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Do you connect as an empath or a highly sensitive person? If you’re listening to this podcast, whether you realize it, you are one or both. There’s not an either-or.

In this conversation, there’s lots of meandering through powerful topics such as the varieties of empaths, the love of all thing nature, what radical self-care looks like, and how through nurturing your soul, you learn to trust yourself, which leads to hearing your soul and connecting with your intuition.

The conversation with Stephanie banks is a fun round-robin with lots of laughter and sharing about the journey. So if you’re looking for a fun, light-hearted, and insightful conversation, you have found it! 

Bonus Episode with Stephanie Banks

Peter Wohlleben has done the research to show that trees have feelings and families just like we do. So it’s no wonder that Stephanie wanted to chat about the ahas and interesting facts she has learned about trees and nature through reading The Hidden Life of trees over the last few years. Listen in to the conversation that inspired me to buy this book for a few friends for Christmas.

Would you rather watch?

Life isn't one purpose it's a path we go down

Stephanie is a professional intuitive channel who brings loving messages of insight and guidance from souls, spirit guides, ancestors, and nonphysical beings.


Stephanie believes we are all channels for divine wisdom and she teaches channeling classes to those who wish to learn to more fully trust their inner voice of wisdom.


Stephanie is also a mother to 3 teenagers, 3 rescue dogs, and hugs trees on a regular basis.

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