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Hi, and welcome to today’s episode of branding journey. I have my new friend Vanessa here and I tell you, she’s my new friend. Because we’ve already done the Akashic Record reading that we’re going to use is the bonus episode. And it was amazing. So Vanessa is a bilingual Latina X brouhaha, founder of the skill School of healing artists online whose mission is to elevate bipoc and Latina ex healers and leaders. She’s a third generation psychic medium, a Teacher of teachers healer of healers. She holds global classes in two languages. And she Reiki Akashic records, clinical hypnosis and intuition training, and is also known as the biz Bria and writes bi weekly astrology columns for Bella Tina. She’s also recently hosted and co hosted the energy medicine summit for this shift network and has her own podcast, the biz brouhaha podcast. So Vanessa, I’m so excited to have you here. And that was a lot to say. But you are such a multi fascinated, faceted. fascinating woman. I’m excited to talk to you about your journey along the way.

Thank you so much. I just love it that we’re here. And yeah, it was a mouthful. It’s so interesting. Because I think when we start out or like, you know, our bio become it can be so simple that as we move through and we go through time, and we get older and at Moore’s at it, like how do I keep it? So it’s still a mouthful, but yes, thanks.

Well, Vanessa, I’m so glad to have you. And I, you know, we did do the formal, but tell me who you are, who do your friends know, you, as

my friends know me. And I think they would say that I make them laugh. I’m that person that they could call at any time. And I’ll be there for them. And I think they’ve said this many, many times where I’m like somebody that will find some silver lining to the most F dub rainbow. Like, you’re like, here’s another way more expected, but I’ll be like, Well, look, there’s a little and so they’re like you, you you keep us grounded, you make us laugh. Sometimes I do crazy voices, I don’t think I’m going to do any here. And or, you know, make fun of situations and then may just make them laugh. And I think that I’m also not afraid to be vulnerable. Now. I think when I was younger, I definitely was, I was in that whole archetype of I could do it all myself, and I don’t need any of my friends have witnessed me being very vulnerable. And I think it was good for them too. Because it’s like, yeah, you can cry and you can feel, and you can still be strong AF you know what I mean? It’s like you could still, it’s not like, vulnerable and emotional. And that or strong. It’s like we are all in both. And so I think that’s what they would say they would say that make them laugh, and I’m lively of energy that I’m there for them, and that I’ve been through some shit.

You know, because we’ve definitely kind of touched base on that when we did our pre call. And I love that you are real about all that. And I this is our third conversation that we’ve had. So we’ve interacted several times. And so that’s why I say that you’re my new friend because I feel like I’ve got that connection with you already. And you have such a light and a shine about you. And I know some of your backstory. I obviously don’t know the depths of it, but I just know bullet points of your backstory. And that’s what’s really neat to me is that you have had some intense stuff and you still have this beautiful light that shines through. And that’s really neat.

Thank you so much. And I really feel that that’s part of our human journey. Just because we haven’t gone through something doesn’t mean we’re not going to I’m not wishing it on anyone, but right even a full multi dimensional spirits and souls that chose to come down to earth and This human experience will what’s more human than loss, right? Like losing our parents or losing our friends or losing people as we go through this journey, either through death, right or through just, we’re not in the same place anymore. And so we break off and people and friends. And so the journeys of loss, the journeys of being ourselves, even if society is not with us, or has caught up to us, or is accepting of us, these are all a human experience of having children or getting married or not getting married or illness, I think that Spirit does engage in being a human being, to gain this information in this experience. And so I don’t think any of us are escaping it. You know, again, I don’t wish it on anyone, but we’re here. So we’re going to have these experiences.

For sure. And so share with me because I want to hear a little bit about your journey. Because as you said it with your bio, you’ve added a lot of tools to your toolbox, you’ve really come into a lot of those resources. Tell me where you were when you started? Before you put the first tool in your toolbox? Where were you in your emotions, your life, your world? Does that make sense?

Yeah, totally. Well, I am Latina. So I grew up in a South American home. And while Catholic based, very, very spiritual, so I grew up with an altar. You know, I grew up lighting candles, I grew up prayer meditation. I grew up trusting my dreams, just so that knowing that we had to learn how to understand them, because everybody’s dreams are different. I said, so for me. I started reading people at 16 years old. So but it wasn’t like a tool. It was a gift, right? And so one of the things that I noticed as a kid, is that I saw my mom, my family members going to get readings, I was little I was like 66789 times, I saw people give readings that made people cry, they had people shift something inside of them. But then I saw people doing the same thing. Right, like still repeating the pattern. And I was like, wow, so it’s not enough. I mean, for me, in my mind, my 1112 13 year old mind, it’s not enough to just be psychic or gifted or spiritual or intuitive. It’s what we do with it, like, what do we do with it? And so I started reading what was available, you know, 40 years ago, 38 years ago, which was Louise Hay celsion prophecy came a little later. And so I was a person who was already talented, gifted with intuition with a supportive family. But I was very interested in how do we heal, I didn’t want to sit there and either get deep downloads, which we didn’t call them then that, you know, we used to call them light transmission, or a message from the universe, or whatever we call it. I didn’t want to just get messages and then keep living my life in a dysfunctional way.

Young age as a teenager, I was already like, Well, how do we take this beautiful gift that I know everybody has? How do we work on it? So that’s where I was. And then my first night in my family, we were doing limpias, which are cleansings with the egg. And so you pray on it, you run it all over your body, and then you crack it. And then you drop the egg white with the yolk, the whole thing into a glass of water, you wait a minute, and then you read the cup? And you look at it and see, you know, in my did I release some heavy energy. So I wasn’t ready. I had those tools. And I had prayer as a tool. And I had intuition as a tool. But I was like, Well, how do we heal and so then one of the first things was learning Reiki because from my family, I learned how to pull out things from the body. So literally, guided by spirit, but then I’d be exhausted. So I’d be happening happens to a lot of new empaths or healers were just awakening to being who they are, is that then you’re like, Oh, I’m way down. I’m so tired. And that’s where I realized, wow, how do I heal? Because it’s I’m intuitive, but how do I take the next step? And how do I not be tired? And back then the word Empath was in like, three decades ago now we didn’t have. So it was my mom would say you’re a psychic sponge. And she feels like now boiler, you know, so I want to share a very quick story. So I was 16 years old, was in Florida on vacation. And I had just spent time outside having the best time with friends. And I walked in and my mom was having a deep conversation with her friend. Her friend had her back to me as I walked into the room, and I walked in all happy. I’m like, Yeah, life is good, you know, and I’m walking in. And suddenly I got hit with this energy in my chest and my body and I felt suddenly really sad. And then I started to say out loud, why did he do this? To me? This is horrible. And then I said, What’s wrong with me? Why am I saying this? I was just happy now miserable. I don’t know what’s happening to me. But it was like hit me in the chest hit me in my body. And next thing I knew I felt this wave of like pain and sadness and loss. And I said those words and they said, Oh my god, I’m going crazy and I ran out and went to the bathroom to cry. My mother came after me. She’s like, my friend has just spent an hour and a half crying in the dining living room area that her husband ran away with her friend. So when you shouted or said out loud, why did you do this to me and went out crying. That’s what she was doing for 30 minutes. So my mom’s understanding, she’s like, you’re a psychic sponge, you’re like, my, my mother, my mother couldn’t go to a funeral. She couldn’t be. So my mom taught me a simple technique of how to cleanse myself with water, with my forehead in the back of my nape and kind of like, say, I released this. It’s not mine. And then I came back out dried my tears. And my mom’s friend was like, wow, and she hugged me, you know what I was? Okay. And so, all of this gift and this Empath ability, and it’s like, well, how do I now make these mistakes? And what I mean by mistakes is, and maybe they’re not mistakes, right? Because they actually not. I wanted to choose somebody, that would be a healthy relationship. Right? My parents did not have they had a unsettling relationship, to say the least. I didn’t want to be in relationships, like I saw my friends getting married too early. And again, that’s part of their journey. But for my young mind, right, my young mind was like, I don’t want to make a mistake, you know. Now I know, as an older person, nothing is a mistake. Everything teaches us something. But I was like, How do I do human life? Right, which, you know, right. And that’s why I had to learn. That’s why I was before like, gifted, intuitive, had some tools from family, but was really concerned about living a better life being freer. In my family, I read a lot of books as a young kid, and my dad would literally say, why are you reading so many books, you’re just gonna grow up and have babies and be home? Because, you know, my dad passed last year, and he was, you know, close to 80. And Latino machismo? You know what I mean, my mom was a journalist. So she wasn’t, she actually had some sort of career before she got married. But still, he’d be like, Why are just reading you’re just gonna be at home? And am I gonna do anything with your life, you know, as if you don’t, people who aren’t homely is a very honorable and beautiful position. And you could still read your books and do what you do. But the mindset, and then my mom was different. She was like, get out there learn. I read, I went to school, I did things. So it was like this crazy. How do I do this. So I’m not carrying forward this pain, of machismo and oppression as a woman. Mm hmm.

That’s a big. And I think that that’s something our generation is really being called to do right now is to heal that for our mothers and our grandmothers. So that our daughters don’t have to, they get the opportunity to heal whatever we need heal, kind of that, that lineage of it. And I know that I have definitely had a very strong calling to heal my ancestors stuff, and the last few years more so than before. And that’s

absolutely all. Absolutely. And it’s astrologically set up that we were supposed to all start to come to this, you know. And in my family, because we had an ancestor altar where we have pictures of my ancestors, we used to light the candles and also saints. And the stories of our ancestors were told a lot, like I already knew even coming into my 20s that so many of my mother’s side of family where artistic and kind of when they got married, had to like write it off. Like my grandmother could have gone to big theater and was scouted by talent to be in the most famous theatre of Argentina when a site is, but you didn’t do them the 30s The 30s You are a woman of the night you know what I’m saying? I was even cast upon and you know, sex worker, deserve respect as well. But I’m just saying in that moment, this how you were cast like as something that was negative and not wanted, and, and so I knew that and so my life too, I knew that I had to heal through creativity. So I sought out being a director, performing in plays, doing belly dance just as a hobby. And now recently, I do improv and there are nights where I get on the stage and I’m like, I will eat them. My mom’s mom, our little Cecilia, I got you girl. I do it for fun. No one saw me I can’t be on stage. You know what I mean? And also, I don’t really ask for permission, or, or even discuss with my husband. I’m like, oh, hon, by the way. I’m joining the class. He’s like, okay, so trust. There’s a lot of like, healing that’s been going on in that way.

Mm hmm. Well, let’s talk a little bit too, because obviously, it was very prevalent in your young life. And I think that so many of us do come, as I’ve discussed, my son, for example, how intuitive he was, and then it kind of had to close down to get him through his teen years because of where he was. I think all of us have that gift. Some of us shut it down. Some of it’s shut down for us. You obviously chose to keep it alive and you Your mother was able to kind of fanned the flame for you. Let’s talk about when you knew the moment, moments, the journey, however long it took for you to say, Okay, I’m going to be a healer. I’m going to be a healer of healers for a living instead of just kicking it on the sidelines. Oh,

I love that question. It’s so my grandmother’s to support it. So it’s just like the whole family in their own way. So, at 21, I had an automatic writing, my guys were talking to me already. And I was like channeling writing things down. And I was at NYU Tisch School of the Arts film school. And I wanted to be the film director and my guides wrote, it’s very cute, that you’re taking these classes, and you’re here. I know, they were just not the friendly, they were not like the most. They were very, like, kind of like, far away from the human experience, these guides that I have, they’re still here, but I’ve learned to like, deal with them in that way. And they were just like, very cute that you’re doing that. And you’re supposed to do it, it’ll come in handy later, which I think it comes in handy now and Instagram and other things to be able to like, thing, right? And have like a visual perspective of that, that I learned and lighting, right and things like that. But it’s like a, you’re not going to be a film director, you’re going to be a spiritual director. So, you know, that’s, that’s like how long ago that’s like 20 years ago, and you’re sitting there, and you want to be this film kid, and or person or adult woman? And you’re like being totally really spiritual dragon like Miami priest, and maybe the pastor, what am I gonna be what’s gonna happen. And since then, so much has happened, including my father thing around the world, the minute where, I mean, I was already doing it in my 20s, right, I was already doing healing sessions I was already doing, I believe that. So for me, my serving community is at the heart of being able to our code and data. Now we’re watching a different phenomenon where people are taking long workshops. They’re like, Oh, my God, I had a download, I’m going to be the next alabanza or Oprah or Tony Robbins, or whoever, and I’m supposed to be heal the world, right? Tons and tons and tons and tons of people are getting that, right. And then they’re like putting a shingle the next day. And it’s that’s what’s happening right now. Well, you can make money online to have energy back then this is family line, this is ancestral. You just give your community that’s what you do. Alright, so the thing that changed for me was I was doing it part time already. And in 2012, so I was doing part time making 45,000 a year probably right with part time and full time media coordinator, media manager position. And I stepped into my nine year numerology, which is the end of the cycle. Alright, it’s like the, the end the conclusion. And it was also 2012, which at the end of that year is the end of the month. Yes. Right. So in October, the day before major surgery, I had, I was laid off, laid off the day before major surgery had major surgery, blood loss, had a breakup with somebody that was a swami so there’s all 2012 happening. And I already knew because I had been told already, you’re supposed to do this for lineage because I’m like, I $2,000 rent in New York Get away from me. I don’t know if I could do this is too much. So I just I was like, I’m a good person. I do all the free, you know, healing circles. And then I’m charging very little like, I’m doing the things every month for like 17 years, like I was very much like spirit. I’m doing my work I’m giving back. But they had other plans, my spirit

and Socktober surgery lay off breakup, travel into Miami for family vacation, car accident. And so the car accident was where everything changed. I was laying in the backseat and I heard sit up straight so you don’t break your back, check to see that your parents have a seatbelt on my mom didn’t she put it on? Take off his big clunky bracelet from your right arm so you don’t hurt yourself to get off. And within minutes of like, Okay, leave me alone. I’m tired. And my dad was speeding, I could say it now he’s, you know, on the other side, right? Don’t throw a boot at me from the guy. It’s like, um, and the tire burst. We started to collide into a truck and I’m literally sitting there holding myself and going wow, this is it. This is it. The Vanessa life ends this way. My God in a car accident. I’m sitting there like asking the universe in spirit. Please pull me out before I hear the neck crunch. Pull me out before the pain like I’m literally like asking, like, you’re fine. Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Everybody will be fine. Everything’s fine. My father finally was able to pull us away from the careening truck because I was like, wow, we’re going to smash into it. And we start rolling. And as I’m rolling, I’m like, pull me out. Pull me as I’m rolling. It’s slow motion. I keep hearing everything’s okay. You’re gonna be fine. Everything’s fine. We land my parents are hanging from the inside of the car with their seatbelts from the ceiling and I’m sitting because I did not have a seatbelt on. And I’m like, oh my god, am I dead? Am I alive? And then I heard people screaming my siblings, my brothers. And I yelled back when I felt my throat like I was like, ah, you know, and then I’m like online. When I did that I helped my parents get out from their seatbelt. My mom was screaming, she had a heart attack and a minor heart attack and had five ribs broken from the seatbelt. My dad had his glass on his forehead. Now, pots and pans flew past me because we were going to stay two weeks in a house we rented in Georgia for the house. We had all taken all our stuff. Glass was breaking. I have nothing. Like I even held myself in position until I guess I dropped no back issue, no neck issue. I mean, when I told the people who showed up that I didn’t have a seatbelt on, they put me in a neck brace took me to the hospital. They were terrified. I was in shock. We went to the hospital. But when I crawled out when I literally was crawling out of the broken car, I heard, do not go back to corporate. So I’ve been laid off in October right now it’s December 21, the end of the Mayan calendar and like do not go back to corporate have everything you need just go full out. And I was just like what, you know, I’m still in shock. I don’t know what’s happening.

And that’s where I got the message like, yeah, what you do is all great. And you’ve been doing it for a long time. It was two decades. This is what you’re really meant to do. Like you’re meant to like, do it be a healer, healers, teachers, like go full out. And after my mom healed and were able to travel, I came back to New York and found out I had mercy on my body from the surgery in October. Oh, wow, that was horrifying. And so it was really intense. And then I pressed the wrong thing when I was on the medication for my unemployment because I got an employment front, you know, October, I cancelled my unemployment. So all of these things lined up where my love life got changed. I was kind of I could have moved in with my parents, I guess in Florida, but I left my home and built my business while I was staying in Panama Costa Rica working like teaching speaking at retreats, and online and still healing my body all at the same time. And the first month, you know, I taught a class on the phone because we didn’t have zoom, we had Skype. And so I had an EEG intuition on a on a conference call with an EDF $3,000 first month, first class, they said let’s do the next one another 3000 paid my rent was like, Okay, I left my home had to like literally as an adult woman, leave my apartment, let somebody else rent it. So these are like, extreme things that I didn’t do in my 20s. Do you know what I mean? And it was really challenging. It was like, Oh, girl, you want to hold the space for people, then you’re gonna go out there. And so I think that these extremes don’t have to happen to everyone. But for me, now people ask me questions like, you know, after what I’ve been through, I can manifest anything i. So that’s what happened. And that was 2013. And that’s when I went full time. And I never came back. And since then, like rowing, rowing, rowing, rowing, you know, and that, but that was the turning point. So it was a lifetime of already. I you know, I was doing monthly circles in my house for 17 years. I didn’t charge it for seven. I used to teach at women gathering festivals. And I would teach 100 People were do live readings. And I would give my services. Do you mean it wasn’t like now everybody’s like me, I got into a paid I got a dessert. And I’m not saying that’s bad. I’m saying that a lot of us who went through apprenticeships, to spirit or to different preseason features. You know, back in the day, you didn’t make money, like immediately you actually worked with people, and we’re in the trenches for a little bit longer. So that was it’s a long story. But that’s really what happened. And I’ve never looked back.

I love that you said apprenticeship to spirit. Because I think that’s so important. And, you know, talking about the fact that we do all have that intuition, we do all have the ability. And you know, as you and I have talked as my listeners have heard, my full time gig is running online programs. And the women that I run online programs for are amazing. And it’s kind of supporting you in developing your intuition. But I also because I watched the landscape, so to say you see so many people popping up, because they they’ve done a workshop they’ve done a weekend. And I love that you say apprenticeship to spirit. Because that’s one of the things that’s so soul stirring soul developing is the apprenticeship to spirit.

And it’s unique to everyone and who’s to say that someone’s not supposed to put up a shop really fast, and go through whatever experience like I’ve met a lot of young women who in the last year or two during co during the pandemic created a class after taking a class so they didn’t let anything really sit and then had psychic attacks came out of it. Now they’re like regrouping, right. Why? And other people who are like wow, it was really draining. And one of the things I said as well because you haven’t built up the capacity yet. Yes. Right. Every art like I was talking to a friend of mine who does hundreds Design. And she just went for a week to do kind of design at a big conference. And I said to her, you know, you’ve been doing this stuff for 1415 years, you’re like, bam, bam, bam, and then you get up, stretch your arms, and you’re fine, right? And I said, I can do so many readings and teach so much. I mean, in all world difference, and it’s not a race. It’s not a competition. Not everybody’s meant to do all that some people are meant to speak and write more, there’s just differences. But we need to build up capacity. So what we’re teaching and sharing isn’t all stuff that we read or heard on a podcast, because I have literally seen people get into my monthly membership, receive downloads that I’m given in the doubt. And then they go online on their IG, and just repeat what was shared in the class as if it was theirs. I have seen this. And so a lot of people are confusing the resonating of sacred wisdom, so that they can go share it as if it’s their own. Obviously, there’s some truths that we’re all gonna uncover. There’s some truths that we’re all going to experience because we’re all connected. And we are all going to do the Akashic Record. But I find it interesting. Back in my day, what we would do when we felt like I would read books and be like, Oh, I resonated, almost felt guilty, like, how can I be this 1920 year old and be like, I know this? I know this. I’m reading the spiritual books. I’m like, I know it. Yeah, of course, it’s resonating deeply with my spirit. But it takes a minute for the sacred wisdom that’s within us to be integrated into the ego and into the person that we are. So it’s not ego expression. It’s an embodiment of this wisdom that we’re already carrying into the present incarnation. Does that make sense?

That is so powerful, and such a good message to share with people? I think, because my flip side of it is, I’ve been doing Reiki and channeling guides for almost 20 years, but never been comfortable stepping out with it. Because I don’t think I’ve learned enough, I think I’m still reading, I think I’m still exploring. And so looking at that as the apprenticeship to spirit and listening to you say, build up the ability, because I know, for me, when I first started doing, we would do a monthly circle. And once I started kind of seeing and hearing God so much, our circle got bigger, because it kind of got passed around. And I was very insecure, uncertain, uncomfortable sharing. But they were there in front of me. So I had to kind of a thing. I went I know. Yeah, and I know, for me, what happened at that time is that Kevin was maybe three or four at that point. And he started getting the nights that I was at Circle, he was getting the psychic attacks. And so I didn’t know how to protect myself. And because he was so young and so connected to me, it was coming through at him. And, you know, that’s when Kevin’s room became a crystal grid, and has stayed that way at 20. You know, so like sharing these things. And I think that for our listeners of grinding journey, that’s the kind of stuff they need to hear of, there is a way to develop it. And there is a way to develop your tolerance. And there’s a way to learn to protect yourself. And so I think that everything you’re saying about your journey is so powerful. Let’s talk for a moment because I know that you said your mom taught you how to cleanse yourself with water. What other ways do you use to cleanse or protect yourself? Before reading after reading, when you’re working with somebody when you’re recording your podcast, there’s so many opportunities through zoom through anything that we absorb other people’s energies, and it’s finding that way. You know, I have so many crystals around my desk because I’m on calls with clients all the time and get them outside and use paleo and smudge. Like what are your methods for clearing and cleansing?

So I love that question. And one of the things that I would say anyone who’s opening up who’s doing healing work or who’s already been doing it, the basic stuff is like the most important stuff. Yes, we try to complicate it and we’re like I’m gonna speak the light line and get rid of the multi dimensional beings have intergalactic Council, and bla bla bla bla bla. And I’m not saying it’s not real, yes, I’ve had contact with them. But what I’m saying is you’re here on Earth right now. Ground present in your body, take care of your body drinking of water walk, have enough plants I’ve so many plants have like this is not a real one. But all the others are like there’s 49 plants in my house. I’m also now living in a place in nature. If you’re not living in a place in nature, have lived things have your crystals. You need to develop your own medicine bag, your own tool bag, right of what works for you because we’re all different. So for me for a billion years, like really, since I’m a teenager, I take a bath I don’t know how I don’t have paper thin like skin at this point. Because I would just go in about to go in and take a deep breath and just call in my higher self My angels and guides. I call him my well ancestors and those doing the work on the other side. And I say help me release what is mine and what is not mine, and anything that no longer serves my greatest health, my greatest abundance, my greatest, you know, embodiment and presence on this earth. And I take like 3d breaths like in the water and I release and I come out and I’m like, new dancing around. And my partner doesn’t believe in this stuff. I mean, he does. He knows when the energy is off. But he says, You know, I don’t believe in this stuff, but you go into your bath you do whatever you do. And then you come out, you’re like, new, you’re like energy, Dan, you’re like, full of light. So I think grounding, which means you know, connecting your body connecting to your own body and then connecting to, to the Earth are connecting to the presence, the floor of where we’re standing, is very important. I use my DJ as well. I use breath. I use a bell I don’t hear it is right next to me, right. And I’m so I clear the air. Remember that? Clapping also clears errors, we feel anything weird in the room. It’s like sound Bell. Breath, just be like, if you feel heavy to be like, and you’re just like, and you just kind of bring your shoulders up and release it. Intention is everything. So the important thing is like sometimes people say to me, oh, yeah, I like my sage or I like my image. I do it. But I’m like, Are you present when you’re doing it, because I know people send this light and they’re like this waving their arm around, but they weren’t there. So the key thing is to be in your intention. So my mom basically like random water said, breathe, feel your feet, like on the ground, feel yourself in your body, your breath is low. And now calling your Higher Self calling your guides your angels who guide you in this life, and I did. And then she’s like, uh, now the intention is release, I let go of everything. So she like ran it. And with Latinos, you know, and other folks that we literally like, Oh, hi, door, arms forward, like, go, you know, we’re like literally throwing it away. Like we’re like, Buy Get away from me, and put it back into the earth. And we like ask that the Earth Kind of like take it back and transform it. And so but you could do it with breath. We’re like, I release it. Sound is so important. Like, I think some so many of us are taught to be quiet, even going. Right, releasing with a sound and we’re afraid of our own sounds, you know, as women, we have to be lady like I’m pretty quiet or whatever. But no, go. Just let it out. I went to a circle that was very well protected, like four years ago. But I came back so heavy that I came back to my office and I called the directions you know, so everybody’s different practices. And I call the new directions I call it my guides and angels. And I started to like grunt and release. I was like all these weird sounds. But when I went upstairs, my husband said you did not look at yourself. He looked exhausted. You look beatings, I thought you’re gonna be energetic after this circle that you attended. But then you went up, I heard weird sounds, I smelled smells, and then you came back and you’re like, a love light, you know. And so now he knows he’s like, do what you do, you know. And so give yourself the permission to explore different practices and use them consistently. Because right now more than ever, especially in the pandemic, we’re around more of the same people, if you’re home with your family, you can’t get away by leaving and to go to your job. And I’m not saying away, but I’m saying you know, there’s a lot of emotions and, and experiences that people aren’t having. Because the pandemic there’s a lot of loss and grief. And so it’s really important for us to be on our grounding on our cleansing. I also use a lot of Reiki, I use the symbols in the room. I also have a practice that I teach people in my program with we discover our own symbol. Like it’s like the ancient medicine shield, almost like a shield. And I used to walk you know, I’m from New York City, I was in New York City till my 40s. I was on subways and some 13 years old with men grabbing at you people squeezing on, you know, things happening to you.

Seeing everything, seeing raw humanity right in front of you in all its forms, right? You’re not like there’s no protection. There’s no suburban kid here, right? We were protected from all the things. I was in it. And I developed this thing at 19. And I have this golden light around me. And I literally send the message of information as I’m traveling through subways, going Hey, could you move to the left and walking through we got to think real fast because like you’re walking as you’re doing it, and then people would move right and so but these are practices that you’re going to practice at peace in your own home or nature while you’re actually working on your energy field. And also practicing sending it out in a very nice way we’re not You’re not shoving people or intruding on their energy. So it’s a you know, color if you want to wrap yourself up in a color. Like this beautiful color. Lapis colored this deep like royal blue is like one of my favorites. Because growing up the Virgin Mary had that cloak on right so in Catholicism, I would see her so I would imagine and so these things that means something to you or you grow a connection with them are the ones that are really going to help and you have to commit to it right you can’t be like, I’m gonna ring the bell but I don’t know like you could feel like that but then be like, Screw it. I’m ringing this bell. It’s clearing the hell out of this. Nothing is gonna stay here that I know longer need and want or is for my highest good, and then you bring it. It’s that commitment. And that’s that self empowerment where you claim your space here on Earth and you say in this space, I am cleanse, and I’m clear. And I would add to be mindful of drugs, be mindful of alcohol. There’s practices that people initiate into that they use rum, and peyote and a couple of other things, maybe ayahuasca and have been, have been other things. But those are people who are initiated into that. And they have a capacity to probably hold it in their body, while not letting negative or other things attached to them. And I’ve worked with people in hypnosis, where people kept smoking way too much, right? You know, the friendly weed of the universe. And they kept coming back with attachments that weren’t theirs. And so they were like, Okay, maybe maybe three times a month to reduce my anxiety instead of every day. So But everybody’s different. There could be people, they’re like, Oh, I smoke every day. And it helps me my practice, and I’m doing great. So it’s a it’s a trial and error as well.

I think the main thing to take away from what you said is the intention and consistency, and finding that what resonates for you. Smudging, for me the smell of it brings me so grounded, that I love that smell. I love being a part of that. So that is one where I’m really it brings me into my body. And so how you were saying that sometimes you just smudge. And there have definitely been times that I’m spinning in the house and halfway through and oh, wait, I quit repeating my chant. So I love that you say that. Find the consistency and find what the intention and resignation for you. I don’t know if the resignation and word we want to use?

No, but we can use it. Yeah, the resonance the resignation. And I just thought of something else too. So I have a couple of big skirts, like a really wide big skirts that you could like flip around as you’re dancing. And that’s something that’s always been part of my I guess family life. I’ll put it on and I’ll put on some drum music and music and I danced. And I clear my space through dancing and moving the skirt. But I also then feel good because of the endorphins, right, and I’ve strengthened energy field and my own mental health. And so nothing is out of bounds. If you need to jump jump if you need to dance dance. If you need to shout shout out like we need to do what we need to do. I love that rounded unhealthy.

One that kind of leads me into what I wanted to kind of let be that final question. So I feel like it’s a really good one. Because you talk about intention and consistency. And we we did my Akashic records. And so I’m super excited about that bonus episode. And something you mentioned earlier, when you were a young teenager, you said you watched everybody get these readings and cry and have these shifts, but then not change anything? And what do we do with it? How do we heal after the deep downloads, and then No, in our recording of Akashic records, we pause for a moment because it gets a little deep. And one of the things that we talk about is that my husband and I have had some struggles, and you gave me some really strong, I can’t use the word advice, because it wasn’t advice from you. It was from the Akashic records of the shifts that I’m making into this next phase of life, and that I don’t have to do it alone. And I’ll just say, that was so powerful for me, because the last it was a week ago, we recorded that actually exactly a week from today. And the shift that it made and me over the last week and his in my relationship. When something he said triggered me, I was able to take that mirror and look at me. And instead of saying, oh, that’s him, it was the trigger of am I choosing to do this on my own? Or am I choosing to live life as a partner? And so I think, to just kind of briefly touch on that for a second of how do we heal after the deep downloads. For me, that healing comes from the awareness of remembering. And as I mentioned to you, before we started recording, we did the Akashic records, I had a couple of hours of work. And then I went over to my soul sisters, and did Reiki with her and was able to spend an hour talking with her about all the stuff that I was unpacking from our session. And I think that for me is how I heal of unpack it, look at it, and then walk around with a mirror in front of me. So I can see myself instead of see others and it would love for you just to share maybe some direction that you give people after readings of how to heal from those deep downloads.

Thank you so much. I love that you’re bringing this up and I do want to talk a little bit more after this question about the Akashic records. Okay, yes, for sure. Um, so I know so we’re in another time now like when I was a little kid, there was not all this information that we have we did not have Wi Fi we did not have So now people are able to heal in different ways that we didn’t before, right? Because we get a reading and then there was nothing to support us here, every social media plant from other podcasts like this one, it’s there to support us. We’re in a time of deep accelerated healing around the world. That’s why people are doing so hard. Many years ago, no, it was like, That person would get the reading. And then they still had to go through their life, nobody was gonna talk to them about it, because they weren’t like Reiki on every Reiki Masters on every block or on every Instagram account. Now we’re all right. So but I love that you did that. So one of the ways that we can, that we can do it, I think is that having that that consciousness that we don’t need to do it alone, like you, we did the session, and then you went and got your Reiki, and then you talk to someone, a lot of healers, including myself, at some point, we think that it’s like, okay, me and spirit alone, we got to do it alone. We are in a body and we are interconnected to other humans and community is so important that it is important for us to get the right healers to be able because we only know what we know, right? We only are from the perspective of what we’ve known. And so it’s really important for us to get the support that we need. There are some other ways that we could do this is to continue educating ourselves, and to allow ourselves the space to look at ourselves from our higher self. And how do I mean that? I think that what happens in the Akashic records, because it’s a space of love and truth that there’s no blame on anyone can do it. Whereas a tarot card might be best. Wake up, bitch, you know, sorry, I don’t know, can we wake up, I’m gonna slap you, right, which is hilarious memes and hilarious tick tock videos, but it organized to retail for 20 years, or it could be very like, Oh, you got to do this, you got to do it. And so it’s like, harsh. But the energy of the Akashic records is this loving space. And so if you’ve gotten a beautiful reading, if you’ve gotten a deep download for yourself, allow yourself to spend some time talking to also a trusted healer, who has a different perspective and can help but it’s not about them right there, because the person was there for you. And also to journal to sit down and allow to free flow some thoughts, right. And to allow yourself to write down the thoughts without judgment without making a pretty writing or an essay, or a post or Instagram, just allow your, what’s coming through, and to sit with it to not I find that some people are having an experience, spiritual experience, and then sharing it immediately, like online. Like, wait a minute, let it like sit with you for a moment, because the healing is still unpacking. Right? Yes. And after you get a reading, and let’s say something, like, I’ll give you an example of things that I used to see or have seen, a lot of people will get a reading, where they’re like, oh, this person’s cheating on you, and they’re a bad person. And you better get it and you better get out of their bubble. So they come out, they could be victimized, you could come out of a reading light or feeling victim, yeah. Or you can say to yourself, is this a pattern for me? What and again, we’re not blaming the victim. But this is what I ask myself, what inside me needs to transform in order for me to receive what I’m wanting to receive?

These are deep questions that are not going to be answered from the ego. They’re deep, they’re coming from your spirit, you’re gonna have to allow yourself to spend time. And the other thing too is asking, what what of my childhood without blame, right? So I would sit down, breathe ground, calling your higher self, ask your Higher Self, your angels and guides to give you this expanded view of yourself, right, this higher self view this deepest knowing of part of yourself, you know, what, within me has attracted this lesson? Is there a part of me that feels that I don’t deserve better? Is there a part of me that is living out a pattern from my ancestral, like, lineages? Does this happen to my mother and my grandmother? So instead of demonizing the person who, let’s say is cheating or doing something on the relationship, and I use that as an example, we start to ask ourselves, How can we heal through this? How can we doesn’t repeat, are we going to confront them or talk to them or share with them? Do we need therapy? Do we need EMDR? Right? Do we need EFT? Because just like cleansing, clearing and grounding, need consistency. Our healing work needs consistency to Yes, right. And so it’s not like oh, one big breakthrough and we’re done. I’ve been on this path, how many? I’m still healing I just got back from Utah, right? And had a lot of healing in nature and like downloads and breakthroughs and releasing things. And so as long as we’re in existence, we are in process of healing if we allow ourselves right, so ask yourself those deep questions where they’re not ego like they did this to me. They’re harming me instead of blame, blame blame, although those are your feelings and I don’t want you to bypass and like feel your feels, at some point go into the inner knowing like hey, is did this happen before? Yeah. Okay. What about you know, what about My behavior, am I jumping into relation too fast? Do I need therapy? Is this something that happened with my parents? And so when you start unpacking the patterns, right, that’s where I think people around me at that time didn’t have the support to unpack the patterns and heal childhood, dysfunctional, you know, family systems. And so I think these some of these are really important questions. And I say, when you grab onto a thread, like hold on to it, you know, if you grab that thread and you pull it, right on a dress or a scarf, it starts to unravel. You got to hold on to that healing thread, and you got to pull it. Even though you’re afraid of my dismantle your life, are you thank you are you like, keep pulling it. And you just keep pulling it and pulling it. And that’ll guide you. Like, I went into therapy in my 30s, I wound up doing sweat lodge every year for 18 years, like and releasing there. I was working with ancestral healers, I wound up working with Reiki, like, you know, I wound up getting support for myself. Mm hmm.

I think that’s so important. And, you know, that’s the whole point of this healing modality series that I’ve been hearing is, explore all those options out there and feel what resonates with you sit with it, explore it, so that you know that resonates with me, that doesn’t resonate with me, but sit with that in your soul for a little while to see, do you want to explore it more? Or is that just not yours? And there’s something else out there

for you. Absolutely. And I forgot this very important part. I love what you said, that’s really key. So everybody listen to that is move towards practices that serve you like, I didn’t teach Reiki online. In fact, I focus on Akashic records and intuitive development and hypnosis, on courses. But when pandemic hit spirits, like you need to do this, and you need to do this pay what you can, because people are stressed out anxiety in the collective in their personal lives. And so learning a practice that you could do for yourself, because of course, a healer is not always going to be available for you, we can’t run off and always do what we do. And I can say I do self Reiki on me every day, like decades ago, and I’m still doing it. But for you and maybe working with your crystals, it may be chanting, it may be yoga, adopting. Yeah, adopting a practice that allows you to feel safe and held and gives you a system, or a process through which you can work through your healing is really important. And that’s why I love the records, too. And so I was a tarot reader for 20 years. And then a friend of mine who was in California who did a catch up, she’s like, You should do the training, you should do the training. So did the training in 2014, or 2015, one of those. And I even though had been reading that 20 years professionally, I was like, Hammer was learning. Oh, he’s ready. Right? Always ready. You never it’s like you’re always evolving. And what was so great about it is that it was created by Jennifer Longmore soldier, and he’s method there’s many methods to read the records. And so she has a therapy background. So she created it, talking about things and most readers don’t talk about transference, right? Well, we transfer projection, all these elements that a lot of readers don’t even know about don’t have that level of education. And so it was really wonderful is that in the first training, I got to work on myself, and a lot of healers and a lot of readers and a lot of diviners or seers, they tend to support and serve everyone all the time and wait different ways. This is a creative space for you to be able to heal. And we talk a little bit about that, you know, in our session when we did it, that the Akashic Record is truth and love, right? It’s the living record that holds the truth of our soul. And its creation story through all dimensions and planes and times. And it shares and it’s a Sanskrit word Sanskrit word for the energetic substance from which all life is formed. So it’s this energy, this extension of God. And if you look at any major religions, you know that there’s always the book right, the book of this, there’s the, the tour others, and the same, and the national record is this energetic book of knowledge. Right? This is a book of Wisdom and what I love about the records and the record keepers, are these souls, this energetic, the souls that hold space for you, and are your guys through lifetimes. So we do get guides that just show up in this particular life when you’re carrying out your mission. And then there are gods that are with you throughout. And in this beautiful energetic frequency of love and truth. While we’re not castigated, we’re not punished, we’re not yelled at or like loved, because the truth is we have eternity. The truth is we have eternity. Of course and this life is Chris and this life is Vanessa. We want to do some things to be able to experience some things are like we’re going to do it now. And the in the Akashic Record, you can heal and you can really And you can break vows and contracts that have kept you stuck. So once I learned that I stopped using the Tarot deck, although it’s beautiful, and I love it, and they did it for so long. And the Akashic records have been like my thing. And I’ll say, I want to share a story that dealt with me. So I had a thing where I felt like I had to do everything alone with spirit, right with spirit, but physically alone. And I hired somebody years ago to be and I’ve had a part time system, 11 years, but I hired somebody to take up more responsibility. And of course, she ran away with her person, her lover. When I’m on vacation with my family, and I promised them that I would not be working constantly. So I tend to do things like teach some classes live, but she was going to handle certain things. She’s gone. Everybody’s I’m there on Miami, like we are, you know, we rented a bungalow or like the family’s there. And I’m there trying to like, Oh, my God, she didn’t send out this Oh, my God, I don’t have to do it. And in that process, I start repeat, of course, actually, myself, of course have to do.

That pattern. That story, my back started killing me. So I did what I did, I spent some time on the beach had to manage people upset with me. When I came back to New York, I got up one morning, I could barely walk, I had to literally crawl on the floor. And I crawled on the floor, laid them on the wooden floor and laid back. And I went in my records. I went in my records, and I was like, what is the core of this? And I saw so many lifetimes, enslavement, you know, we’re having to work really hard, because life was just very hard, you know, in the particular circumstances of the environment. And you know, life was very rough. Back in the day, people, we idealize it so much, but we were making our own clothes and cutting up the animals to cook them and hunting them, you know, unless we were wealthy, and somebody was doing it for us. But the majority of us were doing all that. And I covered all these lives. And I just started breaking the contracts breaking the contract, releasing, releasing, releasing, now I couldn’t move, right, I literally had to crawl into the floor from my bed and lay there and do this healing cry, sob work through it. And I was able to sit up after it was a mild pain that remained that then I put ice on it. And I never had that reaction ever again. Never Have you ever gotten up like that. And you know, the back can be like holding the world together. Yes, financial stress on the lower back, right emotional stress. And so that’s just a quick thing where I learned how to do the Akashic Records went and did that healing. For myself.

Well, I will tell you how healing just in a week’s time, the reading that you did for me was and so I’m so grateful, grateful Grateful, because I’ve never had that I’ve always heard of them. Five has been a little hesitant, like, at sounds a little too deep. For me, I’m not sure what I want to hear. And knowing that my husband and I were having some struggles. That’s why I intentionally had that time set up with my soul sister to go do Reiki with her. Because I didn’t know what I was going to need. And, and that is something you said that it’s the love, and it was so loving. And there was so much insight, and so much support in it that I invite people not to be nervous about it. And that’s one of the reasons we’re doing these bonus episodes is so that people can hear a session and get a feel for what happens to break that stereotype. Break that fear, break that concern of the beams that you see of like, girl get out here. You know, I’m so I’m so grateful for that. And I invite people, this episode’s gonna air on Tuesday, those will release on Thursday, I’m super excited about releasing it because it was so powerful. And I know people are gonna want to learn more, and they’re going to want to find you and connect with you. So what’s the best way Vanessa for people to find you and follow you and connect and and learn more from you?

Thank you, Chris. The biz brew hobby are uja.com. Online. That’s my website. And then the big brouhaha on Instagram. And there is a class coming on, by the way for the Akashic records to read your own. I think it’ll be Yeah, it’s December 4 and December 11. So it’s just like right there right before it. But I’m always teaching them and then teaching people how to read them for their clients. You know how to support healing and manifestation in the records. But I’m very inspired to to do a I wasn’t going to do a sale, by the way, but then we did this. So I’ll share the information with you for a mini Akashic reading. I wasn’t going to do a sale, but I was like, You know what, I’ll share the details. It just came to me as we’re here. So I’ll send it with you if you want to share it or it’ll be on my website for people.

Yeah, absolutely. So we’ll list it all in the show notes on granting journey.com.

Actually, to be have more clarity. I’ll offer it to just the people who listened to the podcast. So there you go.

Absolutely. Yeah, so it’ll be on grounding journey.com John grounding journey podcast.com Under the blog posts, we’ll make sure we have all the links to your social media, the links to your podcast, the links to your website and the offer that you’re giving. So thank you so much, because it is so gracious. And I firsthand, can say this was so powerful for me. And there has been such a shift in my life in the last week, that it’s definitely something I encourage people to explore talking with you more.

Thank you, Chris. Thank you so much. I’m so glad I’m so happy when I hear that I’m like, yes.

Yeah. Well, thank you for your time. Thank you for your guest appearance. And, and thank you for the healing that you started for me.

Oh, you’re so welcome. Thank you for giving me the opportunity. I’m honored. Okay, I didn’t go too long. Was it okay?

No, no, you know, it’s funny, because I always say that I want to do episodes 30 to 40 minutes. And it’s rare that they’re less than 50. And I just cannot get it under that because there’s just too much in it. And I’d rather you know, people if it feels too long than they don’t listen. Because people who want to listen will find it.

They will they will people. I don’t know, people have interviewed me it was an hour and a half and people listened to all of it. It’s crazy. Yeah.

And that’s what I think, you know, I always said, start with the intention of the conversation be what people will benefit from and whoever needs this find it. So and I really, like, I’m so picky about people in my energy and people in my space. Like my girlfriend is the only person who I do Reiki with and it’s been really neat through the healing series. Because there’s been one or two that I’m like, oh, no, I’m really like that. But the connection with you was so deep and so genuine. And, you know, my friend was like, How do you feel having somebody else and I was like, I liked her. I really, really liked her. So I’m definitely I can’t believe I haven’t signed up to your mailing list. I don’t know if you do emails regularly.

Alright, you know, I spend most of my time like on Instagram, but I do have a mailing list because you know, you know, can’t count on social media platforms.


we’ll add you. We can add you I can ask my assistant. Yeah, I’ll go on your website. I was new as well. I felt like that with you as well. And I was telling, I was telling somebody the other day because a lot of new healers are like, I don’t do things and I don’t do free sighs I don’t do this. And I don’t do that. I’m like, Look, you do what you want. I was like, but you also have to sit and your truth. Truth, your deep truth, right? Because they’re all like, I need to get paid. Like, wait a minute. I said, how what a blessing it was that I was like, Yeah, let’s do this hour. And I don’t look at it like that. Like, we don’t know how far this podcast is gonna get, you know, I get there was a podcast I did now, a year and a half ago, three people just signed up to a course because they heard that podcast from a year and a half ago. Yeah, share podcast by the way, people who interview me, I share their stuff, even if time goes on. Like a year later. I’m like, listen, mediumship listen Akashic records. And I put that in my school as well. Like, I’m going to put your podcast in my school. There’s something people they’re not everybody who trained with me is in the school because a lot of them didn’t want to do mighty networks app. But in the mailing, you know, I sent out on the mailing list as well. So yeah, well, and

I’m one who every quarter I do a flashback of people who I really loved on episodes, so I don’t let episodes die. I the ones that are really good that were powerful for me, or ones that had really high listenership. I continue to share those. So you’ll like for Yvonne, I tagged her at least every other month and something because I loved what she did with me. And it was such a good conversation. So I love you. Yeah, I know, she’s actually going to be a guest again, she’ll be my first repeat guest, but she’s coming back in January. We were actually supposed to record later today, but her kids are out of school. So we moved it. But she’s super awesome. So

I’m so glad we’ll stay in connection. Yeah, like this is not we’re gonna meet again, we’re gonna do something again. So for sure. Flow. And um, so I didn’t know you were doing already channeling your guides for so long. That’s amazing.

Yeah, I mean, it’s been one of those, but I’ve always been afraid of it kind of thing. So getting comfortable. It’s been really neat through the healing modalities, how much of it has opened back up? And how many people have given me the reassurance of like, it’s not just you like, this is something that’s supposed to happen. So it’s gonna be really neat for me to see, to look back next December of where was I and where am I? Because there’s huge shifts happening. And I think a lot of it is the healing modalities. And so obviously, there was a reason I started them, because it was time for this shift to happen to me and it was not my intention. But it became what happened and it actually I never had intentions of it being many sessions with each one until I was in the middle of recording the first scene. modality and she suggested it and I’m like, Okay, let’s do that. So it’s been, we’re grounding journey as my service project to the world. It has become a service to me it’s been a really neat shift to experience myself. So I

love that I love wants to give back to you, you know? Yeah. Alright my love. I’m gonna get

so much he’s big hugs. Okay, we’ll see you soon.