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So Kristen, I’ve given you the formal introduction. And I, you know, at what I love about her getting to talk to you today is that I know you, I’ve watched you on this journey, and it’s gonna be really fun to have this conversation. So let’s start with like, Who are you really cuz I, like I said, I gave your formal introduction, but tell us who your friends know us.

Yeah, Thanks, Chris. I’m really excited to be here. And especially like you said, we have this history. So it’s cool to see, you know, you embark on the podcast journey. And then and then to be here to chat. I’m really excited. So who am I that is we’ll get I’m sure we’ll get into it. But it’s part of who I would have been discovering about myself over the last probably six years since we’ve met. Because I spent a lot of time living in who I thought I should be. Um, but for me, who am I I love travel. My husband and I sold our house in December of 2019 to go on the road full time with his job not knowing what was coming. So we’ve had a little bit of adventure now back at my parents house, I’m super tight with my family. My we don’t have kids, but my nieces and nephews are my kids, especially my 10 year old and 12 year old niece who’ve been living with us in my parents house on and off over the last year while my sister and brother in law were working. So family super important to me. And yeah, just getting to know other people. I’m a networker. You know I have is we’ll get into the Human Design later. But I have a fourth line in my profile like that is the core of who I am. I have resources for everything, whether it’s people or things if you need something, I know someone or something that can help.

I love that because you have totally spot on explained who you are, your family is all your heart. You have this little adventuring soul. And fortunately, your husband’s job allows you to kind of move around and explore that. And you are full of resources, you always are like, hey, I’ve got this referral, or do you need this. And that’s what’s fun about you is, and like you said, we’ll get a little deeper into human design. But that’s some of the things that you’ve really come in contact with. Because when I met you, and so just to give our listeners kind of an understanding of the relationship that we know, is you were still working in a PT clinic. And you were trying to kind of start your coaching business on the side. So I came in as one of your, your VA and used to write your blogs and do your social media posts back in the day. So I’ve really watched you on this struggle of you were a PT, you kind of got bullied to stay in that job by the people you worked with, not in a mean since a bully but because you were good and they wanted to keep you but you felt a pole somewhere else you felt something wasn’t an alignment for you. I’m putting words into your mouth. So instead of me putting words into your mouth, why don’t you tell us a little bit about that journey of being where you should, you know, air, quote, thought you should to feeling that tug and kind of going through? Yeah. And that sounds like a whole lot. You can just take like a little segment of that. And then we’ll we’ll break it into pieces. But let’s talk about that. The should part for you.

Yeah, sure. So I worked as a physical therapist for 20 years. Got into it because I saw the way medicine was going when I got out of high school in the mid 90s. And thought I wanted to be a doctor but realize that I didn’t necessarily want to go into a managed care system, where it looked like it was just, you know, pushing people through the door. And so I went to physical therapy school because I love building relationships with my patients. And having, you know, we would spend 45 minutes to an hour together two to three times a week for, you know, some It was a couple of weeks. So it was months. And so really getting to know people. And when we met, I was moving into the health coaching, but still feeling that I was supposed to stay in the pain care, clinical side of things. But my patients is all about my, my passion has always been listening to my patients, and hearing their stories kind of finding out what’s underneath what they’re coming to see me for, because the physical manifestation is just that it’s a manifestation of all the stress and things going on beneath the surface. And so that’s the part that really lit me up in my client relationships. But I felt like I was supposed to stay in this clinical path for a long time. And I tried a lot to force it a lot. You did? Yeah. And and because I was trying to force it, I really had no direction. I was like, well, maybe it’s this person, or maybe I’m supposed to help this people, these people. And it just felt really heavy. And,

and how did that play out for you? Because, you know, as our listeners will hear through the modalities, I’ve picked people for the modality series that I know that I’ve watched their journey to really be able to discuss it. And I remember several times you’ve been like, Okay, well, my final date at the clinic is this. And then like three months later, well, my final day is this. So how did that how did you finally make that decision? To stop feeling the should? And start and you know, you can’t see me err, quoting you. But how did you start feeling the should so that you started listening a little bit more to your passion? Or your poll? Because at that point, it was just a pool? It wasn’t a passion? Yeah, yeah. Right. Yeah,

my body really forced me into it. Okay, I ended up having hip surgery in December of 2017. And at that point, I had to take three months out of the clinic. And so I said to my boss at that point, because I was working two days a week in the clinic at that point. And I said to her, I said, I think you should find someone else because I really want to focus on building my business. But I was still at that point. Working on a Functional Diagnostic nutrition, like lab tests and supplements and all of those pieces, and still really taking a very clinical perspective. Um, but personally, I had started falling down the spiritual rabbit hole. You know, I had done my astrology chart. And I did my Reiki level one certification. I Gosh, what else did I do, I started doing going to like full moon ceremonies. And that I remember one specific Full Moon ceremony that I went to, it was the very first one and I was like, scared to death because I was hiding still. And I remember going into the ceremony and not having any idea what to expect from it. And I remember hearing this voice telling me just show up, be present, don’t you know, stop hiding, like, just go with go with whatever comes through. And we go out there. And it was, she led us through this, like 30 minute movement practice where she put music on and she guided us with our eyes closed, and I am the person that’s either I’m a Leo. So I’m either on the stage doing something choreographed and like, loving it. Or, like, at weddings, I’m the one in the middle of the circle where nobody can see me because the crowd is around, like, you’ll never find me on the edge. Because I can hide in the middle. Um, so that was a big thing for me to just trust. Mm hmm. But I got so much out of that one experience that I was like, oh, there’s something to this.

Well, I love that you said that. That’s a Webby. You know, as we talk, I’m going to kind of veer you off a little bit. But I love that you talked about Stop hiding, because definitely as people from my personal experience, and is what you’re sharing. Now, as you’re moving into that spiritual world, you’re kind of letting go of things that you can’t prove, and you’re trusting things that you feel. And I think that’s scary. It was terrifying for me and that was 20 years ago. So let’s dig into that a little bit. You know, you You said that and I’m a Leo to get the long hair like I am the lioness. So I totally get you. But I’m very front and center, or I’m not, and you don’t know I’m there. So I appreciate that, like, I’m right with you on this one. But let’s talk about like what it really felt for you to stop hiding. And that’s a big thing to go to your first full moon ceremony, did you go with anybody, you know, or you just found this group, and you’re like, I’m gonna go,

I went by myself, I was at a store that was geared around, it was called her sanctuary in Buffalo. And it was a beautiful space, they had all kinds of tools to create your spirit, sanctuary at home and within yourself. But the other part of the store was a space for women entrepreneurs to come in and give workshops and rent the space for event. And so I had been doing some nutrition workshops there. And it was an event there that one of the other women who were coming in and using the space for events was hosting. And so I want to just check it out. That they were building such a cool community of women.

Yeah, so that was a comfortable space for you to go to. So where did it go for there? You know, because I mean, I love I’m a new moon, or I’m not necessarily a full moon or sorry, I just realized what I just said. And so, you know, like, what did that feel like for you of really learning how to stop hiding, because that’s also something talking about your personal and your professional, because at that time was, I think, because we were so working together when you had surgery. But at that point, you were trying to get your coaching business visible. But you were struggling with being seen doing social media, interacting, writing regular emails, you were using some other stuff, because it was awkward. And I think that’s something that we all struggle with so much as being seen whether it’s professionally or personally.

Yeah, I think part of it was getting was validating who I knew I was, but wasn’t allowing myself to be. And I first you know, I did an astrology reading that was super thorough. Of course, I didn’t know at the time I had the wrong birth time. So my rising sign wasn’t very accurate. And now, now that I’ve redone it, I’m like, Oh, that makes more sense. But I also started listening to actually a podcast that had a lot of spiritual guests. And that’s where I first learned about human design. Okay. And I got my design, and I was like, Oh, this makes so much sense. And I was able to kind of stop judging myself a little bit for being who I was. And it’s a process, right, like, it’s not like one day, it’s like, oh, okay, now I’m how it hiding now? Not, but it was this gradual, like, okay, it’s okay to be who I am. Because I, I can see on paper that this is who I am. Um, and so it was just a gradual, like, Okay, let me just try this, and see what happens and like the world didn’t end.

Right. Well, I love that you say that? Because so often I think that we do. We think other people have this vision of us that we have to live up to it, kind of like you and you’re in the clinic, you have doing it for your patients and for your boss because you wanted for them to, you know, fill you are fulfilling what you they envisioned of you. And then learning that it’s, it’s time for me not to judge myself, but to be myself. And that’s hard. Like, that’s a life life experience. And it’s neat that human design is what gave you that definition of who you were and gave you the Okay, so let’s before we go too much farther, because I know some of our listeners have heard what human design is. So we’ll go back to your journey through discovering your human design, but give us a couple moments of what human design is. Explain it for those who’ve never heard of it. Yeah, so

Human Design takes it’s the synthesis of astrology, the Chinese eaching, the Hindu chakra systems, the Judaic Kabbalah, and quantum physics kind of all blended together a lot. It is a lot and it can be very heady. But there’s also very practical ways to use it, which I didn’t necessarily find that practical application part of some of the other systems that I learned kind of individually. And so that’s what really drew me to Human Design because I am a very practical person. You know, I’m the person that asked for vacuum cleaner for Christmas one year when I got a new house. Like Give me the practical things. And so I loved that like learning my Human Design allowed me to know how to make decisions that were air quotes, right for me and how my energy worked and that it was okay that I kind of was interested in a lot of different things. And I was doing a lot of different things all at the same time. And I didn’t necessarily follow things all the way through to completion. Like that’s okay, because that was part of how my energy worked. And I needed some of those things just to burn the energy. And so I like that there were practical things like now I know how to make decisions without staying stuck in my head.

So tell us a couple things. Because in our bonus episode, you’re going to do my human design. And we have kind of dug a little bit into it. And I was really fascinated. And you know, I’ll say I have a coach that I work with. And she asked me on a call two weeks ago, have you ever had your human design done? And I’m like, Yeah, actually, I have it right here. And she was like, she’s not a human designer, but she, human designer? I don’t know, I don’t know what to call you.

Human Design Specialist or coat.

Okay, Human Design coach. And she, I told her a couple things on it. She’s like, yeah, that’s what I thought. So we’re gonna dig into that in the bonus episode. Because it is really neat. Like you said, it gives you a lot of understanding. But tell us a couple of the things that human design will explain. I know that you and I had talked before just on a different call about something else, about busy moms understanding where they are something. So give us a couple of examples of what it can help explain to somebody. Yeah, so.

So there’s lots of different layers of the chart. And the first layer we usually look at is what’s called your type. And your type is like the role that you’re here to play in the collective. And so if you think about it, like a theatre production, there’s five different types. The first I and I studied quantum human design with Karen curry Parker, she was a student of Ra, who originated originally received the system. And their system was originally meant to shock people into awakening. But rod died before he could write like the awakened version of the system. And so Karen’s really shifted the language to speak more to the potential in the chart. So the language I’ll use maybe a little bit different than what people are used to, if they you know, traditional Human Design. But when we get into the types, the first type is like the producer of the theater production. So this person has this nonverbal, internal creative flow, this direct connection with the divine. And when inspiration strikes, and the timing is they get a feeling that the timing is right, they can move into action. But they don’t necessarily have the sustainable energy to bring that idea into form. So it’s important for them to delegate. And so this type is about 9% of the population. They’re called initiators in the quantum language and manifestos in traditional Human Design. Then you have the director of the theater production, and there are projectors in traditional Human Design, and we call them orchestrators in quantum Human Design. And so if you think of like the director, they hold the template for what’s possible, they see the rope potential roadblocks, and have this they hold the vision and guide us into creating it. But also, they don’t have that sustainable energy to build it, either. They’re meant to guide and that’s about 20% of the population. Then there are alchemists, which are generators, and time benders, which are manifesting generators in traditional Human Design. And that 70% of population we’re the builders and the doers of the world. And so, we’re meant to bring things in the into form and will become masterful, kind of like the cast and crew of that theater production. The difference in kind of the flavor is the time vendors or the manifesting generators also have that nonverbal, internal creative flow they have to follow. But they act as like generator Alchemist types first, like they make decisions in that same way. But they have a little bit of that initiator energy too. Which is kind of what speeds us up and I say we because on my time better and that’s why

I heard you say that we

Yeah, we tend to have you know our hands in a lot of different pots because we have a lot of energy that we Have to burn. And part of the time bender role is to figure out what steps we can skip along the way in our mastery. And then the last 1% are called calibrators in quantum Human Design or reflectors in traditional Human Design, and they’re like the audience, they are here to reflect back to us how well we’re doing as the collective.

So that’s neat, because it’s kind of like, gives you those different. Oh, I relate to that. I relate to that. Now, as you were discovering your time Bender, and you said that it kind of gave you the space to not judge yourself. And that’s a huge thing is to let go of that judgment, let go of your own expectations of what you’re supposed to do. So what when, what did you discover that gave you that whole? Like, okay, this is where I’m supposed to go, because I’ve been feeling this poll. And this is where I’m supposed to go. Because before that, you know, I watched you through life coaching, which you were a health coaching, and you were doing the blood tests and the blood work. And then you decided to start a group for women over 40, because you were trying to help with that. So you were definitely feeling that tug, but not knowing where to go with that.

Yeah, I think, um, I would say, Sorry, can we can you ask me that again?

Yeah. So I know that for you. Let’s let’s kind of talk about discovering, you said that Human Design gave you the ability to stop judging yourself. So did you go to Human Design? And like, did you have your human design, read? And even gave you explanation? Like, tell me about that part of the journey? of deciding, actually, yeah, it’s Does that make sense?

Yeah, it does. It’s funny, it’s funny that we’re here, because this is actually how I first learned about human design was on a podcast, okay, and so on the podcast, then I was able to get my own design. And I started kind of just playing with learning it on my own for quite a while just finding resources online. And so I kind of knew my design. And that took some of the pressure off, because, like, my parents would always say, you know, you do this for a while and you’re like obsessive about it, and then then you drop it, and you can move on to something else. And I always felt that, like, I should be completing more things than I am. But I tend to just start a lot of stuff, I, I do this for a while, and then it just, I just let it go. And that’s part of the time vendor. Energy is to try a bunch of things. And that feels good. But it’s a lot of times, it’s like I said before, it’s to burn off some of our extra energy. And we’re not necessarily meant to finish it all, like the things that we’re meant to finish will be guided to, to bring to completion.

Oh, I love that. I’m not a time Bender, but I definitely can relate to that.

Well, because you’re an alchemist. And so the alchemists and the time better have a lot of that same initial, like, we follow what lights us up.

Mm hmm.

And we get that gut level, just like you said, there. Mmm hmm. And so as long as we follow the rules, it guides us on the right path. And so just like we’re brought into action, by responding with that, aha, that’s also how we’re meant to quit. And so, you know, I’ll go do something for a while, and then I’ll get a, okay. Uh, huh. I’m done with that, like, it’s time for me to move on to something else. And so just knowing that it was okay, to do a bunch of different things, and not have to do one thing forever.

Well, and you know, when you did my human design chart before, that was one of the things you pointed out to me is how much and for a few days after I’ve really, and I was working through my chakras anyway, and feeling it and I say, girl, like you had said to me, and we’ll go more into that, you know, we’re at the disadvantage for our audience, because you and I’ve already done part of it. But it definitely to me, was validating of why I do that so much because I always thought it was just me acknowledging I was listening to somebody so that they would feel like they weren’t when I was a public speaker, and people didn’t nod their heads or something. It always made me wonder where people listening so I always thought That I was making those noises. So people would know I was listening. And then I started listening to myself and realizing when I made those noises, and so it’s like you said, it’s very validating to who you are and kind of where you are.

And that’s probably the most common feedback I get from clients is that they feel seen, for some of them the first time they’ve ever felt really, truly seen for who they are. And and that confirmation that that, that the things they thought they knew about themselves are actually true.

I’ve started shaking my head since we talked about that, because now I’m self conscious about being like, nobody can see me shaking my head at you. And I think I

am a constant bobblehead. Like, oh, like, that’s my truth. Uh huh. I that’s true for me too.

Well, and it’s really nice. Like you said, you know, just kind of that validation of, oh, that’s why I do it. And it doesn’t have to change what you do. Because it didn’t change for you, knowing that you’re going to start stuff and stop stuff. But it validated for you that it was okay. And that goes back to the not judging yourself so much. Because knowing that I’m an alchemist and the different things that you shared with me, didn’t change how I do anything. It just let me be like, Okay, cool. That’s why instead of always just being like, well, that’s the Leo in me, because Leo is kind of general. So it definitely is interesting. So let’s, let’s dive in for a second. Because you started out in the clinic, you then became a life coach that was working with blood test and health and things, you then started a group for women going through the transition of 40. And none of that felt right for you, because you kept evolving. So tell me what it felt like, as you say, you start something and then you decide it’s not right. Let’s talk about that for you. Because I feel like there’s a lot of people out there hand raised who are kicking the tires until they find what’s right for them.

Yeah, yeah. I would say it really wasn’t until COVID hit last year, when my niece’s moved in with us, because my sister and brother in law, were still working, and no one knew what the heck was going on. Um, it made me kind of take a step back and say, Gosh, I’m still trying to force this holistic pain care thing. Um, and it really just didn’t feel good. And it made it so I took a step back, I focused on making sure my niece’s were okay. And getting them through remote schooling and all of that kind of stuff. But I also took a step back to do some of my own healing work. And really, tapping into one of the things I did was I hired my own human design coach, because I had learned all this stuff, but I wasn’t living my design yet. And so it wasn’t until I really started tapping into my body in that gut level response. That then I was able to really feel like, aha, this is a hell yes, for me, this is something I want to follow. Like, it was always in the back of my head, like, at some point, I’m gonna do this. Mm hmm. But it was like an aha, this is the time now the time is right. And so tapping as I started to learn, and, and trust that feeling, because in the beginning, it’s it’s hard to make big life changing decisions based on this, this gut feeling that I have when I’ve been, you know, so conditioned to figure it out my head. Doesn’t always make logical sense, right? But it’s, it was this inner knowing of like, yeah, this is true. For me, this is what I’m supposed to do next.

When I think that that’s the age, we’re in the universe, you know, I don’t want to just say COVID but the change that’s happening, just astrologically you know, Age of Aquarius stuff, like we’re all in that space of Let’s stop being in our head, let’s be in our heart and and I’m gonna say our heart and our gut, because that’s where I’m LED is by my gut. And I think that there’s so many people that are really experiencing that right now who are trying to figure out which path do i do and that’s what’s really neat about the Human Design for you is that it gave you the validation as you’ve said,

Yeah, yeah. And through like little lens of Human Design, they shift we really look at as a, you know, shifting consciousness away from what we see in Human Design as the spleen center which is all about instinct and intuition and fear and like, moving away from, from things out of fear. towards more of the emotional Solar Plexus which both correlate To the solar plexus chakra and the Hindu chakra system, but the emotional Solar Plexus is more about things feeling good and shifting more towards well being, as opposed to fear and instinct. So yeah, like really, we’re in this incredible moment of, of shifting consciousness.

We are, and it’s so powerful when we take that moment to open up and see it. And some people are, as you mentioned, the word fear or not ready for it. And that’s what bringing all these modalities and really talking about them on the next my modality series, is to offer that to people to listen. And for some people, they may be while they’re listening to Human Design and can connect with you. Or they may be like, that doesn’t feel right. But we’ve got all these other modalities that we’re going to bring into this series, to help people with their awakening with their awakening may feel really pressure full, but with their direction, their guidance, their opening to it all. And it definitely sounds like human design has helped that with you. Because you know, and I can say, I didn’t see you because we used to do zoom calls. And it was maybe a year or two that we hadn’t been working together and I didn’t see you and we got on a call. And it was amazing to me just how much different your energy looked. Your smile was sparkly Are you also had really long hair because you had COVID hair like the rest of us. But it was really neat to see that you were sparkling because you weren’t still struggling with that. Not feeling validated.

Yeah. And I can feel the difference. Like I said before, like when I was trying to force the health coaching part of it, everything just felt really heavy, the clinical stuff, where now it just feels so light and fun. And that’s really like part of my passion is like helping people align with their design so they can have more fun.

Hmm. So without divulging too much information, and uh, you and I had talked about just a couple examples of clients that you had, who were struggling with something and you have to validate them, can you give us an example? Or two or three without being too, you know, divulging?

Yeah, for sure, for sure. So, I would say it kind of depends. I’ve had a couple different clients, depending on type two, it’s been interesting. I do work with business owners. And what’s been showing up for me a lot lately is business owners who are working on their branding and their messaging. Because we can look at their design and look at where their son in the earth placements are looking at their Mercury, and really get a feel for what’s your soul and life purpose, and what are you here to communicate. And so through that story, they can start to craft their message. I’ve also been working with business owners on decision making and decisions they can trust. Because as you saw me go through like shiny object syndrome, I should be doing this for a while. I should be doing this and this and this and this. And it’s like I don’t have energy to do all of them. How do I know what strategies I’m supposed to use? And so I did a you know, we can tap into our sacral response if we have it and make decisions that way or orchestrators, for example. They need to talk to figure out what’s true for them. And so having that creating that space for them to talk it out, and see what feels good. So that’s one type of client, I would say your business owners trying to make decisions and get out of shiny object syndrome. The other type of client that has come to me more than once are young moms. Or moms with young kids that moms aren’t necessarily young, but they have young kids. And they don’t have that sacral response. They’re an open sacral being so most of them have been orchestrators or projectors and traditional Human Design. And because they don’t have that system, consistent sustainable workforce, lifeforce energy, they need more support. And so you know, they feel like they have to take on all of it themselves. And just understanding that it’s okay for them prepcast for help, and it’s really critical, or they’re gonna burn out. And a lot of them were already in that burnout. Right? So just understanding that like, it’s okay. They’re not meant to work a nine to five job Monday through Friday and raise small kids or start a business or have side hustle at the same time. And so figuring out how they’re they could work with their energy so that they weren’t burning out as fast and as often as helpful.

And I think I that one is so important, because I think that we not just as moms but as women take so much on and maybe it’s just my opinion personality, but all the friends that I attract, because we kind of huddled together, it’s so easy to take on too much and burnout, and then to have your human design realize that part of it, you know, it’s kind of like when you’re on your cycle of knowing, oh, I’m weepy today, like, I’m not going to really take everything personal, I’m gonna know that this is going to pass. So being able to kind of understand that about your own personality. And you know, there’s Myers Briggs and all those other tests out there. But this I feel, isn’t all these generic questions that you could answer with a five or a four. And that can change your answer like this is based on your birthday and your time and all that kind of stuff. And that’s what’s really cool about it is it really is personalized for you. It’s not just the big Leo card.

Yeah, yeah. And I love personality test. But I always in the back of my mind wondered like, Is this how I really am or is and so I think I should be?

Well, and I think, yeah, I think sometimes that I’m like, maybe that should have been a four instead of a three. Like, maybe it was just my mood today on how I answered it. And I mean, those tests, when I’ve done them for interviews, or people I’m working with, I’m like, yeah, that’s pretty much me. So they all have their place. But in the spiritual level of who you are, Human Design is really neat. Myers Briggs is great, because that’s who I can be when I’m pushing. And I’m in that that brain set, but when I’m in my heart set, then definitely the Human Design is much more leading for me.

Yeah, and my Myers Briggs has changed over the years. I’ve noticed like I did it, you know, back probably 20 years ago. And then I did it again recently, and it didn’t totally like not all four components changed. But there was definitely a shift in a couple of them for sure.

Mm hmm. Well, it’s really interesting to talk about human design, and I know that people are you’re going to spark some interest. And so where can our listeners find you? Where are you hanging out that they can connect with you.

So if they’re curious, and they want to get their design, probably the easiest way is to go to my website, Kristen Toscano calm. And on, there is a form where they can send me their birth information, I’ll pull their chart and email it to them with a couple PDFs that explain what it is and how to understand it, at least on that initial level of you know how their energy works and how they can make decisions. And then I am on Instagram at Kristen Scotto and Facebook, my business page, it’s my name is Kristen Toscano. But it’s facebook.com slash life by your design.

Nice. And we’ll make sure we have all those links available in our show notes at grounding journey. COMM. So if there for didn’t write down how to spell your name or something, they can definitely find you. But it’s definitely interesting Human Design. And I’m looking forward to our bonus episode, because we’ll dig a little bit deeper into that so people can really see and they’ll hear a lot of me going, huh, and explain why I do that, as we kind of mentioned earlier. So Kristen, thank you so much for being part of the modality series. Thank you so much for taking time to share about human design and Human Design coaching and what it’s done for you and your journey. And I’d love to see that your smile is so much sparkly er than before. So hopefully that will be able to help others as they are ready and searching for you.

Well, thanks so much again for having me here. Chris. This was really fun. And I always loved our conversations. And you know, even from the first time even though I wasn’t doing the work I was supposed to be doing I knew we were supposed to connect.

Absolutely. Well, I’m glad that we are still connected. And thank you for your time today.

Thank you.

Oh, and my earbud falls out right then. Okay, well, I think that was really good. I think that will really give people just kind of an understanding of your experience and what it kind of helps guide through so that they can, you know, because I blew actually that’s why I introduced you to her because she was like, Yeah, I listen to this podcast about human design. I’ve never heard about it. It’s really cool. I’m like, Oh, you have to be Christian. Yeah. And so, and she found that really interesting. And we’re really trying to work on getting her podcast up and running soon, too. So

yeah, we had a great conversation. And I actually she sent me the information to a guest on hers by had already committed to another one this month and I was like, I gotta get my like, I gotta get my foundational stuff in place first.

Yeah, well, you know, go ahead and schedule with her because she is we haven’t raised hers yet. She’s trying to get episodes ready and she Gotta get following once she hits it live. So we’re actually releasing her gene first. And I think she’s got like six episodes right now. So anything she does won’t release till July. Yeah, you know, so you can go on and kind of get scheduled with her and then, and we do her release date. So I’ll make sure that you know, you’re ready when we release it again. Okay, well, are you ready? Do you need anything for me to do mind? Do you know where you want to talk about?

Um, I, you know, I’m kind of I know, you and I have already talked about it. But I kind of feel like we just started the beginning and just,

yeah. I don’t want to like take too much of your time, but I think explaining it and you know, because, and granted, we have talked about it, but because then I’m like, Oh, yeah, that that fits. That’s right. A lot of that validation will help people be like, Oh, that’s really interesting. Okay, that’s cool. So yeah, I think we do. Okay. Yeah. And

I would say if there’s anything that comes up, like, stories, where you’re like, Oh, that’s what this what this? You know, try those.

Okay, good to give it.

I have, so I have your chart in front of me and I haven’t, so that your birth information is kind of blocked off. It just says your birth year. Okay, um, do you want to allow me to share my screen? I or, I don’t know, do you do this in video at all?

Um, you know, I haven’t I started doing videos, and then I didn’t do videos. But we could totally do that so that people can see it. Okay, yeah, you should be able

to share. Okay, cuz I’ll show you real quick when I have. Just because then here I have. So it’s got your birth information all blocked out. But this is our design.

Yeah, I think it’d be neat for people to see that. Okay. Okay, well, we will start.

And I’m thinking that we won’t go into all the gates and things but if we talk about like your type, your strategy, your authority, which is like flavors, how you make decisions, but doesn’t change it. And then maybe your profile, which is like how your role? What makes you feel safe, how you learn. Okay, things.

Yeah, sounds good to me. Cool. Okay. We’ll give it a couple of seconds quiet. So he knows where to, Hey, Kevin, my son who edits and he’s like, Mom, you’re not giving me enough distance anymore. Like you have to stop talking so fast when you start. Well, welcome back to today’s bonus episode, where we have my guest, Kristen Toscano, and we’re talking Human Design. So in our main episode, Kristin, we talked about your journey through being in the clinical mind, finding your spirituality and understanding your human design and that journey it took you on. And so for a bonus episode, you’re actually doing my human design for me. And so we’re going to just dig into that.

Yeah, sure. Let me share my screen here, just so you can see what we’re looking at. So this is your chart, Chris. And so you can see kind of the influences of the different systems I mentioned, that show up here in Human Design, we have like the planetary symbols that you might recognize from astrology, the numbers beneath the planetary symbols correlate to the hexagrams of the Chinese eaching. And so there are 64 hexagrams. In in Human Design, we call them gates. And then you have the shapes here that look kind of like the chakras, except there’s nine centers instead of seven chakras. And that’s because the heart center split into the identity center, and the will center. And then the solar plexus chakra split into the spleen Center and the emotional Solar Plexus center. And then if you take the whole thing, flip it upside down, it’ll look like the tree of life from the Kabbalah. So you can kind of see the influence of all the systems. Mm hmm. And so what the heck are we looking at here? So you’ll see numbers and Planetary symbols in black on the right side of your chart. That is that gives us your sole curriculum. It’s the themes that your soul is here to explore. And it’s based on the time, date, location of your birth, the numbers and Planetary symbols on the left side in red. Those are more of the life story, human experience, and the themes that your human experience is will you’ll explore through the human part of your experience. And that’s where you carry you like Your ancestral lineage, your epigenetics will be carried more in that red side. And so why are some things colored in and something’s white in the chart between. That’s what the things that are colored in we called to define. And they get colored in based on the location of these planets on both sides. So you’ll notice the the sun here on the black side is in gate four. And if we find gate four here, on this green triangle, it’s colored in black, because it’s on this side of your chart, okay, where like the 23, on the red side son is colored in red. And so where you get two gates, colored in that fill in a hole channel, that will color in the shapes on either side. And so where things are colored in or what we call defined, that’s a consistent theme that you’re going to explore. It’s going to be a consistent energy that you have access to, okay. But we all have all the chart. So where things are white in your chart are what we call open or undefined. Those are energies that you’re going to explore in a more variable way, based on who’s around you, or where the planets are transiting. Because those are the areas that you’re going to take in the energy of others and amplify it. Depending on who you’re around, you’re going to feel it differently. So if we look at the first thing we look at is type and we talked a little bit about type in the episode, but you are an alchemist or a generator in traditional Human Design. And what makes you a generator is that are an alchemists that you have the sacral center colored in this this pink square. And so that’s the Center for workforce, lifeforce energy, you have consistent access to that. So you’re here to be a builder and a doer and to become masterful.

Hmm. Yeah, that’s definitely me and my work world.

Yeah, yeah. And so in that process, to get to mastery, is we have a stair step learning curve. So we’ll make a jump in mastery, and then we’ll hit a plateau. Okay, on those plateaus, that’s where we’ll tend to feel frustrated. Because we’re like, why can’t I just get to this next level. But those periods of frustration are where we get to rebuild our energy, so that we make that next leap. So, okay. So what can happen is, people get on those plateaus, they feel frustrated, and they quit. So they never actually reach mastery, and they’re always starting over. But if we can reframe that, so that we start to understand that that frustration is an indication for us that we’re about to make that next breakthrough.

I love that because I definitely experienced that for many years. And then I read a book and it kind of it wasn’t a Human Design book, but she talked about after a long struggle that you’re in the void, and you just kind of hang out in the void until the next step. So when you’re talking about the plateau, I definitely I just used a different word of like, I started honoring, and it’s my void, just to rest.

Yes, yes. It’s funny you say that because the first book that I ever read that was like a personal development book was essential ism, the disciplined pursuit of less by Greg McCune. And now that I know my design, I’m like, Oh, that’s when he was talking about because they talked about if it’s not a hell, yes, it’s a no, I’m like, Oh, that’s my sacral response. Right. And then he was talking about, you know, we feel so much pressure to have to give people answers right away. And he’s like, just you, you know, tell people let me get back to you. And I was like, Oh, that’s me wading through my emotional wave, because I have a defined emotional solar plexus, which means I have to make sure that my sacral response stays consistent over time. Like, that’s what that’s for. But I didn’t know Human Design at the time. And now I’m like, Oh, that’s why that resonated so much. Interesting. Yeah. And so yeah, so also as an alchemist, how you know what to move into action on is by following that gut level 100 response. And but it’s not to the ideas in your head. It’s not like you get an idea and you’re like, Oh, I’m gonna follow that. It’s, you see what shows up in your outer reality. Mm hmm. And then you Everybody says, Yes, that’s the right thing for me. And so it may be like, you’re scrolling through social media and something pops up and you’re like, Oh, that looks cool. And your body’s like, aha, this is something I want to follow. Or, you know, you might be thinking about taking a vacation. But rather than like, sitting down and booking it, you know, you’re driving home and you see a billboard for this tropical resort, and you’re like, ooh, tropical, feels good. And then, you know, you get a postcard in the mail from something that says, Well come visit this place that that fits that. Uh huh. That gets that aha response. Like, for example, my husband watches airfarewatchdog. And he gets those updates, and he’ll call me and I’ll say, How do you feel about going once he called me and said, How do you feel about going to Russia? And I was like, Uh, huh. Like, sure, why not? Um, and, and so yeah, like, responding to things outside of yourself. And you can use that for making like, small decisions to, like, start with, um, shopping? Do I want to buy the shirt and red or blue? And see what one your body’s like? Uh, huh. This is the ones for me.

Yeah, I definitely use that a lot. And sometimes you forget to use that. And I was trying to. So we’re going to Peru, as I’ve been talking about, and this will air after we’ve been in Peru. But I was trying to figure out what kind of hiking underwear to buy. And you know, underwear is an awkward thing to buy, because you can’t, like try it on a hike in it. So I was literally online looking at them and asking myself quietly, is this the right one and waiting for that? That feeling? Mm hmm. It is simple. You can do but you just have to remember to do it. I have to remember to do it.

Yeah. It’s probably one of my favorite hacks for figuring out like, where to get takeout or what we’re going to eat. Like by that time in the day we get so decision fatigue. Yes. It’s like, I don’t want to make another decision. But I’ll have my husband asked me questions. Do you want pizza? Do you want Chinese food? And then it’s just a gut level? Aha. And I don’t have to think about it.

I love that I need to do that. That’s a great way to have him ask.

Yes. And and anytime you need clarity. Like you, that’s how you’ll get to your truth. And you can get to that truth on really important kind of deep level stuff. Now, the other person has to be ready that like, like your answer, it will be true, right? Just to frame it in Yes. No questions, and break it down. Like rather than giving you two options at the same time. Is this true for you? And then you can say, Aha, are you feeling this way? Uh huh.

Now, is that the alchemists in me? Is that the same? Yeah, me.

Exactly. That’s the st. Girl. That’s that sacred Center, which is what makes you an alchemist. Okay. And so I’m a time bender. So I also have that sacred center defined, but my throat is connected to a motor center, and the four motors are the sacral Center, the will center, the emotional Solar Plexus Center and the root center. So I also tap into that sacred Aha, as my initial like how I make decisions to in response to things outside myself.

Okay. Yeah. Interesting. Yeah.

So the next level we tend to look at is what’s called your lawyer authority, but your authority is going to be to just follow that sacred response. So that’s where I was saying, like, for me, I have the emotional Solar Plexus center, colored in are defined. So I have that emotional wave I’ve got to follow, which means I need a little bit more time to make sure that my sacral response stays the same. Because something if I’m on an emotional high, something today might be like, aha, and then tomorrow, when I’m in that energetic low, my answer might change. So just making sure that I have time, but you in the moment can trust what your sacred is telling you.

Yeah, it’s so funny, because I think before you know, I’ve been and I’ve talked about in other episodes, I’ve really been digging into the chakras and that’s what really resonates for me. And so I kind of spent last year going through them unbeknownst to myself really working on clearing Have an opening. And then this year I’ve been working on them and like consciously working on them, and sacral is the one that I’m really resonating with. And then when you started telling me this stuff, I’m like, oh, and Solar Plexus is the one that I really struggle with, like struggle with remembering what it’s for how to connect with it. And that’s one of my undefined.

Yeah, so your your solar plant or the solar plexus, you have the the spleen, part of the solar plexus defined, which is fear and instinct and intuition and health. But you have the emotional Solar Plexus open. So that’s the archetype of the emotional empath. So because that’s where you’re going to take in the energy of others and amplify it, you can really feel the emotion or energy of the people around you. The high expression is to understand that you’re, you can be a screen and not a sponge. And so you don’t have to identify and really attached to their emotions. sometimes easier said than done,

right? I’m writing it down for that. I can’t remember it.

Yes, be a screen and not a sponge. Mm hmm. See, so valuable. But what can happen is because you feel the emotions of others, so intensely, kind of the shadow side of that is to people, please. Because you don’t want to feel that emotional backlash.

I’m better about not people pleasing as much as I used to be.

And part of that is because where we’re open is where we gain wisdom. Okay, so over time, as you’ve experienced that emotional energy, that’s where you’re here to be wise.

That makes a lot of sense, because I definitely do years ago was a die hard people pleaser, but definitely not as much anymore. And that would explain because I’ve really been doing a lot of work.

Yeah, yeah. And I know, you’ll get into tapping in another episode. But that’s one of the tools that I use with clients is when we see kind of where we can get stuck in our conditioning, we can use that tapping to shift that story and the narrative around some of these energies so that we can realign with our true identity.

Well, and I appreciate that you brought up tapping, because there’s another episode that we did, and the modalities, that animal communication, and she brings up tapping. So it’s neat to hear how much tapping kind of circles around the different modalities and how they all intertwine together. Mm hmm.

Yeah, it’s such a powerful tool for for like said, shifting that narrative and realigning. Because just as an example, like, how I use it in the quantum alignment system, is to look at nine resiliency keys. And we can kind of gain insight into the resiliency keys through your design, for example, the the will center here, which is open. That’s the Center for value and resources. And so for a lot of us, we can question our self worth, especially if that center is open. And so we can tap into your design and say, Hey, you may be open to conditioning here. And then we can tap into your sacral and say, you know, Chris, do you feel like you really stand in your own worth? Or do you feel worthy, and your guts gonna tell us, aha, whether you you know, you may think, gosh, I’ve been doing all this work. And yeah, I’m feel worthy. But your gut may say, there’s still another layer to peel.

My gut immediately was like, Well, it depends.

Yeah, yeah. And so on the topic. Yeah. So then we can do some tapping around that, see what comes up and start to shift into that higher expression of the potential of your chart.

Okay. That’s definitely something we’ll have to discuss a little bit deeper to the puffing episode.

Yeah. So after we get into the authority, which flavors how you make decisions, it doesn’t change your strategy, which we get from your type, but it can flavor it, whether you need that time, or you can trust in the moment. Then we look at your profile, which is like the character that you’re here to play in the story. And so this gives us information about like how you learn what makes you feel safe, how you relate to others. And so we get this by looking at the line of the sun on both the soul curriculum and the life story sides. And so you have 4.1 here The black and 23.3 here in the red. And so you are one three profile, which we call resource and explore. What does that mean? So the one line is insatiably curious. Yes. It’s a foundational line. And so it likes to have, collect all the information before you move into, into action. like you’d like to know what’s, what to expect. And the three part of your profile from from the red side here, that’s the Explorer side. And so there’s a little bit of conundrum here. And that’s part of like the dance. Right? Okay, the life purpose and the sole purpose. And so the three is the Explorer, the three has to go out and try all of the things to know what works and what doesn’t. Mm hmm. And so the dance is like, how can you get enough information that allows you to feel safe enough to go out and explore?

Yeah, I think that I go for and then I find the information a lot of times I think I must do that backwards.

It’s gonna it’s all kind of, uh, you still have both components?

Yeah, definitely have them.

Yeah, it just depends how, you know, we all express them kind of differently.

Mm hmm.

Um, but yeah, that and, and so with a three line that can be it can be pretty intense, especially like up until your first Saturn return, which is like your late 20s. Because you have to, like, there’s no such thing as error. It’s just trial for you. And you have to try all of the things that don’t work to know it does.

Yes. Thinking back before my mid 20s? Yes.

Yeah, yeah. So as you know, as you gain wisdom, you know that the intensity of it kind of settles down a little bit.

Yes, for sure. I can see that about me.

The other thing that kind of that jumps out to me is you have your throat tenor defined, which means you have consistent have access to that to your voice. And you actually have a lot of different gates coming off of the throat center. But because it’s not connected to a motor, it’s important for you to wait for the recognition, before you share what you know, because it’s connected to your eyes in a center, which is relates to a third eye, which is data processing and analysis and holding on to information. So you’re here to speak about what you know. But the recognition is what’s going to tell you it’s the right people that are ready to hear what you have to say.

Hence the podcast. Yes, I totally connect with that. that resonates deep within me. Yeah.

So those are kind of the top layers that that jumped out of me at me there’s, you know, so many more layers to go into.

But yeah, well, I definitely think that that, that explains a lot. It, I have struggled with my throat. And because you know what I do in my full time. Job job is always being the behind the scenes. And I’ve always been really comfortable with being behind the scenes, because somebody’s got to be behind the person making a difference. And so stepping out to do this podcast, the intention behind starting the podcast was to learn how to help my clients, and then it became my passion. But there’s been a lot of internal struggle for me of is anybody listening is what I’m saying matter. Like that. That’s really where I’ve been right now and working through and working on. So thank you for validating that, because that’s one of my big struggles is there’s something to share, but I don’t want to share it because nobody wants to hear it kind of thing.

Your people do.

Thank you. I appreciate

that matter of finding them. Yeah. Mm hmm.

For sure. It’s definitely interesting to work through that. And so that’s that validation and non judgment on myself that you just gifted me. Yeah,

yeah. And, and, and when we look at, you know, what we’re here to talk about. We look at mercury placements, which I mentioned before, I use a lot with clients when they’re talking about messaging and branding and that kind of stuff. But what you’re here to talk about gate 64 here on the head center, is the gate of divine transference. And so that’s all about you know, these big downloads like these big ideas. And you’re here to be an inspirational force on the planet because you have a defined head Center, which is only about an eighth of the population. Okay. And so with that defined head center, you’re here to be an inspirational force on the planet.

Well, that I mean, it feels a little bit of uncertainty here.

But But if you follow your strategy, you’ll know when to share with who, when you have recognition, so that when you follow your design, it’ll guide you to share it with the right people at the right time.

That was like an explosion just happened in my brain. Oh, like, Oh, okay. Yeah, that was a big one.

Yeah. And so the other side of your design is gate 20, which is here on the throat center. And that’s all about unifying people around ideas.

Mm hmm. That makes a lot of sense.

Yeah. So the podcast totally makes sense. Yeah, it

feels like, okay, that’s my, this is my passion, because it’s definitely, in the last, you know, over February, March, a little bit of April, I was struggling to get episodes out, just because I was so focused on work, not listening to passion, but really what it was, you know, like, I thought it was, Oh, I’m so busy at work. But it was really that third chakra struggle that I’ve been going through. And it’s been an interesting week for me that week, we’re recording have a whole lot of stuff to do, I’m leaving the country in two days, I haven’t been completely offline in four years. And I’m like, but I’m gonna keep doing the podcast, like, I’m gonna get a bunch of episodes recorded so that it’s releasing and so that that really helps give me that validation. And nobody’s life is hanging in the balance based on the work that I get done or don’t get done, but like, my life is hanging in the balance by following my purpose. And so that really validates that when we get done with this. I’m gonna go take a nap too. And then I’ll come back to my desk today.

Yes, so thank you. Yeah. Oh, you’re welcome. That’s so cool. And it’s funny, because the other thing that I’m hearing because I have gate 57, which is very intuitive and clairaudient. But the thing that I’m hearing is like, of course, like you, this series came because you responded. And so I feel like that increase of energy for the podcast that you’re experiencing right now is because you were following your strategy in response to that download that you got about the modality series. And then he responded to things outside of yourself to really move into it.

Yeah, that’s true. Because like, when I invited you on to the podcast, you were just coming on as a regular guest. And then it was literally within like, the day you scheduled to two days later that I’m like, Hey, what do you think of this idea? Like, I want to do this? I’m a whole modalities. Let’s talk about it. Okay,

yeah. We were in conversation. And it sounds like you had a couple other people in conversation, about guessing and it just kind of all came together.

Right? Yeah. So that is the out external stuff that’s happening around me. Oh, yeah. Okay, I’ll go with it. It makes perfect sense to me. And I’m sure that there are a lot of people who have not explored Human Design, but definitely could really gain some insight and some understanding of themselves through human design. So I need to pull up my chart. And remember to look at it every once in a while when I get kind of stuck in a conundrum and be like, Okay, this is where you are, like, come back to that place. Because I very easily, you know, and having my own business that my husband and my son worked for, and we’ve on boarded several new clients. So we’re really in the thick of it. So it’s very easy for me to lose that. Oh, yeah. Like, listen. So just having a reminder taped on my bulletin board or something in front of me, you know, and I share that because I think so many people like, you think that’s why the word awakening or enlightenment, I think it’s so it’s so much pressure, because there’s like, but I am, so I have to stay in this place. And I’m a very spiritual person, and I’m on a very deep journey. But I’m also human, and I provide for my whole family. And, you know, so it’s easy. And I like to say I was talking with somebody else recently. I don’t know what episode it was on. But I kind of made the comment that sometimes being off track is your path that’s not your off your path. It’s just part of your path. To learn to come back quicker.

Yes, yeah. And, and for a lot of us, we have this feeling that we’re failing our mission. Right, we’re not, we’re not it’s, it’s all part of that exploration and that journey is part of how we gain In the wisdom of the themes that we’re here to learn,

I love that. Well, thank you so much for Oh, go ahead.

Well, one last thing I love that you said, print it and hang it on your bulletin board, because that’s what I tell people all the time is printed out, put it somewhere where you’ll see it because even if you don’t fully understand it, it’s imprinting on your subconscious. Mm hmm. And so just like you said, having that visual reminder is really helpful.

Absolutely. Well, thank you so much for your time, Kristen, thank you for the gifts of my own understanding. And I know if anybody just caught this episode, and they want to listen to the full episode, we really dig into your journey to discover Human Design and what it brought for your world. But tell our audience again, how they can find you and how they can connect with

you. Yeah, Thanks, Chris. Sue, if they want to get their chart, on my website at Kristen Scotto, calm, there’s a place they can send me their birth information, I’ll pull their chart and send them their own design, which we call the body graph, as well as a couple PDFs that explain what it means and one specifically focused on their type. And then I’m also on Instagram at at Kristen Toscano and facebook@facebook.com slash life by your design.

Awesome. Oh, Christina, I know that people are going to reach out to you. And I’ll have to have a little check ins with you just to kind of go deeper into it and remind me where I am. So thanks so much for your time, and thanks for our full recording. And it was really great to connect with you again.

Yeah, Thanks, Chris. It was a lot of fun. Thanks.

Okay, that was great. I really, it really did remind me of some stuff of why I am where I am. Cool. Okay. Well, I

think my first podcast interview,

Was I the first first. Yes. Oh, that’s super fun. It’s definitely I’ve done a couple podcasts episodes. And it’s a little No, no, it’s just different. It’s I’ve listened to a couple of them that I’ve done, and they cracked me up. And I’m like, Oh, my gosh, I love that episode. And then I listened to a few other ones. And I’m like, Yeah, I love that one so much. So but there’s some really good podcasting groups out there. If you want to start being a guest, on some episodes, I’ll invite you to the groups if you’re not in on, but people post all the time looking for guests, and you just kind of respond to it.

Yeah, I jumped in one group on Facebook, the head like, it’s got like 17,000 people in it. Um, but yeah, there’s other ones you know, of, I have another interview coming up, I think next week with a guy who is also I think he’s just getting his podcast going. But I figured that’s probably a good place for me to

start. Yeah, well, no, no. I mean, when I started a podcast, they teach you, when you have guests, make sure they have a huge audience, make sure they have an active following. And I did that for a little while and I hated the interviews. I didn’t air several of them because it was just factory. And so what I’ve really done is I’ve started I don’t even look at people’s followings, I look at their website to make sure that their message works with me. And then what I’ve started doing, and I haven’t released it yet, because I wanted to go back and rewrite it but I’m doing a page on my website, that’s all of the podcasts that I’ve been on. So it gives me a chance to share their message so that I’m just creating that energy out there. But it also gives people a way to hear me without telling me they have to commit to me yet. So but I mean I’ve really enjoyed the conversations that I quit looking at how much they can bring my audience and just looking at the genuine conversation and you know if you get one connection when legitimate connection on each podcast, that’s a great amount. It’s definitely just having those genuine conversations. Yeah, yeah. We’ll reach out to blue because I think ours is gonna do really well. Yeah,

I definitely will. It’s definitely on my Yeah, I have definitely reached out. Okay,

yeah. And we’ll definitely we’ll have to catch up and stay in touch when I get back and I guess this will episode will air probably early June and what I’ll do is once it airs, I love to jump on Instagram and do like a quick 10 minute because just as talking about the talking about the episode and then it pushes people to listen to it. And yeah, like just making posts so when I get back we’ll schedule something like that and get a little once again abilities so that we both have to get back on social media. Yeah, there we go. To funny, okay, well, that was good. I you and I’ll definitely I want to like I said I really do want to join the networking group when I get back to get settled before Yeah, yeah, for sure. Yeah. But I saw the guest this week talked about podcasting. How was that? It looked like it was gonna be interesting.

Yeah, it was interesting. She I guess she’s been podcasting for, like a decade.

Okay. She’s a real dealer.

Yeah. And so she kind of came in, it was interesting, cuz she kind of gave us her background. And then she opened it up for questions right away. And it was funny because mo asked about, like, starting a podcast. And then, um, so she, you know, had some great ideas for that. And then, um, Nancy asked about guessing on a podcast, so we kind of got like, how do you start a podcast? how, you know, what do you need to know if you to be a good guest on a podcast? And it’s pretty

helpful. Yeah, that’s awesome. Yeah,

I also someone what group was I in? I was in a group the other day where someone was asking about podcast production. So I just put your website in there. So thanks.

I don’t know. Yeah, we’re always looking, you know, we get three or four new people a month and one of them will become a client. So we’re always appreciative anytime you throw a name out there.

Yeah. You know, me. It’s part of who I am.

It literally is ready for you are for sure. That’s funny. You’re like now that I just own it.

Yeah. Yeah. So well,

thanks. Okay. Yeah, I’ll, um, next time, I’m Facebook, and then that group, I’ll invite you to it. So you may already be a member of that same group, but I’ll definitely reach out to you if you’re not in it. I’ll invite Yeah, sounds good. Okay. Well, it was good to see you. Yeah, to stay in touch.

Yeah, you have to let me know about your trip, because it’s definitely on our list of places to get to as well.

I’m so excited. I mean, I’m, like counting how much file that the files on my desk of what I have to get done are starting to shrink. So I’m like, okay, we’ll get there, sir. Good. But we got a great afternoon and I’m excited. So that’ll be great. nap and yeah, talk to you soon. Okay, thanks, Kristen. Bye. Hey, thanks. Bye.