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Welcome to the inaugural podcast for Grounding Journey. Where we dive deeper into the conversations that support us along our journey. 

In this episode, my dear friend, Nichol and I discuss Balance in our lives. Nichol is the perfect lady to talk about the word Balance. She’s a single mamma of a 5-year-old, a full-time student, a yoga instructor, and so much more!

Balance was my word of 2017. I was on a mission to find Balance between my work, finishing up my second degree, parenting a teenage son, and being a newlywed. 

As I’m embarking on a new adventure of starting a podcast, completing my yoga teacher training and trying to grow my business, I felt that returning to the word Balance is a great way to start Grounding Journey. 


In this episode Nichol and I discuss 

  • finding the Balance between work and home
  • how friendships and support of women aids us in finding Balance
  • how our own spiritual journey through single mom life, sobriety, and yoga has helped us grow into the women we want to be. 
  • the value of a Hell No and a Hell Yes list 


Grab a worksheet to create your own Hell No and Hell Yes list here. 

Full Unedited Transcript

I release a podcast on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month. I invite you to subscribe to my podcast or follow me on Instagram at Grounding_journey to join the conversation as well as to hear when new podcasts are released.