love that like nine times. out so does it just resonates you know, one of my favorite hashtags when I just post silly stuff for my family is why wait for retirement? Yeah. Because why wait, why work so hard and save till you’re old and can’t? Why not really love life. Now, while your kids are home while you have the playtime with them, while you physically can still do it. You know, tomorrow is not guaranteed. So make sure that today is worth everything. Like that’s what I take away from that story. So thank you, for me for sharing that today. Because you know, before you and I started the official recording, I was telling you that I really thought today was something I needed to hear and not to be selfish, but it was everything I needed to hear. Really, it is what other people need to hear today to when they find this episode.

Isn’t it funny that when I grabbed the book yesterday, I turned exactly to that page where the story is written down. I mean, there are so many stories in that book that are really that are really great. And that have that make you question some things in your life with positively not nothing, nothing bad. But it was that story that I had to tell today, I guess.

Yes. Well, and I thank the universe for making sure that we were on our call today I found the right articles to share and stuff so well thank you as well so much for being with us today. And I know that if people haven’t listened to the full episode, they definitely need to go back and listen to that. And they’re gonna want to connect with you. So how can they find you? Where are you hanging out these days? Yeah, so I’m

hanging out a lot on Instagram. You can find me at about Hybris or have us and also through my website Isabel hybris.com

Great. And we’ll have all that on grounding journey. podcast.com show notes. So if people need to know how to spell it right, and everything will actually be the link so they can connect with you. Well, thank you so much, Isabel, for everything for me today, I’m sure that there’s lots out there that will benefit from this conversation and will want to connect with you. So thank you again, so much for being here and introducing me to the why cafe.

Thank you. Thanks for having me. I truly enjoyed talking to you today and talking about the why cafe and actually was a good reminder for myself to maybe go back and read it again.

I love those books that you can, that you’re like, and I and I’m a big a highlight, or underline, I used to highlight now I more underlined because highlight starts to fade. But I love to fold pages down and write down them so that I can just flip through them and be like, Oh, this is what I needed to hear today. So yeah, it’s good to know, that’s one of those kind of books too. And I will definitely put it in my wish list on thrift books today. So

you’re gonna enjoy it. Yeah.

Well, thanks so much. And I look forward to connecting with you again.

Yeah, me too. Thank you.

Okay, so I really am in love with that book. I definitely need to find it.

Yeah. And he actually he actually has also two other books. I mean, he has like 1000 books, I don’t know. But he also has a book, it’s called the Big Five. And then the other one, there’s, there’s, I guess that’s the first one. And then there’s also a second one too, that it’s the big five for life, I guess. They’re also amazing, really, they are so great. And they gonna make you cry and laugh and cook. But do some quick ask you ask yourself some questions. And yeah. Think about your life. Think about what is fulfillment for you, in your private life in your job and how that you know how that can? How you can put these two together or if you can even put them apart and what your values are. And if you’re living in alignment with your values as well, so he’s just a great author. Seriously.

I didn’t say his name because I was a little scared how to pronounce it. Yeah, I can’t last name.

I guess it’s just a lucky stir lucky. Yeah,

I wasn’t sure. And I get so tongue tied with last names or first that I just panic. And then. So but we said the way Cafe enough, so and I’ll put his name and

see people. Yeah, people gonna find it.

Yeah. Well, thank you so much for your time. I’m really grateful for what you gave me today. And I know that the audience will really benefit from that, too. So thank you.

Yeah, once you get the books, just let me know what you think.

I will definitely reach out. I’m thinking this episode’s gonna air probably the end of June or first week of July. I don’t want to hit July 4 week, because I want it to be a good one. You know, I

want people to really hear it. Because in the US, July 4 is a big holiday. Sure. But I’ll reach out as soon as I know that this is going to air and send you some images to post and then I love once it’s aired to jump on Instagram Live and just kind of finished the conversation. And by then I’ll definitely have read the books and maybe we can dive a little deeper into them or something. We’ll figure out what feels right for conversation, but

awesome. Yeah, sounds great.

Okay, well, I’ll definitely reach out when we get a little closer to it and let you know the date and send you some stuff to post.

Yeah, um, are we connected on Instagram already? Because then if we’re not, then I will. Cuz I don’t think so. Yeah,

I don’t think I have to look and see. Can I find you? What’s your name? Yeah, I just followed you. Okay. So you can follow me back?

Oh, yeah. Good. You. Awesome.

Okay. Well, thank you again, so much for your time today. It was really great to be able to chat with you. And like I said it was everything I needed.

I’m glad I could help.

Yeah, you really did. So it was really great.

Awesome, that just make sure that the water is turned on.

I know I texted my husband. So I think he’ll have done it for me. So it will be like the gardens really good and water now. And it was funny because while we were talking I had this like scratch piece of paper to myself about it. Awesome. Well, thank you again for your time and I’ll definitely be

in touch. Awesome. Enjoy the rest of your day.

You too. Thanks. Thank you