Do you feel burned out and tired, heck exhausted? Running in circles and getting nowhere? That’s how Alicia Ingruber felt, but she didn’t give in and take a break. It wasn’t until she was clinically diagnosed with burnout that she began to let go of the stress of everyday life to connect with herself for the first time. Alicia realized that she didn’t love herself. Even worse was that she didn’t know who she was. She had allowed the masculine energy to take over and push her forward. Then, one day on her yoga mat, Alicia realized that yoga wasn’t a goal it changed into a time to sit and feel, a promise to her body to listen. As a yoga teacher she ask students not to practice the perfect pose, but instead to create and feel on their mat. We can all learn a little about self-love from Alicia’s experience with being broken wide open through burnout and how to heal.

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Brene Brown has many gifts to offer her readers. one being the gift of accepting imperfection. Through the science of vulnerability and courage, we find connection and the ability to speak one’s heart. In the Bonus episode with Alicia Ingruber, we hear how one of Brene’s books helps her to find peace in a difficult time in Alicia’s life.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down
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She’s a Feminine Energy Coach and Yoga teacher who guides women back to their unique radiance. My work focuses on energetic alignment, authentic self love and de-conditioning from hustle culture.

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