Joy – It’s a choice we are all allowed to make that leads to a way of life. It happens to be one of my three words right now, which means I was thrilled when my guest Katie Carrol wanted to jump on a call and discuss Joy with me. 

Katie, creator of her own podcast, “Thriving Joy with Katie Carroll” is a pediatric nurse, health coach and personal trainer who is passionate about her soul and living a healing life.

Answers to your questions about Joy will be explained after listening to Choosing Joy with Katie Carroll

* Why we seek joy
* We do have a choice and how to make it
* Steps to aide you in finding joy
* Why Grace can help us find balance
* The importance of keeping your tank full

My favorite takeaways from Choosing Joy.

  1. Is when Katie explains that while self-care is not selfish another way to look at it is as self preservation
  2. That looking at “tasks” such as meal prepping or drinking water are actually gifts of self care. Katie explains in a way that really reframed my mind for everyday tasks.
  3. The reminder we discuss that everything we experience gives us a chance to help others move through their journey.

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To Connect with Katie you can find her on Facebook. 

Grab her 10 BEST 5 minutes Self-care tricks that she mentions in the recording.

Website – https://www.katiecarrollcoaching.com

Podcast –Thriving Joy with Katie Carroll




Do you doubt that you are awesome? You are a badass! Yes, You! Join in the Grounding Journey BONUS episode while we discuss, You Are A BADASS by Jen Sincero. A fun and relatable book that benefits every reader! 

Katie shares when she was in her dark spots, the thought to live an awesome life was intriguing to her, enough to pick up the book and read it. She found that we don’t start as a badass. We struggle, we all struggle at some point and it’s through our pain and discomfort that we choose joy by reclaiming our life. We all have greatness inside of us. It’s waiting for us to believe it. 


If you’re looking for help shedding your doubt and finding your purpose, this book is for you!