There’s an art to manifesting your dreams. It takes alignment, action, and trust… lots and lots of trust. In my conversation with Melissa Giller, host of Life With Soul, The Podcast, we dig into what it looks like to step into a new life where you wake up and begin to focus on your spiritual wellness.

We chat about how your body speaks to you, along with one of the essential steps to manifesting is taking action and chasing the feelings you want to feel. I feel deeply that this is a conversation that normalizes the journey we’re all sharing and exploring together. I invite you to listen!

This episode is part of the Dreams into play mini-series, where we’re chatting about following your dreams, living your purpose and desire, and the challenges and rewards that come with the journey!

Check out the podcast Melissa and I recorded for her podcast Life with Soul 

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down
Melissa Giller is a certified life coach, business consultant (MBA included) and mentor with a mission of helping other women wake-up to their inner confidence, big dreams and best selves.


She’s a wife and mother of two, and as such, a firm believer in the goodness of others, and within ourselves.


As an empath, old soul and highly sensitive person, Melissa made it her mission to bring strategy, success and aligned action into the hands of fellow deep thinkers and big feelers. She knows that with soul-led goals and a sound strategy to achieve them, you can create ANYTHING you desire in this world.

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