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What is human design? This week my guest Kristen Toscano and I go through her journey to where she is now, letting go of personal judgment and learning when is the right time to follow your gut. We also talk about the kinds of clients she encounters and what human design could mean for you in your life.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

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Curious what human design looks like for you? Well in this week’s bonus episode Kristen and I go over my chart and elaborate on what they mean and how to interpret them.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Want to know a little more about Kristen? 

Kristen Toscano is a Human Design Coach. She helps women who feel stuck understand their unique energetic code so they can create the life they want without burning out in the process. She spent 20 years as a physical therapist treating the physical manifestations of stress and burnout, but found the most joy supporting clients around the underlying factors that contributed to the stress and burnout in the first place. Kristen now uses Human Design, EFT, flower essences and essential oils, and more to help her clients move out of the “shoulds” and align with a truer story of who they are and how they interact with the world around them.

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