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Okay, perfect. Yeah, yeah, I like to do about an hour and a half with these. So what we’ll do is, I don’t like to do the recording for the intro until after we’ve done the whole episode, because I find that sometimes when I record it, the conversation goes somewhere completely different. So I will do the intro and your formal introduction, after we record everything. So we’ll just kind of start in the conversation, which is where we already are. I always start by asking you about you like, and I’ll say I’ve read your formal introduction. Now tell me what Chris’s friends will say about her. And that’s where you can just talk about your kids, you can talk about your life, your journey, whatever. Okay. And then we’ll just kind of dive into the conversation. And I’ll introduce the fact that we know each other outside and that we’ve had conversations before and then I’m kind of watching you start. And so the main conversation will really be about the journey for you. How did you decide hypnotherapy was a healing modality that you really loved? And what did that look like? And I’ve done hypnotherapy myself, I mean, not like I’ve had hypnotherapy years ago and loved it. So we’ll be able to kind of talk about your experience, my experience kind of volley that back and forth. Because I really believe that the healing modalities that I’m putting together this series is going to be for people who are like, I’ve always wondered about that, but I’m nervous about it. So I don’t want to you know, like they feel like a discovery call or something’s too intimidating. So it’s just really talking about your journey, about your discovery about your education. And then we’ll move into like your plans and how you’re going to work with people. But the main focus will be about your journey, because I believe that people connect with you. And that’s how they then want to be a part of working with you instead of you know, I have guests sometimes who come on and just want to promote what they do. And I’m like, nobody cares. Like everybody does that. And if I don’t know you, I’m not coming to you because you just sold me. So that’s kind of the main thing we’ll do and we’ll kind of let the conversation come to a natural end, wherever it is. I try to do that around 4040 Five minutes, hopefully, sometimes I’ve had them last 55 minutes. Sometimes it’s been like 32 minutes and we’re like, Okay. And then we’ll, we’ll kind of like do an official wrap. And what I’ll say at the end is, you know, I’ll ask people to I’ll let you say where people can find you. So your Instagram, Facebook, whatever you’re doing to use that because I don’t like to butcher how I say stuff. And then I get panicked when I’m like, oh, her Facebook is. So I let you say that. And then we’ll pause for like 10 seconds. Because that way, my son when he goes to edit it, and he’ll be able to see where the break is, by there’s this like, big empty space. Then we can talk and say anything we want to for a couple minutes to catch up. And then we’ll pause again, and start the bonus episode. And so the bonus episode, you said was kind of doing a mini session with a short intro, including a description of hypnotherapy. A few minutes of breath work, and then guided imagery. You still good for that? Yeah, yep. Okay, cool. Um, I am recording the video on this too. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t matter. But I want to put these up on YouTube. Because YouTube is the second largest search engine controlled by the first largest search engine. So I don’t normally put my podcast up, but with these modalities, because I believe it’s going to be so powerful. I want to have them up there. And then once it’s ready to launch, I’ll send you some social media posts, I’ll send you some links, all that kind of stuff that you can share. Once you do build your website, if you want to use any of it, you can put it on your website as you know, interests for you and that kind of thing. Because hopefully, it’ll be a good your why your story that people will enjoy following

so sounds good. Yeah, that sounds good. Okay, do

you have any questions for me? Um, so

the pause you were talking about that after I tell you about like, where to find me?

Yes. So after we do the official end of the episode, we’ll do that. And then we’ll pause again after week because we’ll kind of talk in the middle for a minute just to be like, Oh, that was great. What check questions. Wait, you forget, you know, and then we’ll just pause again.

So that he can easily figure it out. Okay, that makes sense. Yeah. It’s good.

It’s nice to have your son doing your editing. Yeah. Well, you know, we it’s funny because we actually started in 2020. A week before COVID, shut down airports. He He graduated. I mean, not that week, but he graduated, he done video and Film Editing in school because he was dual enrolled. So he was working on his associates at the same time as his high school. And so he came to Matthew and I my husband, and said, you know, how can I join the family business? Like I’m not ready to go to university. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. But I don’t want to work at the the fast food restaurant he was working at. So we decided to start doing podcasting because we had two clients who wanted to podcast and we took him on his first business trip. We went to Orlando for this week long conference about podcasting and how to do it everything. We flew home on Monday, they shut the airports down on Wednesday. And our clients all backed out, because they were all moms who suddenly had kids at home. So I started my podcast, so that we didn’t lose all that knowledge. Yeah. And so now we have four podcasts that he manages, and two more that I’m in production with. Yeah, so it’s just become a small business. Like he needs more work to, you know, be 20 and have a job. But it’s slowly starting and he gets to spend a lot of time fishing, so he likes it.

works out better.

Yeah, it’s fun. So we do blues podcast. And do you know Elijah Selby? Okay, she’s one of blues friends, and she was one of blues podcast guest we’re in the process of launching her podcasts next month. So Wow. Yeah, it’s fun. Okay, I can ramble on I do that as any other questions that came up or anything before

we start? Nope.

I’m going to give us a couple of seconds. How do you spell your pronounce your last name?

Wang. Wang. Okay. Yep. So it’s like Wong but with an H in the beginning.

Okay. I was like I’ve never actually said her last name.

Everyone has a difficult time pronouncing it so I hear it many different ways.

My head I did. Yeah. Oh, My husband’s last name is Missy m i n i s II. And it’s funny cuz he pronounces it one way his brother pronounces it another way and his nephew pronounces it a different way. And it sounds like all of y’all are wrong. Whoa. That’s funny. Okay. Well, thanks for joining us, Chris, I have given the official introduction of you. And then I’ll give kind of our little introduction about how we know each other. And then I’d love to hear a little bit more from you about who you really are. So Chris, and I crossed paths, I guess a year ago in a women on purpose program that we both did, through a mutual friend, mentor, rock star, Billy Ross. And she’s actually was a guest last season on my podcast. So Chris, and I have kind of wrapped around each other and calls on programs. And then I’ve done a little bit of work for you on building your logo, and building some handouts for you as you’re starting your hypnotherapy. So I think it’s really fun that I’ve been watching you, you know, develop this direction and goal. Okay, I want to stop, I want to let you introduce yourself, and then I’ll introduce our production, because, okay, I feel like that would be better.

Sure, sorry. Yeah. That’s okay. That’s okay. Um, so my name is Chris, and I am a mom of two. That is my main joy in life to be a mother to have that privilege to raise these two incredible, beautiful children that I have. And I, it’s difficult for me to, to answer this question of how I would describe myself because even as I was growing up, I would have like, very random answers to that question. Like, if I was in an interview, I couldn’t understand what they were asking, really? Because that question sounds so personal. And I knew professionally, they were not asking the deepest part of who I was. So I would give them answers. Like, I love to garden. And this is what I’m growing in my garden right now. Or my, my grandmother makes me laugh so hard that I cry, or I’m the youngest of four. And I’ve been homeschooled forever. And I take walks every day. And I’m very flexible, because I stretch every day. And I like experimenting with baking and yeah, so now I understand that. As I get older, I understand that when people ask me how I would describe myself, it’s how my friends would, what words my friends would use. And and I think what I’ve heard from my friends say about me is that I have a very beautiful soul. And I, I’m thoughtful, and I like to speak very slowly and with purpose, and create beautiful images for people and I care a lot about movement and how it can, how it can help people release stress, and move about their day with purpose and intention.

I love all of those answers from the gardening, all the way down to movement. And that’s why we randomly connected when we did. So to give a little of the backstory and why I invited Chris on is Chris and I crossed paths about a year and a half ago in 2020. During a women on purpose program that we were doing by a rockstar, mentor, Coach friend play Russ, who was an episode a few months back, and for some reason, I guess maybe it was the Chris and Chris thing or as we just discovered when we got on the call today we both have big tattoos on our arms. It just felt like a kindred soul. And so we’ve crossed paths a couple times interacted. And then as you were really ready to start working on your hypnotherapy business, you reached out to me and I helped you with your logo and then helped you with some handouts. So for me having you on to talk about hypnotherapy just felt natural when I was trying to figure out who I was going to have on for the modality series. And I really wanted to share about hypnotherapy and have somebody talk about it, who knew a lot about it. Because there was a point in my life 15 years ago that hypnotherapy was really powerful. I’ve stepped away from it, because there’s so many modalities out there that I kind of explore them all for a little while. So Chris, I want to hear more about your journey. What brought you to hypnotherapy? Where were you before you discovered hypnotherapy? Well,

first of all, I think I agree with you. It was when we were on that call together and I saw your name. I’m like, oh, my goodness, another Chris. And then I learned about what you did. And I’m like, oh, my goodness, I need to reach out to her because I have no idea how I’m going to bring this to life. And she’s doing it. So I love that we’re connected. And I love that you’ve already done hypnotherapy and you’re comfortable with it. And you see the benefit in it is that that means a lot to me in the work that I do that people see the value in it, and it can you’ve already seen how it can help you. Yeah, so how I came across it was I had been on a healing journey for for three years until I met hypnotherapy. And I had gone through so many different modalities of healing. I went to an herbalist. I went to a therapist, a personal trainer, chiropractor, nutritionist. So many things I did yoga, I became a yoga instructor. And when I met hypnotherapy, I don’t even remember exactly how I learned about it, I was just probably doing research about, about the different healing modalities that I needed. And when I had the call with the hypnotherapist, I was at a point where I needed to make a life changing decision. And I didn’t know what I was going to do, I really couldn’t see the other side I had, I had come so far in my healing journey. But this was the one decision that would take me to the other side of like really thriving and being free. And I didn’t explain this to hypnotherapist at all I wanted to stay as vague as possible. So I told her I had a decision to make. And she led me through this imagery where I was standing at the top of a staircase. And I got to choose what that staircase looked like. And for me, it was a beautiful white marble staircase. And she said, Now, imagine the things that are stopping you on the stairs, the obstacles that you’re facing to make this decision. And now imagine them as you take the steps down. Imagine them disappearing. And what I imagined were pieces of paper on the stairs. And as I walked down, these pieces of paper were blown away. With each step I took they just blew away with the breeze. And I realized that those pieces of paper were or paper from my journal, all the journals I had written throughout the years of the trauma that I was experiencing, and all the the heartache and the pain. And as I stepped down, they just vanished. And when I reached the bottom of the staircase, she said now envision yourself that you want the person that you want to be and she’s right outside the door. And so as I walked through the double doors, I envisioned a beautiful green lawn where there was a lively party going on with beautiful and diverse people and then I saw myself who I wanted to be And she looked very different from who I was at that point. And she embraced me and said, It is enough. And for me that was that was it like that was it was what I needed to make that decision. And it was such a powerful experience. And I knew at that moment that all the modalities and the ways that I had been healing myself,

they needed to come together now. And I needed to make this life changing decision. And, and there was like, everything was complete. And I was able to then pass on what I had learned. And, and put that into, beyond a passion, but a career. And that was incredible for me, because I had spent years doing things that I thought I was supposed to be doing. What other people said about would be a good way to earn money. And then I put away the things that I was really good at. And I was felt so natural doing, because certain people were saying, you shouldn’t do that. That won’t get you anywhere. And these are actually weaknesses. So at that moment, I saw that this is not who I am. It’s not a weakness. And I can move forward in this in such a powerful way and empower others.

I love everything you said. And I was walking those steps with you as you were talking about it just shaking my head saying yes. And one of the things that really struck me that you said when you kind of wrapped up what your healing moment in hypnotherapy as that you realize that all those modalities, it was time for them to come together. And I think that’s so important, because there are so many amazing modalities, that they all have their point and their place and their moment. It’s not one is better than the other. It’s just, you know, and what I was thinking about when you were talking is how much you know, I hate using that it’s the buzzword air quotes, but limiting beliefs is really the conversation right now. We’re all onions, we’re peeling back the layers, we’re removing limiting beliefs. And I don’t like using it because it is the buzz term, but it’s real. And maybe it’s because the point we are in our age and our journey and our life. You know, there’s so many different things. But there are so many limiting beliefs that we’re trying to pull back and remove. And you said you like movement and your yoga instructor and I’ve done a yoga teacher training, I’m getting ready to start my second yoga teacher training. The first one was for me, like it was to deepen my practice and my spirituality. And now the next one is to be certified because somebody told me I’m supposed to be certified, like you said, you know. So there’s that movement allows for us to break up the stagnant this in our body, the movement allows us to move things out. And I love the whole hypnotherapy to actually release it. Because, you know, there’s things I’ll go hand in hand. I don’t believe that just one works the other but there’s definitely that one moment where bam, they all came together and really connected.

Yes. And congratulations, by the way, I think. Yeah, movement. For me, it. It’s been with me for so many years. I started stretching when I was probably nine because I wanted to do a split. And I worked on it every single day. And then I realized that that stretching was really comforting. And it it relieved a lot of stress that I was going through as a child and it. I just kept doing it. As I grew up, and it became once I realized that I was actually doing yoga, then I just fell in love with it. And then I knew I wanted to teach others how to do this. And then it blossomed into realizing that the way we move our body is very honoring. And if we can do that, intuitively, it brings us even more benefit. So now I’m guiding people In how to move their bodies, the way their bodies want to be moving intuitively and like just listening to, to yourself and and going in that direction.

I love that you use the word intuitively. And in the papers that you filled out or in the questionnaire, you fill it out that talks about what you want to talk about you use intuitively and you’re made multiple times. And I think that’s one of the really neat things with hypnotherapy that I experienced. So let me give you a little background about where I did some hypnotherapy. So I had, I got to do the math back. So Kevin’s 2045. So I was like 2627, I was really into aroma therapy. I was really into being a mom. So I was doing classes on aroma therapy. And this is back before aroma therapy was essential oils in network marketing. This was something that I dug into on my own. And so I was doing some workshops over at a little Healing Center and the next county over, and I met a hypnotherapist. And of course because I was 25. I had heard and this is 20 years ago, all that people use hypnotherapy for was weight loss or to stop smoking. Yeah, that was the buzz. It was at a hotel. It was 500 people in a room, you know, that kind of thing. So that’s where the stigma if people are a little nervous about hypnotherapy, it’s because of those commercials you heard on the radio back then. Yes. So the hypnotherapy hypnotherapist that I was, you know, working in the same place with my husband met with my first husband, not my amazing husband now was a smoker. So I’m like, Oh, you could fix him, couldn’t you? Why don’t you let him let’s do some trade and that kind of thing. And she was game. There. He started doing hypnotherapy. He still smokes, by the way. But somehow, I think she reached out to me and said, You know, he doesn’t really want this. Like, let’s do some hypnotherapy for you because I want to stay on trade. And I was a little hesitant, like, I don’t have anything I need to work on. I’m good, you know. And so I went to my first hypnotherapy session with her because I wanted to keep the fluid movement of working with her. And she started with you hold your I was laying down and you hold your arm above your head. And as she kind of counted you down into relaxing your arm with slightly lower. And I remember feeling like I was across the room, watching my arm lower. And at that point, I was just getting in the meditation. I did some yoga, you know, I was it was a lot younger. So she recorded every session. And I totally remember being a skeptic. At that time I had also been dealing with. I’m gonna say this bluntly, a wretched mother in law. Okay. And so what came to me in that session when she’s like, what do you need to work on? Because I was in such a deep consciousness. My mother in law’s face came. And her and I had a struggle for my entire marriage. And I used to pray at night. You know, please help me release this. Why do I hate her? Like, I don’t like feeling this. And again, it was before I was really meditating. It was before I was really deep into what yoga mat yoga was just exercise. And so after the session, I don’t really remember much of the session other than being skeptical. And after the session, she gives you the tape recording because it was 20 years ago, we had tape recorders. And she told me listen to this every night for two weeks as you fall asleep. And so, okay, I’m game. I’ll try it. Why not? And I remember waking up one morning, and it’s so crystal clear like it happened yesterday. I remember waking up that morning after listening to the tape. And knowing whatever my hang up was, was gone. Like in my sleep that night. Everything I’ve been working on was released. And that was the moment that I was like, and there was a point that I juggled with like, I should do hypnotherapy. It wasn’t my calling, but it was so powerful. That anytime somebody talks about him like yes, Try it. Try it. So I really appreciate that you shared about watching the paper fall away and reliving my experience of it. I really do believe that hypnotherapy is one of those things if people are really struggling with letting go of their limiting belief. That’s the place to do the work is in hypnotherapy because we go into that deeper consciousness where we’re holding it.

Yeah, exactly. I mean, the subconscious is our storehouse of beliefs and experiences. So it makes total sense that your subconscious brought that up because that was what you were really struggling with and what you really desired to let go of. So it’s, it’s really amazing that you had that, like tangible feeling of release, and that you, you know, you’re able to be free of that.

So what is your experience with hypnotherapy? since that first session, when did you know that hypnotherapy? Being a hypnotherapist is what you wanted to do?

Well, after that first session, I, I knew I wanted more of it. I knew it was such a beautiful way of reaching deep inside. And, and feeling like true relaxation. After that, I did a little bit more research. And I, it just kept getting confirmed in my mind in my heart that this is what I do naturally already. So it would be a perfect fit for me. And I remember thinking, once I learned more about it, I remember thinking, I do this for my children every night. I lead them through guided imagery. And it just comes to me what I say to them to help them relax to get in that settled, cozy position before they fall asleep. And yes, sometimes I’ve read to them from books, but I love just guiding them through imagery, and breathwork. And it’s, I mean, it’s been with me forever. And it feels incredible to know that this is something I can offer to others. Now,

tell me a little bit more about breathwork because my experience with hypnotherapy before I really didn’t have breath work and breath work is personally something that has always evaded me. So I get the concept of it. I understand the value of it. But tell me a little bit more about how you use breathwork in beginning your hypnotherapy.

So breath work, you can do in a variety of ways you can attach an image to, to the attention you place on your breathing, or you can just think about your inhale and exhale. Or you can put your hand on your chest and or on your belly and actually feel your breath coming in and going out. It’s really just placing attention on your breathing. And you don’t have to do any work with that. Because we all naturally breathe from the moment we’re born. It’s just giving a little bit of care and attention to your breath.

I love that you may get that symbol. Again, just awareness because some times you hear the word breath work and it’s you know, it’s so much more of your physical body and, and the having in the end stuff though. It’s really with you in hypnotherapy, it’s just the awareness. The sound, right?

It is Yeah, and sometimes when, when someone I experienced this myself, when you’re more anxious or stressed out or you’re really uncomfortable, it takes longer to to slow your breathing down and really get in a settled, place. Settled state of mind a settled, relaxed place in your body. So breathwork is actually really important to start out a session.

So breathwork is obviously one of the tools that you use personally and with your kids, I imagine. Tell me the ages of your kids. So my daughter is going to be eight on Friday and my son is five nice, fun ages because they’re just discovering everything in the world that they are they let’s talk about what other tools that you personally use in your life in your experience. I believe that you had originally said that you love pretty much everything. crystals, movement, meditation, essential oils, incense tea, music, tell me a little bit more about what your favorites are.

So well to go off of the breath work. One of my favorite tools to use in assisting with slowing down the breath is a love tuner. I found it on Amazon. And it’s like this little it sounds like a harmonica but it’s a little little tube that You breathe in, and then you breathe through it and it slows down your breath. So it’s it’s physically constricting the breath, and it forces your body to slow down. And that’s what I use when I’m feeling extremely anxious. And it’s, it’s been one of the greatest tools that I can use. Honestly.

I knew you could just get it on Amazon.

I know. I know. It’s really incredible. It is and my kids love hearing it. And they know whenever I’m using it, when they hear that that tune that it makes, they understand them that Mommy needs to calm down a bit. And they give me they give me some grace, and they give me some space while I’m selling myself.

I love that well, and now everybody that’s listening to this episode, it’s gonna go there’s gonna be a sentence that blurb of hers on Amazon. So what other other things do

you use? I love gemstones, I have discovered gemstones and their meanings and being drawn to them by aesthetics or following your intuition. I use gemstones while I’m meditating while I’m doing yoga. while I’m sleeping, I hold I hold solid night. clearing your mind and it helps us sleep. And I love using gemstones. According to the phase I’m in so I’m really into honoring my menstrual cycle. And so according to the phase that I’m in, I find a gemstone that supports that phase. Mm hmm. Okay, yeah.

Me, I mean, I am a crystal nut, maybe even addict. If you could see the amount of things around my room, there’s crystals in every corner of my house or at every corner of my rooms. And then in every corner of my house is a cell and I want to kind of anchor the house down my front door. There’s Amethyst and quartz at the front door on the outside. Oh, my son, he’s 20. But he definitely has grown up with crystals by his bed for nightmares and different things. And so he has just, I don’t think he knows that you’re not supposed to be into crystals like that. That’s an option even. He just is into them.

Great. Yeah, it’s

really fun. So you know, lately, it’s been rose quartz. Okay. But I okay, mine is still on the back porch from the full moon. It’s actually in the garden. Because I left it out overnight. I thought it needed two days in the filming of this time. But Rose Quartz and solid eight are definitely my faves. I’ve got solid night, beside my computer on each side. on a shelf. I’ve got a huge piece over there. And I love using crystals around my yoga mat. And just setting that down. And I don’t know about you, and this may be a little too much for anybody. But when I do yoga class or when I was doing my yoga training, I would always have crystals in my sports bra. Yes. And when your yoga training for eight hours, you come home and you forget they’re there. So you just take off your sports bra. And I remember one day my husband was in the bedroom as I took it off and like four crystals come falling out. He was like, um, why? I go. Okay, thank you. I’m not the only one.

I put them. Sometimes I put them in my pocket. Or like if I don’t have pockets. If my pants are stretchy, I’ll put them in the waistband. Definitely in my bra. I wear them around my neck. Yeah.

Well, and I love you know, there’s a meme or a photo somewhere of like, it’s my blue jeans and that tiny little pocket in the blue jeans. That that was originally invented for people for crystals. Okay, that makes sense. That’s where they were supposed to be? Yeah. So it’s always fun. I love talking crystals. And so this is just a side note, Chris and I are both going to women’s retreat in three weeks. So this will air after that. But so just to say, I’ll have my stash with me. You should bring some of your cool stuff and we’ll compare all of our energy crystals and stuff. I will definitely


you guys.

Oh, I’m really loving dragon blood Jasper. Oh, they’re so beautiful. And rhodochrosite it it’s so gorgeous, the way it’s layered with pink and white. And gray. I just love it.

See, I’m a little jealous because you’re driving to the retreat, and I’m flying. So I’ve already figured out that like my Tibetan bowl, my machines, my yoga mat on my crystals, that suitcase is gonna be like, What? I’m pretty sure that I’m TSA is gonna search me, just from the scan of my suitcase.

They might, they might

too funny. Well, let’s chat a little bit more about what you’re doing with hypnotherapy. Because I love that you’ve been on this personal journey yourself to find hypnotherapy that you have all these different modalities. And I could go off on a tangent about crystals and yoga forever. But the point of this conversation is for people to learn more about hypnotherapy that are wondering and have questions about hypnotherapy. Yes. So you’ve been working on your training for some time now. Because you have two small children, and it’s COVID. And there’s a lot of reasons. So where are you in your training? Tell me a little bit more about your training.

Well, I’m finished. Okay, I’m all done. And yeah, I learned so much I worked with so many people. And I do have to say, smoking and weight loss are still the number one reason why people seek out hypnotherapy because it is very effective. But you’re right, the person has to want it. And they have to be willing to change certain things in their life and really learn their patterns. So yeah, it’s it’s pretty huge. Those two issues that people struggle with. But, I mean, I loved the training I did I, I spent a year, almost a year in the training. And when it was over, I kind of wish I wish that it wasn’t. I mean, I just enjoyed it so much. But I’m really happy now that I get to have the time to craft my own way. My own special way of offering it to people.

When so when you were in your training, were you doing sessions with people and experiences to kind of work through them and without, you know, leaving people’s anonymity? Tell me about some of the things that you saw the transitions that I have have that you saw working with people?

Yeah, so I worked with a lot of people. And there was a lot of stress that we were working through. Because this was like at the height of COVID. And yeah, people were just, they were just struggling a lot, and to balance life, and work and being at home. So it was really important to put a lot of emphasis on creating a safe space for relaxation. Because if, if you’re in that really heightened state in the sympathetic nervous system, it’s really hard to work on any kind of habit, or issue or dream you want to work towards. So yeah,

that’s really neat. Well, it now that you are complete with your training, how do you see yourself moving forward with your hypnotherapy sessions.

Um, I see a lot of writing in my future. I love writing called hypnotherapy scripts, but it’s what you go off of to form a session for a client. And it’s really personalized to whoever you’re working with. So the more conversations I have with people and the more they share with me, the deeper insight I have to what they need, and the kind of session I can craft for them.

That sounds amazing. Well, and what we’re gonna do with our bonus episode is you’re actually going to kind of run us through a mini session. Super excited about that. Well, and I appreciate your time. Is there anything else you want to share about hypnotherapy or your journey before we wrap up this episode?

I would like to share that I feel like hypnotherapy is is so powerful and helping people feel empowered, and, and come away from the feeling of being stuck in any kind of traumatic experience or abuse that they’ve gone through, or shame that they may be experiencing. And for me, I have a passion for for those who experience a menstrual cycle and, and, and the issues that they and the challenges that they face, whether it be from trauma, or abuse or shame even around their cycle, and, and I hear that they want, they want to feel ease through that. And they want to discover the power of their cycle. And that just really excites me, because I’ve gone through that, and, and through the help of blue. I’ve really, I’ve really embraced that. And I want to share that with other people.

I love that because cycles are definitely something that we all struggle with for different reasons. And when you said that, I was like that, so stuff we worked on with blue, and it’s great. And I’m so glad that you really took that and, and found that as part of your calling, and are now there to offer that to others who are trying to learn and understand it that’s so powerful.

I don’t think I have a conversation with my friends, where we don’t talk about our period, and the experience of that and where we’ve come from it. And so yeah, it’s just a huge part of our life. And it should be talked about it should be cherished, it should be people should feel the power that they have in the connection of her body through that.

Well, and there’s so much about the cycle. So for people who haven’t dug into, you know, the work about their cycle, who were hearing you say that for the first time and, and they immediately were like, Oh, I hate that week in my life. Yeah, give us a little bit more information about how you know what blue teaches his the cycles of the moon, the cycles of your body, like share a little bit more about how you plan to incorporate that or how you use that in your life.

Well, I like to start out with our menstrual cycle is not just one week out of the month, it is four distinct phases. And it It starts with our menstrual cycle then goes into follicular, and then there’s oscillation and luteal. And what we tend to experience the most challenge in is our luteal phase right before the menstrual phase. And that’s where in each phase, we need different kinds of support, to give to ourselves and to ask from others. And to make clear our boundaries. Because that’s where we kind of run into the challenge. Like for me, in my luteal phase, I need to be alone, and I need space and to rest and to focus on one thing at a time. And as a mom, I’m sure you can relate to this. Most of the time we’re being pulled in, in so many different directions. And so it’s it’s so important to communicate our boundaries and what we need in those phases. And we can’t do that if we don’t really know them. And we’re not connecting to our body and and what we what we need. Yes, I’m just

thinking like, all of my different times of the month and I’m facing menopause. I’m not there yet, but I’m close enough. And I’m just now getting it. And part of it is the work that blues done. So any 20 something who’s listening to this, please learn about your cycle and save yourself 20 years of discomfort and not understanding. Because there is a lot as you said about building those boundaries and about building what you need. So that you kind of know how to work through your, your months, your weeks to be the most I don’t know what word I want to use, but the least overwhelmed by the time you get to that phase. And you know, we were all a little different. So it’s discovering which phase is really your hardest spot and knowing how to adjust to make that work for you. And it really is powerful work and it’s a game changer. I think it’s a true game changer.

It really is, it really is. And even if you’re not experienced, experiencing a menstrual cycle, you can look to the moon’s phases. I mean, for me, that’s just as powerful to consider the reflections and the meaning of each of the moon’s phases and apply it to my life.

It has some really neat work in it. It’s another modality that we incorporate and use into our lives and into our understandings of our journey, I

believe. Yeah, absolutely.

Well, I know that after hearing this, there are going to be lots of people who want to connect with you deeper, and learn more about what you’re offering and what you’re doing, then no, you don’t have a website yet. But what’s the best place that people can find you or connect with you to learn more from you.

So you can find me on Instagram at awakening tranquility. And I also have a anchor podcast. You can find that on Spotify as well. And it’s awakening tranquility.

I forgot you had a podcast, I did see that and tell us a little bit about your podcast, because it’s a neat little concept that you have.

Yes, so I write guided meditation and imagery, and I just upload it there. So anytime you want to relax, or listen to some beautiful scenery, you can check that out. And they’re, they’re pretty short. So you can can listen to them while you’re waiting to pick up your kids from school in your car, or, you know, on the way to work. Or, you know, while you’re doing something in the house or right before bed. That’s my favorite time.

Absolutely, I was gonna ask if you had bedtime ones, because you just need that five minutes before you fall asleep, to really just kind of go into that quiet space. Well, Chris, it’s been a great time talking to you, I thank you so much for the conversation, and I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. You know, it’s fun, because I have all these amazing women who I’ve connected through programs connected with a podcast, and I never get to see them and I get to see you in person, it’s gonna be great. I feel like I’ll need my computer in front of us, just in case.

I know I’m so excited to and thank you so much, Chris, for having me.

Absolutely. And so we’re gonna do a bonus episode that will release the following week. And you’re going to actually run us through a mini session with kind of an intro talking a little bit about hypnotherapy, a couple minutes of breath, work, and then guided imagery. So that is the bonus episode that we’ll be releasing to that I want everybody to make sure they check out. And that will give them a taste of what hypnotherapy can really be for them. Yes. Well, thank you so much, Chris, thank you for your time. And I look forward to seeing you soon.

You too. Thanks.

Okay, so that was great. Thank you and your voice. It was so funny, because I noticed how like, I got really excited at different points in your voice was always just that calm. That brought me back to a place and I was like I can totally see when I get like this. Really nice.

No, that’s wonderful to have enthusiasm. I mean, yeah, I can. If I’m in my ovulation phase, that’s when I’m the most enthusiastic. So I can appreciate that about you.

Yeah, well, and I definitely, I think it helps with the podcasting or just with, you know, anything of like, Okay, this is what I’m excited. So it brings the listeners to the excitement with your podcast, you know, the whole point is to relax them and come and sue them. And for me, I’m wanting to jazz them up. I’m wanting to keep them listening, you know, so it’s definitely that, but there was one moment that I’m like, she totally just brought me back to fun. Okay, cool. Well, do you have any thoughts or questions before we start the next part? Okay, so I’ll introduce that we’re doing the bonus episode. And then I’ll just hand the mic over to you and you can lead the way and then when you’re done, I’ll ask you again how people can find you and we’ll wrap it up like that. So just kind of lead it whatever works for you and take the mic. Okay. Okay. So we’ll give it a second just to get it does get space there. Welcome to today’s bonus episode of grounding journey. If you have not listened to the previous episode where Chris and I talk about hypnotherapy, be sure you listen to that. This one, and you can go back and listen to it now, or you can listen on this one first. There’s no right or wrong. But this is where Chris, my wonderful guest is going to actually walk us through a mini session of hypnotherapy. So you’ve had, you’ve had questions. If you aren’t sure what hypnotherapy is, then Chris is going to share a little bit with us, she’s going to explain a little bit about it. And then we’re going to go through a mini session. So I invite everybody, if you’re driving in your car, or walking on the treadmill, you probably need to wait and listen to this one later. I do invite you to listen when you are seated somewhere in a quiet space where you’re feeling a little grounded or maybe not grounded and need to be grounded. But definitely not while you’re driving your car or on the treadmill. I’m going to follow her herself. So Chris, thank you. I’m gonna let you lead us here and we’ll look forward to what you’re taking us through.

All right. Thank you, Chris. And I love that advice. Yes, you want to be in a safe location where you can fully relax. So, Chris, I know you’re very familiar with hypnotherapy and have experienced sessions before. But for those who have not, I’ll share a definition of what it is. So Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, where you are in complete conscious control, giving you an opportunity to focus on a goal, habit or desire for your life right now, or in the future. It works by reteaching the subconscious mind, which is essentially a storehouse for experiences that shape our beliefs and behavior. hypnotherapy simply means I guide you through that. It’s similar to daydreaming or listening to a guided meditation when our nervous system is relaxed. In the parasympathetic nervous system, positive affirmations are easier for the subconscious storehouse of our beliefs to apply them in our choices, and thoughts. And there are four brainwave states that hypnosis touches. The first one is beta, which is our fully awake consciousness, it’s when we are activating our critical thinking. Then there’s alpha. Alpha is about daydreaming. That’s the place where you’re starting to relax. Theta is the deeply relaxed state of your mind and body. And this is where our mind wanders. And then delta delta, delta is the deepest place of hypnosis. It is on the verge of sleeping or sleeping, where your subconscious is fully receptive. Even if you’re so relaxed, you aren’t hearing or comprehending the words, the positive affirmations are still sinking. Deep down. Words are powerful, especially our own words, because the way we describe our struggles, our wishes, our goals are an intuitive reflection of our heart. So for this session, do you have any intention you would like to focus on?

Oh, I wasn’t prepared for that.

Or have anything you would like to release.

So I will share that I set an intention this morning. I don’t know if this will work or not. But grounding journey has always been my passion project has been my playground. And so now it’s really my intention to allow grounding journey to be my service to others to find a place to inspire and guide them on their journey. Okay. So that’s my intention and the universe right now.

That’s beautiful.

And that’s what we’re doing with this podcast.

Yes, okay. So if you if that intention were to be in your life, and it will, how would you feel? expanded, expanded? Okay. I love that. And what would that look like for you? So,

what comes to mind is more what it would feel Feel like for me, it would feel connected. It wouldn’t feel heavy it would feel. So I guess that’s what it would look like for me is that I’m connecting with people and I’m enjoying it and there’s a joy and a piece to it.

Okay, that’s really lovely. I really respect and value your vulnerability. So, find a comfortable, grounded position and softly gently close your eyes. Lean back in your chair if it feels good to you. Feel your feet on the floor if they’re there. And softly place your hand on your belly and one on your chest. Your chest is the extension of your heart. Breathe deeply, feeling your body rise, rising up to meet your comfortable hands. You provide all the comfort you need right now. And you are exactly where you need to be. Free. Feeling your beautifully powerful body. Be deeply nourished by the breath of life. Feeling your body expand with each inhale and release any heaviness you feel with each exhale. Feel your own breath and your own heartbeat. Continue to breathe deeply realizing that you are amazing and have beautiful things to offer to others. Release your shoulders away from your ears and feel yourself sink deeper, more comfortable into your chair. As you place this attention on your breath. Know that no work is required here. Pay attention to how you were feeling how your body is feeling. Maybe you notice your breath is slower and the muscles in your face and your shoulders are more relaxed and the rest of your body from your arms to your belly, your hips, your legs. Bernie Shin send your calves, ankles and your feet have all been relaxed and nourished by each breath. You deeply breathe.

Now picture yourself lying down in the most cozy position. It feels soft and airy. Almost like a cloud. soothingly drifts slowly. throughout your body, you are worthy. You are expanded May this is a time just for your well being. Breathe in deeply from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Your breath brings in fresh renewal to each muscle, an organ of your body. You are allowed and welcomed to be fully you beautiful body. Beautiful being beautiful breath. As you breathe and sink deeper into more relaxed state. You begin to look up and see in your imagination. The full cloud overhead begins to release it’s warm rain drops. Welcome the awakening of your senses. You are secure right where you are. You may release your hands to a comfortable position on your knees on your legs wherever they find themselves wanting to go. As each raindrop falls, gracefully glides over each part of you.

Feel a drop plan softly on your feet dripping down over your ankles and a drop falls onto your shins and knees. soothing your skin

more slowly. drops fall on your thighs and hips over your belly. You breathe in the loving touch. comfort you give to yourself. The raindrops drip down onto your chest and run smoothly over your shoulders and down your arms into the palms of your hands. Feel the warmth

feel the moisture

the abundance and clarity of the water you hold. It runs through your fingers. The raindrops wash over your neck, chin, lips, cheeks, nose, eyes and forehead. Relaxing each part of your body that it soothes breathe and deeply. The nourishing moisture. The soothing wrapping up have your body in pure rain. Now, perhaps feeling deeply relaxed surrender to the vision of sitting deep in our on a bed of warm, soft mass. Us safely enclosed in the middle of a beautiful forest surrounded by tall protective and wise trees. You watch the soothing green ferns sway In the breeze. The breeze that brings the scent of pine and cedar. It fills your entire face with a learning embrace your free completely Hold by the forest around you and life giving force of creation.

It is your time. It is your time to guide others. create beautiful things and to express yourself just as you want to. You are able to have this time for yourself to take care of yourself. All you see around you are healthy, vibrantly active animals. bunnies, squirrels, deer, butterflies, slugs. And you listen to the birds flying above you, resting on the branches, singing their beautiful busy songs to the symphony of the forest sounds. You know, you draw them toward you. You your work. Your presence draws people in. There is joy in your presence. See their eyes. Be there with them. Walk with them. ferns are so soft and lovely to touch. your fingertips come alive as you graze there are fans that curl back in.

As if savoring your skin’s contact. What else do you notice around you? What else do you want near you in this place?

Perhaps you place your cheek against the ground and hear the heartbeat of the earth. Breathe in deep green growth of your own body and be and the mass trees. Dirt confirms all around. The beautiful rocks that you see. glistening, providing healing, providing protection. Take a moment to embrace the life giving health of this place. In through your senses began to say these things to yourself in your mind. A mantra to light you up for others to be touched by your glow. You are expanded and recognizing their presence impacting you just as much. speak these words over you. I breathe inhaling exhale, the painful things that burden my heart. I am proof enough of who I am and what I deserve. I am in charge of how I feel. And I choose to feel at peace and joyful. I am growing and growing at a perfect pace. Every decision I make is supported by my intuition. I am allowed to travel on my own. allowed to ask for what I want and what I need. I alone hold the truth of who I am. I belong here and I deserve to take up space. I am complete as I am. Others walk beside me and I walk beside them

speak these words over yourself as you bring yourself back to this experience whenever you want, it’s here for you.

As you relish this experience, come back to it in sleep, adding to the pleasure every time in return.

feeling lost and renewed, fresh. replenish, rested, fully, deeply. Breathing in to move your body. I certainly open. Now, if you come back, feel free to share your experience, or you don’t have to was really, really nice.

I have all sorts of things I want to say. Because it was so nice. And then I’m just like, Yeah, because it felt so just so pleasant. Like I had a smile on my face. And I don’t know if I really did, but it just felt so smiley, so peaceful. Exactly, like you said peace and joy. And I, at some point thought, I’m going to make an edit of this, the cuts out is talking at the end, and the beginning that I could just listen to each night because I think that was just beautiful grass. Thank you. And, you know, I definitely felt at peace and joy, like we said, that that’s what I feel like. And I can see that. Listening to that regularly will really help me as I step into my new intention and my new direction with

us. That’s wonderful. I’m so glad.

Yeah, thank you, Chris. And because I know that I want to listen to this, again, I am going to put in a version of this, you know, the podcast link will actually have the full us talking front and back. But I’m going to take a version of this, that’s just the you talking and put it on the website at grounding journey podcast calm under the show notes for our episodes so that people can, if they weren’t actually relaxed and ready to listen to it, they can go back and listen or listen as they fall asleep or something and really kind of connect with you. And while we’re talking about episodes in ways they can relax, you’ve got a podcast where you actually offer multiple recordings like this, tell us where people can find you.

Yes, I think that’s a great idea. I am on anchor, which you can find on Spotify. And the podcast is called awakening tranquility. If people

can see my face, if you’re watching the YouTube version of this, you understand, this is not how we normally end things. But this is how we end things with the modalities because we have through these great sessions. And I encourage you if you haven’t listened to the main episode with Chris and I about hypnotherapy, check that out. And I’m just gonna leave it at this today so that everybody can stay in their peaceful, relaxed place. And then say thank you so much, Chris, for being here. And I can’t wait to see you soon and connect again.

Yes, thank you so much, Chris. It was a pleasure.

With grade I seriously needed that. I was trying so hard not to come out of that space. But I’m like, Well, I know I have to. But I didn’t want to pull our listeners out of that space. So thank you. Oh, wait, I just turned on my Apple Music. So I’m excited that you’re going to get out there and start practicing soon. How long have you been completed with your program? It’s been a couple months. Okay. Yeah. Yes, cool. Well, what are you going to work on while we’re at lose your teeth? Do you have some ideas and intentions of where you’re going to? I’m just so excited about their jury.

Yeah, me too. I I’m just happy to like she described it so well. Like a recharge?

Mm hmm.

It’s much needed. It’s definitely much needed. Yeah, I’m, I’m going to be working on. I mean, the time I’m not going to be helping the chef, which I’m excited about, because it’s like, I want to go and just like be around everyone. But I feel like I’m also getting a gift being around the chef, because I’m a vegan. But I yeah, but I’m not. It’s hard for me to come up with recipes. I actually really enjoy, and I want to enjoy my food. And I want my kids to enjoy my food. So it’s, it feels like a gift to be around the chef who like, you know, takes a lot of pride in what she creates. So yeah, I’m really, really excited. And if you need if you need a ride, I mean, let me know if we can go together.

Yeah, I mean, if you guys are, and I figured, well, I’ll figure that out on the call Friday. But if you guys if I’m not out of the way, you know, I mean, I land at like, 1030, every Friday, Saturday, so I get there really early. I fly out Tuesday at 130. But I think we ended at 1030. So I definitely haven’t rented a car, I don’t want to rent a car. But if there were people who were coming from the airport, you know, around the same time, we could rent a car and you know, share gas and car rental and stuff. But yeah, that would be fun to just to get to chat and connect for a while before the retreat. I’m just, I’m so ready for this women connection and this time together in person, you know, like, not being online or, and I mean, I, I’ve connected great with people online. And that doesn’t bother me. But I’m just so excited about like reaching everyone patting you on the shoulder because you’re going, you know, you’re deep and I just want you to feel loved or something to do. So like I’m looking forward to that. And I love my boys. I love my husband and my son and the time that we get to spend together, but I’m ready for some estrogen instead of testosterone. Yeah, you know, I’m ready for somebody who gets me like my husband and my son totally listened to everything I have creative to say. And they just look at me. So I’m ready for some women to give me a high five and a thumbs up. And yeah. I thought I’m, I’m ready for that. My one forterra. And when I saw your name come through, because I was really hoping Nancy would come. And she’s not. She’s not No. She’s actually she’s I just finished building her website. And I’ve been doing some work with her. But she just got back from spending a week in Hawaii with her son. And then like 10 days after the retreat, she’s spending two weeks in Arizona with her boyfriend. Oh, so you know, she was like, if they like squished up to each other, she’s like, but it’s just too much back and forth. So and I’ve been trying to talk her into it. At this point. I’m like, okay, she’s not coming.


I’m sad about that. Because I would love for her to be there to that would be great. I don’t know who else come in other than I just saw your paperwork come through today. So I’ll be fine. But we’ll see on Friday. He’s coming.


Okay, well, I’m gonna, this will probably air in October, because I want to, it was a really great episode. And I want to get because I took the summer off, I want to get momentum back up with the podcast before I released really great stuff. So I’ve got one that’s just kind of okay, that I’m going to release before but once I get ready to release it, I’ll send you all that info. And then maybe we can jump on Instagram one day and just do a little Instagram Live to kind of promote it.

Okay, I’ve never done Instagram Live. So you’ll have to like walk me through it.

It’s super easy. You’d be surprised how many people say that and it’s literally you go on Instagram, you hit two buttons, and then we’re both live together. And I like to do like a 10 minute kind of recap, talk about what we talked about just to get people who didn’t know it was released, interested in to check it out and then to check you out on Instagram and stuff like that. So. Okay, so they’re good to see you. In person. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. Yes. Okay, thank you, Chris. Absolutely. Have a wonderful afternoon. Me too. Okay. See you soon. Right.