Cycle Medicine

With Jennie King


Honoring my personal cycle has taken on a deeper meaning since I first connected with Jennie King in the summer of 2022. I felt broken when friends and colleagues of mine would talk about their hormone cycle connecting to the moon cycle. I felt uninspired because I didn’t fully embrace (or even remember) to work on manifesting and reflection with each new or full moon. None of it resonated for me…

THEN I had a chat with Jennie, and she gave me permission. The same permission I had been denying myself to find what cycle in my life wanted to be honored.

Jennie is a licensed acupuncturist who started her career in female studies only to cycle through and landed in Chinese Medicine. She taught me how to use essential oils on acupuncture points that support me through each cycle of my month. All of it lead me to create with ease and more joy than ever before.

So while we’re talking cycles and honoring the Sacred, I found it a must to have Jennie back on the podcast to share all the insight I had learned from her.

Jennie and the techniques we discuss are not based on any brand of essential oils, just her training in Chinese Medicine. The techniques she shares can be done with any quality essential oil you choose.

Spoiler alert the cycle conversation will send you into reflection of what death and birth cycle you are in, how you can find ease by looking at life in cycles instead of long to-do lists and leave you pondering how often you cycle through winter and spring.

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Meet Jennie King

Jennie King is a licensed acupuncturist and AccuPoint Therapist.

She help intuitive creative women, healers, helpers, empaths, mothers, and business owners remember who they are beyond the day-to-day grind. I believe in practical magic that helps you build resilience and joy in your life.

I have 20 + years of physical hands-on healing as a massage therapist and acupuncturist. I teach qigong and hold sacred spaces for women to rest, heal and feel inspired.

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