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The journey into the chakras can be as deep as you want. Just know once you start, it becomes a part of you. It connects you and explains so much! My guest Anne-Margaret Redding & I chat about her journey into the chakra systems over the years, her evolution & what keeps her coming back for more.

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Collaborating with one or two people can be hectic. Imagine collaborating with 51 other amazing souls to create a new book. That’s what Anne-Margaret did when she decided to create Raise the Vibration A Weekly Guide. I got a sneak peek, & it’s powerful. Join us as we chat more about her new book.

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

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Spearheading the 5d awakening, joining ranks with Abraham-Hicks, Matt Fraser, and Bashar, Anne-Margaret’s gift of channeling awakened in 2015 with involuntary movements which evolved into allowing Spirit to speak directly through her mouth. In hindsight, it is clear that Anne-Margaret was being prepared for this gift when she founded a spiritual community and yoga studio in NYC in 2001. It was at this center where she spent 18 years leading, teaching, and developing programs designed to rewire the brain and energetic chakra system by integrating practical spirituality and archetypal wisdom. Through their philanthropic work on 5 continents and 50 US cities, Anne-Margaret and her husband, Anthony, have shared their method of powerfully alchemizing pain and trauma to raise the vibration of the human journey.

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