A Story of Dedication and Spiritual Growth

When life gets overwhelming and stress starts to take a toll on our mental health, we often seek ways to find harmony and peace. For Manpreet, the path to healing and spiritual growth began with yoga. In this episode of the Grounding Journey podcast, we delve into her transformative journey, exploring how yoga became a cornerstone for her mental health and spiritual awakening.

Manpreet’s story is a powerful reminder that the journey to personal growth often involves discomfort and uncertainty. Listening to her story I felt my own similarities in her experiences and imagine you’ll find some too. While the details may be different you’ll feel a connection.

We chat about devotion—not just to a yoga practice, but to oneself. Manpreet shares that her journey required her to be devoted to her own well-being and self-care. This devotion allowed her to grow, not just in her practice, but in her ability to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

We also explore the importance of rest in the journey and how to know when to be ok with being uncomfortable and when to know you need rest. 

Join us for this episode of the Grounding Journey podcast to hear more about Manpreet’s story.

Whether you’re interested in personal growth, spiritual development, or simply seeking motivation and inspiration, this episode has something for everyone. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of the power of devotion, the courage to embrace discomfort, and the wisdom to prioritize rest in your own journey.


A KRI & RaMa Institute certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, as well as a singer, and mantra recording artist.

As a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation she is devoted to sharing this user friendly yoga as a method for self healing and self empowerment. Manpreet believes in a modern approach to the practice and encourages practitioners with a “come as you are” attitude, to gently move out of their physical and meditative comfort zones in order to experience the authentic Self.

Manpreet embraces compassion and neutrality as the essential coping mechanisms for these highly pressurized times, and knows how the practicality of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation can elevate anyone who decides to participate. Learn more about Manpreet –manpreetkaurmusic.com

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