Have you heard the saying – You are a spiritual being having a human experience? Victoria Shaw and I discuss the many levels of awakening to intuition and trusting our purpose in this life. 

I have experienced my own levels of intuition for most of my life. Connecting with Victoria and hearing her similar yet different experiences shed light on experiences I had not noticed before and confirmed that many of my own beliefs and experiences were a result of my connection to my intuition. 

Tools you can add to your toolbox after listening to intuition —seeing with your soul

  • How you can recognize and experience your own intuition
  • How to distinguish thoughts from intuition
  • How to support your child who is an empath or HSP to understand their intuition
  • Ways to trust your own intuition

My favorite takeaways from intuition —seeing with your soul

  1. The reminder that sometimes the best confirmation of being connected to your intuition is when you don’t listen and see the results. 
  2. Surrendering to intuition instead of chasing it allows space for you to enjoy your intuition.

Check out the Bonus episode where we discuss 

Your Soul’s plan – originally published under Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth?

In Robert Schwartz’s book, he discusses that we choose this life before we are born… So, of course, that’s what Victoria and I chat about the theory

My favorite part of the conversation is discussing the popular saying, “life happens for you, not to you.” We pick this life and the good and bad to provide the growth we need. Of course, there’s free will and other influences in the world, because we are all human.