When was the last time you took a true break just for yourself?

A retreat provides space away from distractions and obligations to shift perspective and find clarity. Kimberly Sundt joins us to share the benefits of scheduling solo retreats, even if just for a day. She’ll explains how to craft your ideal retreat experience.

Discover tips on leaning into solitude instead of busyness, creating intention, finding the retreat location that suits your needs, and integrating insights after you return home.

Even a brief retreat can yield more presence, renewed energy, innovative solutions, and a sense of empowerment. Learn how to make time for retreats without guilt, and emerge with a refreshed outlook. If you’re seeking new solutions to old problems, a solo retreat may provide the perfect space for inspiration to arise.

Kimberly Sundt

Kimberly left the corporate world to go out on her own in 2007 and has been on the wild ride ever since. Always in the communication fields – public relations, marketing, customer experience, etc., she has recently begun sharing with her readers and clients about her strongest and most valued tool: a personal or solo retreat. She calls it MyPurposefulPause as it is all about not only taking time away from your everyday life and being with yourself, but also always having an intention – a purpose.


Find Out More at https://www.mypurposefulpause.com/

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