What does it take to follow your dreams and live the life that your soul desires? Joanna Hennon knows firsthand. She spent seven years aligning herself energetically with her dreams and has been living the life she desired in Ireland for the last year.

Joanna dropped some powerful statements in the short time we spoke that helped her begin living her soul path. Joanna’s message is strong – If you want this to be your soul path- you must choose it. If it isn’t happening yet, it’s just a matter of a slight misalignment.

If you are seeking the life you’ve been envisioning, this is an episode that will light a fire and inspire you!

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Joanna is the founder of BeSoulmart!– a movement that brings people back to their inner wisdom and encourages them to live their best life every day, not just as a reward for reaching a goal. She believes that what we’re really searching for in life is meaning and fulfilment, and that comes from regular soul connection and alignment, not from achievement.


Joanna recently followed her own soul’s desire and is currently living her version of a rich and fulfilling life in magical Galway, Ireland.

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