All Prayers Matter

with Karen Hager

All prayers matter, and they weave a net around you.

That’s what Karen Hager said to me the first time we spoke about prayer. It was three weeks before we recorded our podcast episode. Such simple words rolled around in my soul for weeks, inspiring my days and thoughts until we had our recording call.

Our conversation was longer than my average podcast, yet time stood still while we talked. When we talk prayer, we’re not speaking of the kind you repeat word for word every night before dinner. Instead, we’re talking about the kind where you commune with your higher power. The type of prayers that weave a thread between the divine in you and The Divine.

We don’t limit the conversation to talking about prayers you cry out in the middle of the night when you don’t know what else to do. We cover the simple prayers of gratitude thought of quickly when you’re plastic sword fighting with your 20-year-old in the kitchen and the kind of prayer that intimately connects you with the person sitting next to you and the person halfway around the world.

To call this conversation deep and rich doesn’t sum it up for me.

I hope that you will find this conversation and meaningful as I did!

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Meet Karen

Karen Hager is an intuitive guide and psychic channel known for her compassionate, no-nonsense approach to the spiritual journey. She conducts more than 1200 private intuitive sessions each year with people from around the world looking for Spirit-led guidance.

Karen is a passionate advocate for intuitive development, and her classes and events focus on empowering students to connect with their own natural intuitive awareness, deepen their spiritual practice, and open themselves to abundance. She is the creator and host of the long-running podcast “Out of the Fog with Karen Hager.” Find out more about Karen and her work.

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