Amends yours and theirs

— how do you navigate forgiveness?


How do you open your heart when you’ve been hurt? When your heart is shut down, closed off, and unavailable. How do you love when you’re afraid to open up and get hurt again?

I’m dedicating this episode to my younger self — the 20-something me who wanted to live with a big heart but was afraid. She was in love with the idea of being in love. Then she fell in love, and she got hurt. She didn’t know how to navigate love, forgiveness, or life.

Maybe it was you, perhaps you’ve moved past this point, or maybe you’re staring it in the face. We’ve all had experiences that have created walls for us. I want to talk about when your heart is closed because of someone you love, when you feel betrayed, hurt, and non-trusting.


How do you open up to someone you love when you are afraid to get hurt again?

In my last episode, Living with a courageous heart is where the conversation began. I shared the why and how of living a courageous heart – how feeling, acting, and believing are the steps to living a courageous heart. So if you haven’t listened to that one, go back and check it out. Listen to Living with a Courageous Heart

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